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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Public International Notice for the High Courts and United Nations

You have all received Notice regarding the fraud scheme attempting to use Alex Tallon and his doctored documents as a shill to justify claims against the Code FLAT Assets. We have, by my count, now contested his claims and proven that they are fraudulent no less than four (4) times, and have the administrative and court records to prove it. It's time for him to be in jail, not lauded as some kind of Seven Star "Secretary Governor General" of the UN.
Next, it's time to transition politely and calmly and expediently from any presumption that Jimmy Carter had the right or authority to turn over any of our state laws or offices to the United Nations for administration. A sovereign nation can sleep as long as it likes without asking permission from its employees.
We wake to find a great many people taking a great many liberties with our property rights, and others making completely insupportable assumptions, so let's clear the air and the records.
All Treaties and all Land Grants up to 1860 universally belong to The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States. All the interlopers and incorporated imposters fronted by the British Crown and the Popes since then have no standing whatsoever with respect to land and soil in this country.
All land "titles" that the Queen has assumed are hereby dissolved by action of the sovereign government, except in those cases where the title holder is actually and voluntarily and knowingly acting as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen under conditions of full disclosure. All other land claims depend on our Treaties, United States Land Patents and our cadastral survey and landmarks.
After 1860, all land interests entered into Territorial Statehood according to The Northwest Ordinance. As of October first of 2020, all those Territorial States were enrolled officially as States of the Union by those State Assemblies established prior to 1860 entering their unanimous Roll Call Votes upon the Public Record. All now-fifty States are indeed actual States of the Union, owning all land within their borders and free of any Territorial custodial interest.
The Corporations, including incorporated Corporations, which have been established in our names ever since 1860 are all interrelated to associations and charters granted by the Kings and Queens and Popes operating in our names via fraudulent assumption of powers never granted to them, and now all those parent corporations are bankrupt and in receivership to us, their Priority Creditors. Every single one. Any idea that these corporations are free to run rampant is completely wrong-headed. The charter-interest has simply reverted to the actual owners and these corporations, both Territorial and Municipal, are now standing under Public Law, not private law.
If they fail to operate lawfully --- a far higher standard than to merely operate legally -- the corporations will be dissolved, and their officers will be arrested.
We hope that everyone is in agreement that living men and women should not be endangered in any way by lifeless, faceless, unaccountable business organizations, which have no right to exist apart from public tolerance.
Finally, for today, another Filipino Fraud scheme has reared its head above the horizon, with claims that the Philippine Island Archipelago has been sold to unknown investors. No, it has not. In order for that to happen, they would have to buy the Philippines from us, and we have not sold our interest in the Philippines nor do we tolerate any fraud artist attempting to "represent" us in this matter.
Whoever is claiming to have purchased the Philippine Islands is either the victim of a fraud or the perpetrator of one, and in either case, they hold nothing more than a vacant pledge or title from some Party never having an interest to sell.
Please note that the controlling interest in the land of the Philippines is established by the Spanish-American Treaty established as a Treaty of Paris in 1898, and also note that the Territorial Corporation was acting as our Agent in the matter and our money paid for the accommodations and the issue was settled in a jurisdiction wholly belonging to us.
The most interest that the Territorial Government could ever claim would be in the nature of a custodianship owed to The United States, our unincorporated Government operating the soil jurisdiction of this country.
It follows that the Territorial Government was similarly limited to its own interests and jurisdiction in passing on The Treaty of Manila Bay, which in effect, only transfers administrative duties from one British Crown Corporation to another, and has no impact whatsoever on our land jurisdiction treaties with the Spanish and International Powers.
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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  1. Carter would have given that away to along with Panama Canal and give the UN controld of safe cities or federal government

  2. It's where the came up with the song Ring around the Rosies

    They build the shit up and then tear the shit down killing anyone who gets the fuck in their way

