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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Public International Notice -- Witness Required

 By Anna Von Reitz

Like foxes being inexorably driven to ground, the Mayors of the Inner City of London, representing the Governments of Westminster and Ghent, are seeking to evade our email Notices and communications.  They have thus far changed their email contacts three (3) times in two years seeking to avoid the Truth. 

The Truth is that they have knowingly, willfully, and with malice conducted commercial war against us, the American Government and People, with whom they have several venerable treaties and contracts for services.  This reeks of Bad Faith and worse Performance, which no doubt they wish to conceal so that their other customers and Treaty Partners are not alarmed. 

However, they have done what they have done.  They have acted as Privateers and sailed against the very People they are obligated under contract to protect.  

They have worked a gigantic impersonation and barratry scheme against the people of the entire world, and have unjustly enriched themselves by doing so.  They have used the banks under their influence and the attorneys under their training to promote these crimes, which have in turn, allowed them to mischaracterize and misrepresent millions of innocent people as THINGS --- mere corporations that are subject to commercial and statutory law.  

They have wantonly infringed upon the Trademarks of living people to create fictional Legal Persons appearing to operate under the same Trademark and Name.  In doing so, they have impersonated living people and colluded to traffick these fabricated Persons into foreign jurisdictions for purposes of barratry.

These acts and performances are Crimes Against Humanity and are, so far as we are concerned, the Final Straw in a long history of crime associated with these "Gentlemen". 

As criminals in avoidance of the Public Law of this country and acting in avoidance of their Treaty obligations and  avoidance of their commercial contracts, and as criminals in flight from the International Law, they are not owed any special further Notice regarding their own actions. 

The origin of the current rampage of criminality has its immediate cause rooted in events occuring during the reign of King Henry VIII, amounting to his unlawful and immoral "Enclosure Acts" and the similar errors promoted during the brief and bloody hegemony of Oliver Cromwell, none of which interests us or the rest of the world, except that it provided a recipe for crime against living people that has endured to the present day and which has been repeatedly rebuffed over the course of four centuries and that scheme is summarized thus: 

"1703 – Annuities are motivation for crime:  if a person is considered lost at sea, abandoned, dead, a lunatic, a minor or incompetent (has a Cestui Que Vie Trust) then not only may their property be held in guardianship, but that a contract may be established called an "annuity" whereby a value may be granted to the guardian or custodian by the purchaser of the contract in exchange for some form of ongoing income derived from maximising the value of the estate of the infant, lunatic, lost or "dead" person. The result is the birth of annuities through such acts of parliament as Life Annuities in 1703 .  

See the 28 Million Pounds from Annuities act of 1801 listed in sequence.  Annuities depend on the existence of Cestui Que Vie Trusts."

We have already announced to the world that Prince Philip received exactly this kind of "annuity payment" in the amount of $950 Trillion USD paid to him by the GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA  exactly three days prior to his retirement from Public Office in April of 2017.  This proves that the British Government was involved in an illegal insurance scam and fraud scheme. With the collusion of the Vatican these interests created and operated Cestui Que Vie Trusts against the interests of the living people of Canada and The United States ---and received the loot from this crime scheme from a colluding Municipal Corporation operating in Canada, dba OTTAWA.  

We have reason to suspect that these activities were also pursued throughout Australia and New Zealand, other former members of the British Commonwealth, and the occupied nations of Europe. 

The only way they could pull this off was via the collusion and cooperation of the Lord Mayors of the Inner City of London and their government in contravention of our Treaties of Westminster and Treaties of Ghent. 

These Bad Actors deliberately entrapped, mischaracterized, and misrepresented millions of Americans and Canadians as incompetent minors and in the case of Americans, as infant decedants voluntarily waiving their birthright political status and estates as Americans.  

These are centuries-old white collar impersonation and insurance crimes undertaken in Gross Breach of Trust against their Creditors, Allies, Customers, and Treaty Partners.  The only way they got away with it, is with the full knowledge and cooperation and participation of Westminster and the Lord Mayors.  

It has been our long-term observation and objection to the Prosecutor's Office of the International Criminal Court that securitization is illegal, and in respect to securitization of living flesh and labor, is even more strictly prohibited as it results in peonage and enslavement of living people without their knowledge or consent.  

