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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Setting the Record Straight Concerning Boston Brahmins

 By Anna Von Reitz

Recently, there have been articles and "news" --- I hesitate to call it "news" because it has been in front of our faces for over 400 years --- talking about the British investment companies that funded colonies here in America and the so-called "Boston Brahmins" who were their representatives and administrators in the New England portion of this endeavor.
These are the Tories' descendants, but don't forget, there are others who qualify as Boston Brahmins who have always been their Nemesis. Take a step back---
Investment in the New World was the hottest thing around in the late 1500's and early 1600's.
The Spanish were becoming unimaginably wealthy as a result of their exploits in the New World and the desire to invest in and exploit this vast new territory rose to such a fever pitch in many parts of Europe that investment groups had to be paired up with specific locations in the New World.
I don't have the records in front of me, but, for example, investors in Liverpool and Leeds might be paired up with a specific County in Massachusetts, while investors in Essex and Glastonbury would be paired up with a County in Connecticut.
This is the reality, people. These companies didn't come here for fun. They came here for exploitation. They came here for profit. They came here hoping to find vast deposits of gold and silver and precious gems and whatever else might be found here.
Some of the people who came here came for religious freedom. Some, like my husband's family, came for adventure. Most people came here to escape poverty and squalor in Europe, hoping to make a new and better life for themselves and their families --- and most of them could not afford to pay the passage and the grubstake needed, so they came as indentured servants or as slaves owned by these same European investment groups.
Bear in mind that in those days, both indentured servitude and slavery could be overcome. After seven (7) years, the "bonds" of indentured servitude were paid off, and the man or woman was set free of the obligations of their servitude. Slavery had no set and certain limit of years, but carried with it the certainty that their "masters" were obligated to pay for their basic support including adequate food, shelter, medical care, and education by law, as long as they lived, or as long as they remained slaves.
That legal obligation to support slaves is what Mr. Lincoln removed with his "Emancipation Proclamation" releasing all the Southern Plantation owners from their obligation to provide these basics. In other words, the ones being released were the Southern Slave Owners, not the slaves. Lincoln hoped to make the living conditions of the slaves so intolerable that they would revolt and join the Northern Army. The Emancipation Proclamation had nothing to do with offering slaves any actual freedom.
That said, it was always possible for the slave to "purchase himself" and his family members, if he was bright and industrious and could shift for himself on the side. Substantial numbers of plantation slaves did exactly that, and became Freemen as a result, often with the help and support of their former Owners, who accompanied them to the Northern Free States to affirm their Freeman status on the Public Records.
My husband's family arrived in Boston in 1608 and began building a custom's house, a trading facility and dock, warehouses, stables, roads, quarries, and, most enduringly, Old South Church, which still stands to this day. Over time, they would own many businesses, build numerous schools and establish Princeton University. Some members of the family served as Royal Governors of multiple Colonies, some became famous judges and academics and members of the clergy, some became Admirals and others became famous artists, and yes, you could call them Boston Brahmins.
Those same Boston Brahmins supported America in The War of Independence and granted every American born on our soil the same sovereignty in their own right that they themselves inherited from William the Conqueror. They fought and bled as members of the Continental Army. They loyally supported George Washington's troops at Valley Forge and paid for and led one of the few supply missions that made it through to that then-remote location.
They may have been and may still be regarded as Boston Brahmins by history and birthright, for they certainly helped to build Boston from the ground up, but they also served this country in its First War and in every war since.
My point is that despite ignorant and misguided assumptions being made by some parties in the Patriot Movement, history shows that while some "Boston Brahmins" were Tories and still are, there are others equally qualified as Boston Brahmins who sacrificed everything including their lives to make the break from Britain possible.
If the Tories among them have worked their wiles and played their games to benefit Britain for the past 160 years, it should not surprise us. They were Tories then and Tories now and what they could not win by force of arms, courage, and moral integrity, they have endeavored to win by guile, deceit, and moral sophistry. They have worked in collusion and calumny with the British Government and the British Crown to those ends.
They were never true Americans and they didn't simply vanish after the end of The War of Independence. They never stopped yearning for their elitism and their snobbery, their rigid caste system, and their sycophantic, infantile desire to please the British Monarch has never ceased, either.
I think it is pretty clear that the Tories among us have suffered arrested development and so wish to remain dependents all their days, but there were others who also came from Britain who carried a much different stamp and attitude, those like John Adams who had a greater vision of what it means to be a man. My husband's ancestors stood among them, and fought at White Plains and other places across the frontier of our new country.
So when these men so cavalierly talk about Boston Brahmins have a care.
There were Boston Brahmins on both sides of the issue of independence and there still are.
It's time to rise up and take back from the British what they purloined via fraud and deceit. We don't need to fight any second revolution. We simply need to expose them for what they have done and employ the solid rod of international law, instead--- and in the case of those who have lived here among us and undermined the Constitutions and betrayed our trust while pretending to be our friends and allies, let them find their peace at last, as the criminals they are.