  3. The intent is to replace the UN or should I say absorb the UN in to world parliament as it says

    Get ready for their star trek UFO BULLSHIT shew

    They're all in it together

  4. This one here was a guest at Freedom Fest with Dennis Quaid

    Now he's panhandling SUSTAINABLE toothbrushes for the UN

    He's a friggin fraud and so are all the others associated with Freedom Fest and that includes of which Anna is affiliated with
    The link for teamlaw was supplied by someone in Washington relaying all the MARYtime information and all of Anna's links
    I posted this many times before but now for some reason that information appears to be missing from that blog
    I'm going back through my notes to find the reference

    I suggest you listen

    You are not being told the whole truth folks
    The Nation State was the target and they set all this up for it to be destroyed

    A republic if you can keep it my ass

  5. 4 hours 25 minutes in

    He talks about the movie Quigley Down Under STARRING Tom Selleck (hollywood inbred royalty by the way)
    He's played many starring roles bilking and lying to the masses for decades

    He's the one that panhandles reverse mortgages and assures his, audience reduced to cattle, that it is clearly not a way for them to steal your home

  6. You'll note that in one of the two linked you tube videos above that Barry Diller is a BILLION DOLLAR DONOR TO THE ILLUMINATI ONE WORLD AGENDA

    They even have The First Testament to their world agenda go buy yourself a copy today

    Also note who the crooks are that set up the one world agenda and the giving pledge Billy Goates and his beard

  7. How eloquent were did you go to school New Orleans elementary . Shelby is doing what she thinks is helpful and we all accept her .
    Provides lots of data some good some questionable never the less she’s our Shelby

  8. Lookie it's a book launch day

    ZION CEO to help immuninate your way to their fake ass BITCOIN

  9. Do you all know who Tony Robbins is?
    Well it is none other than Andy Gibb aka Bon Jovi

    JP here is helping his comrad in arms sell the CON

  10. State of Tenneesse and the UCC 1 Financing filings and people who went to jail for filing them

    1. You'll notice that all the 'justus' names are on their name plates in upper and lower case but they do not reflect their entire name with an INITIAL in place of their middle name

      RobRyder has indicated that they are using these names and signing 'legal' documents with these initials when in fact they should be using all 3 names?

      This was a set up from the word go to get the public involved in all this shit so they could take their shew to the internet and get the 'peoples reality court online' involved in their entire CON, IMO

      It's court room tv on the internet for friggs sake

      Don't let a good crisis go to waste
      It's what the OJ courtroom trial bullshit was all about

      Did you know the kardashians are the supposed daughters of one of the prosecutors in that case who conveniently died shortly after and then BAM like magic Chris Jenner is lauched on the stage married to Bruce Jenner the now manguy wearing dresses and his step kids are all on the world stage

  11. Searching lunch bags in schools and throwing things away

  12. And the plot thickens

    Go watch this
    State of Tennessee v. Corey Forest
    Look it up on you tube not sure if it is an offence to share the link or not
    For fruggs sake they could slap you with something just for sharing a friggin link

    So this is about an officer out of uniform making a citizens arrest out of his 'jurisdiction' using blue lights to inititate the stop

    What in the frigg hell are these lunatics doing

    And it begs the question here that if all this shit is legal fiction then they have now taken their shew to the internet and are getting the whole of the populace to participate in their criminal corruption in the fiction? and are now BROADCASTING their shit all over the internet

    As the one justice ask, where do we draw the line while squirming in her chair upon high and the bar attorney with his purple tie stammers on

  13. Google doesn't seem to know anything about Code FLAT Assets unless it is being shy and not admitting to anything.

  14. Go to TNCourts on you tube and listen to this stuff

    They even thank the people for watching them on you tube?
    Nothing like airing peoples personal cases all over the world
    Absolutely nothing is private folks

    One particualr case talks about outsourced contracted anestesia and a hospital and some healthcare act?

    And is TNCourts actually Tenneessee or TENNEESSEE or State of or STATE OF?

