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Monday, April 18, 2022

A Public International Demand for Action

 By Anna Von Reitz

How can we, the living people, tear apart the corporations that are feasting on our bodies, minds, and material assets ----and making a bid to reduce living men and women to the status of animals?
Interestingly, the Pope and the Roman Curia are responsible for defining and regulating all corporations on Earth. That's why they get a cut of the taxes paid by corporations. Obviously, they are falling down on the job, or they are directly responsible for this latest Tidal Wave of Corporate Criminality, in which case.... holding all those gentlemen accountable would be highly desirable.
You may also remember that the United Nations has historically taken a dim view of Colonialism, but nearly all its member nations have fallen victim to Colonialism's incorporated Cousin, Territorialism. And they are facing yet another even more oppressive form of the same disease: Regionalism.
Corporatism, or as I call it, "Corporate Feudalism" is the belief that the world would be better off if it were completely controlled by mindless, faceless, unaccountable, and uncontrolled corporations which are single-mindedly motivated by only one goal: profit.
You may have noticed that a basic principle has been breached and that the world of corporations, which is fictional, is somehow bleeding over into the actual world where people live, breathe, and eat and love and fornicate and die. Who is responsible for that breach?
The Pope and his Cardinals and members of the Curia have already been identified and mentioned as part of the problem, but who else?
The Lord Mayor of London, who is in charge of the Magicians known as "twisters" or "attorneys"---- or as our ancestors called them, "Masters of Deceit". They are the ones who are supposed to be maintaining "the Bar" between fact and fiction, life and corporation.
They are doing a very poor job at the same time that the Pope and the Curia are on strike. In fact, in courts around the world, they are deliberately impersonating living people as CORPORATIONS.
That is, the attorneys are committing crimes of personage, and they are getting away with it.
And who is responsible for that?
Ah, the military and the police and the politicians. The three monkeys and their football.
So what we really need is a "DEFUND" button on the bottom of our computer console, we grab the purse strings back from the politicians, and all this nastiness is over.
But who is giving the politicians access to our money and credit to use against our best interests without our consent in the first place?
The banks.
It all comes down to ---- and on ---- the banks, because the banks are enabling all this crime.
The Bankers are the Enablers, the Politicians are the Corporate Mouthpieces misdirecting the police and military to take orders from the Attorneys, who are committing crimes of personage against the living people, to enrich the Pope and his pals, the Roman Curia, and all their cronies.

There the condition of the world is, all neatly summarized. We know what's wrong. We know who is at the bottom of it. Now, what are we going to do about it?


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  1. Thank you Anna ,I Agree. For more clarity view the work and research of Jordan Maxwell. His work will pull the shade from over your eyes and give you a clearer perspective of what we are dealing with. Here is just one of Jordan's presentations.

  2. So what are we going to do about it? We've heard all the stories and commentaries... NOW its time for action!!

  3. Bullets and a noose. That is what we do about it. That's the only thing tyrants and scumbags understand. We remove them from the planet.

  4. At the risk of repeating myself....we arrest and execute all of them...then impale the corpses in public and let the stench permeate everywhere...maggots and birds have to eat too.

  5. oh well isnt this just another bowl of steaming hot DuckShitSoup being pushed in our faces again?!!!?

    starvation, nuclear strike, men from outerspace, call to tear apart the corporations rather than just correct them, biowarfare facilities, snake venom, peado files, ritual merrdderr, military biological attacks, terr err organizations, crime syndicates, enlistment of very very young Americans into CorpMerc Service, 5G Microwave weaponry on every block, American "Sovereignty FICTIONS", no British "QUEEN- FICTION"

    and thats all just in the past 3 days (skipped Sunday!): since LAST FRIDAY, April 15, 2022!!! TODAY IS MONDAY, THE 18TH!!


    whas'th deal peeps?? :):):)