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Sunday, April 3, 2022

The Delivery System Delivers "Whatever"

 By Anna Von Reitz

Just so that you all know, I have examined the patents underlying the whole pandemic operation and the development of the vaccines.  I have heard the sworn depositions of eminent scientists with first-hand knowledge.  There can be no doubt what we are dealing with. 

The retrovirus is a delivery system, like a train.  You load it up with different payloads and whatever you load the retrovirus with, is what the recipient gets.  

Another familiar way to think about this is those little clear gelatin capsules that you can buy and fill up with herbs or medicines.  The retrovirus is like that gelatin capsule -- whatever you fill it up with, is what you get. 

So, if you load up the viral delivery system with HIV, the victim gets infected with HIV. 

If you load it up with graphene, the victim gets that poison dumped in their bloodstream. 

Want Avian Flu?  Want to suppress your natural Cancer Suppression gene?  How about blood clotting factor disease?  Morgellons, anyone?  Nano-antennas?  Nano-transmitters?  As long as it is small enough to fit in the cargo bay of the retrovirus, it can be delivered directly to your cells. 

You have also heard a lot about "spike proteins".  To understand that, you need to understand how the mRNA "vaccines" work, and how GMOs work. 

For example, by altering the DNA of corn, they can make the corn plant cells produce insecticides "in house".  So, the madmen programmed human cells to produce spike proteins, instead of corn cells to produce insecticides. 

Instead of killing bugs and polluting the corn so that we wind up eating insecticides (and can't just wash them off) they have found a way to force human cells to produce a destructive protein that causes inflammation throughout the body forever afterward.  

So, take your pick among the inflammatory diseases: fibromyalgia, arthritis, ALS, MS, cardio-vascular disease.... or just plain old wear out your immune system trying to get rid of the unnatural protein in your blood, and develop another version of AIDS that is not caused by HIV, but has the same result. 

As you can see, there is potentially no end to the destructive power of this research and the retrovirus delivery systems these morons have developed-- and now used--  to make sure that billions of people die and billions more are afflicted with incurable chronic diseases that the "medical" industry will profit from.  

I think it is obvious what needs to be done, and we all need to figure out how best to do it.  If we wait for the military tribunals to be effective it will take 300 years and everyone will be dead.  Some of us who invested in medical stocks will be fabulously wealthy and just as dead.  

Declaring your status as an American and joining your State Assembly is one way to make a good start toward organizing the power of the people and gathering together the skills needed to answer this onslaught.  Go to:


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  1. You are absolutely correct, Anna. Thanks for putting it into easily understood terms.

  2. "power of the people" has been an evergreen propaganda tool ever since the times in the cave????

  3. I personally think that the people responsible once they're found guilty that's hanging is too good for them they should be staked to the ground and eaten alive by Texas fire ants that would be Justice and we could all watch it live on pay-per-view where you could pause the event take your time come back later and watch some more proceeds would go to the victims that are still left alive

    1. I like that...can we shoot them with bb guns and frozen paintballs while they are being eaten by the fire ants ?

  4. Let me see your arsenal of directed energy weaponry! Remember Richard Geer doing those push ups and the sergant was trying to kick him out? All he could say was, "I have nowhere else to go".......that's pretty much where we are. Just that people have no clue about that part.

  5. There are hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of vaxxed folks who are getting great results using chlorine dioxide (CD). CD kills pathogens, oxygenates you blood and tissues, denatures the spike protein, oxidizes heavy metals and has been used to purify drinking water for 100 years. Watch the documentary about CD here:

    Many small health food stores carry the CD kits for on site generation, or you can buy online at

    Here is a video of Andreas Kalcker showing how to make chlorine dioxide solution (CDS - 3000 ppm):

    Here is the anti-inoculation (& post inoculation) protocol:

    The other protocols mentioned in the AI Protocol above can be found in this document:

    Both of the pdf documents above were developed and reviewed by 5,000+ doctors, mostly from Latin America. CD is truly amazing stuff.

    For more info about protocols etc, visit

    1. Hi Ed! DJ here great to see you my Sedona friend!….yes so much is about educating oneself with natural pathetic remedy’s to health. All must not participate in the old worn out ways that no longer are for our highest good. Be kind to yourself and others. Love and create and stay away from any fear thoughts and others who are perpetuating it. Be you own advocate no one will get you anywhere but you. Love yourself. Word are just meaningless images on paper without direct experience, to much has been given by all with empty promises. There is NOTHING higher then Source, and no one or thing WILL COME BETWEEN MY HIGHER Allegiance. Anyone or thing is just more obstacles of illusion. Hold the line, be Responsible for your own Self Governance. You’re the only one that can. All-WAYS IN LOVE.

