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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Jury Rights Are the Biggest Deal on Bill of Rights Day


by Kirsten C. Tynan

On 15 December 1791, what are now the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution were fully ratified by Virginia. With Virginia as the tenth of fourteen states needed to approve them, the Bill of Rights was itself ratified. That is why we celebrate Bill of Rights Day each year on 15 December.

When we do that, let's make sure we fully appreciate how truly protected jury rights are in the Bill Rights. No other rights are addressed directly in the Bill of Rights, and they are even more extensively covered when you consider indirect provisions that also support or include them.

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  1. Why don't We the People of the world make it unlawful to name a corporation deceptively similar to a country...and get rid away with...nullify all the G. d. giant g0vern MENTAL $er vices c0rp 0ratl0ns. Every corporation will have to make part of its name: "dba ".

    1. great!
      also include the name of the man responsible:
      billybob jones: on: road,town,state
      dba: we wont lie 2 u.
      no more hiding behind Corporate PaperPeople to, for example, use a "business model" that create disease sickness harm in order to sell the "cure".
      thats over.
      there are people waiting to tell what they know or experienced that they couldnt tell before because people would find it too hard to believe... but people will believe them now and going forward. so, no.... nobody is getting away with anything... we can find them the same way they find us, it works both ways. this earth is self-contained. i believe they know this.

    2. You're using my language! You are correct, citizens are LIARS and nobody likes liars!

  2. fbeaudet2@gmc.. excellent start m darling.. well stated,, I like the "dba'' requirement too,, that should be the prefix to every incorporation name worldwide, ie.. DBA WE POISON YOU DAILY INC..or DBA WE FLEECE YOU DAILY INC.. or DBA FLORIDE IS GOOD FOR YOU INC... or DBA LITIUM BATTERIES BLO UP INC... DBA WE KILL YOU SOFTLY INC,, ie the name has to indicate the main thrust of their business plan..

  3. the Bill of Rights is not necessary for (a) man under authority of our creator who GAVE us those rights, free of charge.

    so who does (a) man Bill for what is already his?
    really, just who is so arrogant that they think i need to send them a Bill for me to use my free gifts from God: my rights?

    see how they do this crap? this is how they take control over man.
    they sell you what already is yours. charge you. license you. fees, fines. for their serve-us.
    they tell you you have to get permission from them to use your own gifts,... to keep you safe.
    they tell you you dont have anything that is yours, AS THEY ROB YOU OF IT, threatening to harm/kiell/other you if you say no or ask questions, for your own and the CommonGood.

    1. (a) man does not need to Bill someone to use their own free gifts from God..
    2. our rights belong to us alone; our rights are our "proper-tie".

    see?... this is the kind of crap you get with either a Republic or a Democracy.
    this is why our nations' originators made our nations/states Free and Independent States that function under authority of the common law (...from the consent of the governed = common law): and all that functions under the Laws of Nature and Nature's God instead of under Man-Made FICTIONS like Law, Chancery, QueensBench, Equity, Vatican, Pope, Emporers, BankingFamilies, Commerce, LawMerchant, Admiralty, Maritime, Monarchy, Theocracy, and so on.
    they set it up that way on purpose. to protect us from what we experience now.

  4. It may help to get a copy of Law of Nations by Vattell and learn whose shoulders our forefathers stood on.

    1. hi baldwin,
      man must (first) live in his true state: being God-create free and independent man under authority of his create-er.
      thats (the state) where our rights are (held).
      we dont need anything else because all the rest, the Man-Made authorities, are optional: not required; and only apply to (a) man by (that) man's own choice.

  5. Will anything change if total evil [PTB]stays in power in America and the world ?
    Yes the suffering of everyone will get worse with the implementation of the China credit system merged into American society a the people are distracted and divided by the disinformation (deliberately by NEWS and the people that are voted (LOL) in, instead of electors. By the thing called a CELL phone and CNN etc. In 150 [1861 and 1700] years, the people have accepted what TPTB place – tell them, lies and deceit – belief is not any part of reality. – The Matrix is now enacted-installed into the minds of the people and is here to stay. No one will stand up as a group on issues (gun control – shall not be infringed -yet thy attack it every day to get around by ignoring the Real Laws and Any Article III courts) and change anything that the BAR has created to ensnare the willfully ignorant. May the Creator have mercy and help the people punish the wicked.

    1. Jury - which one; trial by jury (judge); trial by people who are not your pears, who are UNITED STATES citizens by the claiming the birth certificate is theirs…………. PARENS PATRIAE GOVERNMENT AS PARENT -
      This new nation was designed to function under the laws of Nature and Nature's God. The people believed they would never again hear the words of enslavement, i.e.; "under the sovereignty of the King." Living under the sovereignty of the King made you the King's chattel. He owned you. You were his property. You could own nothing, not even your children. The King ruled by divine right. The people never intended that government of the United States should over step it's delegated authorities.

    2. maximus,
      peers are "Your Betters": those who are deemed to be above you in Society, Standing, and Social Class. its British. PEERAGE... Goes along with their Titles of "Nobility" and in their British Court System, not in ours.
      an example would be, in their MagnaCharta where a GrandJury of 25 Barons get together to Pre-Judge one of their Serfs to see if there is enough "evidence" to convict the Serf and punish him. it is a Secret Pre-Trial and is also a form of "Double-Jeopardy:.... and both are unlawful, not accepted, and not allowed to take place upon (an) American man on our land.

      the overarching point is that an american man in our Free and Independent Society can not even *have* peers by which to be judged, since our Unanimous Declaration before God and man upon our sacred honor is that all men are created equal.

  6. I am not convinced a new nation was the object. A nation would concern central control and our forefathers gave us a Federal government with enumerated services. Article X of the Bill of Rights spells out the players in our Republican form of government. Just my opine.

    1. baldwin,
      based upon our previous friendly and interesting on-blog conversations, its with much respect that i ask you: when are you going to look at the actual Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen united State of America to see what it actually says?
      i hope you do soon.
      Their British "Constitution"/ Usurpation does not apply to you/ any American.
      Our Unanimous Declaration does.
      its yours if you test yourself and find that you qualify:
      1. "...We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal..."
      2. "...that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..."
      3. "...that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness..."
      .... and more.

  7. It appears that politicians forgot that We The Peoples' are the creditors in charged. Is that is why they rebrand - among other types of rebrands - We The People into the guys that have no Bill of Rights of any kind.

    Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free and Healthy and the rest of the world will follow. m

  8. Patrick Henry, knowing the new fledging country was already rife with infiltrators and ner do gooders said he smelled a rat when the country decided to constitute a government and acted to put the bill of rights in the constitutions. At the signing of the declaration its said a member suggested a bill of rights. At the most there thought it even silly. Why would a people who had just claimed sovereignty need their rights protected was the thought. Hiring ner do gooders who appeared as friends has proved out Patricks knowing that rats would tear up and make a mess if they could.

  9. dont be fooled: a republic is a horrible caste system where the people/Serfs have no voice: they are property of another man. : Ref.: plato's: The Republic. thats why they refer to "Serfs"/ the people as sheep, cattle, chattel, herds, res, other animal names.
    Republic has three Societal classes: philosopher kings, kings servants, and the serfs whose labor supports the two Top Societal Classes.
    we already know what its like... they have been using it on us against our will under force, threat, and coersion.

  10. WWW3, anyone?


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