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Friday, December 17, 2021

So, You Don't Believe That We Are in a Spiritual War.....

 By Anna Von Reitz

Today, I ran into a man, an Apologist for Joe Biden, who was making outlandish claims about the "successes" of the Biden Administration, and as I listened to him, it occurred to me that he had lost his mind. Literally.
He was, for example, touting the fact that unemployment claims are at their lowest ebb in fifty years.
He didn't even hear me when I pointed out that massive job losses and layoffs for more than a year prior means that Unemployment insurance payments are exhausted and the long-term unemployed are simply dropping off the edge of the table, disappearing into the Abyss of uncertainty, homelessness, and misery beyond ---- no longer a part of a population that can be tracked by the statisticians.
He was looking ahead at some grand and glorious economy spurred on by Uncle Joe, smiling broadly and vacantly, as he continued to make these off-the-wall suppositions about reality. He was a Class Clown guy, so happy and vacuous that he reminded me of his idol and gave me the same uneasy feeling that the lights were on, but.....
Maybe he'd fall asleep in an easy chair, or morph into an ax murderer. One can never tell....
I was, meanwhile, staring at a modern day Great Depression with millions of jobs lost, millions of homes lost, millions of people displaced, food scarcity, soaring actual unemployment, runaway inflation, record loss of industry, education scores in the tank, suicides at all-time highs, chronic disease afflicting 60% or more of the population, and my restless mind wandered on....
It's clear that I was looking at a completely different scene and drawing profoundly different conclusions from the same base data. I kicked back from my desk, leaned back in my chair.
Just like "Joe's Employment Miracle" that doesn't exist, and the Unicorn Virus, people are losing their ability to sort fact from fiction. The BBC's motto, "Listen and obey." echoed in my mind....
There's some of you out there who don't believe that we are in a spiritual war, a war that aims to tear the very fabric of our minds asunder and reduce us to an infantile docility and fake "happiness" based on telling us lies we no longer have brains enough to discern--- but look around at the Joyous Zombies skipping happily to their next appointment, and think about what you are seeing.
People lined up around the block to take "vaccines" that admittedly don't prevent any disease, don't prevent spread of any disease, but do cause heart disease, blood clots, organ failure, immuno-suppression, and a host of other known nasty side-effects, including death. And they think this is okay. They walk right into the propeller blades.
Yes, they think everything is hunky-dory. Never better.
And the delusion and the denial grows day by day.
This is what happened within the Jewish Community in Germany right before the cattle cars. When "unthinkable" things appear, people discount them, refuse to believe in them, fail to take action, and then..... history tells us what happens.
The tragic baseline of this story is that when something doesn't make sense, our minds skip over it and try to fill in the blanks, try to avoid the cognitive dissonance, and also try to evade any unpleasant conclusions. We have a built-in bias in favor of continuity, whatever we experienced in the past, we unconsciously project into the future. And we rationalize things constantly, trying to make sense of insanity.
What happens when the unthinkable happens? This. This is what happens. People go spinning off into Unreality, because what is obviously happening can't be happening. But it is.
And what makes it worse, is that the Rats we watch more closely each December, have been telling everyone who they are and what they believe and what they are going to do for at least forty years that I know of ----- and almost nobody believed them.
In 1980, they erected the Georgia Guidestones, and proposed reducing the human population to 500 Million ---- about 15 of us would have to die for every 1 that lived.
Here's Prince Philip telling you back in 1988: "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation."
Here, they told you all about spike proteins in 1992 at the Barcelona Olympics:
Twenty years later, in 2012, they told you all about dead babies and Satanic rituals at the London Olympics:
This is what comes from having a social and political elite that is scientifically and mathematically illiterate.
This entire insanity took root in their ranks because of a 1968 book called The Population Bomb, written by Paul R. Ehrlich, a Stanford Professor, who couldn't do math to save himself; Ehrlich predicted that by the late 1980's we'd all be eating dirt as a result of overpopulation, and it was the fear engendered by this execrable book that became the driving force behind the legalization of abortion, the "One Child" program in China, and many other actions that in retrospect led to moral decay and decay of the family.
As I write, only 18% of households in America have married parents bringing up children.
No actual scientists took The Population Bomb seriously, but the social and political elite did --- and this resulted in the "politicization of science" --- and the downfall of scientific integrity.
Science became a religion, with Darwin and the Law of the Jungle leading the way to lawlessness and brutality and a thoroughly debased view of Mankind; the new religion of science, like the old religion it mocks, is full of ignorant but popular beliefs, and it has become the favorite whore and money-maker of the politicians
Medicine, because of its profitability, and it's connection to both blood and drugs, has suffered most of all.
Together with Richard M. Nixon's 1971 action converting our benign non-profit medical sector into a fire-breathing profit-driven behemoth selling drugs and sickcare instead of healthcare---- this has resulted in the current wholesale destruction of reason, common sense, and decency at all levels of world government and academia, too.
You can no longer trust scientists any more than you can trust priests, but you can turn your Shinola Sensor on "High" and smell the reek of Washington, DC, from fifty miles away.
When asked what Washington, DC, now smells like, a horrified visitor said, "It smells like rotten meat. The whole city smells like a slaughterhouse."

And to date, not a single news source --- or scientist --- has asked why.


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