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Monday, April 4, 2022

A Polite Reminder About Murder and Murderers

 By Anna Von Reitz

A distraught friend of the Mother in the accompanying news story contacted me earlier today: 

As you can see, two little girls murdered by injection in Oregon at a local "health" clinic. This has been verified by numerous sources. This is just one of thousands of cases  that have been papered over. 

If I were this Mother, things would change --- not tomorrow or next week or next month or next year or ten years down the road.  No, if I were this Mother, things would change today. 

The Mom in this news story could not possibly give informed consent.  Nobody has ever given informed consent to these injections.  Why?  Because the content of the injection is not disclosed and the effect --- they claim --- is not known.  

But this much is known: 

Murder by any means is still a capital crime in this country.  All it takes is a piece of rope and either: (1) a tribunal of three military officers (reserve and retired, too, so long as they retained their commission and did not formally return it); or (2) twelve unrelated civilians to determine the facts. 

And then the rest of the story goes like this: 

"Dr. Chin, you knowingly injected these trusting little girls with unknown substances that are, however, already known to be dangerous. Their Mother could not possibly give informed consent as the contents were not disclosed.  You committed murder and took their young lives.  You violated your oath to do no harm.  Now your own life is forfeit in return."

Kick the horse. 

Apply the Public Law and this nightmare will end tomorrow.  No need to wait for military tribunals in the Havana Suburbs. 

Anna Maria


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  1. Absolutely our answer to carpetbaggers after 13 Years of corruption.
    The defacto is the perpetrator.

    1. yes, and our *from right*/ "dejure" authority/ "jurisdiction" is American common law:
      bring before the people:
      1. the claim that (a) man harmed (a) man
      2. the man bringing the claim must prove it
      3. the man who is claimed to have harmed another DISproves it if he can
      4. the people decide.

      but people cant go off half-cocked.
      there HAVE to be FAIR TRIALS.
      There is such a danger that people will just act (even somewhat) impulsively.

      we already know alot of people who've been made to look like they did something wrong DIDNT!
      Its the people who set them up to look bad who need to be TRIED!!

  2. Bravo Anna !... now you have finally seen the light. Hang them.

  3. Mayhem = Ignorance (of ingredients)

  4. In a Stew Peters Network exclusive, Dr. Bryan Ardis, D.C has a shocking discovery to share about the great lie of the pandemic, involving the drinking water, the evil snake connection, and a tie to the first enemy of the Body of Christ.

    Stew also shares a breathtaking preview of an in-depth interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis about the satanic undertones of the plandemic.

    ATTENTION FEDS: The Dr. Ardis story is in the can, and it’s being held with documentation in multiple places on different continents. Taking me out won’t stop what’s coming. It’s coming out. Period. “Watch The Water” Covid Bombshell EXCLUSIVE! The Great Lie Revealed, Coming Soon!

  5. Dr. David Martin shares how the Biden junta may be facing imminent indictment for felony crimes against humanity.
    EXPOSED: Wuhan Bioweapons Lab, Biden Felonies: Dr. Martin: Biden Felony Convictions Imminent

  6. Stew Peters​
    ​"​My home was just SWATTED. My children were home and had to witness everything. The person who made the call impersonated me, gave my home address, and claimed that I had a hostage and was going to shoot them.

    Let me make something VERY clear: I will NOT be intimidated. I have the best lawyers and investigators in the country working to subpoena the Minnesota Police Department for the suspect's information who made the call that resulted in a potentially dangerous police-involved situation, risking the lives of my kids.

    From what I understand, this is happening to many conservative show hosts in order to have their homes raided, their privacy violated, and to put their lives at risk.
    This is how people get killed, and it ends now. We won't stop until this stops.​ I am PISSED.​"​

  7. Janmarie is right I have pertesipated in several trials and two problems one the boycott and assault of defecto Rothschild gulag system and
    Need men or women of cloth to help guide jury.
    As janmarie stated anger causes problems.
    Example our common law judge till he died in 1992 was a pastor.
    People that know your character or your Peers is required buy can be waived by wrong doer your rights can’t be .

  8. Amen to everything you said Anna hang every sob that ever forced anyone to take the jab.

  9. Christian nation Declaration of Independence: law of nature that’s natural law gods law the commandments.
    Not other nohide Jewish off brand the super mob wants .
    This we have to agree on more reasons to separate the intended NWO monkey wrench in wagon wheels.
    Poisoning the well old soonest tradition
    Except there own

  10. I'm a retired nurse. About 10 years ago, a patient's son went through the 'criminal' justice system and charged his father's cardiologist with MURDER - for killing the father on the operating room table. Apparently the doctor had no consent from the patient for the complicated procedure he was doing (he had consent for a much simpler procedure). The doctor's excuse was instead of having the patient come back later, he would just deal with it here and now. He was sure that the patient would agree with him. Therefore, obvious malpractice.
    Ordinarily there would be a plain ol' malpractice suit, the insurance company would settle and that would be that. No justice. So forget malpractice - go for the throat - charge them with murder.
    PS - in the '70s when the malpractice industry was getting started in earnest, many doctors and nurses were upset. They assumed that these malpractice suits were just a way of getting rich quick but I assure you that the reason the malpractice industry took off was because THERE WAS MORE MALPRACTICE GOING ON THAN YOU COULD SHAKE A STICK AT.
    Up until then, it was impossible to win a malpractice suit and the 'physicians', knowing that they were immune, loved to experiment on their CUSTOMERS!!!! It was commonplace. Thank God people woke up.
    Thanks for listening.

