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Friday, December 16, 2022

Asymptomatic People Do Not Spread COVID-19


  • A vast majority of those testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 are asymptomatic. They simply aren’t sick. The PCR test is merely picking up inactive (noninfectious) viral particles
  • In one study, which looked at pregnant women admitted for delivery, 87.5% of the women who tested positive for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 had no symptoms
  • A study looking at PCR test data from nearly 10 million residents in Wuhan city found that not a single one of those who had been in close contact with an asymptomatic individual tested positive
  • Of the 34,424 residents with a history of COVID-19, 107 individuals tested positive a second time, but none were symptomatic and none were infectious
  • When asymptomatic patients were tested for antibodies, they discovered that 190 of the 300, or 63.3%, had actually had a “hot” or productive infection resulting in the production of antibodies. Still, none of their contacts had been infected


  1. There is no Covid-19 to spread anyway.

    1. exactly, the CDC admitted they have no isolated sample of this so-called "Novel" virus.

  2. It's fake. It's in your head. The poison is in your food. Your meds. Germ Theory was put to rest in 1930's. Fake. Thank Rockefellers.


      Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free and Healthy, and the rest of the world will follow, m

  3. Ditto; ditto; and ditto.

  4. Bellerian1December 13, 2022 at 11:06 AM
    And people want to still pretend this isn't happening on Purpose. The National Governments policies are directing these catastrophes and are aiming to increase the death and destruction, not reduce it. Its all a series of engineered events to control the collapse of the USA and existing world structures so they can be redefined and repurposed for whatever the next leg of the inbreeders current agenda is.
    THIS NOT National Government, it is Federal (Contract) Govermental Service Corporation impementing WEF /Club of Rome Global Genocide of white race.!
    TrueGod present in our DNA, Make America Free and Healthy and the rest of the world will follow, m

  5. MRN = Medical Record Number
    It's listed on all your 'medical records'

    Ties it all in LINKED IN to the IT world wide web

    HL7 INTERNATIONAL - Health Level '7' International
    Associated with ANSI, American National Standards Institute

    And check it out what do ya think Cerner is?

    CERN is the world wide web

    All of which links to Greenland

    If you do not understand electronic health records you will not get this

    Anyone who SUBMITS to tests of any kind is in the 'system'
    Any 'service' received through any of their 'systems' including the 'services' provided by the selg proclaimed owners of the 'internet' link you to the 'system' period
    Interesting under this one check out the UNUM reference

    I've said it before if you do not understand how these machines and all these applications (apps) work with each other or are linked to each other you will not get how this is all working

    Like that LRS blockchain end user web application that was supplied by ?
    Where did it come from, what does it link to, how does it link to IT etc etc etc
    Maybe this might shed some light on where it came from and what it's linked to

    Zambia and the so called 'digital' certification of their land owndership
    Interesting choice of words here
    For the implementation of the National Land Titling Programme. As of the end of September 2022, more than 58,000 certificates of title have been handed over to landowners who have been successfully captured under the Systematic Land titling Program.

    Like the blurb under the PUBLISH button on this blog
    Sounds phonetically close to RECAPTURED does it not?

    1. Hmmm 'certificates of title' you know like the ones they give you for your 'car' or your 'birth'

    2. Check out more on these application interfaces

  6. There is no actual covid, they are lying and are weaponing every respiratory issue by making up another fake virus to coerce the people to get ever more jabs. It isn't contagious because it does not exist in real life.

  7. The illness was being cause mainly by psychological trauma from the media fear campaign, the tests and the masks from the beginning.
    Add on the 5G and 4G non ionizing radiation coming from the smart meters, towers and phones.
    Add on the foods, medicines, household cleaners and other toxins people ingest in home.
    Lack of sunlight, exercise...etc...
    So...the things that cause any and all illness.
    The fear based campaign cause people to overproduce cortisol throwing off balance of their HPA axis.
    Cortisol levels lead to destructive consequences for the immune system because it negates glutathione production which is the body's most potent antioxidant.
    This limits the breakdown of other toxins.
    The masks were causing people to re-inhale toxins that the body was trying to get rid of including CO2.
    People seem to forget the lungs are actually part of our excretory system just as skin.
    The mask were also causing hypoxia which limits the amount of oxygen available to the body for its normal metabolic processes which leads to poisoning.
    This leads to metabolic and respiratory acidosis which creates the ideal environment for preventing the body to perform its normal detoxification duties by putting the blood in a lower pH.
    Then the test were damaging the nasal passage, inserting graphene into the area near the nasal septum near the pituitary gland which disrupts the hormone and histamine system in the body in response to foreign matter. This was also causing the loss of taste and smell and damaging the nasal membranes for introduction of pathogens.
    Then came the vaccine to cause the "variants" that were immuno-response to soft metals, parasites, graphene poisoning and allergic reactions to polyethylene glycol (PEG related compounds) and polysorbate 80, 200 and 2000.
    Just those poisons alone are enough to get the job done.
    No snake venom need apply.
    The needle is a fang and the venom is the semen of Satan produced by snakes who run the WEF and their pet industries.

