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Sunday, March 3, 2024

International Public Notice: Peace Plan Attached

 By Anna Von Reitz

After the League of Nations failed to prevent World War II it was disbanded as being ineffectual.  

Similarly, the United Nations which replaced the League of Nations, has failed to prevent literally hundreds of wars and incursions during its existence and is slated to be disbanded for the same reason.  

Forget the fact that those corporations that created these institutions out of thin air and imbued them with an aura of sanctity and power, were the same corporations that used these storefronts to push their own political agendas and which ultimately failed to fund and support them, thereby resulting in their "failure".  

The demise of the League of Nations can be directly traced to their 1926 declaration outlawing all forms of slavery and peonage worldwide.  

Rome, ever dependent on both slavery and peonage, could not allow that, and their British Bag Men benefiting from the British-Romano Caste System stood by Rome, of course.  

All of this is a Control Hoax brought to us by the same colonialist and corporatist powers that have promoted all the illegal and immoral wars for profit -- in fact, Mercenary Conflicts -- from the so-called American Civil War onward. 

Of course, the United Nations organization has no power to prevent war waged by its sponsors. It can only be used to promote political and economic programs advantageous to its sponsors and as those sponsors are all for-profit corporations acting unlawfully and illegally as governments, the corruption, inefficacy, and hypocrisy of the United Nations is a foregone conclusion. 

So will any successor organization fronted by the same parties as the "next answer" be a mockery of the dream of peace and unity. 

We propose that instead of a United Nations or League of Nations -- that is, nations being represented by self-interested Corporations, that the next effort toward planetary peace should instead be a matter of individual commitment by individual people and the funding for our new Peace Plan Organization should be financed independently by a uniform tax applied to all incorporated entities worldwide as well as donations. 

The countries agreeing to this would immediately be identified as those sincerely committed to world peace and those who declined participation would be caught out as the hypocrites they are. 

The organization itself would be run exclusively by people making an official commitment to peace and undertaking a steadfast obligation to promote peace, harmony, well-being, and health for the Earth and everyone living here.  

Individual people who took our simple Peace Pledge -- basically stated immediately above -- would be enabled to vote on Planetary Initiatives and would agree to donate at least one dollar or one shekel or one franc, etc., according to their national currency, per year, toward the upkeep and mission of the Peace Plan Organization.  

Of course, everyone could donate more according to their commitment to the mission.  

Funded by a steady source of income that could not be simply hijacked or denied by key players, the new Peace Plan Organization would also be set free of political agendas and arbitrary exemptions promoted by self-interested commercial corporations. 

Ideas that people found reasonable and attractive on a worldwide basis would be forwarded to our multinational Peace Plan Organization and analyzed.  The analysis would be published. 

All proposals would be analyzed according to the Dictum that: "If it isn't good for everyone, it's not good." 

Those ideas that proved to be truly beneficial for all mankind would be promoted and discussed and brought to a planetary vote by all those individuals who contributed to the Peace Plan Organization. 

How could we conduct a planetary vote?  By telephone.  One IP,  one numbered account, matched with the Peace Plan Members recorded at that number 1, 2, 3, .... voted up or down with a "1" for "yes" and a "0" for "no".  

Yes, we can conduct a true worldwide plebiscite and the means to do so is already in our grasp. 

Those of us who benefit from peace grotesquely outnumber those who benefit from war, so simply by gathering together and pitching our pennies and votes, we can carry the day --- and put an end to out-of-control corporations, war mongering, fear mongering, divide-and-conquer strategies, political parties, political caste systems, colonialism, corporatism, and many, many more evils that plague mankind. 

The war in Ukraine right now, would not be possible. The war in Gaza right now, would not be possible. 

Why?  Because the entire world could finally focus its attention on the individual situation and act as the instrumentality to bring peace in a way that is impossible today.  

We are urging the adoption of a new Peace Plan Organization to replace the United Nations according to the basics presented herein and we stand by to provide the technology and means to make it a reality. 

The leaders of the current United Nations organization are invited to regard their inevitable demise as an organization and if they are truly committed to world peace -- encouraged to join and support this new and more practical initiative. 

World peace need not be an elusive and frustrated dream; we have it in our power to choose peace and make it so, once we end the controlled opposition that has rendered world opinion "unimportant" in the words of the late-Queen, Elizabeth II. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

March 2nd 2024


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