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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Holes in the Constitution


December 15, 2022


  1. The black hole known as the Constitution, with an extremely misleading "bill of rights"
    SCOTUS said long ago "the people" aren't a party to the constitution
    Means it's the States
    Means the 10th doesn't read like one would like as the states pulled the fraud

    What Fraud?
    Pretty simple
    They agreed to end slavery as of december 1774 (see articles of association)
    clause 2 ended the slave trade and it's practices
    clause 14 disavowed those not adhering to the agreement (not seen as freemen) and established they were inimical to liberty (hostile to liberty)
    Lo and behold, the couldnt stick with the articles of confederation (which didn't reintroduce slavery), claimed it was to hard, not enough power blah blah blah, so they made slavery legal with the constitution (articles 1 section 9 clause 1)
    The more ya know

    1. Lol. Go back to your butter group.

    2. and to that i will add TRUTH that:
      ...and even after the British attacked the American people AGAIN: starting the War of 1812 in league with Tecumseh's Confederation under the pretense of "keeping the Americans from moving westward" while the British, in league with the Vatican, were also secretively trying to carry out their so-called "Manifest Destiny" Program of overtaking the entire world:
      it was the British who backstabbed the men in Tecumseh's Confederation by leading them along the Thames River and then DESERTING them there, to be outnumbered, overtaken, and descimated in Battle of the Thames, 1813.

      even though, in the general sense, the Peace Treaty Agreement was "Status Quo Antebellum, that is: "maintaining prewar conditions", one of the main agreements coming out of the Treaty at Ghent, Belgium, December 1814 to end the War of 1812 was:
      put an end to the International/Atlantic Slave Trade.
      ...and now who does it look like has created "Birth Certicate" Slave/"Human Traffickking" Dock-You-Mental Deceptive Trusts and Bonds/Chains/ Shackles Scheme that is used to create FICTIONS Named "DEBT" to make Charges against, and then "Convert" those Charges into phyical proper-ties and use "Presumptions" to ROB MAN of his land and labor under force, imprisonments, and death??????... in present, it looks like its none other than the British in league with the Vatican again.

  2. The ONLY rights you have, are the ones you assert. PERIOD. I don’t care what the states can or cannot do. People are the source of ALL authority.


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