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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Taxes -- Simple and Sweet -- And Keep Your Birth Certificates

 By Anna Von Reitz

If, as rumor has it, armed "federal officials" are showing up at people's homes and demanding that they turn over their birth certificates, tell them that they are engaged in international crime and to leave immediately and stop doing what they are doing. It's better to lose a job than be hanged.
And that's what's coming next for those who don't seek amnesty.
There are also reports that "President" Biden --- which "President" and "President" of what? Certainly not The United States. Not the old United States, Inc. Not the old United States, INC. and not the UNITED STATES, INC., either---- is advertising "free" vaccines if you turn in your birth certificate.
That BC is evidence of crime against you committed by the various foreign commercial corporations that have been here purportedly to provide us with essential governmental services. Pass the word.
That BC is also evidence of how much they owe you.
So that is why they want it back and they want it back BAAAAAD.
Don't give it to them.
You would be funding the enemies of humanity and the promoters of genocide.
Declare your birthright political status as an American, join your State Assembly, record your status declarations.
And as for any jabs, forget that. Just another ruse trying to get some "angle" to claim ownership of you and your DNA. Shove it in their arm if they want to be slaves.
Finally, about taxes..... you don't owe any taxes. Any taxes that you owed were paid off a long, long time ago.
So, what you do when you receive a "ACCOUNT Statement" often disguised as a "Billing Statement" that appears to be a bill, but technically isn't, you write back to whatever agency sent it, and you tell them that you received "a misaddressed ACCOUNT Statement" and you are forwarding it on to the State of State Secretary of State (e.g., State of Minnesota Secretary of State) with instructions to him to open your Exemption Account and discharge the amount.
Please note, some states don't have a State level Secretary of State and use a Lieutenant Governor to do these functions instead.
Then you forward the ACCOUNT Statement and copy of your letter and a brief cover letter addressed to the State of State Secretary of State. If you live in one of the western states or any state that wasn't a State by the start of the Civil War, you let him know that as of October 1, 2020, your State has been officially enrolled as a State of the Union, effective with the time and date it first entered Territorial Statehood.
That's Job One that must be taken care of if you live in one of the states formed during or after the Civil War.
Then, you tell him that you are a Californian, New Yorker, or whatever other state national designation applies, and a "peaceable" American, who has reclaimed their birthright political status, declared it, and recorded it. You are a member of The _______ Assembly, and you wish him (or her) to open your Exemption Account and settle the charges that were forwarded to you by mistake.
As long as you aren't working for a Federal Employer, that should be the end of any taxation questions or billings. And if you are working for a Federal Employer and have reclaimed your birthright status for one of the two citizenships you are allowed to have as a Federale, you should still have no further taxation bills to worry about. Americans are exempt.
And the rats have already extracted far more than enough to pay for all public services "forever", without presuming upon you to pay anything more at all.

Feel free to tell them so.


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  1. As a van dweller with domestic residence (mailing address) on ssdi.. am I screwed.. or get an actual residence fast and proceed,? Thanks

    1. No, you are going to be fine. Just hang on and watch what is going on and why.

  2. It seems my State coordinator has left the building. I have heard from them in months now. I'm in Ohio.

    1. Well, get in touch with them. No doubt they are up to their ears and need HELP, not complaints.

    2. They might not want to be involved with anything to do with unlawfully issued Labor Bonds.
      But then again, maybe they're busy.

    3. Anna the most useful thing an employer ever said to me was " Bring me solutions not problems "

  3. Anna: If I send this letter/notice to the agency and State of State Secretary of State, would I still need to write the COUNTY Tax Assessor to clarify that my private property has been wrongfully categorized as a residence?

  4. As with any "statement," the presumption is that you agreed to be surety for a name: JOHN HENRY DOE, John H.Doe, etc. Did you agree to that? Can they prove that? Can they provide evidence that you agreed, with full disclosure, to be surety for that name? Just something to ponder.

    1. Rog--I like what Anna's saying because it seems like it would circumvent a dialogue with THEM by just writing them and giving directions.

  5. Villages have never had any road names, homes numbers nor streets.

  6. Dear Judge Anna,
    Thank you! I hope you are well!
    May WE THE PEOPLE triumph over corrupt tyrannical dictator politicians!! HITLER & the DEVIL would be proud of the wickedly evil politicians, of carpet bagger nature, who rob, pirate, rape, abuse children, lie, deceive by color of law's illegal statutes, regulations, codes or constitutionally illegal and amoral zoning communist rules thought up by a handful of them to enslave all Americans to do their communist agenda!! Where does it say in GOD'S Law or the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Civil Rights, or Human Rights that we must comply to a handful of DEAD GOVERNMENT FICTIONS so we can be truly free??
    I am under the Law of Heaven, GOD'S Law of the Universe, LOVE!! I declare all my allegiance to Almighty GOD YAHWEH and HIS son Jesus Christ. I declare I have no KING but JESUS CHRIST the son of GOD. I owe no allegiance to anything that man concocts or connives in corruption & wickedness!!
    I am also a son of the Revolutionary war, MY Ancestors fought directly with General George Washington and were in the Continental Army with him. 2 Members of the Royal Family Clan of Buchanan from Loch Lamond, Scotland were in the boat with General George Washington Midnight of 1776 (Famous painting of General George Washington "Crossing the Delaware" with his most trusted members of the Continental Army, 2 of which were BUCHANAN'S) to gain true and permanent FREEDOM for the People of American. I am truly a "Son of the Revolutionary War!" I will never stop seeking True Freedom for We The People.
    GOD Bless you and keep you and your family healthy JUDGE Anna Von Reitz, Thank you so much for continuing fight for freedom over tyranny, Truth over Fiction,

    Arizona John

  7. I'm confused for myself and those of us who have already 'surrendered' the Birth Cert to Mnuchin. When they come to the door, what do we tell them then?
    How does this apply to that situation please?

  8. Are Americans State Nationals allowed to invest in cryptocurrency? Or is that considered an act of commerce?

  9. Hey there,
    Where can I find more information about reclaiming my Birthrights and abolishing this corporate identity that was created by the Corporation that we call the USA?

  10. I'm wanting to know how having 'legally' changed my full name but never having changed it on my birth certificate affects my 'strawman' and my rights and options. I cannot find information on this anywhere.

  11. We need help with these very same issues here in Canada. Anna, do you know anything about Canadians recording their status declarations here in Canada? Is there someone we can contact here in our province?

  12. Hello, what to do if IRS garnishes from paycheck through employer even though a revocation of election was done, political birthright status corrected (State National - American). Put them on notice and cease and desist - still won't release the garnishment order.

    1. I know very little about this, but I did do a Revocation of Election years ago and can tell you that it's effective after you've sent it in. You aren't liable for taxes AFTER that. Check out what Anna has said about the Revocation by searching on

  13. British off shore tax havens since the 1960s is something you might want to watch! one man ,two years, self funded , and well done!