Let the seeds they have planted return to them in great abundance, and may the spoils they have racked up for themselves be the inheritance of honest men, and may they learn to regret their duplicity and the loss of their own reputation among the nations of the world, and may they be packed up and sent home to England, where they can have their egocentric, evil, and arrogant world all to themselves---- like so many rats in a pen.


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  1. Tories, as far as emancipation as in the war the union refused to give aid to it’s own captured soldiers .
    No medical no food nothing .
    Correct the southerner took care of their king Georges quota of slaves for taxation to crown .
    Whereas Northern Robber Barron’s changed workers like underwear.
    The abolishists were the((( slave merchants ))) without a job due to Jefferson outlawed imports of slaves.
    So they ran the Rum, slaves , fraud schemes ,think (((Bernie Madoff))) .
    Hire if 800,000 mercenaries promised the land of gringos the killed and the Jewish tradition of kill all animals in effect as all wars are bankers wars .
    Nathan Rothschild funding north Jacob the south.

    1. i keep having to refer back to "Shays Rebellion". this is the FIRST set of circumstances i can pinpoint where one can actually *see* what was going on, ESPECIALLY with the "money" manipulation thats express purpose looks like it was to steal the land!!!

      this is why they *have* to *control* the "money". manipulate. "value".

      even in ArtofConfed, that concept is there.

  2. Speaking of slaves...

    Here's a story from our beloved Communist Broadcasting Corporation, the CBC. Why does the news need to be a Corporation anyway? Because it's all legal fiction, with emphasis on the the fiction.

    So if you read the story, here are some of the things you will see...

    "As Alberta's oil and gas industry rebounds, there's a new problem: not enough workers. Companies say there's not enough labour to meet demand, and it could curb the sector's growth"

    "The price of oil has been rising steadily the last several months, and while that should spell good news for the energy-producing province of Alberta, it has instead shone a spotlight on a problem — there aren't enough workers."

    Hmmm...that sounds inconvenient now doesn't it? Let's continue.

    "The province fell into a recession in 2014, when the price of oil plummeted, putting Alberta in a tough financial position and forcing many oil and gas workers out of a job."

    Sucks to be an employee (wage slave) when the boss and the company falls on hard times. Capitalism demands that somebody pay a price and it isn't the ownership class.

    "And now that things are again on the upswing, companies ranging from family-run businesses to larger businesses servicing the oil and gas sector are struggling to recruit enough labour to meet growing demand."

    "We're still short. "It's never been this bad."

    "While Hayek said there are people applying for jobs, there is a shortage of qualified applicants available as Alberta enters, what is believed to be, a boom."

    "Chissell said he historically had 15 people on staff; there are currently 12 right now and he would like to hire as many as three additional workers.

    "It's been a struggle for labour, especially skilled labour," he said."

