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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Shareholder Lawsuit Accuses Silicon Valley Bank Executives of Fraud


  1. off topic. but, rumble: mycatholicredpill has quite a few vids about pea dough gate. hes got two up by alan fountain who says he was traffickked, but on the 4 min 13 sec vid at the "29" second mark, he makes the 'ill you men naughty' sign so i dont know what is going on with him...... anyway, in the past day he's poated about:
    kazar. genocide of white slavics, all intel Agencies signed the cover-up, Dutch Farmers fight back for their land, ray epps caught on video at j6, karen kingston and stew peters cited by russian general, vatican coven, holland royals traffickking eyewitness, dick cheyney, other royals traffickking, more.
    some of the vids are Alientype junk (to me), but it seems like he's making an effort to bring possible important pieces together in one place.

    1. the man talking on the "#18 - Report for 18Dec2015"... i think i heard him before, several years ago, and they said he is nuts... it sounds like maybe hes saying hes talking to ded peple....., so i dont know, maybe he is nuts or maybe he's been experimented on [example: U.S. Patent Office, remote brainwave manipulation experimentation, Robert Malechmolech 1974].
      Either way, it seem like *something* must be going on to have all the missing chill derr ren.

    2. Ever heard of the Ark and the Dove of 1935
      See page 5 of the Perogatory Records they call them

  2. lawsuit what a crock - Dr David Martin working that case too?
    enoch/epoch word wizards they are

    Now this is interesting

    Look at the page - yesterday the page and the video came up of these schmucks at this so called 3rd continental congress complete with Sheirff Joe, the schmuch from crowdsource the truth and Judy merkowitch
    And today guess what

    The page is there but the video DOES NOT EXIST

    Social media and mental health

    You folks just saw and viewed shit that did not exist!!!!!

    It's like that cognitive dissonace that we all have when it comes to the vid

    Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
    'G', can we get MIT out of that their Ministry anywhere?

  3. Made a comment not more than a few minutes ago and it has already been deleted and it was a doosey folks

    I put a timeline together of their entire fraud of which I am still working on
    And it is chalk full of the fraud and the lapses of time and the history

    I've got a copy thats ok

  4. And the intent is to steal it all

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  7. You just gotta love her, ain't no wool being pulled over her eyes

  8. Have a listen, can't say it enough



    3. Apparently, svb collapsed cos rushing to take drugs money out cos laudering had been discovered.

    4. Yea it's just like their CBDC and their CBD oil
      Both are the workings of the same sick fucks running this shit shew

      Dire Straits the band made a song about DIRTY LAUNDRY years ago
      Kick em when they're up
      Kick em when they're down

      Dirty little secrets
      Dirty little lies
      Got their dirty little fingers
      In everybodies pie


      Like the snake Eddie MERCURY as in the plan(IT) from Queen
      We are the champions my friends
      And we'll keep on fighting til the end
      We are the champions
      We are the champions
      No time for losers
      Cause we are the champions

      And we sang along like the HOLLYWOOD SINDICATED brainwashed unejewcated masses they brought us up to be

      And by the way I do believe they faked his death

      They've got BIG PLANS for their planIT, plantation

      You are very sleepy watch the pendulum swing back and forth back and forth
      Social Media will give you all the answers and we'll make up some medical mental illnesses and billing revenue codes for your Obama care insurance providers to go along with your congnitive dissonance and all the specialty drugs we've got waiting in the phoenix wings for you to CONSUME and OBEY and take as we prescribe
      Side Effects, awe we don't care about those
      Follow the rabbi, follow the rabb(I), follow the rabb(IT)
      Down the wabbit whole with Bugs Bunny with some BB in Israel thrown in for good measure

      Our SINDICATED outlets of all kinds and our made up deaf phone nitions will help you understand the game better

  9. Hmm 15 years this blog been chuggin along
    'G' I wonder just how many doughnations have been solicited in that timeframe?

    Amazing that they shut all kinds of shit down and erased all kinds of other videos and black ball many many others and yet not a finger has been layed on this blog?

    Oh I know it's because it's lawful and on the up and up and they need to make it appear that this is THE WAY
    Can't shut grandma wolf in sheeps clothing down now can they
    They need all you volunteers and them there doughnations to

    We're Gonna Do It
    Our Way Yes Our Way
    Make All Our Dreams Come True

    All we need to do is lure their dumb asses along until all the props and mechanisms are in place and we'll lead them to the light, the promised land and a GAI (aka mutual offset fake credit card) and World Godvernment of lollipops, gumdrops and LOVE BANKS on every corner

    Sing with me smurfs the red Popeye ('G' another eat chicken franchise) or I mean pappa smuf would never tell a lie

    Fa la la la la la, la la la la la
    Whistle while work and sing fa la la la la la, la la la la la


    Just open your phone scan the QR code and that will shew these wizards cause ya know Anna and Paul are great at keeping their 'services' and 'offerings' 'private' and they are not built on the internet using BLOCKCHAIN or nothin like that

    It's completely independent and does not have to use Microsoft or tcp/ip or servers that the crooks own nope they built a stand alone and it's perfectly safe and secure
    Their new glow ball land recording service is COMPLETELY separate

    It has nothing to do with the SDG land portal and the UN
    UN member States endorsed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and committed to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (link is external)- a set of 17 Global Goals, in a 15-year period.

    15 years, how bout that, that's how long this blog has been chuggin along

    1. Land Data Service Providers

      Nope it's not LINKED IN
      I bet it's not 'a filly ated' with these land data providers at all

      Say It Isn't So as sung by Hall and Oates

      I could go on and on and on and on like the energizer bunny wabbit

      Don't forget now the new and improved UN is hiding just around the corner
      They're working on that script and all the military production logistics are being worked out and (DNA backwards) finalized

      WLA #64

      'G' I wonder if we flip the 64 to 46 and line it up with the so called upcoming POTUS 46 (like maybe pollpot) that it could lead to some Trump'ets' or revelations coming in to the light

  10. Have a read about wall street and new amsterdam


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