The leading practitioners of these crimes of securitization and "hypothecation" of debt, Goldman-Sachs, have fled this country for China.  Their partners in these crimes, the United States Attorney Generals who have owned and operated Wells Fargo Bank as a securities brokerage with a banking license, are similarly closing up shop and hoping to escape the just retribution for their acts. 

They have been running a private security corporation as "the Department of Justice' and charging the American people for the service of criminally misrepresenting them and protecting the perpetrators of these insurance scams --- all responsible for bilking the Americans and Canadians and unknown numbers of other innocent people worldwide. These and other so-called "Agencies" have never been instrumentalities of our government, have no contract, and no authority related to us.  

They are to be considered pirates, armed, and dangerous. 

These pernicious criminals were given safe harbor in Britain and through their associations with Britain were given safe harbor in New York and access to the King's Court was arranged through their own State of Delaware which was created and substituted for our American State of Delaware in the confusion immediately after the so-called American Civil War. 

These are all Crimes Against Humanity amounting to human trafficking, genocide on paper, breach of trust, fraud, racketeering, privateering, securitization fraud, impersonation, barratry, armed force extortion, misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, inland piracy, press-ganging, kidnapping, conspiracy against our treaties and constitutions, peonage, enslavement, grand felony theft, treason, misprison of treason, international criminal syndicate collusion, commodity rigging, counterfeiting, money laundering, illegal gambling, insurance fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and commercial fraud. 

No doubt a more complete investigation will yield additional crimes to add to the list.  

The evidence in support of these accusations are self-evidently the "Birth Certificates" which are actually veiled clearinghouse certificates for named CESTUI QUE VIE TRUSTS which stand as evidence of the international crimes committed against unwary Americans and Canadians by British, Dutch, and Canadian commercial interests operating under color of law and conditions of fraud, non-disclosure, and deceit. 

A warning to China is more than merited, as these criminal entities have long-prepared to invade China as their next Host, and they are clearly doing so with the intent to victimize Chinese workers via the same kind of impersonation, barratry, and securitization / insurance scams. The de-camping of Goldman-Sachs to China should be the only proof necessary. 

A genuine international effort to recognize and bring an end to this pernicious crime which has plagued our world and our business environment since the 1600s must be made. 

People are not THINGS and innocence is no excuse for allowing predators to prey upon the innocent.  

                                       By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

                                        The United States of America


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  1. Lock and Load, we're coming for you next London and Rome as soon as we make repairs to our ship.

    1. The United States of America incorporated and States of America unincorporated ceased to exist in 2009 when the Territorial contractors became insolvent,the Pope and Crown disolved the corporations and the Constitution upon which it was formed including the corporate logo 'States of America; These States were no longer united. Land in America had been entrusted to these States. The (the) United States of America ceased to exist as a corporation and Logo circa 9/11/2001. In 2009 the Pope under Papal authority assumed responsibility for the territories under the auspices of the United Nations and their sub-contractor the UN. FYI King George wrote the consitution for the united States of America. Land was vested in the Crown, soil was vested in the Municipal government in Philadelphia. Anna Maria Reitzinger has no lawful authority under maritime and international law to negotiate for the territories or existing Confederation which is the legal and Lawful Confederate States of America incorporated. The President of the Confederate States of America is John Curren Chapman Sr. The Superior General of the Society of Jesus is John Curren Chapman 111. Your claim of sovereignty is rejected. Lafeyette had no Sovereign Authority. He was a rebel disloyal to the Crown. Now Anna, why repeat over and over again and again your rediculous claim of Sovereignty. What I say is a proven fact. Tell us and everyone associated with you just what the hell are you looking for. Freedom? Ok. Liberty? Ok. Your Trusts? Fine. Your soil? Sure. Your Land? No. The planet and all Land, Sea and Air belong to Me, the Son of the God and Goddess who gave it to Me, Enki (Jesus) and Tiamat (Medusa). John Curren Chapman 111, Lord of Terra

    2. John the turd has no power. That's why he write replies to a blog.

    3. Authority for the existence of the united States of America
      and our Confederation and Perpetual Union [/ "Confeder-acy"] stiled The United States of America:
      under authority of the Declaration of Independence, July2[two], 1776:
      *derives* from the *inherent* authority that be-longs ONLY to the peace-ful and law-ful American people:
      and all is under authority of the laws of nature and natures creator/God.

      so that JOHN III,
      neither you, nor the Brits, nor the Pope, nor SpaceAliens or anyone or thing else, whether actual or imagin-ary have a dammm thing to say about either one or about the true American men, women, sons, and daughters either.
      and it is so.