    OK that's enough you get the idea. What's happening here is blowback for jettisoning the slaves when times were bad and it meant that the slaves would inevitably struggle to keep going due to the downturn.

    Invent a Covid emergency, send everybody home to eviscerate economic activity, people lose their businesses, bars, restaurants, sporting and entertainment are now "unessential" and then you see retarded governments like in Quebec force big box stores to chaperone each unvaxxed customer around like a common criminal to make sure they can't buy anything except food and medicine. How dare you try to buy a new pair of socks or underwear you savage bastard. They're like the Soup NotSee like on Seinfeld. Get back, get out!

    So now the population has to make "other arrangements" and after two years in lockdown they have made those arrangements, and not all of them include going back to being slaves. They gave people two years to imagine their lives a different way. And when the people get to like the idea, you reap the reward of showing people what a life with a different arrangement looks like. Maybe people are tired of being jacked by a system that threw them overboard in 1970.

    And it doesn't look like they can uncrate the gold or fire up the Artificial Intelligence Robots to get shit done any time soon.

    This is what happens when stupid people get near a government policy table, you're going to get what we have now. It didn't have to be this way, this would have been an entirely different story.

    Maybe the real story is that all those employees died of being vaxxed it's not so far fetched as to why they can't find the slaves anymore.

    We know that poisoning as many people as possible was a stated goal of this whole mess. Welcome to a live demonstration of the law of unintended consequences.

    And that is how we roll. True story.

    1. yes, it looks like it [maybe] is going to turn out to be all about slaves and gold after all -- from these facts, it looks like a damm balancing act between the two!

      wowee, what a mess.

    2. okay so there are now three main factors i can see clearly so far that are involved in the "balancing act":

      add to balancing slaves and gold:
      3. Making sure there isnt enough gold [money] circulating for the "slaves" to pay whats theyre going to be "charged".

      like frns?... printing the principal of the "loan" but failing to also print up the interest.... along with no actual agreement in the first place... soooo many problems with what theyve done!!! it hard to believe theyve actually all gone this far.

    3. its hard to believe all the


      that it would take to carry this shit out! (women too).

    4. (Alxjns: wayback word):

      CUCK BETA MALES!!:):):):):)

    5. omgosh!!!!!!

      i think i understand now what kind of "man" aj meant when he used that word!!!!


      ick! lololol!!

  3. Tractors worked real well and displaced farmworkers lined railroads just looking for some place to live . Blues was born and Chicago and other areas went electric . Big shot rock bands got credit, even Elvis Presley for a song a black man wrote and recorded who is seldom mentioned. Promoters and manager administrators made the music slaves work hard and often ripped off musicians who themselves were doped up like race horses for profit. Slave owning of anything is wrong and immoral proving itself a poison time and again

    1. "Slave owning of anything is wrong and immoral proving itself a poison time and again."

      its the people living around us who agree to participate that make the slave, trafficking, stalking/ "surveillance" system work.

      they are the ones at fault at the most basic level.

      they enter, consciously, into agreement to violate or sell their neighbor.

      theyre "perps" too.

  4. The Pilgrims landed in 1620 in Plymouth from what I have learned. Is it possible the Belchers began building in Boston 12 years prior? Belchertown is in Massachusetts.

    1. wow! thats very very interesting baldwin!
      thank you for sharing that.
      would you mind doing follow-up?
      anyone else know?

    2. Just because you saw it in Schoolhouse Rock doesn't mean they told you everything. Like Columbus and 1492... what hogwash. You probably should take a trip to the area and dig deep into the libraries around. You might get lucky to find someone who has done the historical already, but likely not. True history is verbotten.

  5. Your pharmaceutical companies and doctors are practicing Sorcery.. Your Politicians and courts practice Witchcraft. Your Military practices Satanism. Your Media and Hollywood practice Luciferianism. Your Religions worship Ba'al and practice sodomy, paedophilia and bestiality. Lucifer has nothing to do with Luciferianism. What they call Luciferianism is Satanism and Ba'al worship.
    JOHN 111 (G) LUCIFER (G)

    "For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open". Luke 8:17 Jesus

    "I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you". Revelation 3:9 Jesus

    “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword". Matthew 10:34 John

    Why is Jesus called "Son of Man" and "Son of God"?

