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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Dear Mr. Trump....the Second Time

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, we wrote to express our dismay with your apparently boundless ignorance regarding biology, virology, protein synthesis, and viral DNA and RNA disease vectors.
Now, we find that you are missing the point about all claims based on illegal patents are null and void. Those patents were issued under our authority without our knowledge or consent. They represent an entire history of illegal and indeed, criminal, patents. That history and those patents are individually and collectively coming to an end.
No commercial claims to the effect that anyone is rendered a "GMO" by virtue of ingesting any cellular level nanobot, engineered DNR or RNA fragment or similar "property" will be honored anywhere in this country and no patent issued by the U.S. Patent Office will be deemed lawful or protected that advances such a claim against living people.
Both slavery and peonage have been outlawed worldwide since 1926 and we are here to enforce the Public Law, regardless of whatever "Public Policy" any corporation adopts.
We have broken the codes and delved down to the roots and are applying the ax to those roots of evil even as this message gets forwarded to your new office address by scores of Americans.
You will either be part of the solution or part of the problem, and the choice is entirely up to you, as it is for all Americans. For those of us who have returned to the land and soil of this country and to whom your corporations owe all duty and due diligence, as well as all your debt, the answer going forward is obvious.
We have announced our intentions. We are enforcing the Constitutions. We are issuing the new American Credit Certificates to settle the Federal Reserve Notes and underlying bonds.
Anyone caught trying to securitize or monetize bonds based on labor is engaged in international crime, and it doesn't matter if this is done in one of the States or in the Territories and Possessions. All the Usual Suspects can forget about using Puerto Rico or the Mariana Islands as pirate bases.
From now on, the hunters have become the hunted and there will be no rest for the wicked.
So make up your mind, Mr. Trump. Loyal American? Or Company Man? You either stand behind the American Creditors and protect them and their good health and welfare as an American, or you belly-up and kiss the feet of people like Nancy Pelosi.
Your quid pro quo with us is wearing thin. Any idea that your USA, Inc. is going to be able to keep the same old game going with the US, Inc. players and use these outrageous "Human GMO" claims to further more claims against Americans is going to end on the end of a rope.

And no, it really doesn't matter what the "U.S. Supreme Court" opines, because at the end of the day, we are the only Supreme Court in the room. And we own it all. Right down to the spike on the flag.


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  1. TrumPuppet says, thanks for trusting The Plan💉🧬suckers, I mean Q-TARDS.

  2. This implies, that Donald Trump is currrently a standing President for bankrup USA.Inc [Chapter 11, going bancruptcy reorganization]. Since US.Inc has been liquidated and Equitable titles rolled to USA.Inc, now, not this business holds all titles in fee simple. Those who voted for Biden, offcourse were maintaining Washington,D.C., DC political membership status, however, on Nov.5th US.Inc was liquidated and Bidens election results thereforr null and void. So, how do courts operate, which company is acting Parens Patriae to fiddle Adam, since he and his woman need God?

  3. WITHDRAW the offer to contract with Trump now.
    There isn't anything substantial enough about his status, actions, comprehension, words NOR HIS surrounding company of JEWS that substantiates his ability to contract with nor for America Unincorporated.

    Trump DOES NOT QUALIFY. Trump seems to have NO CLUE as to certain Truths & Realities, as he mucks around in the swamp (merging of maritime, admiralty to land jurisdictions), unaware OUR LAND JURISDICTIONS underlie the swamp & all maritime, admiralty fiction claims.

    JEWS were NOT given land for a reason. Trump is up to his ears in jews. Trump has not found his way to our land and soil.

    WITHDRAW the offer to contract with Trump now. NO CONTRACT, NO LAW.

    1. goodE2Boots - am just going to drop some Magna Carta info. Y'all don't ever take offense to these What If's, cuz I wasn't there, so can only go as far as research & by others whose credibility is vastly superior to mine. Fun stuff, nonetheless, eh: ; & Etruscan Book of the Law & Magna Carta & Book of Mormon Looking for Christian Law, Christian Holy Book - in particular, the Book of the Law, or Nomocanon & Etruscan Book of the Law; >>> King had to obey laws is Magna Carta;

      Here 1216 turns into 1368, due to Juan de Inglaterra who is a copy of Juan VI Cantacuzeno existence. This is the fun part: King John of England & John Lacklands never existed, but are copies of Juan/John, pushed back in time, & displace geography. So then, whats with the Magna Carta? Looking like 1368, & from the Nomocanon attributed to John Scholasticus, tho not w certainty.
      Point is... Its Christian Law. Hee hee, the talmudics just cannot win, good folks!
      And as we dig... we find Buddha is white with blue eyes & slender, Krishna is Christ... & its all Christian... & NOT as 'ancient' as we're told. Christ's teachings spread east, west, north, south & jumped a couple of big ponds... right to Popul Vhu (Christian text, White’s brought teachings & built the temples).

      "Apparently, the chronology of John of England validates the chronology of the letter, and vice versa. Perhaps the reader is surprised to know that very timely this letter will always be in harmony with any revised chronology of its signatory king, since it is not dated in absolute terms but relative to the years of reign of the monarch."

      Just find this so interesting. As we proceed with new chronology, we find our entire history is much, much, much shorter. Like opening a hand-fan wide, thats the fake history timelines, characters wars events multiplied several times, pushed back into fake 'antiquity' & fake Dark Ages that never happened. Now begin to close the fan, past half way, 3/4's, thats about the difference in timeline IF even that much.
      thanks & stay sane you rowdy bunch!

  4. Well said. Keep the pressure on. There is no reason to have a Worldwide military show. MR. Trump stated years back. That America would always be FIRST. Looks to me like he is trying to please the entire world first. Sounds to me like politics as usual.

    Semper Fidelis
    Donald J J Brickham

  5. Another Terrific Show!

    1. skinylegsandall - see if this gets folks there:
      Have to type in a code on the page
      VAERS - Data Sets (


      Scroll down to the last number. Last we saw 75,372 DEATHS. Would that be a Toxination Pandemic? SEND THOSE ANAL CLOT JEWS BACK UP SATANS BACKSIDE!
      Thanks for the Highwire link & stay sane