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Friday, December 16, 2022


Members of the Montana Legislature are seeking to pass SJ 2, which would apply to Congress to “call a Convention for proposing Amendments,” under Article V of the Constitution, otherwise known as a constitutional convention (Con-Con) or “convention of the states,” as some erroneously refer to it.


  1. Con-Con = Hidden in Plain sight? double con.

  2. Under the doctrine of “ Law of Necessity” the constitution has been suspended under the Emergency War Powers Act. Furthermore the People have been declared enemies of the “State”. With ownership of all property seized by the “state” through “ the trading with the enemy act”. Not enough People are awake to do anything about it. Why vote when the outcome of the elections are controlled by the CIA.

    1. Corporations only have authority over like kind corporations and contracts, not living people. They have control over the Cestui Que Vie public trust birth certificate named in all caps, if you think that is you then you are in prison in your own mind.... Stop and put things in perspective! That trust is the enemy of the state.... get it??

    2. Before they have any jurisdiction over flesh you must grant jurisdiction by your consent. "The authority of government comes from the consent of the governed" Do you know who you are? Do you know what that legal fiction trust entity is? Disparata non debent jungi, dissimilar things ought not to be joined..... Back to your homework!

    3. No corporation can suspend the constitution for living people.

    4. no constitution applies to man.
      man created those constitutions and the thing create-ed cannot be over its create-er. even if man puts himself under something he create-d, he can also decide NOT to be under it anymore because he create-d it.

      be: man.

      the UnanDeclr declare-d before God and man: nations/states where man lives under the laws of nature and natures God = man lives under (the) common law for man naturalborn upon (one of the) landstates known as the united States of America;
      that man stands under no other law EXCEPT from (that one) man's own agree-ment = common law for man on land... the united States of America.
      THIS IS NOT ENGLISH COMMON LAW -- its American common law.... the two are VERY DIFFERENT.
      American common law is carried out under authority of our create-r, God, using his laws.
      English Common Law is under authority of (a) man with a Man-Made TITLE OF NOBILITY: Acting As "Queen/King", and is just a FICTIONAL CHARACTER.


    5. Thank woman:janmarie for exelant exposé of this fraud!

      TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free and Healthy and the rest of the world will follow, m

    6. anony m,
      my honor.
      glad you understand what it means.

  3. Corporations lose their sovereignty. More changes to their own corporate business to be charged to their own U.S. Citizens

  4. Your Report Dated 12/13/2022 "The Only Issue Is Control" SAVE YOUR FAMILIES LIVES NOW !!! The Solution Is Easier Than You Think, Why Do You Think The Illegitimate American Governments Continue To Block My Travels And Steal My Money As I Currently Sit Less Than 40 Miles From The Russian Border, While Being Illegally Delayed In The Country Of Georgia, After Having The Exact Same Situation In Turkey And Armenia. All You Simply Have To Do Is Get On Any Plane And Fly To Most Countries That Are Outside Of The Illegitimate American Governments International Networks. Once You Are Outside Of Their Illegal International Partnership Networks, Then File A Claim In Court And Seek Legal Assistance. It's That Simple. America's Current Illegitimate Government Wants You To Believe That Your Trapped In An Impossible Slavery System That Can't Be Beat. For One Thing Anna And Paul Have Accomplished The One Thing That The Mainstream Media Can Never Do, And That's To Simply Tell The Truth. In Anna's First Paragraph Of This Report, She Simply Outlines The Truth About These Systems That The Government Is Using To Attack Our Thoughts, Emotions, Pains And Fake Pleasures. The Mainstream Media Will Never Do This. As You Know There Is A 100% Media Blackout On These Subjects. Any And All Attacks Against Our Illegitimate Governments Are All Counter Attacks Because They Continue To Attack Us On A Non Stop Basis. All The Steps Anna Tells Everyone To Take Are Very Important. However, These Murdering Criminals Must Be Attacked On All Levels And Filing Multiple Claims Outside Of Their International Networks Is One Of The Easiest And Most Effective. Each Community, Organization And Family Must Simply Send A Representative To A Country Outside Of Their Networks And Create A Small Army Of International Fighters. These Criminals Will Never Allow You To Convict Them In Their Courts Which They Control Because A Conviction Means Their Immediate Executions, And As You Know They Will Not Cooperate In Executing Themselves. Most Of The Countries Outside Of Their International Partnerships Do Not Allow This One World System In Their Countries And They Continue To Develop And Update Their Systems To Protect Themselves And Citizens From This Godless Murdering Lifestyle. The Entire World Knows About These Systems And What They Can Do, Yet The Illegitimate Governments And Their International Partners Claim These Systems Don't Exist. Once You Step Into Any Court Their Only Argument Is That This System Does Not Exist And That You Must Be Mentally Unstable. As Real Americans We Are Only Interested In The Attacks That Are Happening Against Us And Our Families On American Soil. Our First Defence Is For Us And Our Families In Our Country, America. By Doing This We Will Be Helping The Entire World At The Same Time.

    Auston E Matthews
    "The Resistance And Correction"

  5. Why would pappered-up Americans care about how a corporate Federal government or its corporate member state of state(s) wishes to reorganize themselves? According to many writings of Anna, if I understand correctly, they can do whatever they want to themselves and their loyal followers aka members aka citizens.

    If pappered-up Americans contact the federal corporate Congress and its corporate representatives, does this not imply - by your personal involvement and or participation - a presumed change in political status - from an American to a US citizen?

    Is it within the realm of possibility: that by visiting the corporate website you have voluntarily entered a corporate gathering, pow-wow, meeting, political event intended for US citizens: that your attendance, identified by your IP address, presumes an automatic conversion of political status so that you are now in fact a US citizen.

    Then, could it be further presumed that if you do not stop and correct - object, you consent?