    1. ellie,
      how could we wake up ellie, when people trust their doctors AND NURSES and alot of this happens behind closed doors? and or out of the sight of loved ones? and or while the "patient" is heavily medicated, ddrruug ded, or unconscious?

      you did make complaints to the Medical Boards throughout your employment whenever you saw people being mis-diagnosed, mis-medicated, or buutcchhered, didnt you?

      did you experience reprecussions for doing so?
      if so, what? if you dont mind sharing.

    2. i know that "Captain Joyce Riley" was an expert witness in trials concerning the deths of some patients that she said involved what is known as "Crashing A Patient".

      iow, medical staff carrying out orders to kell patients in their "care".

      make them dye. on purpose.

      because somebody told them to.

      and they do what theyre told.

      or they wouldnt get paid.

      and they hafta get paid.

      but its okay, the doctor told them to?

  11. Supreme Court case Bond v US
    Held American people are sovereign and not the states or the government.
    Law enforcement committing unlawful acts.
    Bond vs United States,529 is 334-2000.
    Be advised cover up appeals court followed up and tried to overturn it.

    1. yes, its getting critical.people need to start keeping good notes? if theyre not already.
      because even the Corporation's Courts have recently sometimes gotten it right! and we probably would do well to make sure we have examples ready for our own References.

      heres another one. its on water rights! "BLUEGOLD".

      U. S. Court of Federal Claims
      Goss v U.S.
      water rights. took *20 years!*,
      God bless this family for hanging in there! there is less and less easily found info.


      water rights battles are coming up next everybody imo!!!
      "judge" just upheld Trump EOs on pipeline issues that had water rights issues attached!!

      bluegold: three days w/out it and yure ded.

      we can get a jump on it!
      we can get out from being stuck behind the eightball all the time!!!

  12. In light of the provable facts , as Anna has identified there system is the three branches of government executive passed orders to his employees.
    We have our own Congress with deputies not Representatives, our courts are common law sheriff empannels peers neighbors who know you to form a common law grand jury to determine if a infamous crime worthy of arrest .

    1. "...our courts are common law sheriff empannels peers neighbors who know you to form a common law grand jury to determine if a infamous crime worthy of arrest ."
      imo, furnishing some American clarifications here:

      There *is* no just *common law*, unless youre talking about what would be called "ancient common law for man" [that i believe is exactly what the man they call Jesus of Nazareth taught].
      And as far as i know right now, the Nordic and Saxon people were the ones who also used it in their Societies. ive heard it very often referred to as "White Mans Law". (it looks like some of the true and natural Englishmen, Irish, and Scots may also have had groups of people that used it. )
      cond comment 1 of 2

    2. every nation/group has its *own* "common law".

      1. if theres a Sheriff, youre in **British** common law.
      i dont care how many other "names" are slapped over top of it, its **British**, not American.
      Americans dont *have* SHIRES or Shire REEVES/ Sheriffs.
      its easy to look up. check out the facts for yourself!! i encourage you, do it!:):)

      2. The *American* courts have no Grand Jury.
      thats a double trial, and ONE of them is SECRET!-- that is the Grand Jury. ITS SECRET.
      >....for Commercial questions/ accusations; **INTRA**State Commerce and Trade? Men trusted to Serve the people?
      yes. yes. and yes.

      but not on man.
      no man/group "investigates" another man!!!

      HOW DARE THEY???!!!!

      What?.... on another mere man's "accus-ation"? how about a "suspicion"?
      HELL NO!!

      Hey!! but you can get a good paying contract, maybe with INTRAFRAGAARD or something?; and follow someone around, watch them, until *you* think "something looks suspicious", then report it? contract fulfilled? you get paid?
      anyone for "gangstalking" your neighbor? ...theyre looking for people to do "Neighbor Watch" arent they, or just a rumor?-- hey! its all on the up and up isnt it?-- cuz' hey!:):):) we think they might be a danger to themselves or others dont we?... yeh, thats the ticket,... they might be neglecting their family? yeh,... yeh, neglecting their family, yeh, i get it.... maybe theyd be better off in a different home?... with people who accept $3500.00 a month from the "childs" Trussst"?... niiiiice, huh?...
      hey! heres another one!! they might be abusing a family member?-- quick go grab the family member and put em in a home so the Tryssssst can get emptied out and the "property" can be claimed? ... you know, to pay for all the contract "services" their gonna need?... until it runs out,..then when that happens they aint gonna need no service no more?

      so yeh, bayBEE, jes go sign up, report sumthin'? and then its "Oh GoodieGoodie, now we have "Reasonable Suspicion" to "INVESTIGATE" a **man** who didnt do a gaaawfdamm thing!!??"
      i hope thats just fearporn.

      so, NO!

      Really now, look what that kind of bullshit could cause/ is causing!

      so, absolutely NO GRAND JURY ON (A) MAN!

      thats forbidden in America!

      we have only:
      man harmed brings his claim, and records it, and stands before the people and proves it.
      thats all thats required in American common law.
      And its A HELLUVA LOT!

      3. *ARREST* is an Admiralty/Maritime Term for a sea-going VESSLE/ SHIP.
      so is "DETAIN".
      so is "IN REM".
      so is the Maritime Fringe.
      so are the British fobs.
      hanging in their British Commercial/other British or Vatican "jurisdictional" Courts that no *man* has "standing" to be in.
      and were not "ships, merchants, merchandise, cargo, slaves, collateral", or anything else.
      Man cannot be arrested.
      Man is abducted.

      were *man* and we have right to require that we be recognized be-ing man. that is our true and natural **state**.

      JFKs famous speech about secretiveness/ Societies.