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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Military Occupation --- By Our Own Army --- For 160 Years

  By Anna Von Reitz

I have fully described the situation our country faced as a result of the so-called American Civil War, but some people still aren't grasping it. So I will be more blunt.
An illegal "mercenary conflict" was successfully promoted on our shores by agents of the British Crown and British Territorial United States, acting against the Municipal United States Government.
These two foreign subcontractors involved our American State-of-State business organizations in their squabble to the extent that the members of our original Confederation of States split into two factions --- North and South.
The original Confederation was thus rendered inoperable for lack of quorum and ceased to function.
The estranged Northern State-of-State organizations like The State of New York and The State of Maine and The State of Wisconsin formed "The Union".
The estranged Southern State-of-State organizations like The State of North Carolina and The State of Florida formed "The Confederate States of America".
The British Territorial interests sided with the Northern States-of-States and the Municipal interests sided with the Southern States-of-States.
In March of 1863, Abraham Lincoln bankrupted certain Northern States-of-States which were incorporated prior to that --- in other words, the bankrupted organizations were British Territorial entities by definition.
Actual States are not eligible for bankruptcy protection and the members of the original Confederacy were never incorporated, so we know that the bankrupted entities were British Territorial corporations by definition.
So at some point between April of 1861 and March of 1863, British Territorial corporations acting as Allies of the American States-of-States that were fighting as "the Union" were bankrupted, and threw their debts onto their American Allies. This is typical for the British Government --- start a fight and make someone else pay for it.
The Union Army was named the Successor and continued the fight solely on the resources of the American States-of-States--- and accepting the direction of Lincoln's illegal "Executive Order 100" --- which was in fact the first such "Executive Order" ever issued, and which included the Lieber Code.
There was and is no provision in American Law or Jurisprudence for the issuance of "Executive Orders" by an actual President of The United States of America. These were and are nothing but in-house "orders" like the orders given by the "President" of any commercial corporation on Earth.
The Lieber Code spelled out how the victorious Union Army was to deal with the situation after the hostilities ended and they eventually morphed into the Hague Conventions of today.
In April of 1865, Lee surrendered. For all intents and purposes, the war was over, but because it was an illegal mercenary action to begin with, there could be no Peace Treaty ending it.
The only Parties that could end the "war" officially, were the States of the Union, and the States of the Union were never involved in the "war" in the first place.
The States of the Union are members of the Federation. It's their States-of-States, their business organizations, that were members of the Confederation, that fought in the Civil War.
Following the end of hostilities, the States of the Union didn't speak to the issue, because nobody was told what was going on.
The so-called "Union Army" clammed up and sat in the cat-bird's seat, clinging to the purported authority of the Lieber Code. President Andrew Johnson tried to settle the issues by declaring peace three times on the public record.
Our entire history since then has been one of muddle and British guile and betrayal of trust by both the British and the Popes.
And the end result is that we have been occupied by our own Army for 160 years, and the Army hasn't even had the good sense and decorum to tell the American Public about this circumstance.
Even under this bizarre and fraudulent circumstance, the American People have always been owed the loyalty of the Army they pay for, and have always been owed the Law of Peace as established in the Army Regulations.
Instead of doing anything to solve this problem in favor of their employers, six generations of United States Army Brass have pretended that the American Civil War is ongoing and that they had the right and responsibility to usurp the lawful civilian government and to define "the Enemy" however they chose.
So they kept the civilians in a state of profound ignorance and worked out a deal with the Pope to control the entire country, pillage the Americans who paid their salaries and retirement benefits, and split the take.
This collusion between the former actual enemies in the Civil War conflict was immortalized by the 1937 "Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States".
They have been keeping this farce going in Gross Breach of Trust for 160 years and promoting it and spreading it as "American Democracy" ever since.
Well, it's not American, and it's not Democracy, either. It's criminal malfeasance, fraud, and Breach of Trust.
The actual Americans have been taking it in the shorts and the Brits and the Papists have been rolling in the receipts of their immoral, illegal, and unlawful actions, and all as the result of an illegal mercenary conflict they started on our shores.
Finally, the States of the Union woke up.
Last year, our properly populated Assemblies voted on a Peace Treaty among all the States of the Union officially ending the so-called American Civil War and forbidding our employees from continuing any more hostilities on our soil.
Both corporations responsible for this Mess in the current day are owned and operated by the Pope, so there is no possible excuse for any continuing hostility, yet here we are, faced with "depopulation" as those who are supposed to be protecting us continue to be misdirected by corporate interests bent on killing their Priority Creditors. Us. Their loyal, long-suffering employers.
They couldn't use guns, so they are using needles, press-ganging "licensed physicians" to do their dirty work under color of law and conditions of deceit. These same licensed physicians gratuitously redefined as "medical doctors" have been conscripted as "uniformed officers" under Title 37 of the Territorial Federal Code. They are undeclared soldiers in an illegal "war".
The vermin are promoting genocide of their own employers and customers for the sake of profit for their corporations.
At which point, we look at the corporations as an "enemy" of the Public Interest, and call for the liquidation of all commercial and private corporations engaged in any part of this horrible fiasco.
The United States Army is responsible for the immediate securing of our borders and the education of our population regarding these issues, which includes providing people with a correct and fully disclosed description of the political status options they have--- and then standing aside to let them make a free and official choice for themselves.
The United States Army is also responsible for liquidating the offending corporations and for the arrest of the CEO's and Board Members responsible for this defilement of the natural genome of millions of Americans so as to create GMO "Trans-humans" that these same corporations claim to own as property.
Failing their mission, the United States Army will go down in infamy as a rogue mercenary organization.

The actual government of this country has spoken. It may have been silent about these issues for 160 years, but it is still the sovereign nation. And the grotesque fraud and breach of trust that this missive addresses is still nothing but a gigantic crime promoted by employees against employers.


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