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Friday, December 2, 2022

Why You Are the Answer

 By Anna Von Reitz

I regularly get called upon to help people get outside their box to a vantage point where they can see the truth.  I run my own Underground Railway for people to free their minds, but just like Harriet Tubman, it's not an easy ride.  

Here's an example of it.  I was sent a copy of this case: 

In this case the Plaintiff asks the United States Supreme Court to provide declaratory relief and to restore the Original 13th Amendment and provide restitution.... 

Please note that this is another case of the right church and wrong pew, wrong court.  You must plead a case for which relief can be granted by the court being addressed and it must be a court having jurisdiction over the subject matter.  Both these requirements have been failed, so, of course the court dismisses. 

What else can it do? 

The 13th Amendment being referenced was added to the Federal Constitution of 1787. 

This man, the Plaintiff, is seeking to restore something that was never lost— simply rendered inoperable, awaiting Reconstruction. 

We know exactly where the original 13th Amendment is and we know the document it is attached to: The Constitution for the united States of America. We know that the "Titles of Nobility Amendment" (TONA) was passed by  the Federal Republic Congress and ratified by the States of the Union. 

So why isn't it in effect right now?  And is this something that the United States Supreme Court can correct? 

The Federal Republic and its Constitution ceased to operate after 1860. That's why the original 13th Amendment is dormant. That's why the flag of the Federal Republic hangs in the "struck" position in the Capitol Building and in the Chambers of the House.  

The Federal Republic, like the Confederation of States that operated the Federal Republic, still awaits Reconstruction. The repopulation of the American Federal Republic —-and the restoration this Plaintiff seeks is ready to accomplish — but the Supreme Court can’t do it. 

It’s like trying to use a saw as a screwdriver---if you truly understood the situation and the Parties involved. 

In order for the 1787 Constitution to be restored (along with its 13th Amendment) the American Federal Republic must be Reconstructed. 

In order for the Federal Republic to be restored, the Confederation of States must be restored. 

And the only entities that can do the restoration work known as Reconstruction are the States of the Union. 

So the order of Reconstruction goes: assemble the States of the Union  and bring them into Session, rebuild the American States-of-States, restore the Confederation of these organizations, restore the Federal Republic. 

The actual States have been called back into Session as of 2019 — which is what should have happened in 1865 if Lincoln and Grant had been honest men— but they weren’t and here we are, still grappling with issues leftover from the so-called Civil War. 

Given that the States of the Union are the only ones that can Reconstruct both the Confederation and the Federal Republic and restore the original Federal Constitution that the TONA is part of, the hopelessness of trying to get restitution from any iteration of the United States Supreme Court is self-evident. 

It’s like screaming obscenities at your neighbor because you haven’t mowed your own lawn. Somehow you think that your responsibility is his responsibility and as long as you continue in this fallacy, nothing gets done. 

In fact, a stalemate is a desirable outcome, because your neighbor has every right to think you are a crazy person.  How would he, could he, or should he mow your lawn for you?  How is that his responsibility? 

No, it's your responsibility and you just aren't owning up to it. 

It’s the same way when you bring a petition like this to the Supreme Court. The Justices look at each other and shrug. They are powerless to provide you with relief from something that is the result of your own failure to act. 

If you want the original 13th Amendment (and the original Federal Constitution) restored, you (we) have to assemble our States of the Union and do it yourself (ourselves). Nobody else can do it for us. 

Think of it this way—-you can’t go through childbirth for me or have cancer for me; in the same way, nobody and nothing but the American people and our States of the Union can complete the Reconstruction of the American Federal Republic and the Confederation of States that once operated it.

However, in the meantime, once the States are in the General Assembly stage of coming into Session, the Federation of States can take over and do all the work pending Reconstruction.  We are not dead in the water, not broke, not helpless and not confused any longer. 

We simply need to do our own work and get the job done-- and stop pestering the Supreme Court about issues that lay in our own bailiwick and which are our own responsibility to fix.  


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You are, we are, our own answer. 


  1. only the govern-*ed can institute.
    per our July 2, 1776 UnanDecl, para 2.: consent from the govern-*ed is required.

    what already exists by institution from consent of the govern-*ed exists still; same is in no need of being instituted a second time.
    and it certainly does not even qualify for LEGAL "Reconstruction".
    especially under an unknown /Foreign flag.

    the govern-*ers cannot make decisions on their own to "Reconstruct" or do any other thing.
    and the "anna" "Lawful Persons" cannot make decisions for the govern-*ed under authority of the July 2, 1776 UnanDecl., either;.... neither can "anna", "Gramma", or anybody/ thing else.


