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Sunday, April 3, 2022

Pardon Me, Mr. Guterres -- Who Owns The Marshall Plan?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Really, Sir, I must protest.
The Marshall Plan was named after General George Marshall who had the temerity to suggest that we, meaning America and Americans, should make money and resources available to 17 western and eastern European nations after World War II, to help them restore their infrastructure and rebuild.
On April 3, 1948, Harry S.Truman signed The Marshall Plan into existence. Billions upon billions of dollars were deployed over the next three years and the European Economic Recovery Plan then took up the reins and continued the same basic program under a different name and administration.
This was touted as an "investment" program, specifically, "an investment in Democracy". Or in plain language, payola to make sure that various European countries didn't fall under Communist influence --- and stayed under our influence, instead.
Apparently, the idea that all countries should stay under their own influence was foreign and beyond the contextual matrix of those sitting at the table.
The end result is that those countries owe us a lot of money and interest, and it came directly out of the American people --- our labor, our gold, our resources --- even though the British Territorial United States made the loan "for" us.
As a result, Mr. Secretary-General of the United Nations, aka, secretary-general of the UN, The Marshall Plan and the investments and the interest and everything else rolling off of it all these years afterward, belongs to us. We paid for it.
The American people suffered and went without to make those investments possible, and it is to our credit that we made this effort and made The Marshall Plan and the European Economic Recovery Plan a reality.
Imagine my consternation to find "TVM" also known as Alex Tallano, that old fraudster, swaggering around and claiming to be a "Seven Star General" and the "Secretary Governor General of the United Nations" and using United Nations stationery, too.
He has about as much to do with The Marshall Plan and funding it as dogs have to do with dinner. Alex Tallano is not Tiburcio Villamor Marcos, and even if he were, he would still not have any credit coming for The Marshall Plan and our investments in Europe.
As for the rest of Alex Tallano"s claims:
I have a book that shows all the details --- as the Irish say, "the All of It" since 960 A.D. And I can go back if I need to, to the founding of Rome in 753 BC, but there is really no need to do so. I have the Spanish Grant of the Code FLAT Accounts -- the original -- and it doesn't say a word about anyone named Marcos. I also have the Central Bank of the Philippines Certificate of Depositor -- original, not copy, where Marcos appears as the Attorney of TVM-LSM--666, which is Severino Sta Romano's account code system. It has nothing to do with Tiburcio Villamor Marcos.
Let me ask the Genius Generals --- if someone named Annabelle Victoria Rasmussen (AVR) and someone named Anna Von Reitz (AVR) happen to have the same initials, does that imply that they are one and the same woman, having the same property, owning the same interests?
No, it resoundingly doesn't even begin to imply that at all. So, can we all look at the bald fact of where the money for The Marshall Plan actually came from and who actually paid for it, or do I have to attend yet another meeting and (figuratively) slap people silly?

3 April 2022 by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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  1. The Green Marshall Plan

    Best check out the Ever Forward that is OWNED by the Evergreen Marine Corp
    thats sitting in the harbor right outside MARYland and Virginia
    (aka Virgin Mary)

    They're working feverishly to set the stage for their next grand illusion folks
    Welcome Back My Friends to the Shew that never ends
    Come Inside Come Inside
    Welcome to their Grand Illusion

    Reminds me of the Ever Present sign on the friggin BONANZA Ponderosa Ranch just outside of Lake Tahoe NEVADA where they filmed that shew in VIRGINIA city

    1. And when you read from the article from this link

      Then figure out who the hell is really behind all this fucking theft it makes absolutely perfect sense as to why hollywood royalty knows the score
      Their code names, code words
      Hillary Clinton also Elizabeth Warren, aka Annette Benning, wife of Warren Beatty aka TRICKY Dick Nixon
      Codename: Evergreen
      Chelsea Clinton aka Charlize Theron (throne), hidden daughter of Annette and Warren Beatty
      Codename: Energy

      The fake ass FDR who signed the 'New Deal' in to action was a fucking fraud while his other relative gutted Germany wearing a bank robbing mask
      They all are, today is no different


      And their recent start back up of the sacraments to their God stage shew and the mass shooting in Sacramento

      More Similarities between Israel and California – Galilee and Tahoe

      Hmm Lake Tahoe and the Sea of Galilee
      Lake Tahoe and Virginia City where they filmed BONANZA on the PONDEROSA Ranch and there is a sign erected outside of that famous ranch today that has the words EVER PRESENT written within its body

      You think U2 sang this song for shits and giggles
      Hmm and there is that there Joshua Tree 1987
      Hmm hasn't Miss Anna here said many things about Jesus was Joshua or something like that?

