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Thursday, November 17, 2022

The Merry Men

 By Anna Von Reitz

So far as we have been able to determine, the "Companie of Merry Men" arrived in England in the very early 1600's from Continental Europe. We have not, as yet, been able to determine where exactly on the Continent of Europe these pirates came from, but logic and certain remarks made by Sir Francis Bacon in his treatises on law suggest that these "merry men" came from Rome and were descendants of the Galli, black robed, white-haired (they used to bleach their hair, but now wear wigs) priests of Cybele who had been working as tax collectors for the Roman Emperors since the 2nd century BC. 

Cybele is yet another (Turkic) name for Justicia, Athena, Ashtoreth, Isis, Columbia, Astarte, Semiramis, Liberte,..... the goddess of many names and many sins.  As soon as she becomes famous, and therefore, also infamous, her adherents change her name to protect themselves. 

Oh, no, it's not this "United States", it's that "United States"..... it's not that "Federal Republic", it's "a" Federal Republic..... it's not "Isis", it's "Columbia".... and if you believe that, I have just retired from a lifelong job managing a rum distillery in Barbados.  

The Vermin and Liars are trying to charge me a very substantial Capital Gains Tax on Federal Income that I purportedly earned doing that, and all without stepping a foot outside of Alaska. Miracles abound. 

Can everyone say the important words and repeat the lesson? 

"This is money laundering on a vast scale.  They are using your identity to promote this." 

Most famously from their Playbook there is no right and no wrong ---- "It's just how you look at it, which side of the fence you are on.... Everything is relative...."  

If I recall correctly, it was Secretary of Defense McNamara that came up with that chestnut, to excuse a patently illegal Mercenary Conflict invasion of North Vietnam and the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. 

Cold Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War, might seem to be in odd company on the list above, which includes goddesses renown for creating money tokens and temple prostitution, but people define their gods and goddesses as they will.  Every good girl has a bad girl and vice versa, which the Druids summed up as the "Right Hand Path" and the "Left Hand Path", both leading to Wisdom.  


Immediately prior to the arrival of the Merry Men in England, the Roman Catholic Church had suffered a setback known as King Henry the VIIIth and his daughter, Elizabeth I.  These renegades departed from the Catholic World Order and for a brief time asserted an absolute authority apart from the Church.  They even had the brass to start their own Anglican Church. 

But the Catholic Stuarts had returned to power as of 1603 and the stage was set for the Pope's tax collectors to return to England with a vengeance --- which they did, as the Merry Men--- privateers by any other name, pirates, mercenaries, organized thugs, ironically styling themselves after Robinhood's Merry Men of the Greenwood. 

Robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, yes, only the "poor" involved in the case of these Merry Men, happened to be themselves, collecting their Privateer Commissions from His Holiness's coffers.  

Their predatory exploits led directly to The English Civil War, which I am assured, is still ongoing. 

First the Protestants robbed from the Catholics, then the Catholics robbed from the Protestants, then they styled themselves as the Cavaliers (Catholics) and the Roundheads (Protestants) and they had themselves a great big bloody row called The English Civil War, and in the end, both sides learned from the other how to more efficiently rob from the General Public. 

The same thing happened here in America a couple centuries later.  The same Playbook was used, only instead of religion, the purported cause was slavery.  A closer look reveals that the cause wasn't slavery at all.  It was the illegal commandeering of our government by a deceit employed by our own British Territorial Employees. And deeper under the skin of this, we find that the British Territorials acted as the Protestants and the Municipal Government Employees acted as the Catholics. 

Boy, howdy, what a lot of nonsense in the name of God.  Is God a thief? Does he shed innocent blood for generations on end? --- "in the name of" what?  Organizations created, organized, and ruled by men?  Really? 

This is why our American Government observes a strict separation of Church and State, and also why the Church constantly wrangles around trying to corrupt our government and make it obedient to their theocracy. 

By now, my Readers have become familiar with that little phrase "in the name of" and all the evils that representation can be attached to.  Our employees have been doing all sorts of things "in our names" that we would never agree to.  No doubt the Church has been abusing God's authority, too, in its political and martial efforts to create a worldwide hegemony for itself. 

Just look at the results of the 1937 "Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States" --- both the British Territorial Military Democracy and the Holy See's Municipal Theocracy colluded so that the Brits "represented" us on the Sea and the Holy See's Theocracy "represented" us on the Land, and neither of these Subcontractors ever had any right to do any of these things. 

Now, everyone always thinks that they are doing the right thing, at least the right thing for themselves. Nobody goes about doing the wrong thing seeking the wrong results. The Merry Men, that is, the members of the Bar Associations, are no different.  

From their perspective as Privateers, it was their job to collect "back taxes" from the Protestants.  Later, when the Protestants gained the upper hand for a while, it was their job to act as Federal Bounty Hunters to collect taxes and reparations from (Catholic) Municipal Employees and Dependents. The Merry Men are Equal Opportunity Privateers. 

