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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 17 -- The Bond System

 By Anna Von Reitz

Before publishing this, I want people to fully grasp the fact that bonds are associated with "bondage" --- which always requires "performance". So bonds impose a form of servitude. Always. Bonds are not a good thing.
So when people get all excited and talk about the "value of bonds" what they are actually talking about is the value of someone's performance --- their labor, their talents, their intellectual property--- being exchanged for money for a period of years, and their obligation to perform upon the terms of those bonds.
When you are sold into bondage, someone gets a pay off and that someone is typically not you. You get the performance part of the deal only.
Many of you have read about the practice of "indentured servitude" --- a process by which people "bound themselves" to serve in a particular capacity for a number of years, typically seven (7) years, to pay off a debt. Many people came to this country as indentured servants (bonded servants) and worked off their debt and became free men.
Even slaves could, given the right opportunities and conditions, find means to earn "extra" money, and buy themselves out of slavery.
It is impossible to bond an American against their will, but we remain "free" to bond ourselves, which we have been "presumed" to do, as a result of the Birth Certification and underlying Registration process.
To be exact, the Perpetrators claim that our Mothers freely and voluntarily gave us up as Wards of the State-of-State British Crown Franchise operating our State Government "for" us. On an "emergency" basis, of course.
Millions of Americans know that this is total bunk and that our Mothers were never given full disclosure and that these innocent women were railroaded into signing these papers under color of law and in breach of trust, but that little fact is lurking like a Great White Shark, just under the surface of their system.
According to them, our Mothers signed us up and we continued to "voluntarily" participate when we reached the age of majority.
The fact that the purported contract was signed when we were just babies and therefore totally "unconscionable" to us, and never disclosed to our Mothers, either, is another point that the Perpetrators neglect to admit.
Thus, we have been "self enslaved" under foreign and undisclosed contracting processes promoted by our public employees, who have sold us into both slavery as Municipal citizens of the United States, and as indentured servants presumed to be British Territorial U.S. Citizens.
So now that you know that bonds are not good things and that you only get the bad end of the stick, let's take a look at an actual Birth Certificate ACCOUNT--- mine.
The STATE OF WISCONSIN BIRTH CERTIFICATE shows that a "female", that is, a "daughter of Adam" was physically born on June 6, 1956, and the initial certificate was issued by Dr. Kenneth F. Manz, M.D., actually, the attending physician, on June 27, 1956. It was received by the Office of the Registrar (from Dr. Manz) on June 28, 1956, and I was "unlawfully converted" into a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and Indentured "Person" on June 28, 1956. All this registration work was done via a Municipal Corporation doing business as the WISCONSIN STATE BOARD OF HEALTH.
Remember that "Wisconsin State" is the State Trust the rats established after the Civil War "for" us, to manage our property "for" us in our "absence" --- even though we hadn't gone anywhere.
So, the doctor was the Undeclared Foreign Agent "claiming" me as property belonging to the Queen and the British Crown Corporation franchise running both the Wisconsin State (Trust) and the State of Wisconsin "for" me. And not a word was said to my Mother, or, for that matter, to me, when I reached the age of majority.
The initial bond has been rolled over several times in the course of my life, so the original "bond" shows as a File Number: 148-56-XXXX. The first set of numbers identifies the British Crown Corporation franchise and the "56" identifies the year, and the XXXX --- which is also numeric, but I am not publishing--- identifies the exact record that entered "me" into their system.
A more recent version of the document shows an eight-digit Bond Number in red ink at the bottom of the certificate. This is an IMF Bond Number; the United Nations has held these bonds since Jimmy Carter so generously donated them in 1980, as one of his last, thank God, acts as President.
Now, this is purportedly, a "private contract", something that my Mother and later, I, entered into knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily --- a supposition that everyone reading this knows is pure bunk. We were simply never told anything about these cozy unilateral, undisclosed, and for my part, unconscionable contracts, being entered into "for" me by "Uniformed" Federal Officers.
