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Thursday, November 17, 2022

About Duplicitous Recorded Phone Messages From the Federal Reserve Banks

 By Anna Von Reitz

Hello Anna and Teri,
This is the message we hear when calling the Fed in NYC - (212) 720-5000. A lie of omission, as far as I can tell, since they are correct but IMPLY the accounts don't exist at all.

Abatement claims must be addressed to those responsible for the crime which is to be abated (in your case) and sometimes that is hard to discern.

The Social Security Accounts are held by the Federal Reserve Banks.  The red numbers on the backs of these cards (separate different numbers than the SSN) route directly to each separate Federal Reserve Bank and begin with an alphanumeric code telling you where the referenced account is lodged.  For example, if the red number on the back of a social security card begins with “G” it means the account is lodged at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. 

So whether they know it or not the Federal Reserve does have accounts made up of all the Social Security Accounts from that region of the country.  This “Public Charitable Account” is not broken down to the level of individual accounts and instead exists as a single large slush fund, with daily collected receipts and daily collected withdrawals. 

The Social Security Admin and other Gov departments and Agencies code charges against the SSN issued by each State — for example, 390 is code for Wisconsin. 

They send out bills to the SSN 390-XX-XXXX and issue credits owed to 390XXXXXX and all of these claims of credits and debits are collected as one giant debit and one giant credit for all of Wisconsin that clears through the Regional Account for the five Midwestern States administered by and cleared through the Chicago Fed.  The same goes for all the other regions. 

So are there individual accounts at the Fed for each one of you?  In a sense yes, and in a sense no. And now you see why. 

The Fed Res is acting as the clearinghouse and comptroller for the Social Security Administration region by region. They do the Batch Processing for the Court Systems in each region, too.  All the different Departments collect their daily accounts the same way. 

For example, if you are covered by unemployment insurance the money collected from you each month is combined with all such credits from your State  and all the claims from each State in the region are also collected and batch pressed through the Fed Res. 

The Fed Res never sees your individual account. The Department of Labor does. And you do, as the end line “Authorized Representative”. 

That is how you have—- and don’t have—- an account at the Federal Reserve. 

It’s your SSN that has been used to tie together all these other accounts and tie them to you, and it’s the Fed Res that ties together accounts en masse from each State and each Region. 

From what our research indicates, the Federal Reserve Banks have our British Territorial Persons  declared “missing, presumed dead” and latch onto “their”  “infant decedent estate” that we reportedly waived as babies and which the missing British Territorial Officer named after us leaves behind 

By age seven or eight, long before we reach the age of consent or have any capacity to understand what is going on, the Federal Reserve is in custodial possession of the American estate belonging to first to us, then to a Federal Territorial Officer named after us. 

Whatever is left after the Federal Reserve is satisfied gets rolled over into a Municipal Cestui Que Vie Trust operated by the Municipal Government. 


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