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Monday, April 4, 2022

The Fight for the Fragments

 By Anna Von Reitz

Stop, will you? Just stop running around like squawking chickens? Stop using anything but plain English? Wake up, smell the java, and look at this list:
David Straight
Russell Gould -- "Unity States of America"
Kim Goguen -- "Life Force"
National Assembly
Christopher James -- More Russell Gould
Reign of the Heavens Society
All these people and organizations are involved in trying to pick up the pieces of the now completely defunct "federal" corporations and trying to one way or another sort out aspects of the debacle now facing actual Federal Employees, both Military and Federal Civil Service --- and everyone here but David Straight are trying to form some kind of replacement organization.
But what are they trying to replace?
The defunct Territorial Corporation (National Assembly and Reign of the Heavens).
The defunct Municipal Corporation (Russell Gould, Kim Goguen, Christopher James)
David Straight is just trying to build a bridge for Federal Dual Citizens --- either U.S. Citizens or Municipal citizens of the United States -- to reclaim their interests as Americans and protect themselves while retaining one of the Federal citizenship designations.
We, the Americans, are doing something totally different.
So far as we are concerned, the foreign Federal Corporations are defunct, and so what?
From our perspective, there is no reason to replace them with more foreign federal corporations at all. All the "powers" ever delegated to them have returned to us by Operation of Law. It's their own fault.
And now, the only question is --- do we hire someone to do the work, or do we do it ourselves?
These other groups are intent on trying to claim that they already have a contract, but they don't. Not with us. Not with our country. They are just lonely little foreign commercial corporations looking for a job, and not likely to get one at this rate.
They aren't in competition with The American States Assemblies, if that's what you (or they) ever thought. We aren't competing to employ ourselves as foreign operatives.
To the extent that we employ ourselves doing any Public Duty, we are doing it 100% as Americans. No need to adopt any foreign citizenship status. No need to work for the Queen, the Pope, or the Lord Mayor, either.
We can mow our own lawn. We can pay for our own Navy.
No, we are the only people that any Federal citizenry must learn to work for, and in fact, we are the only Principals --- that is, the only Employers, in the room. The Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor have all beat a hasty retreat when faced with the facts of their own perfidy.
These above-listed would-be Federal Subcontractors can protest and scream and shout. They can whine. They can lie. They can pout.
It won't do them any good, because the only powers our Subcontractors ever had came from us, and now that those powers have returned to us, we don't need foreign Subcontractors at all.
We certainly don't need to hire any foreign Persons who are mentally confused, ignorant, hostile, deceitful, or incompetent --- which pretty much describes the "National Assembly" and its members, certainly describes The Reign of the Heavens Society, and at least the deceitful description applies to the whole Russell J. Gould/Christopher James/PARSE SYNTAX PsyOp.
Just today I got another message written in PARSE and I had to remind the Sender that English is our Official Language. Also had to remind him that the only ones with any right to any physical assets in America including soil, land gold, silver, and turnips are Americans.
So, the smart move, if you were lucky enough to be born on the land and soil of this country, is to speak plain English and claim your birthright as an American and join your State Assembly. Stop casting around wasting time joining would-be replacement Federal Contractor organizations.
I don't have the final word on it, but chances are we aren't going to hire any Federal Subcontractor Corporations to replace those that went bankrupt. Chances are that we will simply do all the work and directly administer everything ourselves, appoint our own Paymasters and sail on. There will have to be formal decisions by our Continental Congress and diplomatic negotiations to settle all that, but in the main, we don't need two sets of bloated foreign Federal Bureaucracy promoting any kind of war on our shores.
The Pope, the Queen, the Lord Mayor and their minions have been served Due Process and Notice and to the extent that they continue to employ Federal Persons, those Persons have to honor our Public Law, which includes our Constitutions. Failure to do so gives us the absolute right to string them up like last year's Christmas lights.

So give some thought to the simple fact that all these people and organizations listed above are operating as foreign corporations or, in David Straight's case, operating in a Dual Citizenship capacity that is foreign to us, and so, have nothing to do with the price of beans in China. They are all competing for non-existent authorities and positions that are vacated and probably won't be refilled.


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  1. WOW, you would think that we all would have been way beyond that by now, but it comes up like changing diapers on a baby, well, until baby is going to bathroom on its own!!! I think it all comes back to greed and EGO where people dont want to give up what makes them feel SAFE! am i wrong? or what? DISGUSTING i think, and if i can understand all of this, and i admit that I am not the smartest HUMAN on this fair earth, then why are some having so much trouble with it? now SLOW is SLOW, but come on PEOPLE!!! we are HUMANS first, and not anything that is FICTION! FICTION is for HOLLYWOOD and not for HUMANS, so let hollywood deal with fiction, like that SLAP is a good example.....FAKE FAKE FAKE, and if it was real, Will Smith would have been taken to jail that same night that it happened, but it didnt happen that way......DID IT? NO, it did not, and SMITH will never see the inside of any courtroom for this CRIME, which was fake, and not a crime!

