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Friday, November 18, 2022

Popular, But Wrong Theories

 By Anna Von Reitz

There has been a lot of scrambling over recent weeks as millions of alarmed Americans try to make sense of the world.  I am reminded of myself thirty years ago -- the sudden alarm, the feeling of helplessness, the anger, the denial, the acceptance, the commitment. 

Finding out the truth about America's condition is like a sock in the gut.  And many people are feeling their way forward, unaided by much more than their own observation that, "Hey, something's wrong!"

See our book, "You Know Something's Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" by Anna Maria Riezinger and James Clinton Belcher. 

If everyone read that one source, they'd have a solid, simple, and readable recount of what's wrong and why.  Complete with great cartoons.

It wouldn't answer every question, but it would set the stage for understanding where we are and how we got here. Like identifying the illness you have, it is oddly reassuring to define the problem and begin grappling with it. 

I've asked every State Assembly to develop a library of resources for their members to use, so there should be "loaner" copies available.

Absent that kind of common grounding, various groups have sprung up around the country and some of them are greasing their wheels by making outlandish claims about me and espousing theories we've already explored and debunked. Here's a sampling: 

1. The Union States Theory.  The Union States form the Union of States called The United States.  They are the true sovereign Nation-States.  Every one of our Union States has  three components: the land, the soil, and the people.  The people comprise the nation, and the physical land and soil comprise the state. 

So far, so good. Everyone is in agreement. 

However, the theory then goes that because these are the true sovereign states, they are the logical place to start the recoupment of our country. 

There is one big problem with this theory, and that is mistaking where we are.  

The people have been impersonated and human trafficked off their native land and soil.  We've been deliberately and cruelly transported by our own employees into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea.  

Proponents of the Union States Theory assume that we can just instantly step back onto the soil and reclaim the Union States because the registrations and other legal practices that unlawfully converted our political status are based on fraud. 

It's a fine theory, but there are some problems with it.  Most of all, in our opinion, it allows the rats to escape.  Certainly, organized crime and fraud have been practiced against us, but if we deny that it happened, we have no basis to complain or reclaim anything. Perhaps worse, we are obliged to live in a "State of Denial" rather than a State of the Union. 

It did happen. We were impersonated and human trafficked by our own employees.  We were defrauded and mischaracterized, robbed, beaten, jailed under false pretenses, subjected to laws and bills of attainder, and not a small number of us were murdered.  These are facts. 

So, we accept the facts and deal with them as they lay.  

We come back to our native birthright via the land, moving from the international jurisdiction of the sea to the corollary international jurisdiction of the land, and from the land jurisdiction we reclaim the National soil jurisdiction and repopulate our Union States one county at a time.

Now there can be no doubt that we have "returned" and all aspects of logic and provenance have been satisfied.  We don't propose to just spring up like mushrooms after rain and try to ignore the two clearinghouse receipts that would otherwise bind us. 

2. The World Trust Theory:  This theory holds that we are lost (and those subscribing to this theory may be) and that whoever finds us and rescues us, owns us.  This is akin to the traditional idea that if someone saves your life, you owe them your life. 

A more sober examination proves that all our lives emanate from an unknown and miraculous source and that we all owe our lives to that source apart from any other circumstance; any incidental salvation provided by men is only an affirmation of the life that we jointly and severally share, and carries no obligation of servitude. 

Gratitude yes, servitude no. 

Examination also proves that all such "salvage" was self-interested and unnecessary on the part of the British Crown and the World Trust.  

Imagine that someone claims that you were having a heart attack, pounces on you, knocks you out, calls an ambulance, takes you to the hospital, and then hands you the bill for all this service --- when in fact you were perfectly fine and weren't having any difficulty at all.  

That's the kind of salvage operation that has been taking place in this country for over a century and a half.   

Again, think of it this way, the Creator owns you.  The World Trust and the various Governments are the equivalent of "people rustlers" just like cattle rustlers; they want to change your brand and claim that they own you instead.  

Seeing this, and seeing what they were trying to do via the use of their pernicious language and paper boondoggle, I employed their own tools against them, removed myself and took my proven "title" and claimed up all assets of this country, rolling everything into my private estate trust as Fiduciary for The United States of America --- our unincorporated Federation of States. 