    semen SIEMENS a vaccine manufacturer 2 minutes in to the video,-Monsanto,-S510,-Xe,-BP-oil-spill,-chemtrails-and-vaccines-have-in-common-V2!-ijOEmtZyWTg-480p-1624602732716:a

    The top information came from the same source

  8. And yet another 'base' bought by a hollywood insider

    Like the base bought by Tyler Perry in Georgia.

    And the hollywood insider who is arranging all these deals played the role of Gorbachev and operates out of the Presidio
    Bottom right of page 4 and the decommissioning of 36 (that would be 3 6's) military bases across the US as the plans for their golden globe/golden age world domination moves forward

    World Parliament and the Presidio and Presidium
    And their insider buddies are playing KEY roles in MAKING IT HAPPEN

    Just like television and radio were weapons used against all of us, so too is the internet enticing the people to go along with the plan
    The internet was developed by the military and then launched on the world stage so they could use it against us
    Intel gathering on every single entity on the earth launching facebook and apple eye phones and all this other shit was not an accident
    It was planned

    Like baskin robbins they have many flavors to choose from all of witch leads to the same end game

  9. Respiratory issues can most certainly be caused by EM radiation. That is one of its hallmarks. The iron in your blood is more attracted to the strong magnetic field than it is oxygen molecule. Suddenly yok can't breathe and your lungs fill up with fluid. Cancer also thrives in low oxygen and acidic environment.

    1. do you believe:
      "emf blockers" for home? for wearing on ones body? work to help minimize the radiation?
      do you believe irradiated meats/food are safe?
      what about taking the different iodines?
      do microwaves compound the damage? other? ty!

  10. No better medicine than Sunlight, oxygen and proper nutrition. And stay the he'll away from western medicine as it's Rockefeller sponsored quackery.

  11. You know the elites are going after sunlight and oxygen, but no one ever breaks it down further. It is because ozone is created when UV light breaks down oxygen in the ionosphere into its individual molecules. Those molecules clump together to form oxygen based compounds like chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide. Being heavier than air they fall through the atmosphere oxidizing unburned hydrocarbons. A microbe would have to be able to survive UV light, oxygen and ozone and then would have to face those same compounds again upon entering our bodies. Our immune system is the same as the earth's...ozone. Oxygen based compounds. That is why they are reducing oxygen and trying to block sunlight.

    1. any ideas on how we can safely increase our uv, oxygen, and ozone in our homes?
      and/or what we can prepare to work on at a local level as more people become aware of what has been taking place? is water a good starting place in your opinion? ty!

    2. As mentioned, proper nutrition, fresh air and sunlight can't be beat. You can buy UV germicidal lamps and ozone generators if you want. Don't know how effective they are. The problem is there is so much poison bombarding us from all directions. They have all the exits covered. We may have to make the move our corrupt military will not. It is well past time to remove the psychopaths from the planet.

    3. As for amnesty? No. I'm afraid not. As if Anna even has the authority to grant the Military brass amnesty. She does not.

    4. Hey Jan! Having plants in your home will increase oxygen levels, filtering you water is essential considering "acceptable levels" of contaminants by fda standards. Rf blocking garmets have helped lots of people, most are sensitive to radio frequency, some just suffer frequent migraines. The only way out is to get everyone on the same page, one of wich is to ignore the material world and starve the beast system (not likely) or suffer, suffer so much, equally across the board no one is willing to capitalize on someone else's loss any more....unfortunately what weve endured on the bottom for so long has distanced those on top vastly, so prepare to suffer for a long time. Stay humble.

