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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

To the U.S. Secret Service, Treasury Department

 By Anna Von Reitz

You don't have to grasp everything that is going on, but you do have to understand this much:
Your debt is our credit.
This is true for the Federal Reserve Banks that have been run using our intellectual assets and labor ---"PKIs" ---- as chattel to create every single Federal Reserve Note, and true for the International Monetary Fund which has used our gold, our silver, and other tangible assets labeled "legacy trusts", etc., as chattel backing their debts, and the World Bank/IBRD which has used our gold (illegally confiscated by FDR in the 1930's) as the initial funding basis for their operations, too.
Everyone got that straight? Finally?
All the U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States are Debtors/DEBTORS.
The Americans are the Creditors.
And we have been the Creditors since 1851.
This means that you have accrued a preposterous, insurmountable debt, which mirrors our equally preposterous credit.
We are issuing a new currency. We are calling it: "American Credit Certificates".
These Certificates will be exchanged on a "dollar for dollar" basis with Federal Reserve Notes. As our banks collect the Federal Reserve Notes, their serial numbers will be destroyed and your debts will be erased.
It's the "your debts will be erased" part that should highly motivate each and every member of your service and the U.S. Territorial Government to cooperate and expedite absolutely everything that we are doing to save everyone's bacon, including yours.
We understand that certain Generals are all in flap. The Biden Administration doesn't know what to do. Well, haven't we made ourselves clear enough?
We are the Creditors. We own it all, including your debts.
We are in a position to pay off that debt and keep things balanced and operating in a lawful and peaceful fashion. You aren't. So stand down, cooperate with your Creditors, and we will lead you out of the morass you've managed to get yourselves into.
It's that simple.
Now, inform "the U.S. Mint" that The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States and the Delegator of all Delegated Powers is assuming control of all functions that were delegated to the Confederation operating as the States of America and to the Federal Republic pending the completion of the Reconstruction of our Government ---- a task that has been left hanging for over 150 years.
Clear the way and make ready to strike new engraving plates for the back of all the current Federal Reserve denominations. The face of the currency has to be corrected to reflect the fact that it is being issued by: The United States of America, not THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and it is an "American Credit Certificate". The back of the new currency will carry the image of the American Bison, facing to the right, and no part of the bill will be devoted to any pyramids or all-seeing eyes.
We stand ready to work with the U.S. Mint design team and engravers. This production of our new currency must be completed by November when the worldwide bankruptcy will end, whether or not anyone in your department likes it.
In tandem with the issuance of new American currency for domestic purposes, there will also be conversion of commodity asset holdings to back international exchanges.
So, all the Secret Agents need to put your knickers back on, and start dancing to a new tune. The "world" as you knew it is coming to an end, and a profound and better change is coming for the 99%. Make haste, because you are all part of that 99% and so are your families.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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  1. I have been racking my mind to come up with a money solution and bingo here it is in your own words, fits right in the groove

  2. Its happening slower than previously thought....however still moving forward.

  3. Its happening slower than previously thought....however still moving forward.

  4. .
    "Your debt is our credit"

    Our signature turns a piece of paper into a negotiable instrument because we are financial institutions considered to be estates patented under land patent because we come from the earth. They patented a “usufruct” interest in us. We are all agricultural beings, commodities. When you buy a house you’re not buying a house, you are creating a loan against yourself, you become the collateral for the loan. The land patent cannot go to ground because its immovable.