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Monday, April 18, 2022

The American Story - A historical presentation given by Bobby Graves

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  1. In such a ridiculous short amount of time, literally only four life times, the East India Trading company has now taken full control of the world and is now openly killing us on mass and telling us, as if killing us was not bad enough for we are all so weak. A big thanks to anna-von-reizinger
    I'm neville.

    1. Go Neville!

      (Neville Longbottom is a student in Gryffindor House and is in the same year as Harry Potter. In fact, they were born a day apart, Neville on 30 July, Harry on 31 July, a crucial element in the series' plot and one that significantly connects them. Along with fellow classmates Harry, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley, Neville helped battle powerful Dark Magic at Hogwarts. He lives with his grandmother, who has raised him since he was a small child.

      Despite being born into a powerful wizarding family, the young Neville appeared to have inherited little magical ability. He apparently did not display many bursts of magic in his youth, despite various attempts to coerce magic by his grandmother and uncles. For this reason, his grandmother and other relatives feared he might be a squib (a wizard who cannot perform magic). He also suffered from a poor memory, though just why remains unclear. However, under Harry's influence, his magical skills developed to where he became a valuable asset to Harry and his fellows in Dumbledore's Army. His memory also apparently improved.)

  2. For the History of the Cathari mentioned in this video here it is from the Catholic Encyclopedia.

    Nothing about Jesus being married in this. The Catharists were heretics forming various sects at various periods and in various locations, over 1000 years after Christ walked this earth, so how could they know anything about the blasphemy mentioned in the video, and who was this child supposed to be conceived by Mary Magdalene?

    You can see that without the steady guidance of Christs grace and the true Church people will fall into every error.

    Our job is to find Christ's true Church and join that Church and stay in it until our last breath, because that is the only place and way we can be saved.