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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Which "United States" Are We Restoring?

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are restoring The United States -- the country, not the corporation(s). 

This causes no end of confusion here and elsewhere, because there are all sorts of "United States" entities, but since 1851, the official name of this country, in English, is "The United States".  

Everything described as "the United States" --using the indefinite article "the"-- since then refers to some kind of corporation. 

The standing joke is to inquire politely, "Are we talking about these United States or those United States?"  

The Secret Sauce difference is that these United States are physical and those United States are not. 

Our version has fifty physically defined member States and their versions have fifty-seven inchoate "States of States" that merely exist on paper.  

Of course, the Brits try to confuse the issue by calling their Confederate (Territorial) States of States by the name "States", but they aren't really States, and these legal constructions aren't actually populated by living people. 

The paper "States" are inhabited by "persons", and since 1863, for Federal purposes, the word "person" means "corporation".  

So we have the actual America dba The United States and the Americans living in their factual States complete with borders and mountains and rivers and physical terrain ---- these United States. 

And we have our British Territorial Government Service Providers living here under the provisions of the Residence Act, operating as "persons" literally  franchise corporations belonging to British Crown "States of States" that are franchises of the United States of America, Inc. or some variation thereof. 

Not to be confused with The United States of America, Unincorporated. 

With these sorts of semantic deceits in play, it's easy to understand why people are confused.  When we say we are here restoring the actual American Government and operating our States of the Union, not everyone understands.  

They think that we are here to restore the US Government --- as shareholders, perhaps?  And maybe some of them are motivated to do exactly that?  

They stumble into our assemblies and start talking about the next upcoming shareholder election and we just stare at them politely.  

We are restoring these United States, not those United States. 

We are Americans, not British Territorials, not Municipal citizens of the United States, either. 

As these poor confused souls are groping around with both hands, some of them get scared or offended, vaguely sensing perhaps that we are not on the best of terms with our "essential government services" providers. 

We don't take it personally (common meaning). We sit them down and show them the lay of the land, describe the various kinds of "assemblies" that one can belong to, and discuss their intentions and preferences with them.  

We send confused Catholics who have never heard of the separation of church and state to the Municipal District Assemblies, and we send confused British Territorials to the District Assemblies.  

Yes, we are sorting it all out, bit by bit.  All friendly, all peaceful. 

We are restoring The United States, not the United States, Inc. 


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