In this way, they are deprived of their prey and our claims against them are preserved.  We are God's children, not the creatures of their imaginations.  

I have published my Irrevocable Will returning the same property grant back to every other American who reclaims their birthright.  

So yes, I methodically reclaimed and fought the fight in every jurisdiction of the law, in the air, on the sea, on the land, and brought it all back to the soil --- repopulating the Federation and the Union States, both. 

We are all, purportedly, donors of our property and estates to the World Trust, and when we act as donors instead of trying to act as beneficiaries, we each regain control of the situation and dissolve the Trust.  

It melts away like the Wicked Witch of the West.  

People hearing all this for the first time don't know who to believe and naturally fear what is unknown.  The good news is that I returned all right, title, and interest to the living people of this world; the "bad" news is that you must impose your will on your public employees and learn to self-govern.  

You have to run your own boat.  You can't just leave it on autopilot. 


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  1. I appreciate you to utmost regards.I care to become more of this. I have come to now fact of we the people.

  2. How does Anna's plan for getting our country back fit in with Trump's plan?

    1. Anna has been an excellent resource for exposing the fraudulent government. However, her proposed solutions don't seem to work and many people end up in A LOT of trouble with the government/law by following her advice. Even Teri found out the hard way that land patents won't save your house from being sold out from under you.

      Trump's 4 years in office produced some very good changes for all Americans. And he outlined a good agenda for saving our country on Nov 15. Trump probably has a better chance of saving our country than Anna at this point.

    2. It could be awesome if Trump pulls it off, but I tell you what, with all the prayer outpouring, if Trump pulls sharlatan on us, God can trounce whatever is God's, even a man in office.

      The Trump Trounce will keep going to then suddenly Trounce Trump!

      He would have to become our fiduciary, etc. and access the 24 septillion dollar D'Vita Family Trust, to return the property that is our inheritance... or not and we kick the can down the road to #47 and #119. New government,
      Gold Backed U.S. Notes, equal distribution to households, debt pay offs, righting the wrongs, on and on.

  3. Trump is establishment. Establishment money. Establishment deals. There is a purpose for that THING. 19 enumerated purposes limited in purpose. I sometimes wish that if we had to keep going THAT WAY, ETC. that "Administrative Records Training" (ART WORK) would come to the fore, to help us stop just throwing away junk mail, for openers. Not responding to mailers is the same thing as fully accepting their piece and going into a commercial dishonor via silence, a tacit procuration is won by THEM through silence and through your non-rebuttel. But scratch all that once you're back home and confident.

    Go see TruthSocial, join it if you can, for a time, as it is likely a honey pot. Look for @NotInCommerce, w/ some 30 posts and reply messages, and growing. Incorporations and Corporations are territorial and municipal establishments.

    What we do as Nationals upon our home state turf is Assemble and restart our "actual county" amounting to 25 or more people who have corrected their status by the help of Public Notary and various eye witnesses to watch you affixing your autograph and common law copyright to your private declarations, which you then get recorded into a shared public record storage/retreival system that doesn't have commerce written all over it. Then you grow your "cure rate" with your former's, and you ex's, to then start a new trade and go forward as you are called to serve how you may be best equipped -- O.U.S. (outside inchoate United States) but in the non-domestic America our forefathers inked. Become a Justice or a Juror or a militia member or a public servant. Get elected, etc.

    Why overthink this, as much as I did? That will only slow you down.

    1. nobody has to overthink anything to see that it is not even BASED in what is true.
      but i guess if you dont mind making up Stories about yourself that never happened; and can get Witnesses to say they saw you do something you didnt ever do; and then ya'll want to then Record that on the "Public Record", i guess nobody can stop you!!!?? :):):)

    2. Does what you are saying here essentially deny that there is a need for us Americans to use the: "Two Witness Testimony" as per the paperwork?:
      If so, what a relief!

    3. That's what w:jm said Chef. What I did was exactly the witness testimony with key people who can back me as needed in my claims, which now supercede the default state claims that ride when I play dumb and take it.

