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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Banking Crisis Update - Viewer Q&A

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  1. off topic, ... the little ones again... on mycatholicredpill: rumble again...
    this kevin annett, i think hes canadian, have heard of him before. he is connected to something called the Intl Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State/ Intl Common Law Court of Justice, in Brussels. he says they are trying the Popes/others in this Court.

    i dont know what these men are doing, i hope it is good.
    but its not the same kind of common law that we have God-given right to use.
    they talk about pretrial proceedings... thats Legalese...and at about
    1:24 a subpeona issued, a summons
    1:27 defendants
    133 very important LEGALLY
    132 not contesting
    134 the charges
    136 criminal
    137 conspiracy
    143 the prosecutors
    143 office
    145 proceed
    145 with the case
    146 examination procedure
    149 evidence
    150 waived
    157 the magistrate
    202 enter a plea
    2:04 no contest.

    Thats all Legal mumbojumbo and in about 40 seconds he used 17+ LEGAL TERMS, but they call it a Common Law Court. what??
    That is "off"...It cant be both.

    it cannot be a common law court and at the same time be a Legal Fiction Court,... one is for man and the other is for man-made FICTIONS.
    and no Fictional Legal Proceedings can be held in a common law court for God-made man.
    man's common law courts take place when man brings his court/claim before God and man for judgment; that is: be his claim true or not true.
    it better be true too, because false claims are punishable by the people.

    we are going to have to learn this, how to distinguish the differences between "jurisdictions" for ourselves if we want to know it, since it looks like they are now holding **Legal** Proceedings, but calling them Common Law Courts.
    the two are so vastly different.
    jesuis used our type of common law: for man/land.

    1. That 1611 Bible

    2. Again another comment deleted folks and it had information pertaining the the 1611 above?
      Not a coincidence

    3. Ever heard of the word nomenclature

      CONMEN law and look at the deaf phonetians

      Number 3 is name

      Combine that with this and where he goes with these deaf phonetians by NOAH webster

      And 'G' a web ster like maybe a world wide web, cyberspace and deaf phonetians they make up to suit their own purposes?
      Just who are these noble 'fellows' who gave us these deaf phonetions to live by?

      The planit outlaws from Saturn starring Buck Rodgers and Cain
      1939 a mere 15 years after they founded their television sindicated movie studios in California

      And what do ya know a boxed set of all the SPACE fiction you can imagine on sale now at AMAZON
      Used to be planit outlaws now it's space outlaws

      And correct me if I'm wrong but you need a lie cense from the sindicate to mint gold and silver and also a lie cense from the sindicate to sell the shit too
      And you can't get either (think ether) or sell the shit unless you've been lie censed by the sindicate

      My BOLOGNA has a first name
      It's OSCAR
      My BOLOGNA has a second name
      It's MAYER
      Oh I live to eat it every day
      And if you ask me why I'll say
      Cause OSCAR MAYER has a way
      Of selling us BOLOGNA


      Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer
      TRADEMARK is z gold lying
      And what the hell do ya know
      It's owned by AMAZON
      Formed in 1924 right around the same timeframe they stole everything else

      Now they say that in 1863 huge swaths of land all over the united states were put in land trust for their exclusive enjoyment and use to film every make believe shit shew you ever wanted to consume but that comes a bit later

      The wandering jew and they're still wandering and stealing anything and everything in their circuit/circus/circle path from sea to shining sea
      They've been wondering all over the earth (not the desert) for centuries you fools stealing anything and everything in their path while they laugh their asses off all the way to their made up Swissy land BIZ boot bank

      They've made and filmed so many legal shews over the years like say Perry the MASON to introduce the serfs to their legal swindle
      And the docktor shews like Marcus Wellbee MD (Mad Dog)
      You know like Mad Dog Mattis

      And this here I posted yesterday, Mike Gill (sounds like Michael the ark angle does it not) and the hand pose on the chin
      It's a silly CON while they fleece their little brain dead sheep blind

      And selling me the fraud known as Trump as the hero that will come in to save the say
      Reminds me of their shew Under Dog!

