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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Claims on Abatement -- for Private Autos Misidentified as "Motor Vehicles"

 By Anna Von Reitz

What you are owed is called a Claim on Abatement.  

Basically, they have been coercing you to register your private property (car, truck, trailer, etc.) which grants them an unearned ownership interest in your property, and which also, in this case, requires you to mischaracterize your private conveyance as a "Motor Vehicle" in the process.  Misidentifying your car or truck as a Motor Vehicle subjects it to the Motor Vehicle Code and admits on the Public Record that you are using your private car to engage in Commerce.  

Commerce is business between two or more incorporated businesses. 

Are you an incorporated business?  Are you using your car to conduct business for a corporation? Probably not, so far as you know, but unknown to you, they have also "conferred" a Federal Municipal CITIZENSHIP on you, and used that as an excuse to bring you under their coercive control as a PERSON presumed to be using a "Motor Vehicle" in "interstate commerce".  

All of these rigged presumptions are detrimental to you and your property interests--- and forcing you to register your car with them (and give them a free ownership interest in it) and forcing you to misidentify your car as a "Motor Vehicle" which means it's involved in commerce (and giving them coercive power to regulate your every move) is in fact illegal and unlawful. 

So, what did they do?  They provided a remedy to "legalize" their unlawful and illegal demands. 

Who was making this demand?  The Federal Reserve Board of Governors.  So who owes you remedy?  The Federal Reserve Board of Governors.  

And, unsurprisingly, that's who issued the remedy --- not the State of State Legislature, not the County, not even the Federal Government.  That's why, generally speaking, none of those responsible for administering the State-of-State Statutes know anything about any of this. 

The remedy, which is called "Regulation Z" is provided by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, nowadays known as JPMORGAN BANK.  As far as our research shows, Regulation Z first appears in the Federal Highway Safety Act of 1956, and the revenue raised by illegally conscripting your cars and trucks was used to build the Interstate Highway System. 

But because nobody told you any of this and nobody provided you with any instructions or go-to information about this remedy, you were unaware of it and could not access it to make a Claim on Abatement --- that is, abatement of the crime against you.  

Remedy avoided, palmed off, obstructed, or misadminstered to the benefit of the offending parties, is a remedy not provided, which leaves these crimes unabated.  

All those Parties responsible for the continued misadministration and obfuscation of the remedy remain criminally liable. That includes those engaged in the coercion to register our cars and trucks as vehicles, those engaged in forcing Driver Licenses upon us ("Driver" implies commercial activity.), and those engaged in enforcing these "laws".  

They have to provide your exemption and relief or they are crooks, subject to arrest themselves. 

Now, the State-of-State operators and the County-of Sheriffs may be disappointed by the sudden disappearance of so many revenue opportunities, but they should be taking this up with JPMORGAN BANK, not you.  

And they, as the endline "service providers" should be made aware of the fact that their bosses owe this remedy to you. 

This circumstance reflects part of an overarching pattern of concealment of remedy and avoidance of providing remedy that has been pervasive for over a hundred years.  

The compartmentalization that keeps one part of the government --the endline service providers, such as the Highway Patrolmen and the State-of-State and County-of Courts-- ignorant of what the Higher Ups are doing and what the Higher Ups owe as remedy to you, has been used to effectively deny you the remedy you are owed. 

As long as the Enforcers are kept ignorant of the actual law and contracts that apply, the Higher Ups can use them to unknowingly commit crimes against you.  And that is what the Higher Ups have done. They have put layers of franchises and "subcontractors of subcontractors" between themselves and the Public, and kept those franchisees and subcontractors ignorant of the remedies owed to the people of this country.  

To all those who have been subourned in this "Gift Collateral Scheme",  I suggest that you make a formal "Claim on Abatement" to the State-of-State Secretary of State or, in some States, the Lieutenant Governor. You may also present it to any prosecutor, defense attorney, court clerk or judge involved in any action against your interests.  Share this information widely. Make enough people aware of what has gone on here so that they no longer have the option of portraying you as some kind of nutcase while enforcing crimes against you.  

Remember -- they, in this case, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, have to provide the remedy for all this, or they are the criminals. Not you. 

Feel free to provide this information to all and any members of the State-of-State or County-of Courts and legislatures and administrations. 

Thank you for doing your Public Duty. 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America -- Unincorporated


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  1. Search results for: "Federal Highway Safety Act of 1956" so far only show Anna's articles and the like. Where is the online access to "Federal Highway Safety Act of 1956"? .........

    1. You might try a different search engine, like

    2. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the nation's record keeper. Of all documents and materials created in the course of business conducted by the United States federal government, only 1%-3% are so important for legal or historical reasons that they are kept by us forever.

