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Friday, December 16, 2022

The Solution to Open Borders

By Cliff Kincaid

December 16, 2022

Every day I read and hear complaints about open borders and illegal aliens flooding in. It’s gotten worse lately – the coverage and the illegal entries. The reason is that rich people who employ illegals as maids, gardeners, and servants want more cheap labor. They think the publicity will cause the Congress to pass an amnesty for the millions already here and the millions coming.

Consider Fox News, leading the drumbeat. Fox owner Rupert Murdoch is co-chair of the Partnership for a New American Economy, along with liberal moneybags and billionaire Michael R. Bloomberg. The Partnership for a New American Economy is based on bringing in immigrant labor described as “new Americans.”


  1. IT BEING TRUE THAT their Constitution is not law- full-y ratified to be in authority over our God- created landstates and mans who are naturalborn living upon these landstates:
    1. they have, under threat, duress, and coersion, taken unlaw-full authority over some/all of our landstates/man and are calling same "Shores" or other Commercial SeaWords; and claim same as part of their Columb-ian, Isis, Commerce, Sea, and/or WarShipping Districts.
    2. they also gave their own FICTIONALLY - TITLED SELVES "powers" to decide who enters THEIR FICTIONAL, COMMERCIAL, MAN-MADE, IMAGINARY, UNITED STATES.
    3. And using Paper and Titles, deceptions, non-disclosures, force, threat, imprisonments, death, and more, claim they "CONVERTED" God's landstates/man into "Their Property", lying:
    saying we Agree-d or Volunteer-ed.
    4. using "Titles of Nobility" they made up for themselves, they gave themselves God's land and God's crowning creation: man: to be used for their own benefit and enjoy-ment: and work their WordMagick Deceptions also under CorporateFiction NAMES hoping, like adam and his figleaf, to shield themselves from responsibility for claiming God's creation: land/man that belongs forever to God alone.


    1. So True! m
      Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free and Healthy, and the rest of the world will follow, m

  2. All true ,as Federal Judge Dale says the civil war was a smokescreen to turn American into a corporation.
    They exploit the hell out of changing and mirroring real persons and places with legal fictions.
    Flipping jurisdictions as as they go !
    The Jewish bankers as the did in all wars basically bring mercenaries isis or even the U.S. military before it was England to do the take over of countries.
    All this Mumbo. Jumbo of correct this or that will be laughed at by deep state Zionist.
    Patrick Henry said it best tyrants only understand one thing force.

  3. Easy solution, either the “ Governers protect the sovereign borders with force or the people do it. Invasion by anyone is still invasion. Countries without borders are not countries


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