Doctors are conscripted under Federal Code Title XXXVII, so while my Mother was paying for a private physician, Dr. Manz was acting as an M.D. and signed the certificate as such. He took me into "custody" and sold me into indentured servitude benefiting the USA, Inc., and he very broadly presumed that I was an unwanted bastard child, abandoned "on the battlefield" of an illegal mercenary war being carried out in secret by my own public employees---- 91 years after the American Civil War actually ceased.
You can't make this stuff up.
Now, what happens to little Anna Maria? The living girl goes on and lives and grows up. The British Territorial "Person" berthed by this illicit registration process, is moved to the District of Columbia, where "she" is registered again by the Department of Commerce as a "Special Purpose Vehicle" doing business as a corporation franchise of the Municipal United States Government: ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER.
While the British Person carrying my Proper Name is just an indentured servant, the Municipal PERSON is a slave, both of whom have to buy their way out of their servitude every step of the way, because at the end of that day, they owe everything to the State Trust, where "I" am actually "lodged"----and which they manage "for" me.
Okay? Are you able to follow along here? They seize upon me as a baby in my cradle, include me as property belonging to the Wisconsin State (Trust), which they then commandeer and manage "for" me in my "absence". After this initial act of misrepresentation and kidnapping and unlawful conversion of my nationality and political status, they remove the resulting British "Person" they have named after me to the District of Columbia.
Once in the District of Columbia, they incorporate an additional Municipal Corporation named "ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER" as a Cestui Que Vie ESTATE Trust, and they begin spinning off "derivatives" --- other commercial corporation franchises that are all "Special Purpose Vehicles" presumed to be engaged in various public commercial capacities. So, we have, for example, their current scapegoat, ANNA M RIEZINGER, a bankrupt Puerto Rican Electrical Company franchise.
These Municipal franchise CORPORATIONS are all promptly bundled up and transported offshore to Puerto Rico (or more recently, the Mariana Islands) where they are graciously administered as Church properties, under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.
Now you know how and why the IRS is so effective as a debt collector of your "voluntary" Federal Income Taxes, whether or not you are a Federal Employee or Dependent.
Let's examine the actual "books" using my BC account as a totally typical example of what is in fact owed to an average American versus what is owed by that same American in the aggregate. This is a recent -- April 2021-- look at "my" account.
You will see that it is organized as "BC FRONT CUSIPS" and "BC BACK EE SERIES PAPER BOND CUSIP" numbers.
FPURX x 3 Cusip: 316345107 Amount: 475 Million
FSELX Cusip: 316390863 Amount: 5,833.64 x 1,000,000.00= 5,833,640,000
FTRNX Cusip: 3164231025 Amount: 3,281.00 x 1,000,000.00= 3,281,000,000
FDESX Cusip: 316127109 Amount: 2,731.59 x 1,000,000.00= 2,731,590,000
Altogether, they are holding $12,321,230,000.00 in the Wisconsin State (Trust) for me, but all this Pre-paid Credit is, conveniently, blocked. It was pre-paid by my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents and by me, too, but I can't access it. Remember---- my "Person" has been unlawfully converted into a British Territorial Person, and until I "return" from "over the seas", this account belongs to an American and is "unclaimed" property. So the Perpetrators of this scheme use it as an investment capital Slush Fund instead of using it to benefit me or my family or even my country.
Now, let's look at the "debt side" of the account. Here we see the "back side" of the account, and we see that Federal Reserve Notes of the EEOOO80771 Series have been issued in MY NAME, as public debts. So, "I"--- that is, the Municipal PERSON(S) they have created "in my name"--- owe $50,360,000.00 in debt.
This is what they are always promoting and attempting to collect from the DEBTOR and using as the excuse to confiscate the property of living Americans and to harass them in Municipal COURTS and claiming that these PERSONS owe all sorts of taxes and other debts---when in fact, all these debts are owed by the organizations promoting this enormous fraud and money laundering scheme on the backs of the American people.
5,036.00 x 10,000 for denomination 50,360,000.00
The actual tally when the books are balanced is that these Vermin owed me:
$12,270,870,000.00 as of the day we pulled the record.
And they are still trying to pretend that I, or at least, various Municipal PERSONS named after me, owe them money for all this "service" and they are proposing to steal my house, entitle themselves to my home, arrest me whenever they please, and, if necessary to free themselves of their insurmountable debts, they propose to "sacrifice" their property --- that is, to kill us all, in order to get rid of their Priority Creditors.
