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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Public Announcement Regarding California Assembly

 By Anna Von Reitz

The first California Assembly organized by Wayne Whomsley has been dissolved.
It was dissolved because it was off track and refused correction.
Our American State Assemblies are dedicated to the restoration of our lawful American Government, at the State level, and countrywide.
Our State Assemblies populate the States of the Union.
All States of the Union are members in good standing of the Federation of States, by definition.
Any other kind of "state" is disallowed, and the promotion of alternative definitions of "states" is, strictly speaking, illegal and grounds for prosecution for insurrection.
From the very start, the Assembly in California was off-beat. On top of numerous administrative problems, some members of the Assembly promoted radically different ideas of what a "state" is.
These included a Mexican "California" or alternatively, a "California" that would declare war on Mexico and annex it, a Gay California in which only members of the LBGT community would be eligible to vote, a "California" in which Republicans would be outlawed, a "California" that would separate itself from the Union and stand as a separate country and so on.
We are not condoning or promoting any of this, and anyone who does, is in fact acting in insurrection against the State of the Union known as California, by trying to redefine it as something else.
Our State Assemblies are for the people of California, our State of the Union, a loyal member of the Federation of States. Period.
Things got so bad in California that these former members were running around making promises and promoting political agendas that have nothing to do with our version of California --- and doing it in our names.
They were organizing counties before they organized the State, which is exactly backwards, as determined by the location and political status of the people repopulating California --- and they thought this was all right.
If you can transport yourself to the second floor of a building without the use of a stairway or ladder, it's just fine. For the rest of us mere mortals, there is a logic involved in getting from Point A to Point B.
Try as we might, and as often as we tried, some would-be members of The California Assembly refused to understand what we mean by "California" and continued on trying to build something else and to build it a different way --- in our names.
To guarantee the success and validity of the whole effort, and to preserve the safety of the rest of the members, we pulled the plug and dissolved the first California Assembly effective November 1, 2021.
What remains is the second California Assembly which is guided by Satya Orion and Michelle Ford. Hopefully, the people living in California can get it right this time.
Those who wish to "peaceably" assemble and who agree with our definition of California as a State of the Union and member of the Federation of States don't have to do anything or worry about doing more paperwork.
Those who got off track will receive their paperwork back and their names will be expunged from The California Assembly records. Any offices, hired or elected, that were held by these erring former members are null and void.
I personally regret that things devolved to this point, but the fact remains that there must be agreement about what "California" is and there must be agreement about what The California Assembly represents and how American State Assemblies are organized.
What was happening in California wasn't it.
So we have hit the "restart" button and those who agree with our definition of California and who understand the need for logical development of the Assembly functions going from A to B, are welcome.
Those who want to argue about our definition of "California" and promote some other definition, can talk to the hand.
Those who resent the oversight of the Federation during the assembling process need to find something else to complain about, because without Federation oversight there is no telling what kind of "State" you'd end up in, what services you would have, or what you'd be fleeced out of or accused of, in the process.

Everyone concerned is called upon to act honorably and to return the assets of The California Assembly that are in their possession to the California Coordinators.


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