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Thursday, April 7, 2022



  1. well, there it is everybody...

    all this Bullshit Spins intended purpose??:

    "we cant fulfill our contacts to you because of circumstances beyond our control..." ...???
    ya kno' like wars, an' global warming, and geoengineering an' all that stuff like that.... bbbbbbbbbut were akeeping yer stuff.
    cause it werent our FAULT you guys... sob! boohoo! sniffle!

    it it ittttt'saa "Act of GAAAAWD" im tellin' ya'... an "Act of *GOD*" ; er, eh, ah, umm or mebbe it'sa "Act of War", yeh, thats the ticket... an "Act of War" thats what it is!!

    were not DEFAULTING! ooooh noooo! so we gitta' keep all we contracted with YOU fir, but haha! Force Maejure BayBeeeeee!! we doan hafta pay YOU "OR" give yer stuff back!!

    buyer beware and all that crap, remember???? isss in the CONTRACT...

    and i:woman say, "There is no contract."
    and it is so.

    1. im just guessing:
      but ive noticed that what i:woman believe are called "their soft disclosures" are noticeably ramped up.
      if thats true, then my second guess is their ShutShiw us a massive failure, beyond anything they tried to plan for.
      if true: then third:

      yay people!!! woohooo for the people!!!!! smart and good!

      they think everybody is like THEM and their CUCK BETA MALES (alxjns)?

    2. perhaps they suffer from:

      "The Dunning-Kruger Effect"?

      that is:
      stupid people who are too stupid to figure out that they are stupid....
      sumthin' like that. ::) . . . :):).

      there might just be a whole shitload of'em in the world??? are they the ones pushing the competent people out of their way??

      ooohhohoho laaaaawd!!!!! :)!:)!:)

    3. OH WAIT A MINUTE!!!

      Never. Absolutely Never! God Forbid!!

      i have utmost respect for farmers and their families.

      i was aiming those comments at the Grain Market Players and the Futures Markets Players, Board of Trade manipulators, if any, and so forth. And possibly other Food and Water Supply Players. Because it seems plausible to me that they might START OUT with FARMERS actually needing something like "Force Maejuere" if theyve suffering geo-engineering/ other damage; then since the FARMERS would have the consent of the people under those conditions, then maybe the corporations are wanting to slide in under that rope too while the Farmers are holding it up so-to speak. then other Corporations follow? to "crash" the system. no jobs. no food. no choice? just asking.

      most farmers dont even have contracts, they work with Co-ooeratives, in uSofA anyway.

      Farmers work hard, and also smart, and many times selflessly to make sure were all fed.
      may creators continual blessings rest on them!

    4. hi janmarie,

      I thought maybe you were teasing, so I looked up The Dunning-Kruger Effect. Sure enough there it was, a Wikipedia entry in gory detail. Wow...They could have just called it "stupid is as stupid does" which is basically what you called it haha! Just when you thought you have heard everything.

      You were very funny in your first post, but we really don't know what to make of the whole thing yet. It does deserve further attention and energy. I will watch the video tomorrow, perhaps the Natural News video that Paul put up. I am not always sure what to make of him, not everyone here is good with him I see that.

      There is very little energy left for today I must get some sleep. Let's just say that if this situation is the next step for them, and I can see why then some kind of Plan B is in order.

      It appears that the strategy of the WEF is to carpet bomb the world with one situation after another in fairly rapid succession to cause the brain to have trouble coping.

      Perhaps we can use the phrase The Dunning-Kruger Effect?

    5. hi willsmith :)
      i just heard one of the next things were going to be finding out about is supposed to be the chimeras. theyre supposedly going to make the MSM report on it at some point.
      The big underground DUMB MiLab was in Uker ane. maybe bigger ones in Chy na, but so far this is supposedly the biggest,.... but then they found even more underneath it. supposedly.

      you know what? i believe it.
      Crosses between people and God himself only knows what. little sons and daughters mostly. the soldiers are giving them teddy bears. im having a bit of a struggle with this but we have to know if its really true.

      i hope its not.
      i feel it is.

      but anyway, if it is true then thank God they are finding those little ones. there is much peace about that.
      so anyway, bad news/good news type thing there.

      thank God we have God, i couldnt make it without him.

      glad youre going to get some rest.

      sweet dreams.

  2. I would say don't kid yourself about the farmers most of them have been incorporated
    Go watch some episodes of Green Acres where Oliver, the lawyer, talkes about incorporting the farm
    Whole lot of shit hidden in that shew as we laughed and laughed and laughed while the hollywood royals were actualy building 'empire' taking over all the land mass one newly incorporation farm at a time hence the name GREEN acres

    Here in Texas we have a rural channel that has a shew called Cattlemen to Cattlemen (CC, 33)

    The unincorporated farm is most likely their target

    Will Smith you are correct the plan is to hit us with one punch after the other wear us all down and send the masses in to their loving blue dot bilateral unilateral love bank prepaid vendor UBI consenting idiot one at a time

    See in India they had already gotten those folks to THE POINT OF NO RETURN
    And then they offered the solution to all their woes
    Biometrically marking every single one of them and giving them a benefits card to live off the Godvernment on
    The Singularity they call it
    From 2012 the article reads
    In the next few years, each man, woman and child will receive an “Aadhaar” (meaning: foundation) 12-digit unique identification number.
    INDIA folks and the East West India Trading Companies (FULL CIRLCE)

    India front and center in the World Parliament shit too

    In the article it states many have no electricty but then goes on to say this
    With close to a billion mobile phones in the nation, these can serve as a gateway for India’s masses into the financial system.
    No electricty then how the hell do they charge them?
    Cell towers though like the 5G kind right?

    It goes on to say
    Biometric identification has long been used for security purposes – now India will show the world how it can also be used to offer hundreds of millions their greatest chance at inclusion and a prosperous life.

    G5 Nations
    South Africa

    Non of this shit is by accident it was planned decades in advance

    Remember the hollywood family inbred band KANSAS that sang

    There's that reference to the cligHigh WOO shit
    Oz - as in gold

    Data and biometrically marking everyone is the plan and to get everyone to claim that they are the artificial person listed on that there BC

    I say none of it is fiction it's all one big fucking lie to cover up their crimes against everyone and then offer the solution
    Step right up claim that BC and be on your way to FREEDUMB my ass

    World Parliament documents explain in detail that they will strip the corporations of their person status - go read the documents

    WEF is not the world economic forum it is the
    World Earth Federation, their star treking version of claiming the whole fucking planet flying through the galaxy (this is where their fake ass Galactic Federation BULLSHIT comes in to play
    Just like their fake ass SPACE Force and the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs
    No different than their fake ass bilk the masses for billions NASA and going to the moon
    And fake ass Trump signing his so called executive orders to mine resources from the fucking Moon that they never went to

    The Honeymooners and to the moon Alice

  3. Banner on you tube
    Stand Up For Ukraine
    A Global Social Media Rally
    Be sure and DOUGHNATE all you can

    They're driving billions to refugee relief, most, according to the Crescent Red Cross, to flee with no paperwork and their identities are all but lost

    Sick I tell ya SICK

    Like I said take that paperwork of yours, laminate it, stick it up your ass and carry it with you at all times because you just never know when they may strike your neck of the woods

  4. They've got big bang plans folks

    Transformation/ascention to global slavery

  5. Read it