    Now remember in order for all of this to happen VIRTUALLY they had to set all these cameras and shit up, all the you tube channels and everything else during LOCKDOWN, if not before, in preparation for all of this to TRANSPIRE as it is right now

    Seems the only ones being heard on here are the lawyers and the justus'?
    No saving trees goin on here, look at the binders these justus' are yielding

    Just mind boggling is what all this is

    Make note too of the use of common law, debtors, and all the buzz words they've been feeding the populace now for what 10,15,20 years via CHANNELS AND BLOGS

    It's like being in VIRTUAL HELL

    1. And recently I have noticed signs on all the healthcare facilities in my area with the following

      HTA Inc which stands for Heathcare Trust of America Inc and it is listed on the friggin stock market

      Never any mention of the all caps name or hidden trust or anything else?

      And I would suggest you look in to absher that they keep throwing around
      Here's a start!ut/p/z1/rZLJbsIwEIZfpRw4Wh4vJOHoQOVQaClQlvgSOQvFLZgtDe3bN0H0UIlFleqDpbH_mfnHn7HCM6ysLsyrzs3a6mUZh8qJHNprkcCj3f5LuwmDruvCI30mAICnRwF0OA8Ip10JDgUxGXr8vtMg0uFYVdcXlvjJl4SIgEroSTmkMGgJwlzhE480jvlX-k-wwiqx-SZf4DBZ2zyz-b4OxqamMOmHXpaBzQ6n_U7vkoUpsjroeL_IdlF1GFGCgCIKlOoos1XBTWJSHM45cTWJM8R42kScuwTpmDOUeLEXs0YzBSCnAa44vPkA6oxEgD-kPgOQfXpW8KvGqHQdlj7cyz4YnhYmO-CxXe9WJdjRH8cMAD_cYlF-FvO23SpREqlIfOZ49j9INqvxeOWxL_Q-b_tPSE5FrfYNDGV4vg!!/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

      Now I find it very odd that the link above is linked to Saudi Arabia and Vision 2030 and the site says this
      The General Department of Traffic has announced the activation of the service of issuing vehicle plates with a distinctive logo, through (5) logos that include "The Kingdom's Vision"

      I'm still looking in to this as several of these cases they keep using the word absher
      Now maybe I have it wrong but I found this to be of some pretty interesting connections especially when it comes to this 2030 stuff

  15. Your pharmaceutical companies and doctors are practicing Sorcery. Your Polititions and courts practice Witchcraft. Your Military practices Satanism. Your Media and Hollywood practice Luciferianism. Your Religions worship Ba'al and practice sodomy, paedophilia and bestiality. Lucifer has nothing to do with Luciferianism. What they call Luciferianism is Satanism and Ba'al worship.
    JOHN 111 (G) LUCIFER (G)
    For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. Luke 8:17

    1. And ewe little Johnny boy blue are a Pagan, whose Grandmother's name was Vol(e), ie., a vole is a rodent that from ewer own prior posting/testimonies all the gods came from, along with ewe being a direct descendent. Ewe also enjoy, practice, and imbibe in curses. Ewe have been sifted, weighed, and have been proven to be in want. Now go to the end of the line. In other words; get thee behind me Johnny boy blue.

    2. "john111 (g) lucifer (g)"

      that was good summation of what is going on as far as i can tell.
      the scripture luke 8:17, i believe is true and is happening now as you indicated.

      disclosure: i dont believe you are "Lucifer" so if i comment i will just be using "john111" from now on.

      i dont know why youre being attacked, unprovoked.
      other people, including "anna" post spiritually unverifiable comments as well, and even publish entire Articles.

      i, personally, dont like it that youre being attacked.
      you should be able to comment on what you posted above on here without being electronically harassed imo.

      that comment to you ABOUT you personally is totally ridiculous and uncalled for. its assinine and is extremely offensive, imo, and should have been removed too since yours was. when all you were doing was posting your opinion just like the rest of us do.


