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Monday, April 18, 2022

The Question is About NATO

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Truth is that NATO orchestrated the bloody putsch that put Zelensky in power in the Ukraine.

Then, right after that,  NATO members went into the Ukraine and built a whole bunch of illegal biowarfare research facilities. 

They couldn't do it in their own countries, so they did it in Ukraine. 

And all the other ugly, nasty, illegal things they couldn't do in their own countries --- drug and arms running, prostitution, human trafficking, organ harvesting, adrenochrome production, and so much more --- they did all that in the Ukraine as well.  

They made Ukraine the Crime Capital of the world.  Even most of the phone scams were being run out of Ukraine.  

Having the Russians come in and clean things up is bad for business for the Cabal, but in the end, will be great for everyone else concerned. 

The Russians and Turks, Poles and Serbians, everyone in the region ----will benefit from shoving the pirates back into the sea and forcing NATO to take the blame it so richly deserves for doing all these noxious things.  

The question isn't --- "Why is Russia doing this?"  It's perfectly obvious that Russia was being impacted by the criminality in Ukraine.  The question is --- "Why is NATO using Ukraine as a staging ground for every crime there is? What kind of organization has NATO become?" 


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  1. here I can give you a link where all of you can find the truth as to what really is going on in Ukraine and what the Russian federation is doing and will show you by the facts with links to the Russian federation website.
    As you all know, this SMO special Military Operation is a total success against so many Nazis in Ukraine created by nothing else than NATO and the USA Gov with UK and Germany and some others.

    The website is :
    also look for Pepe Escobar, Richard Medhurst Gonzalo Lira... I don't know what is happening with this last Journalist ... I think he was either captured by the azov Nazis in Kyiv Ukraine or he is underground hidden.

    1. great! thank you von!
      it could also be that "Commie/ Nazi"s are just two "wings" on the same "bird"; like Red/Blue, Right/Left, Conservative/ Progressive, Democrat/Republican.

      xerces yakir always says: (my paraphrase) youre going to stay stuck in the same mess as long as you only have two choices.... in order to get UNSTUCK, you have to have three or more choices, that arent in collusion with the others.