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Thursday, April 28, 2022

The Big Lebowski Revisited - Public Notice to the Generals

 By Anna Von Reitz

The question is, are you Lebowski or is he Lebowski?  Or is someone else here Lebowski?  Will the real Lebowski please stand up?  And then you look at all the guys who stand up.... 

In the near future I expect the Generals to present their answer to the worldwide dilemma which corporate policies promoting "perpetual war" created, and in particular, the problems caused by the fraudulent Administration of Abraham Lincoln and his activities including his establishment of the Lieber Code and the practice of issuing "Executive Orders".  

Turns out that Lincoln wasn't actually our President.  He was the Queen's "president" running a look-alike, sound-alike British commercial corporation doing business as "the United States of America, Incorporated".  

He was operating in fraud from the get-go, and everything he touched was tainted by it.  

Now the modern-day Generals who have replaced those who followed Lincoln's orders and later deposed him, only to take the bit in their own teeth and continue the fraud--- have been forced to consider this lamentable history and its legal and lawful ramifications.  

Not surprisingly, their first instinct was to evaluate the books to see how they and other veterans had been cheated by the banks, and they found plenty skimmed off, Slush Funded, never delivered, siphoned off by legal con-artistry, you name it.  

Their initial answer was to create their own banking system and make the recoupment available to veterans and their families, which is fine by us. 

There is, however, the issue of the civilian Public Interest in all the other recouped funds and the return of private property assets that were swept up in the worldwide dragnet still to be resolved. 

Not everyone has a direct ancestor, husband, father, mother, brother or son or daughter who was a veteran --- by far and away, most of us do, but not all. 

There are groups of religious Pacifists, the very young and the very old who one way or another couldn't serve even if they wanted to, the women who made the gunpowder, the newly naturalized Americans and many others who will drop through the cracks if the funding owed the civilian government is not restored as part of the overall recoupment.  

Moreover, the issues of political status must be squarely addressed.  Ever since the Civil War, all our Veterans have been mistakenly inducted as British Territorial U.S. Citizens, and since the First World War, it has been "presumed" that they "voluntarily" stayed in that foreign political status even after they were discharged from the service and returned home.  

Unless they individually wrote letters to the head of their service branch and informed him (or her) that they were returning home to their birthright political status, it was assumed that they "chose" to remain in the foreign British Territorial political status forever afterward.  

Conveniently, these men and women were never told that they had a choice, and so never realized that action on their part was necessary to recoup their original American birthright political status.  

In this way, they continued to be commandeered and counted as British Territorial Citizens and the Queen's Subjects ---without them ever being the wiser.  

This resulted in millions of military service members being deprived of their native political status as Americans and in continuing foreign citizenship obligations being enforced against them by members of the British Bar Associations even long after their tours of duty ended. 

They fought for freedom they were never allowed to enjoy.  They earned benefits that they were never given.  They were cheated out of their inheritance by sins of omission.

Problem is, whether you are in British Territorial status and functioning as a U.S. Citizen under the foreign international Law of the Sea, or an American standing under the Law of the Land, your name looks the same, you look the same, you feel the same, everything appears to be the same --- except that in one status you are a subject of the Queen and obligated to obey her foreign law, and in the other, you are free and heir to your land and guarantees of the Constitutions. 

I just gave everyone a bird's eye view of this process in the recent "Your Sheriff or My Sheriff" article.  Our unincorporated County Government organizations were unlawfully and without any granted authority converted into British Territorial commercial corporation franchises in the business of providing governmental services.  This allowed these organizations to get payola and kickbacks in the form of "Federal Block Grants" -- but it also converted Public Officers and Elected Officials (like our County Sheriffs) into private corporation employees having no Public Office or attendant authority whatsoever. 

This same process unlawfully converted our election processes from being Public Elections to being private corporation shareholder "elections" orchestrated by political lobbyist organizations.  

An Elector casting their ballot in a Public Election is electing a Public Official who is responsible to the Public Interest and operating under the Public Law.  

A voter casting their vote in a private commercial shareholder election to elect a "Representative" is handing their proxy to that person to do whatever to hell that person wants to do with it--- without any accountability to the individual "voter". 