    4. Fine. Enforce your Declaration of Independence woman. That is a declaration of War against the Crown. the Papacy, the Solar Gods and the Galactic Queen. You are our wards, You are in our dependence aka In the Dependence of the Crown...In the Crown Dependent or Independent. All you have is the Coast Guard, the Army and National Guard + a group of rebels. Do you want a fucking War? Lets go right now!! John Curren Chapman 111. Lord of Terra, et al,,,

    5. Anonymous above is a fucking coward and a wart on a pigs ass. He she or it is too cowardly to put their Lawful and Legal name to their statement. JOHN 111


    6. it most certainly is NOT a Declaration of War JOHN111!... if it was, it would SAY "Declaration of War", but it does not say that.

      furthermore, the next to the last paragraph, last sentence:
      we explicitly say that we hold them the very same as we hold all other men: in War they are our Enemies, and in Peace they are our Friends-- we were ABSOLUTELY NOT singling them out or Declaring War on anybody!! we were declaring our law-ful intent to the world: our declaration of freedom and independence under authority of our creator.

      so just stop saying that kind of thing okay? its not true.

    7. Woman: Will will GIVE you a Declaration of Undependence. This means you, Anna and your assemblies of rebels no longer want or need the services of the Crown, the Vatican, the UN, the United Nations, the Confederation, the Gods or the Galactic Queen. We will forgive your debts and give you your share of gold and silver. No money. Make your own money. JOHN 111

    8. JOHN111,
      you are getting unnecessarily gross and nasty and belligerent again.
      im trying to be nice to you.
      you might try to do the same.

      we dont need you/crown/other to "give" us anything because everything belongs to man anyway. including freedom.

      now what exactly do you believe a Fictional Construct like the Crown or the Pope has that they can withhold from man when it all belongs to man to begin with?

      and BE NICE.
      im nobodys enemy, including yours.

    9. Anna always refers to William of Orange as the conqueror of Britian. Her claims are based on the law of war and conquest, We conquered William as well as Orange. John of Black and White, Conqueror of the British Empire and all British Territories.

    10. You are prisoners of War, JOHN 111

    11. Black + White = Grey. Confederate Grey. Bill Miner, the Grey Fox,

    12. JOHN111,

      im not with "". no one speaks for me.

      im with the July 2[two], 1776 group of men and women and their sons and daughters that my fathers and mothers were part of: the united States of America.
      the American people did nothing to cause men to take them as POWs JOHN111.
      there was no War declared by either "side" after 1812.

      you know that these Group(s) of men who say we are "POWs" have only *pretended* that the American people are so-called "Prisoners Of War" in order to Construct the facade of justification for the wrong they have done to Americans.
      There was no War.
      this is, straightup, just one man planning in secret to harm his neighbor, and then carrying that plan out.

      they know , you know, and i know that no War was declared on the American people after 1812 and that we havent declared War on anyone else.
      the American men and women have been harmed by men and women who *intended* to harm us; they pretended to be our friends in order to get close to us and then attack us when our guard was down.
      and now those same men are trying to justify treating us as Prisoners of War, with no War declared, because they lied to us, harmed us, stabbed us in the back, and are be-ing called to count for the wrongs theyve done.

      Americans are not Prisoners of War, we are men and women who have been gravely harmed by other men and women who pretended to be our friends.
      we are peace-ful people and i believe we have right to *peaceful* restor-ation we call for....
      thats what i:woman say.

    13. Liars who claimed to be Jesuits were removed from many countries. I am not a liar. I represent My Father Jesus therefore I am a Jesuit or Jesus u it. I am a Jesus, one of 169,000 Jesus's who form the Body of Christ (Joshua). Joshua is God (Annointed One). I am the Messiah or messinger, the Son of Man and the Son of God (Joshua, Son of Lord Enki). I am the anti-Christ not Christ. The anti-Christ stands for or represents the Christ who is Yeshua or Joshua. I am the Son of Joshua, the Grandson of Enki who are Gods. Therefore I am the Messiah and Son of God as well as Son of a Man who is John Jr.I am also the Son of Perdition because I bring a sword to bring perdition to the world. I am also the Man of Sin. Sin was the Arabian Moon God 1500 years ago, my ancestor. This makes me a Jesuit as well as theb Superior General of Christs Army (The Society of Jesus). I am also the white Pope who carries the power o attorney for Joshua and Enki. I rule the world with a rod of iron. JOHN 111

