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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Colonialism, Territorialism, Corporate Feudalism, Terrorism

 By Anna Von Reitz

Last week I was involved in a diplomatic conversation in which we were discussing the horrible wars taking place in Africa and the total lack of humanitarian response to help the victims.  

No Red Cross.  No sanctimonious Christian Clubs. No United Nations.  Nothing at all.  Just carnage and destruction, and the western news media blacked out so that the only people hearing about this live in China and Russia, those bastions of the Free Press....and India, to some extent. 

As an American sitting in on these discussions, the experience was mildly surreal.  The Russians had the news clips.  The Chinese and some ministers from India corroborated. 

And there we all sat, mute Witnesses to mechanized warfare carried out by mercenaries wearing our uniforms and flying our flags, fueled by Federal Reserve Notes, transferred by the SWIFT System, or else on pallets in the back of C-130s.  

Forget about Helicopter Money.  Even Chinooks can't carry enough of the fodder, as fast as it's devaluing. 

Some of the mercenaries wore white helmets.  I dully wondered if they were surplus from snow camouflage?  Makes as much sense as sending wool Army blankets to Nigeria as "foreign aid".   

The white helmet was certainly no gesture of truce.  They were ratt-tat-tatting away with their automatic weapons like all the rest, mowing down unarmed African civilians like so much wheat in a field.  

And all of this was taking place on the screen in eerie silence, just like the silent newsrooms worldwide that aren't reporting on this.  

This is what "we" do, but not what "we" say. 

All I could think was, "My God, my God, no wonder everyone hates Americans.  They think we are directing this." 

But we're not, really.  

It's the old Brit-Roman cartel, the Order of the Garter Goons, using Americans as mercenary fodder and hiding behind our endlessly abused Title IV Flag. 

It's the same old monarchist powers that have repeatedly and continually raped the African Continent for generations, first as Colonial Powers, and now as Territorial Powers, and it really doesn't matter what you call it.  

Colonialism was imposed by civilian corporations like Cecil Rhode's British South African Company.  Territorialism is imposed by mercenary military corporations. The result is the same: robbery, murder, destruction. 

These are crimes, people.  

These are undeclared mercenary wars.  

Every country participating in this needs to be identified and shamed and everyone living in those countries, including ours, needs to be on their feet and on the phone, pulling the plug on the politicians and agencies and departments allowing this to go on in our names. 

Seize the banks.  Pull their funding.  Dismantle the SWIFT System and don't try to replace it with QFS. 

We all have other options and can make other choices. 

Pink slip the Drone Boys.  Tear apart the interlocking directorates.  Nationalize every private fortune associated with this genocide.  

Let's talk about Colonialism-Territorialism and Corporate Feudalism, which are all the same thing, the same evil.  

It really doesn't matter if your tormentors wear civilian garb or military uniforms.  

It all boils down to the same thing: illegal occupation of a country by foreign business enterprises bent on controlling the population and resources for purposes of unjust enrichment.  

And it doesn't matter if it is happening now or it happened 160 years ago, it's just as criminal, just as repugnant, then as now. 

Several weeks ago, the Americans got their backs up, probably because the troops finally got the memo telling them that they are being used as Bargain Basement Mercenaries -- and the answer of the Europeans was, well, if your aren't going to pay our bills for us, you need to go raid Africa and steal enough to keep us going.  

So they are.  That is exactly what they are doing and it was always a portion of their self-funding plan, just not as extensive.  

They always planned to rape Zimbabwe of its mineral wealth for pennies on a dollar.  That's what all this "RV" and Zim currency speculation is about.  

Plop down a bought-and-paid-for dictator, get them to sign the contracts, and voila -- Zimbabwe pays for the sins of the Europeans, the Americans get a piece of it, and everyone but the Zimbabweans goes home happy. 

And then you wonder why we can't have peace in the world?  

How can you have peace or prosperity or anything else of value, when you allow your leaders to act as criminals?  When those who represent you are murderers and thieves chosen "for" you by political party hacks, intent on raiding the public trough? 

You all saw Joe Biden on television, bragging about how he used his position as VP under Obama and a billion dollars of "aid" to Ukraine as leverage to get a Ukrainian Prosecutor fired --- a Prosecutor who was investigating bribery and other wrong-doing by a company that Hunter Biden worked for.  

Joe Biden admitted he was a thug abusing his office on national television, and he was proud of it, too.  And he got elected anyway. 

Why should it surprise you that American troops are scattered throughout Africa, burning villages, herding survivors into open air internment camps? 

These concentration camps are where they languish and die without food or sanitation, wondering what they ever did to deserve this? And everywhere seeing the American flag, which is being worn by people who aren't even Americans. 

Make no mistake, we are being set up as the Fall Guys to take the blame for this -- and you will notice that we can't even protest it, because as usual, we are being kept dumb by a gagged Media, a self-interested mercenary junta masquerading as our own Armed Services, and bankers who don't care how they make money. 

You aren't living in America anymore, you are living in Crazy Land, being victimized by the same people who are now distracted because they are victimizing all of Africa--- using your sons and daughters, your credit, and your flag to do it. 

No matter what you call it, it's all the same thing: 

Colonialism, Territorialism, Corporate Feudalism--- and it all results in Terrorism, which is what happens when desperate people have had enough. 


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