  2. when we, people, sit down with the indigenous American people and look at the actual Treaties that were made between our families, we will see Treaties made between the indigenous American people and the people of the CONFEDERATED UNION, not any PopUpFederatedConstruct being cooked up now.

    no matter what anyone tries to do or say, the fact is that there are STILL descendants of both the American indigenous nations AND of the united States of America, (The United States of America, and the United States) still living today and we have the right and the duty to stand for what our fathers and mothers agreed to if we so-choose.

    were going to have our time to get together and decide for ourselves what our families actually intended and agreed to.
    no one can stop that.
    they can only delay.
    but not for much longer because the people are not as dumb as they had hoped.

    when we finally deal with the Treaties, everything else will be shown to be just another "patch job". imo.

    1. The so-called American Indians are not native to north America. And you are the one cooking up bs. Go back to your nutty group.

    2. Union/Land. Federation/Sea. Confederation/Air. Power flows from the people. Slobber all over the Federal Republic all you want. You obviously have no clue what you are talking about and are knowingly and willfully spreading bs.

    3. Anonymous, Confederation is business arm of our nation dealing in commerce, no one of states ratified the constitution or deal with the devil. All anti Federalists knew exactly what was going down in the words of the most vocal Patrick Henry “Your giving away your hard earned liberty “.

    4. And the Confederation never went away jus as Rothschild attorneys do wall paper over it forget it.

    5. absolutely! unknown:
      so glad you are posting your understandings of our "bottom line". :):):)

    6. anonymous,
      maybe youd better notice which way the wind is blowing and become proficient in a trade or skill?

    7. No. You two knuckleheads need to understand jurisdiction of Law. Neither one of you understands what you are talking about.

    8. We have for our documents the articles of confederation, the subcontractors have the Constitution all the articles lay out the formation of the hired help .
      We also have in effect the Virginia declaration of rights .
      Declairation is laying down the law .
      Constitution is contract .

    9. Commerce is business between incorporated entities. Hello? Anybody home? Obviously not.

    10. You guys are hopelessly lost and it's your own damn fault. You are lucky commerce is even allowed in this country.

    11. The Confederation represents the country in the Air jurisdiction and the realm of global commerce. Do you not understand that? A "State of State" is a Confederate State. It doesn't physically exist. The day of incorporated entities running the world is over. And why would you not want that? All the power is in the people and union of physical states. The country exists simultaneously in all 3 jurisdictions...and guess whose at the bottom of the totem pole? Your vaunted Confederate States of States. Just a business organization. That's it. The Federal republic serves. It doesnt rule. You corporatists are truly a cancer on this planet. I would love to see commerce banned. It has ruined the planet.

    12. anonymous,
      you sound very uptight and distraught that you cant use your name-calling to influence either bubba or me to pretend like youre right when you have nothing credible and true to back up anything youre saying!!

      probably no one really cares what you have to say... i know i dont... i cant speak for bubba, but the man very obviously has a 140+ IQ, so why not give yourself a break? ...youre no match for bubba. he aptly shreds what youre saying using both facts AND logic, and all youve got to come back with is name-calling and a temper tantrum and a bunch of crap information you havent even checked out!!

      ive got a nice sweet vanilla and lavendar scented candle going, and my yummy cup of hot peach tea is almost steeped....
      and yes,... its great to be me :):):).

  3. Wouldn’t put David straight as building bridges between municipal and Territorial.
    Neither one is about Gods law .
    David is about using a (God Trust ).
    Teaches mainly in church groups.
    But not Christian anymore what are our guiding
    Don’t be so quick to throw stones.

    1. exactly right.

      *man* has right/"dejure authority" to live simply and freely under creators laws without interference from other man as long as he is not harming another man or what belongs to other man.


    2. and based upon that one foundational principle our fathers and mothers already set up a set of structural agreements on top of it to build their lives on:

      they joined themselves together in recognition that they are the people who:

      hold specifc truths to be self-evident: that is they are the group of men and women who know, without anyone having to tell them, that these certain things are true. -- Parag. 2, Declar ofIndep.

  4. I wasn't aware of Christopher James (A Warrior Calls) being aligned with any of these groups. I think Anna may be confusing him with Mark Christopher.

