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Friday, December 2, 2022

The World's Current Problem Summed Up: Bad Sheep

 By Anna Von Reitz

A friend sent me a Bible verse this morning that sums it up: Titus 1:15

Here's the New Revised Standard version: 

"To the pure all things are pure, but to the corrupt and unbelieving nothing is pure. Their very minds and consciences are corrupted."

Think about this.  What does it mean for us, and for them, when people's minds and consciences are corrupted?  Like a corrupt computer program?

When people think that it is okay to lie, and do so regularly, their thinking becomes corrupt.  They become lazy about discerning between truth and falsehood, and before you know it, they are saying, "Everything is relative."  It no longer matters to them what is true or false. 

From there, it is an easy collapse into not caring about what is right or wrong, either. 

"It's all relative," they say.  There are no absolute standards.  What's true to one man, they will tell you, is false to another.  What is right in one circumstance is wrong in another, they say. 

I have observed this problem for many years, and it all goes back to two underlying causes: (1) cowardice, and (2) sloth. 

Fearing to take a stand for truth or even for logic, people roll over and become so wishy-washy that they can be molded like modeling clay and pressed into any form of political system or religion. 

This response pattern is fostered by the vicious pecking order established by peer groups at school, by team sports and military training that undermines the value of the individual,  by teachers that ridicule, by parents that are wishy-washy themselves not offering guidance or support for original thought, by role models that preach the benefits of conformity, and by authorities that enforce conformity. 

The cowards and sloths among us subject themselves to political correctness without a whimper.  They commit atrocities without thinking.  They fall into traps like so many sheep in a ditch and can't figure their way out. 

They literally lose their ability to reason their way from Point A to Point B and their own consciousness is so watered down, that they are dependent on things like the radio or television to tell them what to do and think. 

Never forget the BBC motto: "Listen and obey." 

This fall from grace into relativism and the lobotomy-like end result is absolutely predictable.  It advances like a disease transforming men into sheep, self-castrating their intellect for fear of making a judgment or taking a stand. 

Sheeple are the result of fear and the acceptance of relativism, but the process itself is also given a shove by pure, old-fashioned laziness. Many people find it hard to think and question and judge things for themselves, so they don't.  

They surrender the higher functions of their own  brain to someone or something else. 

If the world were nothing but a giant sheepfold, I could perhaps learn to deal with that; at least, sheep can be herded, guided, and dealt with as sheep.  Unfortunately, this process doesn't end with surrendering one's intellect.  

The disease progresses from the consciousness to the conscience, and soon, these people are utterly without a moral compass, too.  They become Bad Sheep. 

It's not that they start out with any aim to be bad, and it's not that they develop any sense of self-direction such that they decide to be evil, it's a natural result of being on a permanent mental vacation and drifting along with the herd. 

Researchers investigating Sheep-Think ran a flock of sheep down a narrow lane between stone walls, and introduced a small barrier -- a log about eight inches in diameter.  The lead sheep jumped over it and other sheep followed suit. 

The interesting thing is that when the log was removed, the remaining sheep continued to jump over the imaginary log long after the actual log had been removed. 

This is why people caught in Sheep Think will say things like, "But, that's the way we do it.  That's the way we've always done it!  (And that's the way we are going to continue to do it, by Golly, even if it's blatantly wrong, come hell or high water.)" 

Eventually, mistakes are made, and then those mistakes are unthinkingly perpetuated. Everyone caught up in the fear of doing something independent clings tenaciously to the familiar but often evil conformity--- and therefore, they become unwitting accomplices to evil.  

They become Bad Sheep.  

If every woman knew that they were subjecting their baby to a system of enslavement by signing "routine paperwork" at the hospital designed to confer foreign citizenship obligations on their baby, how many would willingly comply?  

If every youngster and business owner realized that Social Security is a Federal Government Employee Pension Insurance program, how many private businesses and car wash attendants would sign up to participate in that? 

If everyone was told that being a "taxpayer" means that you are collecting taxes for the Queen or the Pope, how many Americans would volunteer to donate between 30% and 65% of their earnings? 

The philosopher Hannah Arendt famously observed the banality of evil, and this process of sheepification is what produces that banality.

The resulting "go along to get along" unthinking complicity in evil is what makes evil seem normal and acceptable.  Everyone is doing it, so it must be okay, right?   

We all need to stop telling lies of any kind--- and be rigorous about it.  Stop being afraid. Stop being mentally lazy.  Stop going along.  Stop thinking that everything is relative, because it's not.  And stop jumping over imaginary logs. 

Just as we have been trained to be like sheep, we can train ourselves to be the self-respecting and powerful beings we are meant to be-- and it all begins by looking for the truth and honoring it, every single day.  


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  1. The majority in history has always been wrong.
    "The glory of God is to hide a matter, the glory of his kings and princes is to search a matter out." Proverbs 26:2
    Dig for the truth because there's a lotta filth to move before you get the "gold".

  2. I am Mad Dog Amen to the cry for honesty again, but WHY DO COMMENTS HAVE ANYTHING to DO with GOOGLE privacy policy and terms of service?

    1. Deep tentacles of deep state.

    2. No mystery same for white slaves of which 2/3 of colonists were including Benjamin Franklin for 9 years.
      The extremely harsh laws by the deep state later to completely run black slave trade out of Portsmouth RI . Complete with Rum Factory for bartering with black warlords and biggest Synagogue in America.

    3. please post more comments. ty!!

  3. Thank you for the possibility to “Shepherd My sheep.”:
    John 21:17

  4. This fed is wild
    "We need to stop telling lies of any kind"
    As she lies through her teeth about fraudulent papers

  5. Thank you Anna for pushing light into the darkness so we can observe the evil and squash it!

  6. now apply anna's post to this : Yehshua said: Is it not written in the prophets, put your burn't offerings & away with them, & cease you from the eating of flesh. For the Eternal One said: I spoke not to your fathers or instructed them when I brought them out of Egypt concerning these things. But this thing he commanded saying: Obey my voice & walk in the ways I have instructed you & you will be my people & it will be well with you. But they harkened not nor inclined there ear. Essene Gospel of Peace...


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