      This CAT (from what I have read thesw cats get 9 lives as in the cat food they market and sell us or was it 10 according to Greg Bradford, all his videos have been removed) here played two roles in the same movie
      10 Things I Hate About You
      And he also played in the series
      Third Rock from the Sun/Son

      And just for shits and giggle
      The search engine known as DUCK DUCK GO
      Remember as a little kid you sat around in a circle and you tapped your playmates on the head and said duck, duck, duck, duck and then one of your playmates in the circle you tapped and said GO

    4. This CAT referenced above, forgot to link the video
      This CAT (from what I have read these cats get 9 lives as in the cat food they market and sell us or was it 10 according to Greg Bradford, all his videos have been removed) here played two roles in the same movie
      10 Things I Hate About You
      And he also played in the series
      Third Rock from the Sun/Son

      Word is all these CATS are in what they referred to just the other day that Hollywood is dead spouted out by one of their co workers on stage
      Are probably all moved out of town so they can perform their next magic trick
      Like the SillyCON of the bank run they did just a few days ago and spawned the latest and greatest story to move the script forward
      Funny word script as in their fake ass petro dollar counterfeiting scheme they launched a century ago

    5. And 'G' I wonder why my clock reads as 8:50 AM and my comments are being timestamped and hour (horus) ahead of the time ZONE I'm currently sitting in?

      Well golly gee gomer how can that happen?

    6. And I wonder how that name Xi Xi Ping as in pinging a server might play a role in this masked parade
      GG PING is it?

      Remember now ole DeSantis just removed self GODVERNING status from DesTiny or I mean Disney and it is under the watchful eye of an appointed committee by the SINDICATE to ensure they follow the script
      Not to mention they shipped in hundreds of thousands of folks from India a few years back to replace the American workers and the American workers were required to train their replacements prior to their departure
      In case you don't know who they are they own KFC, Taco Hell, Pizza Gate (Hut) and Long John Silvers (funny huh like a peg leg pirate)
      Long time employees of YUM BRANDS were let go and given a severance package to leave their employ after they trained their new Indian replacements to do their jobs

      And India the CORPORATION is responsible for the COMMON CORE CURRICULUM/education initiatives set forth by your GODvernors, all of them
      There is that BRICS deal G5 nations popping up again
      Hmm G5 nations and 5G

      And just yesterday on the news I saw that HOUSTON Texas ISD is now being taken over by the State (not sure which state, State, STATE)
      'G' I wonder why that is?
      They are supposed to be Independent Skull Districts but is that true?
      While the real heist and TRANCEformation goes on unabated

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  3. Reasons to abolish the "Federal Reserve"

  4. Kevin Annett is Canadian and has been "prosecuting" everyone's intelligence for at least a decade now. Nothing has come of it. He's just a pressure relief valve as far as I'm concerned. The word fraud comes to mind. Like he'd still be alive if he were really doing such. And it is not a Public Court. Limited hangout dog and pony show is what I think of Annett.

  5. Their operations off of baja california to slam texas and other parts of the targeted areas today

    18 minutes in Canada asking residents to hand in their unwanted weapons
    After all, in their new world order utopia you won't be needing those pesky things, everything will be rainbows, lollipops and love banks
    MY ASS

    And even in that statement they putting the shit in our faces
    What happens at A WAKE

    read the chat - warning in arizona for tornadoes
    Thats there fucking climate change BULLSHIT as they set the stage to knock the people off and/or make them ill as they go migrating/rounding up, hence they're monsanto round up shit, those left standing to so called safe zones/mega cites

    And that word chat reminds me of the fake ass shit of the hanging chad(s) in the fake election in florida back when poppy boy beat the other actwhore gore ya know the one shillin for the climate cause

  6. YOU BIG DUMMY from S & S, Sanford and Son
    takes on a whole new meaning now doesn't it


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  8. The fact that the following is occuring simultaneously in Canada and the US indicates that both are being orchestrated from a central location by a foreign entity. Not a coincidence and not a random act. These so called tests may even be for the purpose subjecting the unvaccinated to various bioweapons.

    Heads Up !!! They are doing this in Canada too.....
    She lives out in the middle of nowhere.
    Individuals came to her door and offered the family $150 if they would permit medical tests to be performed on them.....
    Get this -They knew the family was not vaccinated and asked about their stance on guns......things that make you go hmmm

    CDC White Trailers Illinois Fairgrounds

    " I hear the CDC has deployed trailers with personnel and armed persons at various rural remote areas of the United States? What’s going on? Why are they offering money to monitor people in these low populated areas? $150 per adult $60 per child."

    1. They're most likely very poor and the bait is the money
      Recently they scaled back or eliminated EBT benefits (foodstamps) and most of the poor would be likely to take the mooneye bait to assist in feeding their families since the EBT 'benefits' have been cut off?