    4. chef,
      didnt get to finish:

      as far as i know at present:
      the Witness-ing System is
      Society-Specific so then not (common) law for (a) man but Societal Law for Society Members.
      it is also Statutorial, and so is not common law.
      example: its included in the Society that observes Torah; and is part of Torahs Statutes.
      it is also forbidden (for being an unwise thing to do) because basically it is the same as "Vouching" or "Being A Co-Signer" for someone and you could be on the hook.
      Unless all youre doing is Witnessing that a man put his autograph on something, or you, for example, actually saw him being born, then if what he said is found to be not true, then you, the Witness, are a liar too.

    5. finally chef,
      shelby has brought out some info two or three times about how a certain ("Jewish"?) contracting system with Witnesses works.

    6. not in commerce,
      (a) man does not need Witnesses to make lawful claims; (that) man just has to be able to prove the claim.

    7. Men and women are doing something VERY damaging to themselves with out KNOWING what it is...does anyone care to know what that IS?

      Here is a hint: It is something we have learned from our moms and dads AND thought of as MAN-da-TORY and it results in following their leader. It's also something most employers require just to be hired. So who knows what I am talking about here?

  4. exactly.
    an "anna's plan" will never work because even though "she" says its based on facts, it isnt.

    i never went anywhere.
    and they went to ungodly lengths to keep us from finding out what theyve done.

    but i never left. i dont agree. i dont understand. and i won't LIE for them and say im coming home when ive been home the whole time.

  5. How about this then, woman:janmarie: do you believe you can make something happen with your plan? Do you have a plan? Share it. Besides wanting important proofs, etc. how about we borrow the necessary discoveries, Anna's, Ed Rivera's, Chris Hansen's, Paul J Hansen's and many more, to get ourselves declared as "the people" eluded to in the Declaration of Indepenence, and we redress our grievances in writing, lots of us, and declare the rights of the last men and woman standing and demand abeyance and cite our states as sufficient? The code references, discombobulated as they may be, show us that we are opposite or not listed in the lists cited. WE alter, abolish or reinstitute destructive government! With zeal and tact. If the God of Abraham is with us, who can be against us? How would you think we should go about it? Would it be nice to get a sizeable refund check, etc? We know that's a pipe dream if we're construed as "JAN MARIE WOMAN" when we told them we're "woman:janmarie" and they converted us for self-interest dark secularism. The fact is, your Name got converted to a commerce vessel and wherever you didn't go, you still wore the cloak most likely.

    Go yell at Richard Anthony and his blog for a while after you study that guy a while

    Go yell at's readers. Go tell it on the mountain that you're @NotInCommerce. Answer and rebutt.

    Tell us what you've done. What you'd do. If you say, "I'm so confused, Ahhhh!!! I don't know what to do... I'm between a rock and a hard place! This ain't right! Anna's plans?!?!? Ahhhh!!! (head explodes)", we'll still love you.


    1. P.S. what they've done is summed up nicely by what Colonel Edward Mandell-House told Woodrow Wilson what wild money they could make by causing all Americans to register our biological property into a system of pledging and collateral, etc. to finance government on the sly.

      one of many sources:

    2. Has woman:janmarie logged on to the everify site to see the scope of what people have accomplished? No. Why would she? She is still stuck somewhere at the first phase that all truth goes through. She says it herself.

      All truth goes through 3 stages
      1 vehemently denied
      2 violently opposed
      3 accepted as self-evident

      The Sheriff THINGS that trounced Teri are stuck at point 2 in need a their paychex.

    3. 1118746
      i did not say anything like what you said.
      i have no idea about that PopPsychology MumboJumbo Nonsense you just published.

      i said:
      what is true goes in a complete circle, you can run it backwards or forward and its still true.

    4. 1118721
      ive already shared "my plan".

      im not yelling, you are.

      and "my plan" doesnt include lying.

    5. but it does sound like you have SOME really good ideas anyways.

    6. shelby,
      i see alot of this as men who have committed gross and unforgivable evil trying to find a way out of whats coming when they die. Spinning Stories, blaming everything and everybody but themselves, hoping to escape the punishments they know theyve earned?? ...
      theyve got 1000 Points of Light/Stories, but its not making a particle of difference because they are • man •, and man is responsible to not harm man. they ignored that and they are going to answer for that in this life and the one to come. i didnt make the rules, i just know what they are.
      what do you think?