    1. @anon, December 16, 2022 at 11:09 AM: Damn good points; seems to me they would be correct; as well, DO NOT assume and act the PERSON/Person of ANY 'titles', you're simply a living women or man !

    2. consider these two points to help to start clearing up the confusion?:
      1. is: the Federated Corporation **your** (AmSttNats) Employees?
      "anna" says over and over: they/it are: "OurEmployees".
      2. are you the Federated Corporations Property? -- or Employees? -- or Persons, or Captures, Prisoners of War, Enemies, Taxpayers, Residents, Criminals, Serfs, Subjects, TrustNAMES, Debt Collateral, and on and on and on?
      as they seem to claim they have right to use us for, for their own benefit and enrichment?
      just like there is a third choice between Democracy and Repubic: Free and Independent States
      there is also a third choice between being their Employer and being their Chattel/Property:

      be: man.
      living on (the) earth God create-d for man,
      under authority of his laws which laws can be seen in nature/what he create-d; [bible ref.: romans 1:20]
      not breaking peace; with goodwill toward man; and love for our create-r.
      For Ref.: jesuis: matthew 22:37; mark 12:30; luke 10:27. love the lord thy god with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself.
      deut.10:12; micah 6:8. what does the lord thy god require of thee but to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God.

      this does not mean we allow man to break Gods laws and "get away with it".
      we find out that man's intent.
      its all about intent.
      thats what common law juries are there for, to find out each man's intent AND JUDGE IT. YES, *JUDGE* each man's intent.
      mercy is to be applied if man's intent to do wrong is missing.
      NO MERCY is required to be or should be applied where man knew he caused harm to his neighbor. he is to restore the man he harmed.

    3. so, how do you choose to live?
      1. are you their Property to do with as they wish?
      2. are they YourEmployees, needing discipline?
      3. are you (a) man under authority of (his) create-r, following create-r's laws, who is neither under (any) man nor over (any) man, but "...assume[s] among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and Natures God entitles them..." (parag1, UnanDeclr)?

    4. :):):):):) that is RePUB*L*IC, not RePUBIC. :):):):):)

  6. I could not agree with Anonymous (above) more. There would be no rational reason for an ASN/ASC to bother with the Convention of States effort. The COS people are honestly barking up the wrong tree by trying to get corrupt politicians to limit their own power. Good luck.

  7. As a living soul we cannot do commerce with a dead entity (corporation). Likewise, a dead entity, existing only on paper, can only do business with another dead entity or a Strawman. When we were born, our parents gave us a name and filled out a Statement of Birth, which after registering it we should have received. Instead, the government kept this SoB, hijacking our name and then creating a certificate (Birth Certificate) that carries the name of the Strawman and at the same time is used as collateral to the government to borrow money ( in excess of one million Dollars). However, since we are in possession of the Strawman (90% control vs.10% ownership by the government), he becomes the conduit we can use to do commerce, and the proof is the Birth Certificate, which is used to issue a Drivers License and/or Passport, linking these documents to the bearer by including a picture of him/her. Hence, any demand by the government to make restitution for violating its statutes or edicts outside of common law jurisdiction can be settled by the Strawman, using the collateral credit owed it.

    1. a1021am,
      this is excellent!!! its so exciting, we are all going to get a chance to learn all of these facts.
      hope you dont take the following as criticism, its given in the spirit of sharing. would love to know if you disagree with any of it:
      1. dont be a living soul? at least not first. be man first.
      the Deceivers go by the Bible, twisted, to harm us: we can also go by it, straightforward, to live under our create-ers authority even though i believe its been messed with, because: we have discernment through our unbroken connection to create-er.
      referencing: genesis 1:26, 27. God made man.
      next, mention about man is gen. 2:7. • God formed earthdust into man; • breathed the breath of life into that earth's clay; • and then man BECAME: a living soul.
      [technical point but: (i believe) 'The Law of First Mention' applies here].

      2. what you call a Statement of Birth is probably actually called The Certificate of Live Birth, a.k.a. The LongForm BC.
      our mothers and fathers were supposed to have received the CREDIT (side of the) BirthCertificate BOND once Registered since "TheProperty": the newborn son/daughter belongs to them.
      but, since it seems the Deceivers were classifying our dear mothers as UnWed, Informants, and both mother and newborn as Wards of the State, the State Inc. kept the CreditSide of the BC Bond and gave us and our mothers the DebitSide: the Debtor, DebtBurden side, the "StrawmanDebtor"... this is how it looks to me in present. i preserve my right to make correct-ions. anyone, if you have other credible info, please make it known. tyvm.

      3. despite the irrefutable fact that there was no disclosure to our mothers, fathers, families: i believe in present, that is how they claim/"presume" to "Use Our Credit With Our Permission, Agree-ment, or say we Volunteer-ed" when in fact, it seems they took oaths together to make sure we didnt find out about all this wrong-doing, because they knew we would say NO!

      4. we actually are not in 90% control of the (Credit)Strawman.
      One might say: they are.... since:
      a. both sides of the Strawman is their creat-ion, not ours
      b. (i believe) they hold the CreditSide of the Bond in their Custody since they claim/"presume" we and our mothers are Wards of the State and therefore in-compet-ent to handle our own af-fairs.

      5. in actuality they canNOT link anything about the BC DL SS# to us, man, because there is in *ACTUAL-ITY* no agree-ment with mother or son/daughter: just "presumptions", and presumptions are nothing more than LEGAL FICTIONS that dont exist except on paper;
      and even then, only when two mans agree to pretend it exists;
      and even then, either man can leave that agree-ment anytime for any reason or no reason at all since it only exists by the agree-ment of both mans who agree to pretend something that doesnt exist, does exist.

      its all MAN MADE FICTION!



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