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Friday, December 17, 2021

Legislation Applies to Persons -- Not People

 By Anna Von Reitz

Are you employed by the Federal Government or by one of their State-of-State Business Organizations? Do you receive unearned welfare payments from these government entities? Do you need political asylum? Are you voluntarily operating as a Municipal commercial corporation?
If your answer to all these questions is a nice, flat, unequivocal "No!" --- then, I have a surprise for you. Legislation of all kinds does not apply to you.
That's right.
All 80 million (and growing) statutes, codes, regulations, mandates, public policies, and other corporate mumbo-jumbo does not apply to you.
You need to know that, and be able to speak truth to the matter, or your own employees will happily impersonate you and misidentify you as one of them. They will then hold you accountable to the same statutes, codes, regulations, mandates, and public policies that govern their lives as public employees.
I have often used this analogy.....
You are Ollie Anderson, standing on a street corner minding your own business, when someone you don't know walks up to you, grabs you by the shoulder, and says, "What are you doing out of uniform, Jim? You're supposed to be on shift since 7 this morning!"
He jerks his finger toward a nearby Wendy's Hamburger joint, and you are left standing there gaping at him, thinking, I'm not "Jim" and I don't work at Wendy's.
This is what happens when you are traveling from your house to Aunt Minnie's place, and a Highway Patrolman stops you and says, "Uh, Ma'am, you have a broken tail light and were driving five miles over the speed limit....."
He's holding you responsible for driving a "motor vehicle" instead of a car, and enforcing regulations that don't apply to your activities, as if you were a public employee obligated to follow these "legislated" rules as a condition of employment.
In effect, he's saying, "Jim! Why aren't you flipping burgers? Where's your uniform?"
And the fact is, so long as they aren't paying you spit, you don't owe them any.
Now, these gangs of deluded public employees will happily railroad you into their private corporate tribunals and try to fleece you silly for committing infractions against their rules, but if you know who you are (the Employer) and you know who they are (the Employees), you can adequately defend yourself without studying their law for forty years.
You just say in effect, "I'm not "Jim" (the DEFENDANT) and I am not a public employee or dependent, and I don't work for Wendy's. Who do you think I am, and more to the point, who do you think you are? In case this escaped your attention, I am your Employer and you are misaddressing me."
You don't have to go into a lot of detail. You never have to mention their codes.
Just stand there on your little flat feet, certain in your knowledge of who you are. And that none of their legislation applies to you.
If you really want to burst their bubbles, you look them right in the eye and say, "I am not a voluntary Transactor in interstate commerce."
Double oops.
I have brought you this good news before, and I am bringing it to you again. The 80 million codes, rules, regulations, statutes and other kinds of legislation don't apply to you. Their legislation doesn't apply to you or your property, so long as you know who you are and stand solid in the truth.

It's no more complex than having the good sense to reply --- I'm not Jim, I don't work for Wendy's, and who the hell are you?


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