They will fleece anybody, so long as they receive a fat "commission" for their activities on the land, and another fat "bounty" for their actions on the sea.  

And now maybe you see why we suddenly had all these "Commissions" spring up after 1937, and all these "Commissioners" --- akin to Russian Commissars -- who were suddenly empowered to boss people around and, though unelected by anyone, allowed to write no end of Codes and Regulations that they coerced everyone to obey. 

Confused Americans who have forgotten who they are and how things are supposed to work, have been obeying these Usurpers and paying the Merry Men ever since. 

When Pope Francis found out about all this upon his election he took rapid action to put an end to his responsibility -- personal and commercial --- for the racketeering and piracy being carried out worldwide by this "den of vipers" --- also known as the Merry Men, and issued his Motu Proprio, washing his hands of the Bar Associations and the Bounty Hunters, too. 

He rescinded their Letters of Marque issued by the Holy Roman Empire in 1804, and threw the established Order into a tizzy they still haven't recovered from. 

Slowly as a Supertanker making a turn at sea, we are seeing the changes that result when a Pope washes his hands, but we are also seeing the Push Back, when a Scottish King offers to pay the Merry Men instead, and sets up a bogus commercial corporation trying to pass itself off as "The United States of America -- Incorporated" ---in India, which despite Mahatma Gandhi, is still under British Territorial control. 

The enemy of the people --- all people with hands and feet and red blood -- is the Government of Westminster, which has continued to issue Letters of Marque and take other quasi-legal actions of a mercenary nature, providing rich rewards for attacking Americans and the members of other European nations, who are actually owed "perpetual amity" from the British Crown.  

Commissions on the land and Bounties on the sea have continued to be paid and the Merry Men of the Bar Associations have continued to be motivated to defraud and abuse their neighbors, allies, kith, and kin for the sake of a share of the spoils.  

This has been ongoing in Europe since the 2nd Century BC.  

This is why it is no small thing when a Pope withdraws his backing and tears up the Merry Mens' contracts, and stops legalizing their predatory mercenary acts. This is also why these organized privateers and the governments that support them have to be addressed on air, land, and sea as rogue states operating an ancient system of fraud and coercion, promoting and rewarding a crime syndicate cloaked under color of law. 

I've been told that there is a double-secret sworn and sealed indictment against me (or was it that six foot tall Jamaican Mama version of me running the rum distillery in Barbados?) accusing me of issuing "illegal" liens against members of the Bar Associations.  

Well, legal is as legal does. 

They claim they still have a contract with King Charles of Scotland and that they are the owners and operators of "The United States of America----Incorporated" registered in India.  

This is all very interesting, don't you think?  

Let, the unincorporated Government always holds precedence over any wannabe incorporations infringing on our names and trademarks --- and a contract signed by such an incorporated doppelganger does not establish any contract with us. 

We are therefore at our leisure to process Commercial Obligation Liens against the members of the Bar Associations, because we have no contracts with them and any damage they do to us in the jurisdiction of the air is now confirmed as lawlessness; and, any harm they do to us in the jurisdiction of the sea is owed abatement for their illegal and non-consensual and non-disclosed latching upon our Good Names and Estates, purloining our gold and silver and other assets as collateral for their debts.  

Their failure to provide the remedy legalizing their illegal claims and acts has left them open to prosecution under both Admiralty and Maritime Law and they cannot quibble over what we assess against them and their institutions, because they were given seven (7) years of Due Process. 

So, it turns out, that anyone seeking to address me as a guilty PARTY or an Officer of The United States of America, Incorporated, based out of India, or any other such nonsensical thing, is going to account for a great deal more than our totally legal $279 Trillion Dollar Commercial Obligation Lien issued as an initial assessment of damages.  

They are now subject to the Law of Admiralty for Piracy on the High Seas and for Inland Piracy on the Land and Soil Jurisdictions of this country. 

My assessment of the situation is that they ought to be stumbling over themselves in a mad rush to offer access to the remedies they published, because without that, they are the worst kind of criminals and they've been found in league with "King John".  


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  1. WOW, i thought i knew a few things about INCOME TAX, and learn, and "ya never to old to learn something new"! thank you Anna for your work, and dedication to all of this, and to us out here that never in even a million years, would have even come close to figuring all of this out! and separation of church and state is a JOKE, and is void just for one fact alone if nothing else, there is no such thing! WELL, not in the USA in any case. i think! Only the law of trusts, and common law which applies to all contracts in the USA alone would and should stop everything that the IRS has ever done to people, and the U.S.Court have allowed this to happen, and continue! i think! [one item alone would stop the IRS from collecting/stealing from the general public, all of those LIENS and LEVIES, are not that! if everyone would take off their ROSE COLORED glasses, they would notice that they are nothing but "NOTICES" of documents that do no exist!]
    All someone would need to do if they get a Notice of Levy from the IRS, demand the document, Levy, that is required. it does not exist! A Notice of Levy is not a Levy, a Levy is a legal document, a Notice of levy is not
    ! same for Liens!

