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Saturday, November 25, 2023

QFS -- The Brit-Chinese Trojan Pig Released by.... HSBC. Who Knew?

 By Anna Von Reitz

We've been calling him "China Joe" for years now. 

And we described the whole process set in motion forty years ago when the whole new US-CHINA détente was established and resulted in millions of American jobs being exported and our industries being shut down. 

We described the migration of the Parasite from Mainland Europe to Britain, from Britain to the US, and now, from the US to China. 

The name the Parasite assumed was "China Development Fund" --- more popularly referred to as the CIA Retirement Fund. 

And this was, of course, all undertaken by the Brits. 

The Brits are always, always, always at the bottom of every dog pile.  

While their home country is left so destitute that they can't even afford to leave the European Union (the real reason BREXIT hasn't happened) HSBC and its backers and shareholders are enjoying the ill-gotten spoils. That's why we call them parasites. 

We forewarned you that the "QFS" --- "Quantum Financial System" was developed under the Code Name "Crimson Gate" at Wright-Patterson AFB -- the CIA's Second Home next to Langley -- for the purpose of placing the entire world at the mercy of the Chinese Government. 

Crimson Gate.  Red Gate.  Get it?  

And now we have their implementation Playbook: 

They intend to convert the old SWIFT System into the Basel III compliant AIIB System and then into the Chinese CIPS System (so they have control of all the transactions SWIFT used to carry) and then they call this renamed, rebranded, updated version of SWIFT in Chinese hands the "QFS" so everyone is deluded and thinks that it is something else, developed by "the Americans" so it's all right.  

What a crock.  

QFS may have been developed by deluded and misdirected CIA programmers on American soil, but the QFS is not American.  It's designed and orchestrated to serve the same old European Goons from a new location. China. 

Just like they moved the New York Stock Exchange to Telaviv without telling anyone. 

HSBC needs to be liquidated for crimes against humanity, now.  Its Board of Governors needs to be arrested.  All those involved in the Crimson Gate debacle need to be arrested and questioned.  We all need to get to the bottom of this and sooner than later. 

They are touting this phony Trojan Pig system as the solution to the SWIFT Monopoly, when in fact it retains the SWIFT Monopoly.  On steroids.  

Time to boot up the real Rough Riders and hunt them down, if you want a world worth living in.  

Remember that we already have an honest, safe, clean global banking system ready for everyone to use without the QFS --- a unique system that functions worldwide as an outgrowth of block chain technology, which ensures your privacy, and provides absolute security. 

And now I am going to add the kicker. 

All these banks you are used to are based in the British Maritime Commercial venue --- and are completely monopolized and illegal.  These banks believe and (very quietly) advertise that they take an ownership interest in your deposits. 

That is, they claim to own anything you deposit with them. That's how they do bail-ins and bail-outs. That's how they seize the contents of your bank accounts. 

So why deposit as much as a bad smell with them?

Come back to the honest land jurisdiction banks of commerce, where your deposits and your business are yours.   

And just say no to all this deceitful Bank Bunko: 


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