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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 18 -- Hollywood East

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am now given to understand that the "Arise America" Tour being popularized by Robert David Steele and Sasha Stone is actually being funded by the shadowy Bush-connected "We, the People" organization, and that their overtures to the American State Assemblies to financially support and participate in their Tour is an effort to co-opt our efforts.
We weren't told that "We, the People" was involved.
Instead of it being an opportunity to bring the truth out, it's a means to associate themselves and their organization with us. But just enough to lend themselves our legitimacy.
The problem with "We, the People" is that they are the wrong "People".
The only People who are Parties to the Constitutions and enabled to enforce them are the State Citizens, as is shown by our earlier information published as Blood Money 17 -- The Bond System.
Those operating the "We, the People" organization are in fact Territorial U.S. Citizens and they are clinging stubbornly to that political status.
Because they want to "represent" us, and deny our ability to present ourselves ----with no agency granted to them.
After all, impersonating us as British Territorial U.S. Citizens is how they got their foot in the door, how they managed to act in Breach of Trust and latch onto our Good Names and Persons to benefit their Queen and their Pope in the first place.
This is what we call "Hollywood East".
Virtually all these people are literally Actors --- some of them very Bad Actors, indeed.
They are the ones who stage False Flags all over this country, the same Jokers who conduct business as "Acts" of Congress --- literally, acts as in stage play acts.
Most of them have been deluded to think that they are doing something great, something necessary, a "sacred cause" --- when in fact, all they are doing is promoting a phony, illegal, commercial mercenary "war" and pillaging their country and their countrymen to do it.
Who was John Wilkes Booth? An actor.
Who was Abraham Lincoln? A Bar Attorney acting as "a" President, not "The President".
Who was Ronald Reagan? Another actor.
Jimmy Carter, too.
The Walker-Bushes and Carter-Roosevelts are all Rockefellers, too. That's why virtually all the "Presidents" are related to each other, and operate under false names.
Like Ulysses S. Grant or "US Grant" ----ahem, whose actual name was just plain old Hiram Grant from Ohio.
Take a good look at Joe Biden and compare to Jeb Bush or former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. See the resemblance? Now add in Ulysses S. Grant.... and Patty Hearst.
Compare JFK (a Carter) to Jimmy Carter.....
Now compare both of them to Donald Trump..... and Theodore Roosevelt.
Theodore Roosevelt's Bull Moose Party ran under the slogan, "A Square Deal All Around." Teddy was a Republican.
And Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Democratic Party slogan ran under "The New Deal". Franklin, his cousin, was a Democrat.
And neither one of them were ever The President of The United States of America.
Starting with Abraham Lincoln, they were, and they are, all actors. All men and women pretending to be what they are not. All imposters.
And we are the people they are playing.
In all senses of that word.
Without us, they have no standing at all, no ability to commandeer our assets, no firm identity, no property, no political status of their own, no "power" except the strictly enumerated delegated powers they are supposed to be exercising "for" us in "good faith".
Their entire political status is created by the Federal Constitutions, and without those Constitutions, they are stateless, homeless, and lacking any purpose---which is why they make such a cult out of preserving and defending the "Constitution" at all costs.
They have impersonated Americans for so long that some of them actually believe that they are us, and they do this because this is the only way that they can seize power over us and our assets --- by pretending to be us and pretending to be our lawful government.
That, however, is something they can never attain, no matter how many times they claim to be, "We, the People". They may be "a" people, but no, not "the" People being referenced by that famous phrase.
So it is time to set aside these repugnant and criminal games, face the facts, admit who pays the bills, and which ones of us actually function as Americans, not U.S. Citizens and not Municipal CITIZENS, either.
The Father of All Lies guides their actions, but the Father of All Truth guides ours. They pretend to be "We, the People" but never paid a dime toward the fulfillment of that contract. They pretend to "represent" us, but we have no need for their services; we are competent to present ourselves, directly, and in our true and Lawful Persons.
Let the records of the High Courts show that we appeared in our true form in the Court of Heaven, and that we appear now as Lawful Persons standing on the land of our country.
All beneficial interest in America is owed to us, and we do not allow our foreign employees or their dependents to substitute themselves for us, manage our private lives for us, or otherwise commandeer our Persons, cashier our assets in trusts, or waive our inheritance for their benefit.
While we initially welcomed the olive branch and the offer to join in and support the Arise America Tour, we realize that once again, this was no genuine effort to support actual Americans, create actual peace or settle anything. It's just another attempt to co-opt what is legitimate by association.
It's too bad for all concerned, but no, we won't be participating in nor supporting the Arise America Tour, and we turn the High Courts' attention to the issue of impersonation in all its senses.