  12. Might want to check out his information

  13. Over Wyoming

    Gulf oil spill and te various entities involved in the so called solution to the oil spill,-Monsanto,-S510,-Xe,-BP-oil-spill,-chemtrails-and-vaccines-have-in-common-V2!-ijOEmtZyWTg-480p-1624602732716:a

    Then they move in to GROW THE GULF
    The gangs all there including one of the entities planes flying over dumping the shit

  14. Dear Paul and Anna, please repost.
    "So the FDA finally came out and said that Pfizer’s Covid shot causes blood clots?"
    "Relationship between blood clots and COVID-19 vaccines: A literature review.

    Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free and Healthy and the rest of the world will, m

  15. And the other day I posted about the world parliament and their GAI
    Guaranteed Annual Income, GAI
    Here it is again
    Add one more letter, the pyramid letter of A, and you get GAIA

    About 3/4 of the way down the page
    After this nifty diagram

    We get this gem
    The story now takes a twist where the intention is to lead the listener astray. Now Hera is Gaia, mother earth, and she, as Gaia, gives birth to her final son called Typhon. This is the god of wind, and the source of the word Typhoon. Typhon attempts to replace Zeus, who is actually his brother, as the king of god and man.

    And gee I posted about the wiki swindle the other day where you must donate to the cause to keep this source of disinformation afloat
    You know where the 'creator' exclaims at the top of the page that wiki is not for sale and to keep this source of valuable 'truthful' information coming, consider donating today

    And sadly another genocide in plain sight while they keep the folks busy with all this other shit playing out
    Walgreens at the corner of Happy and Hellthy = HH = 88

    Kanye and Jones related
    Same as they all are - it's all in the families
    Same as the fake rags to riches story about the cowboys owner Jerry Jones
    Also check the name Macks like in the so called constitutional sheriff Mack here which of course the ADL is just all over this

    This is feeding the new narrative that leads to this

    The so called January 6th Civil Disobedience shit
    Legislative ACT #44
    Obama was president #44

    They get their relatives and military intel to ACT the shit out then they write the shit to put the so called civil disobedience crap on the books

    All of course which is linked to the same families and their ties
    Funny they did a hit shew called FAMILY TIES
    Starring Michael J Fox the fake Parkinsons disease actor
    Families that lie, cheat and steal together is the name of the game

    Make note in the dock u ment
    The WLA's
    Annagram it and you get LAWS
    WLA ACTS 53 - 67 are currently Under Construction
    Might want to read this one
    Here is a snip of it
    Article 1.
    Only natural persons (human beings) have the rights of legal persons as identified in Articles 12 and 13 of the Earth Constitution.
    You'll notice the use of FEDERATION all thoughout the document

  16. ShelbyDecember 19, 2022 at 9:15 AM

    Whereas, the fourth broad function of the Earth Federation is “to regulate world trade, communications, transportation, currency, standards, use of world resources, and other global and international processes” (Earth Constitution Article 1.4);

    The World Parliament adopts this Act to establish the Ministry of Commerce and Trade, by which the World Parliament eliminates the concept of corporate personhood:

    Article 1.
    Only natural persons (human beings) have the rights of legal persons as identified in Articles 12 and 13 of the Earth Constitution.

    Might I remind you the the Ministry of Lands and Natural Reosurces is where they are issuing digital 'certificates' of title to your land through Medici Ventures

    For example Zambia Africa
    For the implementation of the National Land Titling Programme. As of the end of September 2022, more than 58,000 certificates of title have been handed over to landowners who have been successfully captured under the Systematic Land titling Program.
    It goes on to say the following
    To date, a total of 271,109 parcels have been enumerated with ownership information capture; and 139,197 offer letters have been issued out, which will lead to the issuance of certificates of title once the landowners pay the minimum titling fee.

    Medici Ventures and all things BLOCKCHAIN
    The MOU is with Medici Ventures which was formed to incubate, launch, and invest in blockchain investments in the most fundamental processes of that new aged, such as

    MOU Memorandum of Understanding
    They only thing missing is the SE for MOUSE or RATS or LIARS

    And if I am not mistaken they just signed one of these suckers with the Native Indians here in America
    Presidential Memorandum

    Presidential Memorandum on Uniform Standards for Tribal Consultation, and to advance the Administration’s goals of improving Tribal consultation across the federal government, nine agencies will implement new or updated Tribal consultation policies.
    hese include: (1) new policies announced today by the Department of the Interior (DOI), Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Transportation (DOT), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA); and (2) new policies to be released in the coming months from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Department of the Treasury, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP).