      The CDC is a for profit private corporation run by the sindicate
      Key word 'deployed' as in a military deployment
      CDC part of the MIC, Military Industrial Complex
      Funny there is that half spelled out word again
      Think mouse
      and the last three letters are 'KEY'
      Mickey Mouse, flip the M's on their side and you get '33'

      DeSantis recently took away Destiny or I mean Disney lands self godverning status and has appointed a sindicated committee of experts to making sure all they are doing follows the script

      And tik tok and this flower power roller mom?
      Flower power sounds like a continued operation of the 60's linked to the Mary Pranksters and the likes through the Presidio

      Tik Tok

      If the 'residents' know the score, they will refuse anything they are offered
      The objective is to take their land and they can take it if the inhabitants die from their medical 'intervention' 'genocide' and accept the money or
      they can use what is known as eminent domain to take it from them 'legally' so to speak

      Foreign troops to police the US lower right corner

      Check out the map

      Federally Controlled Public Land in the USA

      Nothing federal about any of it - it was/is a
      Like in the game of Monopoly
      And the stupid goy just thought is was a BOARD GAME 'created' for their enjoyment and pleasure to help pass the time away as they pulled off the biggest heist the whirled has ever seen

      The internet of bodies (IOB) by the RAND CORPORATION another sindicate owned cabal

      The CDC is most likely infecting the body with some kind of device to monitor the subject and using frequencies they can alter the subject and even exterminate the subject at will

      Remember MEDICINE, MEDICAL is all a derivitive of the root MEDICI
      Linked to Medici Ventures and Patrick from OVERSTOCK and the

      Like the MINISTRIES OF DIGITAL TRANCEFORMATIONS that are popping up all over the glow ball right before they launch the CBDC


  9. And what do ya know the video link is displayed today

    The video is playing now but very sketchy lots of static
    Crowdsource the truth is the director of the operation, filiming the activites like he did when he was the host of CHEATERS
    Thats who I think that snake is

    Gee I wonder why Anna wasn't there?

    1. Jason Goodman or Joey from the shew CHEATERS

      Same voice I tell ya
      He's from New York and has a BA BAAAAAAA in psychology go figure
      He supposedly died a while back and they resurrected his ass on Clownsource the Truth host actor

      And as you can see if they display the page as I see it on my screen the video that I went to look for yesterdy says it does not exist

      And yet today it magically reappears and plays
      I've saved screenshots this time mofo's

    2. 'G' and if the digital media magicians can make things appear, disappear and then reappear and they gather your digital data feetprints and say look this bitch is insane she sees things that were never there

      Hmm I wonder how their digital media use and mental health diagnosis codes could play in to you being put in a nut house
      or on medication to help allieviate those cognitive digital media use issues?


    And that orange actor on the whirled stage is not anyones savior or messiah
    And the other one over in russia ain't one either

    1. Interesting is it not
      Everything is coming to pass in a completely orchestrated way, … right on cue, … and completely hidden from the masses (almost).

      'Q', cue as in the game of billiards with the white cue ball and the black 8 ball
      Black and white duality they call it

      You set the balls on the table in a triangle rack with the black 8 eight ate ball in the middle and then you use your pool cue to strike the hell out of the cue ball sending it barreling down the 8 foot table to hit the one ball which hits all the others and breaks all the balls up scattering the balls all over the table
      (usually the racked balls go like this, one ball up front, it is yellow, then you go high low high low along the triangle rack with the black eight ate 8 ball in the middle and a high numbered or striped ball on one of the lower corners of the triangle and a low number solid ball on the opposite lower corner of the triangle)

      And what do ya know there are 15 balls in the rack

      I know what the hell I'm talking about as I played this game very well and have played on couple of local champion teams in my day
      I still own and use my own pool cue
      I've played thousands of games of pool and even had a table in the basement of my house
      Played one of the best players in the league in hometown for years
      I'm not bragging, I truly enjoy the game of billiards
      It takes some skill to hit that cue ball into them little balls and put the desired ball in to the pocket without fouling

      So all the while they claiming this is some big fucking game of chess these fuckers are playing pool as in pool sharks

      And 'G' pool as in water
      And what about the series on tell a vision called SHARK TANK
      And how about that there magic '8' ball that you asked questions too and when you flipped it over the answer was displayed in a white triangle
      Manufactured and sold by Ma tt EL in 1946
      And today there is an on line digital version created by
      Seth Clydesdale

      You can't mae this shit up

      Sick mofo's

    2. I might be wrong on the 8 ball by mattel answering in the form of a white triangle
      It might be a white octogon that displays in the answer window when you flip the ball over to reveal it's prediction

