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Thursday, April 28, 2022

A Quick Edited Retort

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please consult any of the published Constitutions and tell me where any Federal entity has been granted duties related to disposal of our land or the conduct of our people?   The only reference to the Federal hegemony with respect to land is the ability of the States to grant use of land for arsenals and other needful facilities.  Indeed, the use of land for a Federal Capitol was granted via a special use lease by two States, Virginia and Maryland.  So even the land that Washington, DC, occupies, belongs to two States of the Union. Go figure.  If you don't own the land that sits under your Capitol..... think: what does that imply? 

It implies that you are an employee of the landlords allowing you to be there. And that is precisely the case. 

The only other organic document proposing any role for the Federal Government with respect to our land is The Northwest Ordinance, which allows the Territorial Government to occupy land acquisitions prior to their inclusion as States of the Union.  That is precisely the status of the Insular States like Guam and Puerto Rico to this day.  

I fail to see what your big Bone of Contention may be.  The separation of actuality into living people, lawful persons, and legal fiction persons, is so well established in law that it should not require any explanation or argument.  

The right of a living man to use his Family Name as a Trademark to conduct business in International Trade goes back to the Stone Age.  That's his Lawful Person, the way he identifies his business in International Trade.  Such use of his own Good Name does not make him the property of a government organization, a subject of a Queen, nor a US CORPORATION.  

Our paperwork serves Notice on the Federal Government (which operates as a parent corporation)  and its State-of-State franchises, that we are Americans, not voluntarily adopting any identity as foreign Persons.  There is nothing complex, or controversial about this, but it must be done to forestall their ability to otherwise presume whatever they wish to presume about us.  

Now that that is explained to you in terms that you can understand, what is your beef?  We aren't Federal Citizens.  We have no obligation to be Federal Citizens. And so what?  What business is that of yours?  Why are you all up in arms and flapping around and sending me reams of federal court cases and federal code that does not apply to me or to Americans generally?  

When we delegated certain enumerated powers to our Federal Subcontractors, they acquired the right and the duty to define how they were going to do their jobs.  They do that by posting new laws governing their own employees and officers and dependents on the Federal Register. 

If, which is rare, they create a code entry that impacts the General Public, they publish it on the Federal Record. 

Wake up.  Smell java.  Federal "laws" that aren't published on the Federal Record don't apply to Americans, and those that are published on the Federal Record only apply to Americans when those Americans are engaged in Federally regulated activities or entering Federal buildings, military bases, etc. 

Otherwise, none of the Federal Code and none of their affiliated State of State Statute Law applies to us.  It's literally foreign law. We are not obligated to know or obey it at all.  See Amendment XI.  

What we do need to do is to identify ourselves and our lawful government so that our Employees are not granted the discretion to suppose whatever they may wish to suppose about us. 

That is precisely what we are doing by recording our political status, and it's no skin off of anyone's nose that we do so.  


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  1. "What we do need to do is to identify ourselves and our lawful government so that our Employees are not granted the discretion to suppose whatever they may wish to suppose about us. "
    they are not the American peoples' Employees since the American people did not consent to ratification of the Constitution/s that is, (off-and- on), being used *as* *if* it was a contract with us, but there is nothing showing that it was so-ratified.
    additionally, and just as important,: there are NO SIGNATORIES except Signatory *Witnesses*; and witnesses *to* a contract are not responsible for fulfilling it.
    so, it having no Signatories responsible for fulfilling the "contract" and not having consent from the people through lawful ratification, there is no contract; and therefore, there are no Employees that the American people hired that way.

    1. pertaining to whatever "Employment Contracts" exist, if any, it is men and women and their Affiliates who work for the Corporations and who have "knowingly" been involved in issuing contracts/ other that are "collateralized" using what belongs to another man without that other mans agreement; that is: without law-ful authority to do: those are the men and women who are actually responsible, themSELVES, for those contracts/ agreements.

      and there is nothing like "Force Majeure" to hide behind in American common law... the man who created harm is responsible to restore.