    1. I agree. Mark Kishon Christopher is the one who promotes PAR SE SYNTAX.

    2. Yes, Christopher James is all about common law, and standing as a man/woman. He's never mentioned anything about Parse Syntax as far as I am aware. He often praises the work of people like Anna, and Karl Lentz, and others. I think Anna is confusing Christopher James with Mark Kishon Christopher.

      Why not reach out to Christopher James and chat with him at He seems a very open-minded man with a desire for getting to the truth of things. And if he's wrong about something, and you can clearly point out to him why, he will correct. That's my impression anyway.

  5. Ok folks here’s the purported timeline of how the “English” language came into existence;
    “The History of the English Language”;

    And then we have this;

    History of English - Wikipedia;
    Middle English[edit]
    Main articles: Middle English and Influence of French on English
    “The Pleading in English Act 1362 made English the only language in which court proceedings could be held, though the official record remained in Latin.[21]”

    So let ’s move along;

    “When Did English Become The Official Language Of England?”
    “When Did English Become Official Language?”
    “Consequently, in 1963, Parliament enacted the Official Languages Act, which provided that English would be used for official purposes along with Hindi after 1965.” ***Hindi?***

    So now we as “Americans” are being admonished by this statement at the top of Anna’a article:
    “Stop using anything but plain English?" Take notice that this Quote has a question mark. Why?

    1. Plain English - Wikipedia;
      Should we now go and purchase this;
      “OXFORD GUIDE TO Plain English”; Guide to Plain English 4th Edition.pdf
      Along with this as well;
      “Plain English for Lawyers (5th Edition)”;

      Now let Us first ask what is the official Language of The United States of America?
      This is what was provided;
      “7 Things You Didn’t Know About The United States’ Official Language”;
      1. The United States has no official language
      It’s true, there’s no official language of the United States at the federal level. The debate about whether or not to adopt an official language has been going on since at least the 1750s. Still, the vast majority of people in the United States speak English (about 300 million), which makes it the country’s de facto (in practice, instead of in law) official language.
      2. Over half the states in the U.S. have made English an official language
      Although there are no laws stating that English is the official language at the federal level, 31 states have their own laws proclaiming it as the official language on the state level, which usually just means it has to be used for government communications. 
      3. Three states have other official languages in addition to English
      Hawaii recognized Hawaiian Pidgin English as an official language in 2015. Since then, South Dakota made Sioux an official language, and Alaska added more than 20 indigenous languages.

    2. But wait a second this too was provided;
      “Text - H.R.997 - 115th Congress (2017-2018): English Language Unity Act of 2017 | | Library of Congress”;
      However one State back in 1923 made “American Language” it’s official language

      American English - Wikipedia;
      Evolution of American English – Legends of America;
      “The evolution of the American language continued into the 20th century, as well as American pride.  After World War I, when Americans were in a patriotic and anti-foreign mood, the state of Illinois went so far as to pass an act making the official language of the state the “American language.” In 1923, in the State of Illinois General Assembly, they passed the act stating in part:
      The official language of the State of Illinois shall be known hereafter as the “American” language and not as the “English” language.”
      “A similar bill was also introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives the same year but died in committee.”

      Now Ive tried all day to locate an earlier research document that plainly stated how there were over 200 different dialects, and English styled versions being spoken in England around the time King James was enthroned, and something had to be done to bring unity to the masses. In order to have everyone speak the same language. This must have been of paramount importance, as “Latin’ was replaced with “English” in court proceedings(see above).
      That research paper that I couldn’t locate also went to great length to show that the “English” Language was a made up language that when spoken, written, and read caused a man(or woman) to be mentally at odds internally. Because when reading, and writing from the left side of the page to the right the brain’s two hemisphere’s are now in opposition to themselves as a whole.

      This has been in the works for a long time…

      Md. Mozaffor Hossain;’s-Nineteen-Eighty-Four-A-Psycholinguistic-Analysis.pdf

      And this is what they now have. Is it even under “Their” control?
      “AI Is Inventing Languages Humans Can’t Understand. Should We Stop It?”

    3. "Which do you use most? Left or Right Brain"
      “Jesus taught in a way that required both sides of our brain.
       "Without a parable, Jesus taught them not" (Matt. 13:34). Parables are picture stories, that require imagination. Imagination utilises the right side of the brain. Christ's teachings also engage the left side of the brain with reasoning. Sadly, today, most of our learning of Christ's teaching is through reading (a left hemisphere activity) the Word. The most powerful teaching comes from following the educational methodology of the world's most powerful Teacher, Jesus Christ, and learning to combine both right and left hemispheres with the anointing and flow of the Holy Spirit.”

  6. bubbs,
    is this "unknown" you? i have some info on the Articles of Conf. i wd like to share with you if this is you.