      But oh well

  11. And ladies and gentlemen I think I have found the dead/missing Kobe Bryant

    You decide

  12. And you bet your ass they gonna make him a marter and then he will swoop in to save the day and all the sheep will think all is well in la la land

    Meanwhile their monopoly money heist continues

  13. And just the other day the John Birch Society there was something on this blog posted about it

    Cohn was known for his active social life, charitable giving, and combative personality. In the early 1960s he became a member of the John Birch Society and a principal figure in the Western Goals Foundation. He maintained close ties in conservative political circles, serving as an informal advisor to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

    And what do ya know yet another connect the dots

    And take notice of someone names Anna Maria in this link listed above?
    Hmm any relation to Anna of this blog although hidden?

  14. They've 'set' the word out that ole orange man will be arrested on Tuesday folks

    Best take note of the set up and how they will use this shit to lockdown or send out those 1 million hidden UN troops that are scattered all throughout the land
    And remember that backwards US flag on the US soldiers is not how the flag should be sewn on - but of course no one notices shit
    It's like turning the flag upside down as a distress signal and those flags are sewn on the uniforms of our soldiers backwards on purpose

    And I don't believe it has anything to do with the horseshit that the wiki is publishing either

    Backwards or upside down is a distress signal

    And don't forget they have a shitload of so called 'federal land' or maybe that should be 'father land' where they can hide all kinds of shit from prying eyes and launch sneak attacks from millions of places

    Like one commenter said lock and load and stay on the ready


      More of their horseshit to hide what they really up to

      More like a SELECTION not an ELECTION
      Thats another imaginary 'benefit' they instill in their dumbed down masses

      And remember now those attorney generals are part of the sindicate and belong to private associations working for the sindicate

      National Attorney Generals Association

      Page 22 The Internet of Bodies/Avatars
      Data brokers are largely unregulated, but some legal experts are calling for policies to protect consumers. The Data Broker Accountability and Transparency Act was introduced to Congress in
      2017 but gained no traction. In June 2019, 43 state attorneys general recommended another look at a 2014 FTC recommendation that Congress create a federal registry of all data brokers in the country (National Association of Attorneys General, 2019).
      MY TWO CENTS------------------
      Maybe thats where the Ministry of Digital Tranceformation and/or the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technologies come in to play
      And trust me when I tell ya they ain't worried in the least about your data privacy
      According to the UN, DATA IS THE NEW GOLD
      And the medical mafia is on the case to resolve any mental incapacities you might have as a result of digital and social media use
      Their experts are working out the details

      (the clip below is from the linked article just above)

      Territory and jurisdiction go hand in hand.
      A flattering title in the matrix of the syndicate only exists in that fictional jurisdiction, not in reality.
      Therefore the territorial imperative must be instilled into each generation in order to legitimize the syndicate.
      The birth certificate is the matrix, the initial legal document, which creates the bond and surety of the surname to the given name.
      Only upon that legal surname can the syndicate bestow titles and credentials – upon the artificial person (name).

    2. on your info "Jurisdiction and Territory" go hand in hand....
      that is so well said shelby... what about adding thishere piece of shit on to it? :):) :
      i believe their Term:
      JurisDiction = LawSpeak.
      Law/"Juris"; Speak/"Diction"
      so now look at this mess:
      TerraTory = EarthPlace
      Terra/"Earth"; Tory/ "...denoting a place or object appropriate for the activity of the verb..." [ref.: thefreedictionary, online: def.: "-tory2"].

      so, then they'd say that their FAKE LAWSPEAK JurisDiction
      goes hand in hand with their FAKE EARTHPLACE TerraTory
      and... we know now that BOTH OF THEM are FICTIONAL, Imaginary, Pie In The Sky ...Ba'alshit.
      and the whole baa'll of their stinking crap rolled up together goes with their FAKE MATRIXDEBT BirthDebt they claim we owe them because of a FAKE SIRE (animalfather) NOM/ Omn/ Omen/ oh men/ animalfather o'mn....
      and then they sell their FAKE FICTIONS back and forth to each other,
      FALSELY CLAIMING YOUR LABOR AND LAND that are your gifts from God to you alone
      TO PAY FOR THEIR ***FICTIONS*** they imagine
      and then scrape up the SOCIAL REJECT DUMBFUCKS out of the SPIRITUAL DUMPSTERS to IN - * FORCE * it all with violence, lying, and more on God-loving man.
      its so evil. no wonder it take people of Godly character so long to inner-stand it.