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Friday, December 17, 2021


 By Anna Von Reitz

Some years ago I was lucky enough to be introduced to Kirlian Photography and the information obtainable from it. One of the most fascinating and impressive uses was to explain the difference between organic food and food produced by typical agribusiness operations.
My mentor took a Kirlian photo of an organic Granny Smith apple and a Kirlian photo of a "normal" supermarket apple, and thanks to the camera, I could literally see the difference in terms of energy.
The organic apple had a nice, even, steady halo of living energy surrounding it. The supermarket apple had a misshapen, faded, off-color, halo.
That was it. No additional questions needed. I've bought organic food, and farm fresh whenever possible, ever since.
In order to live, and be nourished from our food, we have to eat living food --- not dead food, which just adds toxicity to our system and costs more energy and nutrients to dispose of the waste.
Unfortunately, a greater and greater percentage of everything we eat has been damaged energetically and nutritionally by modern agribusiness and food processing , And damaged food sources means damage to our bodies, too.
It's really simple, folks. There is only one life and we all share it. If the apple we eat is sick and full of toxins, guess what? That sickness and toxicity passes on to us.
Pesticides and herbicides have long been recognized as sources of food pollution, and, unknown to most Americans, there is little in place to protect us from these, despite billions of dollars paid out as damages to victims and victims' families. The regulatory agencies we used to depend on as our "food police" have all been largely defunded, underfunded, repurposed, or shut down, so that the guilty corporations can make more money at the cost of our health.
Looking at the problem of obesity in America, an Austrian nurse just shook her head and said, "These people are fat because they are starving." And she was right. There is an economic component to obesity which proves it neatly --- poor people are more than five times more likely to be obese than rich people. Why?
It's not because they are lazy or endemically less active than the rest of us. It's because the cheap food they eat is nutritionally bankrupt. As a result, their bodies keep sending hunger signals trying to get the needed nutrients, and the victims keep eating more and more and more ultra-processed, bleached, polluted "food" trying to make up for the lack of real nutrition.
Thus, the poor in America become obese and spend an inordinate percentage of their meager incomes on food that gives them little or no nutrition. Government food welfare programs add to the problem, as they buy their supplies from the agribusiness corporations that the government corporations own and these are often the worst chemical pollution offenders.
There's even evidence of the "government corporations" deliberately causing food shortages in order to sell their warehouse surplus at exorbitant prices and tweak the commodities markets.
A very rich man, fond of wine, once observed the same phenomenon with respect to wine.
"Rich men never become drunks," he told me, "if we drink good wine. This is because a good wine is satisfying, like a full meal. It's the cheap wine that leaves you thirsty for more."
Given that little hint, it is easy to see why a larger percentage of poor people suffer from alcoholism, too.
Billions upon billions of dollars are spent each year on health problems and diet programs caused by polluted "dead" food sources, to say nothing of the social costs of obesity and alcoholism ----and there is little or nothing to protect consumers who daily face deceptive, unaccountable labeling, falsified contents, and even fake food on the shelves.
Yes, fake food. Literally. To catch the drift --- please watch this short video sent by one of my readers:
Note--- to check whether or not your rice is made out of plastic, throw a few grains in a frying pan. Fake rice melts.
The Consumer Protection agencies are dead or dying; the FDA has been taken over by Crony Corporatists, interested in padding the bottom lines of the "affiliated" corporations they own and equally, interested in suppressing competitors; food labels are deceptive and unreliable and meaningless -- for example, "100% natural beef" --- a hundred percent of what? Since when is beef "unnatural"? Even the "beef" part is questionable. Are we just talking about beef and buying horse meat?
And, at last report, Ralph Nader is 87 and living in Connecticut.
Again, and I know I sound like a broken record, we have to get up off our duffs and fend for ourselves.

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