    3. Well look who has sympathy for the Devil/Lucifer aka Enki aka JOHN 111 (G) LUCIFER (G) aka John Chapman111. As ewe, woman:jan(us)marie who vehemently defends the Declaration of Independence, but doesn’t in like manner expect another to make a stand for The Lord Jesus Christ? Well, I new when ewe said Jesus was only a man where ewer loyalties lied. I had ewe pegged 2 years ago when I was reminded of the little children’s story of Pus-n-Boots. I forgave ewe then. As I forgive ewe now. It is quite apparent however, that ewe are controlled opposition, and a data gathering intel operative. The worn out play book in use by ewe that promotes the technique of instigating reactions to glean information out of others is old and passe’. Word to the wise; Measure ewer words, good e 2 boots. Matthew 12:37 For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Remember measure ewer words.

    4. sympathy for the devil!?!? what??!! :):):):) oh please!!

      i said i dont believe hes Lucifer and he should be able to post his opinion like everybody else does without being attacked!
      i see nothing wrong with that!

    5. At 42:20 - 43:20 - 45:20 to the end;

    6. bible never covered aquarius.

      ultimately its just draco the pole. there is no other "jesus" or "the lord". read the egyptian.

      baal was just "most high" prior pole star god, prior incarnation of "the lord". again, draco and his "cat's eye nebula" more accurate than any pole star "god"

      "luciferianism" and "satanism" dont mean anything unless people pick a testament, baptism, grace or law, etc. otherwise they are just meaningless slander words.

      venus is morning and evening star. it doesnt really matter -- all that will happen is aquarius slowly becomes the pole star "age" and there will be an eclipse of sun and moon around that time.

      this is called a "flood" and "heaven gets rearranged" and the signs are shifted out of their prior places (equinoxes, solstices). 1/3 or whatever of some stars will appear to "fall" when viewed from earth -- no longer always visible, they become seasonal.

      yes, ultimately draco the good dragon "raises" all the pole star "gods". he is the only constant. the rest come and go. aquarius will drown like all the others.

      moses has a snake wand. jesus be wise as serpents. pharoah the same. there is no other "bible" except draco the good dragon and the great year. each pole star change was a "world" or "age". it just repeats BTW -- eventually orion or whoever else will swing back around.

      the answers are in the egyptian and possibly based on mayan/"atlantis". only the astrology is "provable".

      2nd coming jesus is actually optional. such is the "red heifer" and hermes flute too. curses the blessed, blesses the cursed. puts the awake to sleep, awakens the sleeping.

      the only goal was to lead people to draco and the "great year".

      once you know that "greater mystery" "since the foundation of the world" then you dont really have to worry about any of the pole stars/zodiac signs (tribes, 12 apostles, mt olympus, the list is endless). noone has to believe in any "jesus" after that, you have found the "father" -- draco the dragon.

      enki just some prior pole star thing no doubt. all the same, does not matter.

      the astrology is simple. its when people start inventing/personifying things, they go astray.

      example: egypt supposedly started the year with sirius (sothis? dog star?) rising, nile flooded, life back from the dead, springtime verdant green "book of coming forth by day" (of the -- priorly -- dead). elsewhere, this was death, scorching heat, everything died.

      point? astrology only makes sense if you narrow down:
      1) area
      2) time/century

      and then whatever symbolic meaning. southern cross indicated this too. god of "rain". just depends on part of the world/when.

      draco is the only constant, the other "gods" all come and go. that's egyptian heaven, that's as far as the bible goes. "here be dragons" LOL. that was the "edge of the world" on maps. as above, so below. thats what inside of great pyramid appears shaped like -- draco. and apparently shone through the "vents" too.

      bible ends at draco is "god". there is no other jesus or "the lord". one you get past the 12 zodiac signs/apostles then you have found "heaven" "mystery from the foundation of the world" "the corner stone" etc. all based on world tree and related. vedic IIRC had the golden egg, layed by a swastika type bird. galilee == wheel. all the same. other times the serpent would either be inside an egg, or spit one out. the symbolism is 100% irrelevant, it is ultimately draco and the great year in all cases.

      at some point, the astrologers saw their charts slowly off, and moses and jesus came to warn them that was normal. there really isnt anything else going on there unless you believe in alchemy.