These people don't stop with impersonating us on paper, they actually take to the streets and attempt to pull the same thing in the flesh. They pretend to be our Agents, when they are not. They pretend to be our Trustees, when they are not. And they even pretend to be us, literally, when they are not.


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  1. I am new to this movement and so happy to be here! Thank you! I am curious if I can go back and demand the return of my "taxes" that I have paid over the years without realizing what I was doing?

    1. .
      Read some of Annas work -

      you are not taxed the legal entity [B.C created person] is taxed

      IRS - see info on the 6 Master files held against the B.C. person!

      Why are people evil - because of the salary received ? OR blind ignorance?

    2. .
      So you want the currency back?

      How can you ask for an I.O.U. back? Is it a debt instrument - yes

      A bank CAN NOT loan (LOL) currency - what people have been deceived into thinking its money.

      Can you "pay" for anything with an IOU ? NO - only offset and discharge to balance their books. [under what - the bankruptcy!]

  2. So confused. I have to ask my inner self. 💗

    1. Unknown
      I agree. I have to go by my instincts. When I watch Anna present, I don't get the impression/feeling that she has ulterior motives. She appears sincere and what she presents makes sense. Unfortunately, I haven't found a better solution to the ridiculous situation we find ourselves in. I too wish this could hurry up and be solved; just don't see how to do it quickly. Appears it is up to us to wake up a sufficient number of the people until we have enough to gain back control of the courts. That, it appears, would make the difference. Thanks Anna.

    2. Unknown & Micheal - for control of our courts see Christopher James, A Warrior Calls bitchute & site. James just posted Bitchute vid interview with David Straight, worth a watch.

      & see Alphonse Faggiolo on youtube & site: I AM has sent me to you

      Far ahead of Anna on actionable results that aren't complicated & more attainable. These guys just go right into the grift with their language & docs. Neither are American State Nationals & both just get it done, since they know who they are & papers don't make them living men, they make themselves.

    3. Wink wink took your advice and looked into Christopher James good guy looking out for your welfare need your critical analysis and help unraveling the communism.
      My models all show either we stop the immigration at a minimum.
      That’s not on the agenda.

  3. goodE2boots....

    "YOU" using a "FICTITIOUS NAME" make the claim that "Annavonrreitz" is a corporation funded by someone.

    I aconditionally accept your claim upon proof of indispensable evidence of published Certificate of Incorporation; and, that funds are going to said Corporation.

    The email addresses for all the coordinators are listed on the American States Assembly website. Prove your claim or go away.

    Myself, I am extremely tired of your Vitriol against Anna, as your accusations are not just against Anna but against all those working to help the people. No one is forcing you to support the Assemblies or donate your time. If you have a better way go be productive somewhere else. Everything you have written except the BS about a corporation is explained many times. If you don't like the explanations, sounds like a personal problem. Go join some religious group like the Reign of the Heavens. They are claiming all Americans as their subjects. They don't like Anna's effort to help the people either.

    Annie McShane
    Delaware Assembly Coordinator

    1. .
      American States Assembly

      Please name as many as you can where this type of application has won and or cured the American peoples problems with the alleged authority of the U S Inc. and the BAR control court within American states?

      That stops the evil of foreclosure, traffic stops, IRS taxes - not exhaustive.

    2. .
      Above - forgot

      That is on record and repeatable for the average person to accomplish when confronted with the color of law [CODES]

    3. Thank you Annie McShane,my thoughts exactly. Isn't it the way of the father of lies to do nothing but cause confusion. I read Anne post everyday. And most of it makes sense until I read the comments below. The only part of all of this I dont fully understand is the claiming of the BC.
      After a while of reading the constant attacks on Anne in the comments from the same 4 people you begin to see them for what they are.

    4. Here's an interesting fact no one is bringing up. Robert David Steele is in fact 501(c)(3). Says so right on his web site. Tells you all you need to know. He's eaten from the same poison tree as so many other, including most christian churches who have sold their souls for a bowl of pottage.