    It's theft is what it is - outright theft

    And all are involved in it to adhere to this World Parliament

    How else do you TRANCEform the world then to run parallel schemes and projects to get the serfs to participate in the CON of all CONS and to aid and abet the crooks to MANIFEST THEIR DESTINY


    1. In case you don't know about the plans here they are

      The Earth FEDERATION and WORLD PARLIAMENT and their
      WORLD LEGISLATIVE ACTS, annagram it you get LAW

      And this is interesting to say the least
      DBA - Delaware Business Alliance
      Filing for an LLC in Louisiana

      Thought DBA was Doing Business As

      That form is linked here under USA Map 2010
      First Re-apportionment Decisions of the Provisional Earth Federation, based on World Federal Distinction (2010), subject to refinement, debate, plebiscites and world parliament confirmations.

      World Federal Distinction
      About World Federal Distinction
      USA Map 2010
      China Table 2010

      And that very same form is displayed when you click on the
      China Table 2010 link too????

      It's interesting to note the following

      WLA ACTS 53 - 67 are currently Under Construction

      World Legislative Act #53 Transition Process for National Governments
      World Legislative Act #54 Remedies and Corrections Act
      World Legislative Act #55. Surveillance Limitations Act
      World Legislative Act #56. Crowd Dispersal Ban
      World Legislative Act #57. Collegium of World legislators
      World Legislative Act #58. Neonictinoid Ban
      World Legislative Act #59. Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Act
      World Legislative Act #60. Paid Informant Ban
      World Legislative Act #61. Fracking Ban
      World Legislative Act #62. Fission Power Generation Closure
      World Legislative Act #63. Cooperative Communities Empowerment Act
      World Legislative Act #64. United Nations Merger
      World Legislative Act #65. Global Sustainability Directorate
      World Legislative Act #66.
      World Legislative Act #67

      When you click on any one of those links the same page is displayed on every link

      Make note of ACT 64, the United Nations MERGER
      Scroll down the page and see the article about Glen T Martin

      And isn't there a Dr DAVID Martin on the stage today?
      Well by golly gee there is

    2. continued from above

      And it's interesting to note WHO Amalek is

      When it comes to their THEOCRATIC LAW
      LOOK AT numbers 188 and 189
      +188)To annihilate all the seed of the nation of Amalek

      +189)To arouse hatred against the nation of Amalek

      This one here

      Might I also add
      Mandated punishment for violation: From Heaven
      So the mandated punishment for not following these lunatics is that you get beheaded in a FEMA camp folks

      That was the reason for their new ICD 10 beheading revenue billing code that was added right before this virus shit shew of theirs began
      Legal Execution by beheading


      One more
      Application to gentiles: Required
      Mandated punishment for violation: From Heaven, at minimum
      Brief description: To execute by decapitation those who are convicted of committing certain sins. The procedure of decapitation is usually carried out by the sword.
      This penalty is carried out by Jewish courts for particular sins, whereas it is the only method of capital punishment carried out by gentile theocratic courts, regardless of the crime under the Noahide Laws.

    3. Their so called 'self appointed' devine right to rule
      Theocratic Courts/Law

      Interesting to note at the bottom of this page

      © Copyright 1997-2022 airSlate Legal Forms, Inc.
      d/b/a USLegal
      As seen in: check out the logos of those referred to on the page

      And as far as your name, copyright I don't believe is the true answer as the name (surname, sirename) is your TRADE MARK
      But still yet it is not yours it has already been copyrighted trademarked and everything in between

      Everything is rigged I tell ya

  17. I ran in to an intersting document the other day

    It is what appears to be a birth certificate but it states at the top of the document

    On the outside of the document holder that the document was enclosed in contained footprints of what I assume would be the baby as described in the document

    Again the father and mother are listed but the mothers MAIDEN name is used to identify her and not her married name

    This document has absolutely no written anything on it
    It is all typed out and it contains a file number

    This so called certified copy was issued on 8/5/2020
    Birth date of the baby is from 1977

    How many folks sent payment to the Department of Vital Statistics to get your birth certificates?

    This so called birth certificatte looks nothing like a birth certificate it is basically printed on bonded paper with stuff typed on to the bonded paper with a State Registars seal on it?

    No doctor, no hospital, no time of birth, weight, nothing

    Everything is in ALL CAPS
    Name, sex, place of birth, father, mother ALL IN CAPS

    Of course everything is enclosed within the 4 corners of the bonded paper it is printed on??

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