    14. Then you are addressing the wrong people John Chapman. As woman said we Americans are a peace-ful people. We do not re-present the actions of our municipal, international or global service providers who have dis-honored us in name and spirit. Direct your perdition to the deserving, show the world with their eyes that you are willing to eliminate evil with a rod of iron. That you are a descendant of Jesus, descendant of King David, brother of James the Righteous. Some are aware that Paul the liar deceived many, the pope was created by Constantine to unite pagan religions. You speak badly of Anna who has contributed more than most trying to help us find a way to rid evil from our lives. Where have you been for 2000 years?

    15. I have been in Tartarus for 3000 years (3 biblical days). Satan has hidden 1000 years of your history. Where have YOU been the last 3000 years? You bastards claim to worship Me and baptize yourselves in My Name. You collect millions of dollars FOR God My Father and Me, your God. You live like Kings while I, your God lives in poverty. Anna claims MY inheritance is Hers and yours, not mine. You support HER point of view which is "fuck Jesus" we want it all. She refuses to even recognize Me. You refuse to recognize Me even after I prove who and what I AM. You don't REALLY believe in God OR Jesus do you? If Jesus isn't to your liking then to hell with Jesus I want MY form of Jesus, not the real Jesus. How are YOU any different than the Jews who rejected Me and Murdered Me because they said I was "of Satan"? You rejected Me then and you reject Me now. May God My Father and Goddess My Holy Mother have mercy on your greedy souls!! JOHN 111

    16. For someone claiming divinity, you sure are vulgar. You are claiming inheritance of dollars and minerals as the source of your obvious anger. Materialistic values should be of no concern or consideration to divinity, these are humans fictitious faults being controlled by evil. You cause doubt by the very words you speak My baptism was done at 6 months of age, without consent or knowledge. I am Italian and Scottish heredity and raised Roman Catholic without knowing the truth. I do not believe in religion or churches nor do I believe the symbol of Jesus on a cross. My faith is based solely on establishing a personal relationship without influence. But this isn't about me, this is about you. A bastard is an illegitimate child, that I am NOT. How have you proven who you are? by words? Evil uses words also and deception, lies, coercion, deceit - With WORDS. We have been fed so much disinformation that the truth can no longer be recognized. Don't confuse us with the Jews, nor the british or romans. We seek only what has been stolen from us, nothing more. If this is your basis of contention that our property belongs to you, then you are not who you claim to be

    17. Who the fuck are YOU to tell God how to curse? Where the hell do you think all those material goods come from, your ass? We made all those minerals including Gold and Silver. It took millions of years. Who are YOU to keep Me, Son of the Gods and Holy Mother who created it all from having MY share of creation? Were your parents Wed In The Lord? No. They had a legal state 'marriage'. The State put them together not God. A civil contract. Did they have a spiritual contract enforcing their vows? Did they even take Vows? A promise is not a Vow. They had to get a licence to co habit. It's obvious because YOU are not in the Lord. A bastard. You CAN get back what was stolen but not before I get back what was stolen from Me!!. So sit on your ass and wait on Anna. You will be waiting for eternity. If you need it now force her to come to Me. Otherwise why the hell are you even here? JOHN 111; Anti-Christ

    18. You said: "My faith is based solely on establishing a personal relationship without influence." Just who or what do you have this personal relationship with? It's not My Father because My Father is Joshua (Yeshua). it's not Me because I of all persons would know. It's not My Grandfather, Joshuas Father because he never mentioned you and doesn't know you. Same for My Holy Spirit Mother. She doesn't know you. If you have a relationship it's with the Draco overlords or what you call demons. JOHN 111

    19. Tartarus is the deep abyss that is used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and as their prison. Who keeps you company Lucifer?