    7. The whole “Book” is an expose’ of the “Foundling Child”. This “Book” clearly makes the distinction between the lesser gods/lords/elohim, and our Creator/Father- The Lord God, and his Son/Heir The Lord God Jesus Christ. All the Astro-Theology conceptualism is more misdirection that is purposely promoted to keep all of Us from actually coming to a full comprehension of what has been done through the “Birth Certificated Child/Person” that has plagued Us from the very beginning. Those that wish to adhere to star dust is a prerogative that they can chose to do. There is only one question that needs to be answered; Who made everything? Including ewe, and those little lights roaming around in circles over all of our heads that are projected on the chrome dome.

    8. foscolis
      your comments suggest or indicate a SERIOUS CONTEMPT FOR WOMEN!:

      1. you call people you dont like "ewe": a female sheep. :)

      2. instead of attacking the man JohnIII, you attacked his (GRAND)MOTHER for Gawds sake!!! His GRANDMA:):):)
      lolo!! who *does* that??
      you called his GRANDMA a RODENT.
      completely unprovoked!
      thats as WEAK as it gets!!!

      3. At least twice youve contemptuously called me "Puss" while insulting me with your filthy mind and mouth.

      imo someone would have to be seriously impaired to make the kind of connections between the feminine and ANIMALS that you make.

      4. now, for at least the second time youve suggested, because i guess youre too much of a c
      coward to come right out and actually say it *to me* straightout: that my comments have something perhaps to do with Satanic Ritual Abuse
      which is an *UNFORGIVABLE* insult to me, my father, mother and wonderful family.
      that is the most irresponsible and fully ignorant remark ive ever heard.
      my Gaawd that makes you sound like a lying, pathetic *bad* CeyeA skulker-type: a reject loser creep nobody wants.
      and oh yeh, youve said youre making copies, prints, screenshots or other duplications of peoples comments and cataloguing them or something!
      maybe its YOU THEN who is involved in some sort of Data Intel Gathering Operation-y type thing?

    9. ooooo look at you!! so brave !!
      re-printing that insult online.

      woooo, that'll show me!:):)

    10. No insult. Just exposing ewe, and ewer partner Johnny boy blue. His little poppet.

  16. I will never trust in the High-Courts of the Thievery G7 Countries. Why? I saw their negative energies. I trust in God, the Holy Spirit. These Courts, are not different from the Corporate Courts of the 50 fictitious states.
    Remember, Anna VR was the one who said, something like this: all states Governments colluded crimes, around America, by adding each 50 states to be controlled by the British Owned, Traitors, Contractors in Washington D.C. = District of Columbia, by Act of 1871, repealed but pretended still in force, AFTER (their secret Great Gold-Thefts in 1935 - 1992, [concealed by pre-Ww2, Ww2, and Post-Ww2] to back/boost the worthless N. American Dollars (IOU$$, IOU££,IOU€€, Dollar-bill$, Banknote$ etc at 100,000X+ derivative unfound Wall Street multi-fraud, to distract and extract the home-owners, after the Gold-owners victimized). The 20Kton Gold confiscations were not enough. People don’t know the 3-4 millions tons, extracted, shipped, and hide away from the hidden sources/victims.

    Certain Americans admitted personally claimed, that their father(s, family) went to the deceptive se Asia Vietnam war, saying it was as phony as "horse-s", that they have lots of photo-evidences to support their claims, that Vietnam war misled their family to steal/take se 45 Asian gold via Tongkin Bay 1942-59 etc ) and they suggest people to read the FDR Folly story. That folly story could be a blame from the sub-FDR who clandestinely murdered FDR, and more crimes in connection with such high crimes, they created these High Court's..