    1. Some people will continue to paint themselves into a corner of absolute hopelessness. From there they can be like a victim, with a victim mentality. From there they can complain. From there they can't seem to offer up much positive. From there they don't know yet that the paint will eventually dry so they won't be stuck in the corner forever. They do it to themselves. How? Lack of learning. Lack of reading. Lack of writing. Lack of paying attention. Lack of taking responsibility. Decision to sit in the corner and wait for something else or someone else to solve the problem.

    2. a241pm
      if thats what claiming what was stolen from you looks like to you, thats fine, youre free to see things your way, and so too are others.

    3. Regarding the Declaration of Independence. Is it correct that many of the signers lives, along with the lives of their families. were variously attacked?

      So you have a a Declaration of Independence, about which a wise man may have said "we most certainly ought hang together or we shall certainly hang separately."

      Anna thank your for all you do, reveal, and instruct. And thank you for help - that we may employ knowledge to put our shoulders to the task of reconstructing more desirable tomorrows.

      Evidently there is more to being "independent" than simply "declaring" it.

      For the people of more desirable tomorrows (and its hard work) our Declaration is most beautiful, and our foundation. For those caught within there own whirlwind on the subject, it seems work is too hard, and only party favors along with endless "declarations" suffice - for these people the DOI may become a sea anchor and their "independence" will grind to a halt - for who good ever join with them to defend there declarations?

      Two different kinds of people, those who work and those who . . .

    4. a405pm,
      there is no "Declaration of Independence". looks like its YOU who better get busy :):):)... studying perhaps before you ignorantly run your yap? :):):)

    5. Toddling text tyrants Batman! - woman:janmarie has now mashed-up her vocabularies with her vengeance!.
      Riddle me this Robin: "Short hand" or "abbreviations" are allowed for you, but not for the milieu? And what is a “UnanDecI?”

    6. Yes, "baffling baphomet!" You are right Robin! - women:janmarie has gone full-on babel-on.

    7. not my fault if my verifable comments are so RockSolid that theyre uncomfortable for you to deal with and you choose to come onto pauls blog to whine. :):):):):)

  2. In addition to restoring the 13th Amendment, are there any edits anticipated for any other aspect of the Constitution? I don't want to see a "PATRIOT ACT" pulled of the shelf and rammed through the General Assembly of the States of the Union. Any other considerations (Amendments) to address the long series of abuses? Many would like to contemplate such changes well in advance ... to avoid surprises.

  3. What is the "stuck" position when flying the flag of the Republic. Also what does that flag look like? One more question, why would someone want the republic to be restored?? Didn't that form of govt. allow what we have been laboring under today? Maybe I don't get it.

    1. imo:
      no brad, you DO get it. Republics are man-made. man's only way out of this mirrored hall of man-made FICTIONS is to begin to live again under the laws of God for man: the common law.

  4. Commentaries on the Constitution by Joseph Story came out in 1833. Does anyone have a copy of the original book and does it go over the Thirteenth Amendment? There is language in the Constitution in other articles, sections and clauses about Titles of Nobility. Any documents that show the original Titles of Nobility at a state or federal level would be appreciated.

  5. I noticed that the Judge that signed the order is the same D.C. Federal judge the is sentencing the January 6th protesters and is a true leftist. I got this post from Attorney Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch. This is the message from him about her. Let me tell you, I’ve locked horns several times with Judge Kollar-Kotelly.

    She’s a hardcore leftist whose nomination was opposed by every conservative group in the country. She’s the absolute worst judge I’ve appeared before in 45 years.

    And now she’s throwing a true patriot and innocent man to the wolves. I just thought this was an interesting coincidence.

  6. We just discussed the slave trade the Jews ran the purchase of slave, ships all owned by Jews , auctioned by them and when Jefferson stopped the import the out of work traders by the way 40% of Jews owned slaves.
    Became Abolishinet or funded John Brown attacks on innocent Farmers with sharp machetes..
    Who is running the extermination of whites around the world same pinkie rats
    What we going to do today Brain ?
    Same thing we do every day rule the world.


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