    20. Only evil would be so hell bent on materialistic values. You know history but thats it. Show yourself

    21. The black angel that deceived God. Your ending is near, this is why you vent in anger at truth

    22. "Tartarus is the deep abyss that is used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and as their prison. Who keeps you company Lucifer"?
      Tartarus is not the same as the Hebrew Sheol or the Greek Hades, both of which refer to the common earthly grave of mankind. This is evident from the fact that, while the apostle Peter shows that Jesus Christ preached to these “spirits in prison,” he also shows that Jesus did so, not during the three days while buried in Hades (Sheol), but after his resurrection out of Hades.​—1Pe 3:18-20. 3,000 years in Tartarus (a day to God is 1000 years) converting all those lost souls YOU call evil. Now here we are. You are all liars, decievers, egotistical morons, lunatics, Jesus haters, God haters, fornicators and masterbaters. JOHN 111

    23. Lucifer always keeps Me company. Lucy is My Sister. Satan always keeps you company. He is your father. JOHN 111

    24. So what is it that you want john the chapman?

    25. What god did the Black Angel decieve? Satan is the god of THIS world. All of Gods avenging Angels are Dark Angels moron. Satan is the red angel. Lucifer (Lucy) is the Light Angel (Light Bearer). John is the Dark Angel (Death Bearer). Evil = Live. Devil Lived. Devil Lives. I AM the Devil. My enemy is Satan and all his worshipers and followers in the so called Christian Church, a church of false teachers, drunk preachers, pussified priests, false doctrine, spiritual perversion and fundamental lies. JOHN 111

    26. I want My Birthright and Inheritance; that's what I want. JOHN 111

    27. if christians are your enemy then why classify every human as christian?

    28. Funny, thats exactly the same thing we want. go figure

    29. except our inheritance was stolen from us. our inheritance is not your inheritance and if you think it is that would make you the slave master

    30. JOHN111,
      can you and are you willing to take some questions/ comments from me about what you are saying, without me disrupting you guys? --- ----- its a fascinating conversation going on between the two of you, i dont want to interrupt.


    31. go for it, I think I've bored him

    32. The Beast with 7 heads and 10 horns = the 7 continents divided into 10 kingdoms or regions. The 10 regions were set up 20 years ago by the Committee of 300, the Council on Foreign Relations and the United Nations. The False Antichrist is Barack Husein Obama who plans to be the Secretary General of the United Nations and the Jewish Messiah. The True Antichrist is John Curren Chapman 111 of the tribe of Dan the True Messiah. John is a Jew not a Ju. A Ju is a Hebrew semite of the tribe of Judah. A Jew is an Aryan Druid priest of the tribe of Dan and the tribe of Levi. The false Christ is the Pope. The True Christ or Annointed One is Joshua Bar Yoseph. The Messiah or messinger proclaims the arrival of the Annointed One Jesus or Joshua the Christ and acts as his Commander in Chief in the Apocalypse. John is both the Son of Man and Great Great Great ....Grand Son of God (Joshua). He is also the Son of Perdition and Son of destruction who brings perdition to the Earth. He is the. Man of Sin. Sin was the Arabian Moon God, Johns Great Great Great .....Grandfather. John was the original Moon God Kingu, Son of the Mother planet Tiamat from which the Earth came. Earth is the Heart of Tiamat. Also note that our Sun is not a Sun Star, it's a Daughter Star. The Holy Spirit is the Holy Mother Luv, Queen of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Father of Joshua is Lord Enki, God of the Sea and creator God of mankind.. His Uncle Enlil (Yahweh) is God of the Land and Air. Enki and Enlil are brothers, Sons of Annu, God of the Heavens.
      Queen Luv Arcula, Queen of the Milky Way Galaxy

    33. anony:
      well neither one of you have bored me! i dont know when ive witnessed such an astounding convo!
      pls, dont let me interrupt... i will try to ask "yes/no" questions.


    34. God = a King. Goddess = a Queen. god = a president. GOD = Government Of Deities or Gods and Goddesses or Kings and Queens. GOD is not omnipitant, omnipresent or all powerful. This is religious nonsense. The Spirit is always present but the Spirit is not GOD. GOD is the MOST Powerful but not ALL Powerful. GOD is not All knowing but GOD has access to all Akashic Records. An all knowing omnipresent and all powerful GOD is an illogical and irrational concept with no basis in science or philosophy. Queen Luv Arcula

    35. Hello Queen Luv. Thank you for the history which is very hard for humans to comprehend. I assume to have made John chapman frustrated and thats why you are here