    Let me give a common understanding and then a more sophisticated historical understanding.

    The common understanding is that "Son of God" implies his deity—which it does—and that "Son of Mann (Man)" implies his humanity, which it does too.

    He was a son of man, that is, a human being. And he is the Son of God, in that he has always existed as the Eternally Begotten One who comes forth from the Father and Holy Mother forever. He always has, and he always will just as we all are. He is the Second Person of the Trinity with all of the divine nature fully in him.

    He was born of a maiden not a virgin. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit through her husband Joseph's brother in the maiden Mary (let the reader use discernment). Thus he is human—fully human. The Bible wants to emphasize that he is fully human.

    So that's the common understanding: he is both divine and he is human—two natures, one person.

    The more sophisticated and important historical insight is that the term "Son of Mann (Man)" doesn't merely align him with humanity. It is probably taken from Daniel 7. And if you read that chapter you'll see that the Son of Man is a very exalted figure: not just a human figure but an exalted figure. It was Jesus' and John's favorite self-designation; Son of Man and Grand Son of Mann.


    1. daniel 7:
      talks about the Son of Man coming before the Ancient of Days; and of the four kingdoms on earth; and of the Son of Man receiving dominion over all. (for those who find it hard to 'cypher').
      it ties back, imo to daniel 4, the "decree of the "watchers" and the demand by the word of the holy ones..."
      as usual, it looks like "The Word Game" will be played, in particular w/ regard to the word in the Kjv translated "basest".
      and most translation to "English" translate: basest in kjv as lowliest.
      without new facts, my own final conclusion from other study is that "basest" in this context/usage is it means "humblest".

    2. so anyway the point that the watchers and holy ones are getting at is that even men who are "Kings" are subject to another:
      daniel 4:17 (111)
      " the intent that the living may know
      that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men,
      to whomsoever he will,
      the basest/*humblest* of men."

    3. docktors, pharma: sorcery
      politicians and courts: witchcraft
      military: Satanism
      media and hollywood: luciferianism
      religions: ba'al, saex magick.
      daniel 4:31
      "...The kingdom is departed from thee."
      37 "Now i nebuchadnezzar ...honor the King of heaven ...and those that walk in pride he is able to abase."

      one of the synonyms for abase is: humble.

      quite interesting!

      [joseph, sold by those standing right next to him for LESS than the price of a slave (*hypo*- the- *cate*- d "debt collateral"/trade/ commerce, for their gain... then goes on to becomes the good Pharoahs most favored man. ]

    4. uhoh, another bit of finetuning needed today!:

      daniel 7:13 shows (kjv) its
      • (one) *like*, not that it necessarily "is" the Son of man
      • the Son of *m*an, not *M*an
      • Ancient of *days*, not *D*ays.
      then also
      should read:
      the *m*ost High ruleth, not *M*ost High.

      Son, Ancient, and High are being used to show a "Title".

  6. fractured narratives:
    our "narrative" must be our own lives that we are building ourselves with what creatirchas blessed us with, without interferences.

    the interferences dont just come from thousands of miles away... as ive said before, but from the people who are around you. ...if those people didnt make it work, it wouldnt, and couldnt, work.
    THEY are the ones who agree/ contract to harm, surveill, report, watch, steal from, lie about, participate in merr derr ing their neighbors in exchange for acceptance, pay, feeling powerful, getting "privileges", so on.
    theyre the ones actually "doing" the harm to another man.
    theyre also responsible.

    1. my comment, above: "fractured narratives:
      our "narrative" must..."
      should only have posted on the NEXT Article's comment section, under Carpenter, under Bellarian1.

      my comments are being messed with and trolled, it seems. i do not believe its paul s.