Well, we have a better idea. We have come home and proven and declared our birthright political status as Americans, owed every penny of our State Trusts. We are the actual landlords, and they are the tenants. It's time to balance the books.
Please bear in mind that this does not mean that you or I are suddenly going to be in possession of "gozillions" of dollars with no stipulations or responsibilities; that's not what it means at all. What it means is that we and our State and our ancestors are owed a tremendous amount of pre-paid credit that needs to be gradually paid down, so as to maintain the value of our currency throughout the world, improve our lives, set us free from harassment from our own employees, and promote a safe, clean, sane and truthful world in which all children can grow up happily and achieve their dreams, a world in which all families and all nations are respected.
We cherish the many cultures and nations, the colorful diversity of life, and all its forms, and we utterly reject any model of Corporate Feudalism that certain bankers and other scum have advocated. Norwegians won't be inundated with displaced Muslims from Iraq anymore. Neither will there be wars that murder and leave people homeless, promoted by thieves and mental incompetents.
What this means on an individual level, is that you, plain old Joe Q. American, should never see another tax bill of any kind again. Or suffer any potholes. You should never have to quibble over a "land title" belonging to a British version of yourself. You should never see another public utility bill of any kind in your lifetime. You should never be misaddressed by any foreign "federal" officer or foreign "State of State" Court or Law Enforcement Officer. You should never have to worry about a medical bill, the cost of medicine, a college debt, or buying a new car when you need one. Ever.
And bear in mind, this is just the "sort out" of the Birth Certificate Bonds.
Other bonds were placed on your weary backs as well.
You are the richest people on Earth, even though you have been treated as slaves in your own country for 158 years.
It's time for this abysmal nonsense to end.
The Americans have seen through the deceit and the Roman Civil Law demands the removal of the fraud and its results, to return our land and our Good Names and our pre-paid credit and everything else that is legitimately ours.
We have also seen through the inland piracy practiced against us by the Queen's Government and the Lords of the Admiralty. The Law of the Sea maintains that "Possession by pirates does not change ownership." and so, we have reclaimed all our property--- our purloined gold and silver, our Good Name, our copyrights, our trademarks, our patents, our public buildings, our land patents, our post offices, all of it.
As it turns out, we also own most of Western Europe, which has been badly bungled, too. Contrary to fears that we will enslave the populace or repossess property, we propose to free everyone concerned and return each man to his own place with his own property intact. The principles of war do not apply.
We will consider this a true Jubilee, the first in over 800 years, and the Creditors will gradually and sensibly release all the debts and hold the living people harmless, so long as everyone keeps their heads together and proceeds in an orderly fashion.
There will be no UN Death Squads on our shores, no Chinese Troops on our nickel, no false claims in commerce misapplied to anyone--- and no more continued pretense of mercenary war on our shores.
Instead, those who have been harmed by this pernicious system will be made whole and enabled to live free and secure and dignified lives. Everyone will be educated and fully informed and enabled to take responsibility for their own lives as self-governing beings, and anyone seeking to enslave, bringing false claims in commerce, impersonating anyone, or playing any of these loathsome games on our turf will be recognized as a criminal, arrested, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Public Law.
This is our Will as the actual Government of this country, and our employees of every stripe, are fully obligated to obey and the High Courts are all obligated to enforce from the top down as we enforce from the bottom up.
We believe that this little expose using my account as an example of what is totally typical, more than adequately demonstrates not only the existence of our "Exemption Accounts" but locates them, and also explains the mechanisms used to establish and misdirect this system, so as to misidentify and enslave the actual Creditors.
Instead of owing anyone for the use of Federal Reserve Notes, I am owed for the use of Federal Reserve Notes issued against my good name and credit. Any debts owed by any corporate PERSON named after me utterly pale in comparison to what I am owed, so that I, and millions of other Americans, are without question, owed the Mutual Offset Credit Exemption Exchanges that were stipulated in 1933-34, and our feckless foreign Employees need to organize themselves to issue the Exemption Credits.