A Public Official in this country is accountable as a Fiduciary and must demonstrate Good Faith in what they do in the name of the Public Interest.  They also function under Public Law and have to uphold and enforce the Constitutional Guarantees owed to the people of this country.  

An elected Corporate Representative holding proxy votes of shareholders, by contrast, is not liable as a Fiduciary, doesn't have to demonstrate Good Faith, and doesn't function under Public Law and doesn't have any obligation to uphold and enforce the Constitutions. 

This is how the foreign federal subcontractors operated by the Brits and the Popes conspired to evade their obligations to the people of this country and the limitations imposed by the Constitutions.  

As the Generals unveil their big programs for Veterans and the grateful people who are veterans and who have family members who are veterans surge forward to reap all the benefits that they and their ancestors have been denied, there will be new elections held ---- but wait a minute!  What kind of elections?  

Public elections or more private commercial corporation elections?  

Are we going to be electing actual American County Sheriffs to Public Offices or are we going to be electing British Territorial "County" "Sheriffs" to private corporation offices?  

Look sharp.  Hold the Generals accountable. 

The military is supposed to be answering to the people of this country and operating under the limitations of our State's Constitutional agreements with them --- not the British Territorial States-of-States Constitutions that were rammed down our throats in the wake of the Civil War as "emergency" actions undertaken via non-existent "Emergency Powers".  

This whole situation requires the return to our original State Constitutions and in many cases, the writing of actual State Constitutions for the Western States of the Union.  It requires the removal of the present "State of State" Governors and Employees and Legislatures and the return of actual State Delegates and American Governors and American State Legislatures. 

The people of this country have to be educated and enabled to make these choices and recognize the fact that the whole song and dance presented by the Political Parties is foreign.  They have to be made aware of the vital difference between acting as a Public Elector and acting as a Shareholder/Voter in private foreign corporation elections. 

The Generals have to make a clean breast of it or it will be just another fraud scheme allowing the Brits, the Popes, or some combination thereof to keep their hands in our pockets. 

This is part and parcel of my objection to the proposal to "give the land back to the Indians".  

In the first place, the Native Nations are all classed as "dependent Sovereignties" meaning that their sovereignty depends on our sovereignty.  .  Their sovereignty was won, like the sovereignty of all Americans was won, by force of arms by our Continental Army and depends on our treaties and results from being born on the land and soil of this country.  

In the second place, the Native Nations have allowed themselves to be identified as "tribes" owing "tribute" to the Roman Municipal Government. 

So what happens when the Generals give the land back to the Natives instead of returning it to the people and the States of the Union?  The Native Nations assume the right to tax all the rest of us, and the Popes assume the right to tax the Native Tribes, and there you have it all again --- both the Natives and the Popes with their hands in our pockets. 

How long does everyone expect that to last, before the 93% white, black, and Asian population rises up and decimates the quote-unquote "Native" population? 

This is just a recipe for disaster in which, once again, some pigs are being defined as "more equal" than other pigs, and the Popes keep their fingers in the pie. 

For that reason, there can be no settlement in which Native Tribes receive title or patent or anything else related to the land jurisdiction of the States and people. 

The interests and treaties owed to the States must be honored or there is no settlement agreement and no national sovereignty available to anyone including the Native Nations. 

Private property must be returned under terms agreeable to the actual owners or there is no settlement.  
                                              By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

                                               The United States of America


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  2. The trouble in this country began when the "enemy" was given the ability to provide "government services". Incrementally our people became "dependent" upon the enemy for all aspects of their lives. Founding father Cabalist Masons granting their fellow enemy Masons the privilege of providing "government services" - what could go wrong there? These men were extremely naive or intent on sabotaging our government right from the start. See the following excerpt from the Protocols - as you can see this was the plan from the start:

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    1. i am finding, like bubba said, places on the internet that say things about Attorneys being, at least, Socialists, if not COMMUNISTS!!!!!

  3. So, I have changed my political status, I have removed myself from their voter rolls. I will be 65 next month and have no health insurance and unpaid property taxes and hospital bills how do I force them to pay up?