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Monday, April 18, 2022



  1. It's my opinion this is being done to destroy all of the World's Satanic Sites. Thus waking up the World's population. So they think it's the End Times.

    So much for another addition to the movie script.

    Semper Fidelis

    1. They're crooks all of them and they're all in it together

  2. World Parliament and the connections to the Presidio military base and Burning Man

    1. Gorbachev at the Presidio?

      or Steiger along with his hidden son playing a mega role of a lifetime as the czar of the russian FEDERATION

      And if the actors intend to wipe out all evidence and live out their golden ages as the rich lying ass pricks they are they need to created the scene of the crime and make it look real

      Google and facebook laying cable off the california coast during lockdown just outside the golden gate bridge which this information aired on a channel names watch the water
      Now I found this under the you tube channel this is reality 365 but the original channel was named watch the water
      2 minutes in to this video laying cable all along california coast and then the tug went on over to hawaii?

      Not a coincidence people

      Hollywood is the hidden hand and part of the military industrial complex and have been in on this world wide heist from the very beginning

    2. Page 4 lower right corner and the Gorbachev Foundation assigned the task for the closure of military bases across the US
      Dated 1993
      Alien Troops to Police U.S.A

      World Troop Map19, Adopted in 1952 by the World Association of World Parliamentarians for World Government
      Notes on the World Troop Map20
      Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC)21
      Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1990 (BRAC)22
      Economic Development Administration - Defense Conversion23
      Mikhail Gorbachev - 1993

      "Friday, he inaugurated the Gorbachev Foundation, USA, which is moving into new headquarters in the Presidio in San Francisco.

      In his speech in San Francisco, Gorbachev announced that the foundation is creating a national task force on U.S. Military base closings. It will be co-chaired by former San Jose Mayor Tom McEnery and former Democratic Rep. Mel Levine of Southern California.

      The Group will call for a national conference of the 36 U.S. communities that the base closings affect." 24

      The Presidio according to this video was ordered closed in 1994

      They're all in it together

    3. 25 minutes in OMG
      The Galactic Federation and the PRESIDIO siliCON valley CONNECTION

    4. 31 minutes in

      From this article we read the United Nations was fomented in a San Francisco WHORE HOUSE

      “Stanford ran one of San Francisco's more notorious brothels.
      San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen wrote "the United Nations was founded at Sally Stanford's whorehouse" because of
      the number of delegates to the organization's 1945 San Francisco founding conference who were Stanford's customers; many actual, if informal, negotiating sessions took place in the brothel's living room. Then-San Francisco district attorney Pat Brown's raid on the establishment helped lead to his 1950 election as attorney general for the State of California.”
      Caen, I would imagine, is a variation of Cohen. Yep. Which also makes me wonder about Cannes, the Phoenician harbour and movie industry hotspot.

    5. Bank of America/Bank of Italy connection
      About 37 minutes in and the financier of this whole brainwashing banking disney/SRI/hollywood cabal

      And if they built the towers with the intent to destroy them for control of the narrative you think they won't do what this guy writes about?
      About 1/2 down the page

      Laying cable off the coast of California and then the tug boat moves on over to hawaii

    6. At 1:01:59

      The World Federation of Mental Health

      That is exactly why they playing all these mental health commercials and the recent mental health bullshit coming in the new york subway shit

      Now I don't know about you but I find it pretty damned sick that there are so many people involved in these operations and that this is the status quo?
      The psychologically fuck with peoples minds and get paid to do it and laugh about it and go about your day as if there is nothing wrong with those actions?

      Sick mofo's of all walks of life we dealing with here folks

      I wonder if that there fake galactic federation will vaxx all these folks as commander Anna has specified/ordered

  3. Part 1

    Unincorporated is just another layer of the same BULLSHIT

    1. Part 2 and the connection to the Presidio

      Presidio and the World Parliament