We suggest an overhaul of the "Internal Revenue Service" and the "IRS" to coordinate their activities with the Treasury and expedite the opening of our Exemption Accounts as each American "returns" home to the land and soil of our beloved country and re-establishes their identity as an American.


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  1. .
    "is another point that the Perpetrators neglect to admit"

    Its not the 1st Borne that is the created slave [deceit] its the 2nd born that the oligarchy claimed the DNA and enclaved "it" - the cake. The legal entity.
    “[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a National system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency.

    All this would not be possible but by and through the BAR Guild in collaboration with the oligarchy.

    An we are too expect and better service for the International court .........LMAO

    >>>> Corpus Juris Secundum (CJS), Volume 7, Section 4, Attorney & client:
    The attorney's first duty is to the courts and the public, not to the client, and wherever the duties
    to his client conflict with those he owes as an officer of the court in the administration of justice,
    the former must yield to the latter. Clients are also called "wards" of the court in regard to their
    relationship with their attorneys.
    Corpus Juris Secundum assumes courts will operate in a lawful manner. If the accused makes
    this assumption, he may learn, to his detriment, through experience, that certain questions of law,
    including the question of personal jurisdiction, may never be raised and addressed, especially
    when the accused is represented by the bar. (Sometimes licensed counsel appears to take on the
    characteristics of a fox guarding the hen house.)
    Jurisdiction, once challenged, is to be proven, not by the court, but by the party attempting to
    assert jurisdiction. The burden of proof of jurisdiction lies with the asserter. The court is only to
    rule on the sufficiency of the proof tendered. See, McNutt v. General Motors Acceptance Corp.,
    298 U.S. 178 (1936). The origins of this doctrine of law may be found in MAXFIELD v. LEVY,
    4 U.S. 330 (1797), 4 U.S. 330 (Dall.) 2 Dall. 381 2 U.S. 381 1 L.Ed. 424

    That is a question that each must answer for themselves. However, before making that decision, you might wish to consider the following questions and answers:

    1. To what or whom is an attorney's first duty? We consult the latest Corpus Juris Secundum (C.J.S.) legal encyclopedia, volume 7, section 4 for the answer below:
    Conclusions of law:

    When you hire an attorney, you become a ward of the court and a second class citizen and you admit the jurisdiction of the court in the matter at hand.

    You can't hire an attorney if you want to challenge jurisdiction.

    If you want to challenge jurisdiction, the only way you can do it is as a "sui juris" and/or "in propria persona".

    What alleged jurisdiction and venue will the alleged International court use and is it not connected to the BAR Guild? If not then how were they created and who in the world listens to their opinions?


    1. .
      Just a few quotes

      “When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either quit being mistaken or cease to be honest." ~ Frederick Douglass

      “To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture. Thomas Paine

      "Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and the lies of their culture, will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses." ~ Plato

      “We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” Ayn Rand

      "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored ~ Aldous Huxley

      Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. Marcus Aurelius (121-180AD)

      "The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words you can control the people who must use the words." ~ Philip K. Dick (1928-1982)

      “Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance.” - W. Clement Stone

      “True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.” - Socrates

      The history of the race, and each individual's experience, are thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal. ~ Mark Twain

      "Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance or conscientious stupidity." --Martin Luther King, Jr.

      "The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and refuse to investigate." --Dr. Wayne Dyer

      "There are only two means by which men can deal with one another: guns or logic. Force or persuasion. Those who know that they cannot win by means of logic, have always resorted to guns." -- Ayn Rand

      “Intellect and Emotion are partners who do not speak the same language. The intellect finds logic to justify what the emotions have already decided” ~ Roy H. Williams

  2. This is the part I am having trouble with.The birth certificate was signed by my father without full disclosure. Therefore, doesn't that make illegal? And the fact that my signuture is no where on this document brings me to question how am I bonded to it. So if I was to use it ( this illegal document) to attach myself to it by way of signature with 2 witness documents stating that this document is who I am then makes me an accomplice to this illegal undisclosed ( bond) certificate. Does it not? So why would I admit to something I had no part of?

    1. Commercial Maxim of Law: A matter must be expressed to be resolved.
      Maxim of Law: As a matter is bound, it must be unbound.

      You must retrace every step of your captivity as it is revealed to you and clear the matter up, by law, or remain a US Citizen. To fail to get it done amounts to failure on your part to be removed from their fraud. They say we consented, bull sweat. We were a couple days old so I'm pretty sure we did not consent.

      I am curious why you have not voiced these concerns with your states Coordinator, since these blogs are infected with trolls up the ying yang just looking for the opportunity to way lay some unsuspecting soul. It is also common knowledge that Anna expects, as do we all, that each of us diligently gain in understanding of a growing portion of what is transpiring in our world. This is large part of why we are here. To help people navigate those trolls lacking the understanding or effort to join in and contribute, instead of trying to subvert those on the path to complete freedom.