    36. You are children of the Gods and Goddesses or the Annunaki. Enki and his half Sister Ninhersag created Man. Enkis half brother Enlil was the God who threw Adam and Eve from Eden because He was a selfish God and wanted all the Apples for Himself. The serpent was Enki who said they would certainly not die that very day. Enlil is Yahweh. Satan is Jehovah. Annu is the Grand Father of the Annunaki Gods who came from the planet Vulcan which circles the dark star Nibiru. Lord Annu. Goddess Tiamat

    37. So is God - King all powerful? Strange as we have been usurped by the same character differences in name. The pope stole our identity by capitals

    38. John is the descendent of Enki, Tiamat and Luv. He was chosen or 'begot' from the Earth. This was written in the stars. for his unique soul ID. The Gods and the spirit gave him his Name and day of birth which is January 7 or Christmas day (Roman Calendar). Queen Luv Arcula

    39. Define 'All Powerful'. JOHN 111

    40. An All Powerful God could simply snap his fingers and solve all the problems in all the Cosmos. If God is love as well as all powerful why hasn't he solved all your problems already after 12,000 years of history since the Great Flood? JOHN 111

    41. I wish this were written as we have no truth. We have all been taught only one God existed in Yahweh - Enlil. Though past civilizations believed in multiple Gods it is hard for us to understand. Is there a reason you are here to speak with us?

    42. Excellent question John

    43. Define all powerful - The queen seemed to differentiate between God and GOD. Is GOD a body of different Gods?

    44. Now, tell Anna Maria Reitzinger that if she wants to resolve this issue with the banks she must consult with Me. It requires my authorization and identification. She could get all the Gold and Credits in the world but Gold is not Money and credits are simply accounting of currency. Currency is not Money, I have ALL the Money, She and the banks have all the currency. Currency + Money = a Jubilee, JOHN 111

    45. well, i feel like the "Staging" area here on the blog just got flooded with costumed Characters coming in and mugging it up! :):):)

    46. G O D is a Government made up of Gods and Goddesses. Government Of Deities or GOD. JOHN 111

    47. I don't have any authority to persuade Anna either way. Considering your belligerence toward our conversation, how would I know The entity that calls herself the Queen is not you. We are back to the word game again.

    48. Deception and coercion are rampant. The human population is about to be starved into submission and all you want to talk about is Anna and currency/money

    49. and you didn't answer:
      An All Powerful God could simply snap his fingers and solve all the problems in all the Cosmos. If God is love as well as all powerful why hasn't he solved all your problems already after 12,000 years of history since the Great Flood? JOHN 111

    50. Follow Anna to Hell or Follow Me to Heaven. .Anna says she is not a christian and does not believe Jesus is real but simply a story of good advice with no conclusion. Jesus, all 169,000 of Us. Jesus. Yesus. Yes Us. Jesus is plural. JOHN 111

    51. Queen Luv and John Chapman - If you are of luv and compassion then why not help humans overcome the assault on us. All we want is peace and prosperity and our spirits to evolve to the next dimension without interference. We are good and peaceful people (most) who wish no harm on anyone or anything.

    52. "Deception and coercion are rampant. The human population is about to be starved into submission and all you want to talk about is Anna and currency/money"
      How would Jesus grow enough food to feed 8 billion people without currency and money? Anna is holding up Jesus by her arrogance and egotistical attitude. SHE wants to be Queen of the World and wants James her husband to be King. God, King or President, Goddess, Queen or First Lady. Just another fake Jew working for their New World Order trying to steal My inheritance to pay for their fantasy. JOHN 111

    53. We are not "followers" of Anna. She has given us a way to regain our dignity and name. She fights for us and gives us the truth to fight for ourselves and for what's right in a human mind. If this is going to hell then the ship is filling fast and most likely will not change course without divine intervention.

    54. Queen Luv and John Chapman - If you are of luv and compassion then why not help humans overcome the assault on us. All we want is peace and prosperity and our spirits to evolve to the next dimension without interference. We are good and peaceful people (most) who wish no harm on anyone or anything.

      3000 years ago neither the Ju's, Romans, Greeks or any other people recognized the authority of Jesus. If they had He would have been made King of the World and solved the worlds problems. Instead they murdered Him. Many would LOVE to crucify Me as well because I have exposed al their lies. I know how to solve the worlds major problems. All I need is the support, the title to my planet and my inheritance. Al this is My birthright. They want to STEAL it. They are Satanists who want the planet for themselves. It's either THEM or ME. Christendom is Satanism. True christianity is not a religion. JOHN 111

    55. I'm tired John, sick and tired. Would you care to know what I am doing tomorrow? I am going to a flea market to sell what little possessions I have left so I can prepare to buy food and survive. I care more for my animals than I do people. So if God or GOD or King or Queen can stop our suffering it would be greatly appreciated regardless of Anna

    56. I don't disagree with one word you just said. This is not about us stealing someone else's wealth to live lavish life styles. If you have the support of Kings and Queens and God and GOD and Goddesses than what does Anna have thats so important to you?