  2. The papal bull of Innocent III 1213

    ‘Fearing that he would be threatened with papal support for a French invasion of England, in 1213 King John made peace with representatives of Pope Innocent III (1161–1216). At a meeting outside Dover, John placed England and Ireland under the lordship of Rome. From this time onwards, the Pope would be England’s feudal overlord, receiving an annual tribute of 1000 marks (£666). On 3 October 1213, at St Paul's Cathedral in London, these arrangements were confirmed by a royal charter bearing a golden seal, and by the King placing his hands between those of the papal legate as a token of his submission . The present letter is the solemn confirmation of these acts, issued by Innocent III on 21 April 1214. Deliberately intended as a demonstration of papal magnificence, it recites the King’s charter of the previous October. At the bottom, before the date and the papal lead seal (or bulla), appear the names and signatures of 14 cardinals assembled as witnesses, and the Pope’s own signature or ‘rota’ (a cross inscribed within two concentric circles). The Pope’s support for King John was to prove crucial during the rebellion that led to Magna Carta, forcing the rebel barons to devise means by which they could, in theory, prevent John from obtaining papal annulment of the settlement agreed at Runnymede.’

    Note the ‘666’ pounds!
    The Roman Empire never died. It lives!

  3. sharky,
    additionally, (a living) man cannot even enter into a CONTRACT.

    and THE LEGAL SOCIETY is a CLOSED ASSOCIATION, "MEMBERS ONLY". rules, regs, language: all "Copyrighted", use with permission only? anyone know for sure? Please make known so i can make it right if i have this wrong. ty!!

    but anyways, there are no "CONTRACTS" in • common law • because (a) man cannot promise to do something in the future because man does not know the length of days allotted to him.
    so, all (a living) man can do is • agree • to do Thus-and- So and:
    declare and/or record ["publish"] before God and man (step 2 in common law)
    that his intent is (step 1 in common law)
    to do Thus-and- So. (step 3 in common law).
    then the thing is so-established and it becomes law concerning that man for as long as that man is alive.
    when he dies, the agree-ment no longer exists. his sons and daughters are not required to fulfill his agree-ments. they may do so if they wish; or they may wish to continue if the other • man • • agrees •, but • in common law • it is then a new agree-ment.
    the parts/"elements" of "LEGAL" and • common law • cannot be switched or blended or cross-ed, because in the laws of nature and natures God things of unlike kind are not to be mingled, and (1) the laws of nature and (2) natures God over-stand all other authorities/"jurisdictions" (1) on earth, and (2) in the heavens.and it is so.

    1. "so, all (a living) man can do is • agree • to do Thus-and- So and:"
      Just to point this out to you, the word "agree" (the extract above, from your comment) makes a contract between two or more people. In writ, or verbal. As far as an entity such as a legal fiction, you address it to the individual "dba" legal fiction in order to obtain an agreement, which is a contract, lawfully for us, legally to them (addressing both, the people and entity herein) to perform as and for accountability to

    2. you dont know what youre talking about.

      when (a) man agrees to something it does Not "make a contract".
      my first sentence, set apart by itself for emphasis, says
      *man cannot enter into a contract.*
      and then there you go, jumping on here, trying to mix *man* with *contract*.

      i didnt even finish reading your un-educated comment.

    3. went back and read your comment. you were making a serious comment and i apologize for my earlier response.

      you cant mix the living and the dead = spiritual law.
      (a living) man cant enter into a Contract because a Contract is Legal and everything Legal is dead.

      what you described mixes the jurisdictions of the living and the dead.
      mixing the living (man) with the dead (Legal Fiction), even using an Inter- FACE/Person/ d.b.a. results, as you showed in your comment, in each being in and under a different authority.
      also the living and the dead are separated by a "great gulf fixed" [ref.: luke 16:26].
      we have been kept from realizing how deeply spiritually-based all this is.

  4. the Pope is still with dirty hands and controls it all through the Crown of Catholic Kings... a crown of which was destroyed twice and with the line of authority attached being outlawed from the English Monarchy on the last attempt to rid the kingdoms of catholic overlords. The Saint Edwards Crown made it's reappearance during the rule of Queen Elizabeth the seconds father I am pretty sure. I'm from the Commonwealth of Australia, our Imperial Realm my ANZAC Fathers defended has been compassed by this foreign catholic crown of the Ultra vires British Territorial Government Administering the undisclosed Usufructs of our countries alike. Take a look into Hague IV because there are the rules they are using to occupy all of our lands.

    1. fantastic comment.
      do you have key points/ paragraphs you can share? -- notes, your present conclusions?
      i'm just now starting to run across articles that show/ suggest that Usufruct is a part of some form of ROMAN"Law/Legal:" as a "LegalRight" or maybe even a "Roman Church/ Ecclesiastical Right". either way, its still only Societally- or Religiously- based and therefore can only apply to MEMBERS.