      They all know because they are all inbred family members and thats exactly why they can STAGE this shit

      The TRANCEformation of an entire nation/world in to GLOBAL CITIZENS so they can steal and control it all from their secluded and off limits Iron Mountain and Swissy Land in the ALPS (they're all PALS)

      Not one in a million would figure it out and we have plausable deniability at our disposal as the fake ass Mentalhouse supposedly wrote


    You will notice ole Ted Turner (the man who put up the Georgia Guidestones) and ole Gorby on the right side as you scroll down
    Gorby aka Rod Steiger has been housed at the Presidio right outside the Golden Gate Bridge along with his fake ass Gorbachev Foundation since he and Reagan aka Frank Sinatra did their infamous scene of tear down that wall

    Did I mention that ole Ted here was married to this masked liar who's been on the stage for decades ripping off everyone in California

    Presidio and Presidium all over World Parliament documents folks

    We're gonna do it our way
    Yes our way
    Make all our dreams come true

    And for shits and giggles the actor behind the mask of the Cartrights who were instrumental in planning the 21 goals of the illuminati as Dr John Coleman aka Gary Collins reported to us all about those goals

    Behind those fake hidden Cartrights is you guessed it ANOTHER HOLLYWOOD ROYAL FAMILY
    Loren Green hidden in plain sight is again, Dezi Arnez! I love the Loren Greene {Bonanzo Discovery} it so much, in plain sight, Dezi all puffed up, is Without A Doubt, Loren Greene, and although he's all puffed up, he still looks Marvelous! :)

    It's a BONANZA of many discoveries about who the fuck is really behind the global heist of everything and it sure as hell isn't the cock and bull stories we're being fed either

  3. How bout that

    I guess you might call that a marriage made in heaven

  4. I do not five a damn to whether the USA is a British empire upgrade or it is a separate empire on its own - the big picture of all this boils down to the following: the Anglo-Americans first created Nazi Germany to throw it against the Soviet Union then helped the Soviet Union chase the Nazi back to Germany devastating in death, famine and destruction the whole region(territory I should say using your current terminology), then pouring billions upon billions of $$$ in it under the banner of "helping them recover" extracting fat profits at the expense of keeping them poor and underdeveloped.Luckily,the outdated,old perverts from the Jewish Banking Cartel hiding behind the so called New World Order made a fatal mistake by killing the Soviet Union and developing China economically.Otherwise,they could very well "rinse and repeat" this scheme a few more times.Now they have revived Nazi Germany under the flag of Nazi Ukraine.To be successful,they needed badly a new scheme.Nazi Ukraine is the evidence that the outdated perverted minds are not capable of coming up with anything new.Hence,this is the beginning of their end.Their decline agony will be horrible,bloody and long - yet one-way ticket to their total collapse.this is the beginning of the end of the anglopagans' hegemony and dominance over our Mankind.Your game is over.the ball now is in the court of Russia+China+India????

    1. Another confused dummy. More like counter-intelligence. Nothing American about it. European all the with it.

    2. I agree with you.
      Thanks and good luck.

  5. bubbaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! missed uuuuuuuuuuu! :):):):) so glad to see your name! adding to the "Voices of Sanity"!!!

    weve been broaching the "money" subject... one you have studied, i think? have you got anything to add to the mix? we need to figure out how to peacefully and lawfully get our State Banks set up, dont we? i mean were not going to *DO* it but dont we at least need to know the structure of doing so?

    boots :):):)

  6. are they "playing" this all out BACKWARDS then? Im thinking YES.
    what a double triple quad crossover mess theyve created.

  7. The dollar is dead but with your support as a patron we can fix this

    Be sure and doughnate all you can

  8. Janmarie always a pleasure when your around .

  9. awwww, thank you!!!! :):):):):)


    Q, ha ha ha ha ha ha
    The Plan to save the United FEDERATION of MADE UP Planets

    Guess who played Q in that series

    They're all in it together

  11. And if you ask me this little wench here is Ellen the Degenerate

    They're all in it together