    57. We the Gods need a critical mass of humans to rebel. It is our job to maintain Law and order on this planet. There are more than enough of Us to take down these governments. This is War. You cannot just sit back and expect someone else to do it for you!! GOD expects humans to free themselves. If 325 million humans cannot free yourselves from a few thousand bureaucrats running this country and the world GOD will not help you and I sure am not gonna do it by myself. JOHN 111

    58. Anna has direct connection and communication with the banks and the Holy See. The banks and Holy See will not even give Me an appointment , answer a letter or reply to an email. Phone calls do nothing because all I get is a runaround. These people are all guilty of major felonies and hope I will either just die or go away. So they simply put me off and delay, delay delay or ignore Me. JOHN 111

    59. I can't speak for 330 million Americans but I can tell you that I am not expecting a savior or sitting back waiting for someone else to do it for me. I am a fighter and lay down for no one, I stand upright. 90% of our population is brainwashed, poisoned and stupefied, all intentional. Your going to have to do more than type words to gain critical mass. Please answer the question - what does Anna have thats so important for you not to proceed with your agenda?

    60. From the correspondence I have read of Anna, she has no intention of claiming anymore than what is rightfully ours, taken from Americans by the same felonious actions you claim. She has also filed claim to a families trust designated to provide the people of the entire planet a source of existence. I have also seen her efforts to give Germany and Poland their due funds. I have personally emailed Anna twice without any response so your not alone. I would suggest you get on a plane and go to Alaska to have a conversation.

    61. Just remember - Anna has many deceitful people laying claims to what rightfully rightfully belongs to the people. I say this without knowing the details or verifying any documents.

    62. Good night

    63. Actually, factually by power of obviousness:

      Jesus = saviour
      Christ = annointed (Immanuel = Creator with us)
      Creator = Good = God.

      jesus christ = "the way the truth and the life"
      "the way the truth and the life" = anointed savior

      "the way the truth and the life" IS NOT "a" "man"
      "the way the truth and the life" IS NOT "a" "claimant."
      "the way the truth and the life" IS WHO,WHAT,WHEN,WHERE,HOW,WHY your LIFE is pulled from the "fire."

      Life is both (and more) here "on earth" and eternally.

      Thank you Anna, for striving mightily to pull so many from the fire, from their own self destruction.

      Must be, as Jewel sang it - "we are tired, we are weary, but we aren't worn out, put down your chains, till only faith remains, put down your chains - there is a new army coming and we are armed with faith, to live, we must give, to live.

    64. Thank you Paul, Thank you Teri, Thank you Assembly Members

    65. And if? by "power of obviousness" our savior anointed messenger, in "word" and "spirit" as Jesus Christ, WHO is our "way truth and life" would not, by corollary the reverse also obtain?

      Would not a solo solitary team or man or women who be "claimant" in apparent selfishness (and disconnectedness, or eternal directionlessness) be of perdition (way to destruction,) lies (misdirection), and death (temporal and eternal?)

    66. Ask yourselves this: Why does Anna Maria Reitzinger hate the thought of John Chapman as Lord and owner of Terra? Has John EVER lied to Anna or any other American? What fact or facts does Anna Maria Reitzinger have that disputes any claim made by John Chapman? Why does Anna Maria Reitzinger avoid any direct discussion, public or private with John Curren Chapman 111 aka The Devil and Anti-Christ? Queen Luv Arcula

    67. "Anonymous" is a pathetic moron, that has a mental disorder. Nobody gives a sht what you got to say, you weak, lying Demoniac. Jesuits are the SCUM of creation. They need their heads to explode, at 800 yards. Justice will come SWIFTLY.

  2. These pirates be Pharisee secret society headed by Councel of 5 top dog Rothschild.
    Good luck they controld the UN, NATO, all commonwealth army’s through Jewish monopoly script

    1. Have you heard of this family Bubba? L. C. Payseurs

    2. bubba,

      because the actual and the imaginary cannot be mixed.