      In the process of undoing all that has been done to us there is no chance the birth certificate can escape culpability. Since that document is responsible for the necessary nexus for the feds to gain unlimited access to our estates and make the wealthy wealthier, we have to establish the fact that it was issued in our name unlawfully, without consent, and that we are surrendering the federal person of their creation along with its' birth Certificate back to the treasury. You're not making any claims of ownership, in fact you are clarfying that it (BC) is not yours and proving it by endorsing it back to the treasury. The witness forms do not implicate as you suggest. If you do not follow the proper procedures there will be no joining up with a state or county level assembly.

      The only involvement of the two witnesses form is their agreement you are who you say you are. That's it. Follow your own heart, not that of a defeated entity who gave up on life eons ago. Good Luck.

      The reason Anna is attacked repeatedly on her site by the trolls / detractors who love to make stuff up is because we are succeeding at a very healthy pace.

      It also needs to be said there are many simply not in possession of the intellectual capability to undertake what we are doing. It has been my observation that those who pick apart Annas stuff, purposely take it completely out of context because otherwise there is nothing to pick at.

      It would be foolish to heed some failure who literally does not know what he / she is talking about. They just want to pluck your brain a couple of times, help you become more discouraged and then send you on your way.

      Coming to the blogsite with questions is not exactly the failsafe method of attaining accurate feedback, please be aware of that. Locate your state coordinator and go from there.

      Becker County Coordinator

  3. Who said anything about trusting? Or that any of the maggot food would ever redeem themselves and do the right thing? What are you smoking? Trying to make since of any of this is a challenge without combating comments.

    1. Lifesmirage. you may have noticed the meanness of patriot58s spirit.
      He is obviously not part of a solution of any kind. The coordinators are well versed, for the most part, if you have need for it. It is a difficult time, to be facing such a dangerous circumstance. There is safety in the presence of our assembly families. How you doing on the vaccine issue. I created a nice do it yourself file enabling you to create your own medical experimentation refusal notice that looks pretty darn nice. It is international in its scope and there are 167 leading nations as members. There is a letter included and some very eye opening information regarding the truth about the covid19 vaccine. It was crafted by a Harvard Ph.D. working with the patriots now as a whistle blower. Its free, effective, fun and does not take more than a half hour to complete if you are open to the idea of providing an email address where I can send it. If not I understand. Hang in there, I believe we will be fine.

  4. For those who still do not get it...

    mom and dad have baby boy and give (gift) him a name = john henry (given name or "christian" name)

    This name is NOT him - it is what he is "called" by those who know him.

    The House (Family Name) john henry belongs to, if mom and dad were joined in the Holy union of Husband and Wife prior to baby being born, is the House of dad = Jones

    The Family Name Jones belongs to ALL of the collective people of that House (Family) - no one can claim that Name as solely their own.

    Therefore, baby boy is called: john henry - House (or Family) of Jones

    When baby boy reaches the age of majority, he may choose to combine his given name with his House (Family Name) and use it as his Good Name (Trade Name or Lawful Person) = John Henry Jones. This is a Corporate Name yet it is NOT Incorporated. This Good Name is NOT him, it is his Person - his 'tool of trade' if he so chooses to use one.

    The trickery, deceit, unlawful conversion and outright piracy/thievery perpetrated by bad actors, who are agents of INCORPORATED Government Services Corporations masquerading as our Lawful and Sovereign Government, does NOT change or negate the original gift given to us by mom and dad. Nor does it change or negate the Good Name we may choose to use when engaging in Trade with others.

    The B.C. is first hand evidence of fraud and a crime perpetrated by bad actors against mom, dad and baby. Stealing the name(s) of baby and dad's House and then creating a FICTION for criminal purposes is a wrong/trespass and that has grave consequences for the perpetrators when those who have been wronged properly give notice of this crime.

    Anna is providing the mechanism by which to give and serve proper notice of this crime and is also providing a Lawful Record System in case the local County Clerks do not fulfill their duty when presented Lawful Documents for recording.

    If anyone posting here has a problem with any of this, please use your free will choice and leave this site. Start your own and compete in the arena of ideas and let the people discern and choose on their own who is providing good will service and the truth.

  5. BLACKPILLED RED YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS DOING calls on trying to get funds ... ... says President Trump EO 13968 states we can get these ... .... through they explain the details & sent their paperwork in but no funds yet... believe they said takes 3 weeks to get a direct deposit... just curious to see if it goes through. It's Like Dangling a Carrot in Front of Your Face to get More View Counts. Oh Well... God Be With Them!!!