  17. fractured narratives:
    our "narrative" must be our own lives that we are building ourselves with what creatirchas blessed us with, without interferences.

    the interferences dont just come from thousands of miles away... as ive said before, but from the people who are around you. ...if those people didnt make it work, it wouldnt, and couldnt, work.
    THEY are the ones who agree/ contract to harm, surveill, report, watch, steal from, lie about, participate in merr derr ing their neighbors in exchange for acceptance, pay, feeling powerful, getting "privileges", so on.
    theyre the ones actually "doing" the harm to another man.
    theyre also responsible.

  18. Ever wonder why the sinister and evil doers in Harry Potter stories speak Parseltongue? Just wondering....

  19. Interesting connection between bel cher islands and jew york aka New Amsterdam before they reBRANDED it new york

    At 2:02 in the video Belcher islands and how they line up with Ottawa, Hudson Bay, Philadelphia and New York folks

    Page 11
    The Nichols come from Richard Nichols, first governor of New York, related to Lord Bruce of Kinloss through his mother.
    Nichols is the one who turned New Amsterdam into New York in 1664.

    So right around the same time as this henry hudson shit

    Order of the Rose

    Henry Hudson – 1609 and 1611, HUDSON BAY COMPANY now reBRANDED as EBAY
    Early colonial records that are now gone from the internet

    Anna knows the score folks
    Her job was to keep you entranced and to sign you up for their new world order slavery plan and universal basic income or prepaid vendor cards which are controlled by the very same crooks who have been running this shit shew forever

  20. Listen up folks

  21. yes, that is how jesus rolls too. seeing they wont see, hearing they wont see. draco was the greater mystery.

    same with "the lord". only moses knows the secret name shemhamaphorah thing, and only moses knows the red heifer meaning, etc.

    same reason there is the "reptilian" narrative -- to cover up the fact that is all there was for "religion" was "forked tongues"

    brahmins are no different. all the "religions" always did this double game. one story for insiders, another for outsiders.

    masonry is the modern day descendents. "masonic values are american values". cant wait to see if someone pushes more "rosicrucian" nonsense. how about a king arthur story?

    endless forked tongues all around.

  22. also why people push "jesus of nun" moses military commander, 180 of "my kingdom is not of this world" new testament "jesus"

    if one named all the forked tongue serpent "jesuses" and "lords" and "lucifers" (morning star jesus) and "god most high" and "living god" and all the other name games...lets add elohim there, and how enoch saw "the lord" face to face but noone else can, maybe moses, maybe jacob... we wouldnt have time for anything else.

    forked tongues all around.

    then there's solomon's idolatrous ecclesiastes and another "jesus" to match. 180 of the "book of wisdom" ("god" only loves the wise). the latter matches new testament "jesus". the former, is 180.

    sheep on one side, goats on the other. where does the jewish queen sit? where does "the lord" sit? more forked tongues.

    the angel of death came after moses once. modern bibles "the lord". so "the lord" is impossible to distinguish from "angel of death" because, drumroll....its just some elohim nature spirit "representative" "angel" of "the lord" (who is ineffable).

    so now the "ineffable" (cannot be pronounced, or even conceived...except for jacob, moses, enoch, ...) "god" has been devolved into some entity that people "know". this is roughly why old testament and new are incompatible. "jesus" requires confessing him. "the lord" is 180, you cannot even fathom him, let alone confess.

    forked tongues all around.

  23. and the "holy ghost" v "holy spirit" yet another forked tongue.

    and then there is "2nd coming" "jesus" versus "was, is, ever shall be" (draco, great year) litany of saints.

    the forked tongues are infinite, all-seeing, omnipotent. this is why there will never be any "law".

  24. xerces?yakir There is Law, and not a single letter of it will disappear. Page 18;