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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Showdown at the Okay Corral

 By Anna Von Reitz

So Sheriff Richard Mack, whose work I have loyally supported for years, and his efforts to restore local control to county sheriffs --- up to and including his landmark Supreme Court Case, Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc., is dissing me in return and won't let me participate in the Arise America Tour, because he has some unstated grudge against Americans restoring their own government?  

Oh, and he has never been willing to talk to me.  

Never read any of the books or evidence we've presented and delivered, all our overtures to just sit down over a cup of coffee and talk--- ignored. 

And this is a problem from the head of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peacekeepers, because we, our properly declared State Assemblies, are the only organizations with standing as the government of this country.  

Any authority his Sheriffs have, ultimately comes from us.  The Americans.  Not the U.S. Citizens. 

So I am putting this "put up or shut up" message to Sheriff Mack in public ---him and his followers, all, and counting myself among them for the past thirty years.  It's time for a showdown, me and Richard Mack, mano a mano, to finish whatever misunderstandings or misinformation he is holding against me and against our Assemblies, once and for all.  

Hear that, Sheriff Mack?  I am calling you out.  We need to settle whatever "issues" you have with me and with the actual State Assemblies, right about here and right about now. 


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  1. Interesting, because I was just told by someone, he was a fraud. Hmm. I will look into this. There is one other man who has been on a circuit telling people he can help, for a $$ FEE to get their children back from CPS....sound familiar? DLS.??
    I think we have some serious infiltrates amongst us. Level of discernment is on high! CALL HIM OUT ANNA. Godspeed.

  2. P.S. and if RDSteel doesn't have you on the tour, He is a BIG FOOL, or ASS, can't decide, but both would be an appropriate description, and it wouldnt be the first time he steps on his own tail
    . Perhaps 'they' are concerned you may have a bigger impact. it would be a shame but maybe a blessing in disguise.

  3. P.S. and if RDSteel doesn't have you on the tour, He is a BIG FOOL, or ASS, can't decide, but both would be an appropriate description, and it wouldnt be the first time he steps on his own tail
    . Perhaps 'they' are concerned you may have a bigger impact. it would be a shame but maybe a blessing in disguise.

  4. Isn't that something! Yes I would love to see a real discussion between Anna and Sheriff Mack! I know who I'm betting on!

  5. Communication is the solvent of all problems, as long as the party's are working in good faith, and willing to communicate honestly! I see Anna holding the Parle Flag, however I don't see Richard Mack doing like wise! I wonder if there is a third party interfering between them????

  6. Very Nice Anna. I have know of Sheriff Mac since the beginning when I lived in Arizona. He is knowledgeable about what he does but has little to no clue the total grasp of Anna's research over the years and the Historical Perspective. as for RDS - Anna has been on his show twice and for as smart as he claims - he doesn't get it and doesn't want to. His fight and his fame to claim from a revenue standpoint is all about the our Subcontractors - if he gives that up there goes his revenue.

    Like the Doctors I work with who realize their training and education is for the symptoms and not the cause. Many of them can't move in the other direction because of the greed.

    We will survive with or without them. If they can't see what we see - I don't think it worth are time and energy. You really only need an IQ over 70 to get that it is about Freedom over Tyranny.

    1. Oh goodie! someone with an IQ over 70!
      I'm Kidding!!
      As you can tell from reading the comments, there are ALOT of super smart men and women who comment on Paul's website.

      I can tell you are too, so, can you figure out why anna has put two Cancellations of All Powers/ Prior Powers of Attorney in her free "928" Packet of forms she wants everyone to fill out and Record?

      She hasn't yet revealed that to us yet.

      Thanks! janmarie

  7. Communication is key.
    Anna is ready to talk but Sheriff Mack is not this shows where the problem lies.
    You are right Anna, It is time to step up and command your respect...I support you with Showdown at the OK Corral. It is now your Time...This time We The People..

  8. Richard Mack has always been very (law enforcement) need say no more bragging about all his busts.
    Andy Mayberry he’s not full blown pig with benefits.

  9. Anton whistles the dirty dozen music theme. wah wah wah

  10. .
    "properly declared State Assemblies"

    How is this possible?

    What entity, jurisdiction, venue (not exhaustive) have recognized and or acknowledged and or supported and or enforced anything you or these people who think they have any claim when they are U.S. citizens.

    As no one has proven they are “alive” and not under the fiction known as the corporate communist democracy since at least 1860 if not 1770?

    Are these people not lost at sea? If not then why not?

    No amount of 2 dimensional paper can claim something they don’t own or control as first in line is first in time.

    Has any authority fictional or not recognized any claim-authority anyone has completed worked and is it repeatble in all states?

  11. comment by Terry Peiffer, Sounds to me like some kind of pissin' match between the Matriarchs and Patriarchs...again. Straighten your damn badge and tame your blown up ego there Mack, no one gives a damn who your allegiance is too, this is about doing what's right, either be part of the solution or get the hell out of the way, its your choice__-and BTW who died and left you boss as to have a say, who is a part of this tour?

  12. Sundown , be there. With your union rep.

  13. Distractions, distractions, distractions...

    Intentional or not, out of ignorance or not, no one can tell in cyberspace who or what is typing in response to Anna's posts.

    You would figure that the amount of time spent reading and replying to these posts would also involve being able being able to put together 2 coherent sentences in a row that people can actually read and comprehend easily.

    The biggest, and most frequent, opponents to Anna's posts are absent the requisite writing or comprehension skills of a moderately educated man or woman. Dribble, sentence fragments, incoherent ideas, easily debunked theories and altogether idiotic replies are the norm for certain "players" on this blog.

    I thought Sheriff Mack was on board with the truth regarding the lawful government of the free American people. This comes as a surprise and a disappointment to hear of the unwillingness to engage with the concept of American State Assemblies convening.

    I look forward to the "OK Corral" debate/discussion if Sheriff Mack has the stones to face Grandma Anna with FULL transparency.


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