    3. Lloyds of London insures against Commerce Losses, in exchange for payment of a "Premium".
      there is no potential Commerce Loss that can require SUBSTANCE to collateralize AGAINST such Commerce Losses; nor to pay FOR actual Commerce Losses.
      the Insurance pays Commerce Losses... or, the "Venture Capitalists" bear the loss themselves.

      they can never put the Commerce Loss on the people.

      they OWE us.


  3. Grab quickly and print or copy to a thumb drive. Enemies of Humanity
    Time to Take Care of Business
    386 pages of individuals, law firms, media and institutions

    Then there is this PILGRIMS MEMBERSHIP list we saved from a site that was baiting us with the info, then removed the page...but the AFI miners preserved a copy for AIMCats. SAVE OR PRINT THIS IMPORTANT LIST OF ENEMIES OF HUMANITY ON TO A FLASH DRIVE OR PAPER. (The original post from which it came has now been scrubbed from the Internet.)


    "[The aim of the international bankers was] nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences."

    Professor Carroll Quigley, 'Tragedy & Hope', p. 324. Can the Pilgrims Society, which the famous Quigley never mentioned, verify his story of an Anglo-American Establishment?

    1. be ALERT!
      the push seems to be to blame the West! white! especially!
      dont be fooled!!! theyve all been doing this harm to man-kind TOGETHER!
      they dont look at melanin-pigmentation in EACH OTHER!
      no! they only use our God-created natural skin protective mechanism to try to divide us people!

      shelby has shown over and over and OVER that they are ALL harming man!
      stay alert to the ENTIRE picture, not just snippets of what is true!

  4. Opinion: American History is getting more breathe taking everyday! We think THE LIGHT AND THE GLORY by Peter Marshall is amazing and astounding! It pales to all this altercation-how fun-how riveting-how much more bantering until we raggedy minute men get-it-together??? Keep it up-comrades, retirees and hopefuls!!!

    1. yes everybody, HOLD THE LINE!

    2. but im leaving out "...comrades, retirees and hopefuls..." [no offense to anonymous :) ]
      and instead, saying: "...all law-ful and peace-ful American men, women, sons, daughters, and true friends around the world!!!!"


    Interesting to say the least

    Disney ( funny only thinG missing from this corporate name is the 'T')
    Anagram the word Disney and add the 'T', as in the cross, and you get the word Destiny (as in Manifest Destiny perhaps)?

    And is this the State of, State Of or STATE OF FLORIDA
    Or is it just plain ole 'unicorporated' florida, Florida or FLORIDA?

    Now how is Florida to pay disney 1B in debt when all there is to pay with is debt notes FRN's?

    Just some observations

    Also remember the other day I posted these where it places military intelligence and HOLLYWOOD all in the same cess pool when creating Disney
    ShelbyApril 20, 2022 at 4:00 PM
    Hmm Disney self government power being stripped

    Oh the irony

    ShelbyApril 20, 2022 at 4:04 PM
    Around 39 minutes in

    Disney and the Presidio how bout that

    Presidio and World Godvernment/Parliament

    Now remember few years back ole Disney here pirated in a ship full of Indian workers to be trained by the American workers then the American workers were released from their 'jobs'

    India biometrically marks all 1.2 billion
    The Singularity

    1. The greenland bear

    2. There is always a BUG, in the wood pile, BUG= B=bad, U= ugly, G= good, the problem is finding the G , the good is very small, U is covering/cover up for everything that people endure! Anna you are the best!

    3. Thule Airforce Base in Greenland and the Thule Society at 22 minutes

      You'll notice on the map that comes up showing red dots of past visitors on this very site that there is only several red dots in Greenland and one of those dots sits right at Thule Airforce Base

      These are the clans that rule the underworld/hell

      Swissyland is their home base in the underworld

  6. No Titles of Nobility ! self~proclaimed Fiduciary.

  7. Not an accident that those truckers and all the focus of the whirled was directed towards Ottawa

    Think selling a trumpy golden haired bear is just a coincidence?

  8. This one is very good

  9. And now they have bikers and rolling thunder coming to Ottawa

    Not an accident nothing they do is by accident and very close to their may day bullshit

    The ongoing script to manifest their green new deal hell on earth BULLSHIT

  10. Barratry schemes are the worst.


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