  6. don't become the evilApril 3, 2022 at 11:42 PM

    acts of violence and taking pleasure in the destruction will make one like them. do not let the evil acts change one to evil. do not look back, remember Lot's wife.

  7. So what your saying they are testing all sorts of way and going pick the right combo do kill the best. Maybe by injection from bugs or nano machines

    1. no, the many different vaxs are made different to make it harder to tie the deaths together as one big plan. Our real hope is joining Christ Jesus when he returns and He will soon on the feast of Trumpets

  8. The ONLY problem I see with TASA is that it's populated and run by people who've been through the brainwashing machine. There's the Gatekeeper who tells people who need access to the ONLY one who has good info to "not write" to either one of them, because they're too busy. Then there are coordinators who have conflicts of interest, and when someone who's smart and sees this and points it out, they get fired (from a VOLUNTEER position), and the coordinator continues on with no repercussions. Then there are the idiots who don't comprehend what system they're trying to get out of, and what system they're trying to build, and wind up trying to set up another parallel to the one they just got out of - and take entire counties with them.

    Until the vast majority of people in the Assemblies get some serious training - from qualified people, NOT amateurs - this one organization that America needs most right now will be considered a joke by the criminals running the country. THEY'RE organized, we are NOT.

  9. Shelby is stuck on a fence post running her mouth. Not where you want to be. Get off your asses, join your Assembly and fill the Public Offices. Like the Sheriff. And you can lawfully organize your State militia as well. This is what needs to be done. Then we don't need corrupt, clueless do-nothing military and pirate LEO's. In fact, we can round all those frauds up as well. I have no problem with Public executions, but you're not gonna accomplish anything yapping on a fence post. It's just mouth running with no real action or solutions.

  10. Well Shelby WTH do you keep showing up w/ur BS! Do everyone a fav. and just go away!!!

  11. Please note that Shelby delivers more information than anyone I've ever seen on the internet! She is a WEALTH OF INFORMATION! You'll do well to look into some of the links that she provides! Maggiestar (IT'S GOING TO SHOW ME AS, 'ANONYMOUS,' again)!! Anybody can be anonymous.

  12. I think the way to get them is hit him where it hurts in their pocket. I think class action lawsuits need to be filed, I wouldn't know the first place to start though. But I imagine with the kind of evidence that is out there they could even be absolved as a corporation and not be able to do business anymore. Just like a city not following their corporate charter or their oath to the Constitution this corporation Pfizer or moderna has somehow had to violated their own corporate charter,, I don't know maybe I'm talking out of my ass I really don't know.

    1. jason,
      everyone started out not knowing what to think because its been made confusing on purpose.
      its good that youre stepping up and getting rolling tho'.
      stay with it.

  13. Judge dale he became aware of 2009 paper in Congress plan to reduce population by use of fake pandemic and mandatory vaccine.
    The gulf war more soldiers died of vaccinations than bullets.
    They wanted a top secret classification to hide it.

  14. Plans were in congressional record no less members wanted to hide it under top secret but it surfaced .no congressman had the guts to go public ,so they knew and said mothing.

  15. Everyone listen! I wrote this on April 4th at 9:56 AM. I hope some people who commented on this blog previously, see what I have to say. I will repeat, 'Shelby delivers more information than anyone I've ever seen on the internet. She is a WEALTH OF INFORMATION! You will do well to look into some of the links that she has provided on this blog site. My handle is Maggiestar and last time I showed up as, 'Anonymous.' This comment should post just below my previous one. Thank you :) Maggiestar

  16. there are few if any actual references showing where the info shelby brings to the blog come from though.

    lacks *verifiable* credibility.
    would be better if we could look up the sources for ourselves. to fact check.

    otherwise its just more "stories" / "fearpron" actually, but very often quite interesting nevertheless!!


  17. Janmarie,

    Go to (This is one of Greg Bradford pages where you can learn about how Hollywood is pretty much behind everything that's lousy in this existence). Then go to (This one is a mind blower and will really make you ponder what he has to say; and don't be judgmental before you've had time to look into it). Shelby has introduced websites and information that sheds a lot of light on what's probably true and what definitely isn't!! I'll probably come up again as, 'Anonymous,' but it should say, 'Maggiestar.'