      Those valuable records are preserved and are available to you, whether you want to see if they contain clues about your family’s history, need to prove a veteran’s military service, or are researching a historical topic that interests you.


    "Federal Highway Safety Act of 1956"
    It helps to enclose the search term in double quotes

  3. The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, popularly known as the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act (Public Law 84-627), was enacted on June 29, 1956, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the bill into law. With an original authorization of $25 billion for the construction of 41,000 miles (66,000 km) of the Interstate Highway System supposedly over a 10-year period, it was the largest public works project in American history through that time.



  5. Thanks to the last few "Anons" we can dig in to cross-reference and extrapolate where exactly any "Reglation Z" may be hinding, aside from The Truth In Lending Act.


    As for search engines: provided me a lot more than

    Wastes of time, of course, are goog and duck


  7. Full text reference cite:

  8. Definition Motor Vehicle:

    Motor vehicle
    Motor vehicle means any vehicle, machine, tractor, trailer, or semitrailer propelled or drawn by mechanical power and used upon the highways in the transportation of passengers or property, or any combination thereof determined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, but does not include any vehicle, locomotive, or car operated exclusively on a rail or rails, or a trolley bus operated by electric power derived from a fixed overhead wire, furnishing local passenger transportation similar to street-railway service.


    The nature of their code shows us that the inclusion of "a list" means the exclusion of all else not listed. Nowhere in the code do we find "private automobile used by private people" so therefore our private cars cannot be motor vehicles, by definition.

  9. Definition Abatement:

    An abatement is a reduction or an exemption on the level of taxation faced by an individual or company. Examples of an abatement include a tax decrease, a reduction in penalties, or a rebate. If an individual or business overpays their taxes or receives a tax bill that is too high, it can request an abatement from the tax authorities.


    Note: if there is room to "read into" all of this, everyone, let's have it.

  10. It's still early yet. My morning coffee is starting to kick in. Wrapping my sore head around all of this:

  11. I would not do this. Out of our own ignorance they loaned us their law. Out of wisdom we see the law that is written on our own hearts. Thank them for providing guidance when we ourselves had none.

    1. Anon...
      Did you get this? There's no other Lawgiver than Jesus Christ. All law. Men may eff with it but they don't create law. That's why we need to get back to inspired law. Our law of the land and public law.

  12. I would like to comment that I although I do not post as Anon, that's how it has been showing on this blog. It looks as though others are having the same issue. A little looking around reveals that before one types out one's post, notice that there's a drop down menu beside "Comment As". From here, one can put in their real name.

  13. It feels overwhelming to me. I'm not down with the law lingo. People who work for the state aren't down with the lingo, how in God's name are we to get around this? Do we remove our "license plates" and shred our "drivers licenses", and operate our automobiles on the roads-- get pulled over by "police" every road we travel on? Is it that simple? Civil Disobedience?

    1. Nicholas...NO! l studied the gobbledygook they call The Truth in Lending Act but it was only used to "publish Reg. Z. That's incomplete, not acceptable. And yes it's in there but there's many ommisions. Anna picked up on it. l asked her for instructions and guess she found out what they did. Many articles were recently written to answer that question. You cannot find all of Reg Z in their law on purpose. They "published" the remedy without saying how to expedite the remedy to so-call legalize their illegal confiscation of our gold but canceled out their legalization of their actions by not completing the "publishing" of Reg. Z. She tells us who to go to in one of these articles. l'm calling them. . They got away with it all this time but it ain't gonna wash. We know now what they did. They gave no office, officer or instructions to expedite the remedy.
      You should not place yourself in danger to be roughed up by these ignorant power hungry cops that want to beat the living daylights out of you bcuz you have no license. They do what they're told and get off the hook. Be careful out there.

  14. "As far as our research shows, Regulation Z first appears in the Federal Highway Safety Act of 1956, and the revenue raised by illegally conscripting your cars and trucks was used to build the Interstate Highway System."

    After searching for the letter "z" in both of these documents, "Regulation Z" does not appear anywhere as far as I can see. Perhaps someone else can find it:

    First link will display the "PUBLIC LAW 627-JUNE 29, 1956" text - did a search with the "Find" feature for the letter "z" and found nothing regarding "Regulation Z".

    Second link is a photo archive of the original BILL in .pdf format that anyone can download - I find no mention of "Regulation Z" in that either.

    Am I mistaken? If so, someone please provide correction for my error(s).

  15. How do my comments keep getting sucked off the page?
    --->For the 3rd time today...Jesus Christ is the only "Lawgiver" on earth. They lent us nothing.