    5. Please note the RDS "Tour" Anna called "Arise America" above is actually "Arise USA" Resurrection Tour promoting Faith Family Freedom. Perhaps to assist mis-identified Americans to arise from the DEAD CORP[se] slave, indentured servant status they've been trafficked into? And come home to land & soil jurisdiction on the record(s) & join State Assembly(s) to clean up the Mess we've allowed to happen while "lost at sea"?
      It All can work together for Highest Good of All, as each One peacefully Lawfully declares and lives in Truth, via Spirit's empowerment, unity.
      In Love, Peace & much more... FreeMom7 :)

  4. .
    >>> "Acts" of Congress <<<

    Do we have a Lawfully seated CONgress after 1860 Coup d'état that help create the US Inc.

  5. This is great...." Anna" is trying to legitimize all her stuff while others poke holes in her " facts" while others defend and want proof of the unprovable....hmmm.
    All I know is the shitshow of the world is a train launched off a cliff headed for an active volcano ! ...all the while the jesuit just sits back and laughs at the shitshow on here...
    Hope porn , fear porn.....same shit everyday.

    You all wonder why this unsurmountable situation cannot be solved...look in a mirror all of you , and I mean all of you...ego , arrogance and petty bullshit all the time for all of you. All playing into the hands of the evil bastards all the time.
    ....and I am the problem ....hmmmm

  6. Hmmmmm, do you offer a solution? No? Then your part of the problem.

  7. For those who still do not get it...

    mom and dad have baby boy and give (gift) him a name = john henry (given name or "christian" name)

    This name is NOT him - it is what he is "called" by those who know him.

    The House (Family Name) john henry belongs to, if mom and dad were joined in the Holy union of Husband and Wife prior to baby being born, is the House of dad = Jones

    The Family Name Jones belongs to ALL of the collective people of that House (Family) - no one can claim that Name as solely their own.

    Therefore, baby boy is called: john henry - House (or Family) of Jones

    When baby boy reaches the age of majority, he may choose to combine his given name with his House (Family Name) and use it as his Good Name (Trade Name or Lawful Person) = John Henry Jones. This is a Corporate Name yet it is NOT Incorporated. This Good Name is NOT him, it is his Person - his 'tool of trade' if he so chooses to use one.

    The trickery, deceit, unlawful conversion and outright piracy/thievery perpetrated by bad actors, who are agents of INCORPORATED Government Services Corporations masquerading as our Lawful and Sovereign Government, does NOT change or negate the original gift given to us by mom and dad. Nor does it change or negate the Good Name we may choose to use when engaging in Trade with others.

    The B.C. is first hand evidence of fraud and a crime perpetrated by bad actors against mom, dad and baby. Stealing the name(s) of baby and dad's House and then creating a FICTION for criminal purposes is a wrong/trespass and that has grave consequences for the perpetrators when those who have been wronged properly give notice of this crime.

    Anna is providing the mechanism by which to give and serve proper notice of this crime and is also providing a Lawful Record System in case the local County Clerks do not fulfill their duty when presented Lawful Documents for recording.

    If anyone posting here has a problem with any of this, please use your free will choice and leave this site. Start your own and compete in the arena of ideas and let the people discern and choose on their own who is providing good will service and the truth.

    1. Family Name and SURNAME are NOT synonymous. The same as a pistol or revolver is NOT a FIREARM - you would have to agree or acquiesce to that designation. The name of a clan, house or family does NOT automatically equate to SURNAME - we disagree. The fact that bad actors unlawfully converted family names to SURNAMES means nothing to those who know the difference - don't use their words or terms.

      You are your own court if you are competent to bring, move and keep it. Any "record" you wish to make can be done by you in any number of ways. The record is only a memorial of what you have already declared by voice - you are your own record when you speak and when you write.

      You are your own record keeper. Any extraneous "system" you decide to use is only for the benefit of others since a recording service (regardless if it is digital or not) does NOT have or hold your original wet-ink documents. They only have certified copies and you have the originals therefore you are the Primary Record Keeper of your affairs and for your Person(s). What you document on paper is written in the "first person" meaning they are your words - be aware of, and understand, what you record.

      The reason you give proper notice of a wrong, trespass or crime committed against you is because that's how one must conduct one's self to remain in honor when accusing others. This is ancient biblical law and Western Civilization operates under these lawful pretenses. You address the man or woman occupying the office they use to perpetrate the wrongs - you cannot be harmed by a FICTION. Ultimately, it's ALWAYS a living soul that causes you harm or injury and that is who you serve proper notice to.

      As I've said before, what is missing is the enforcement arm behind our process. If you do not believe the process discussed here is provided in good faith then LEAVE. Create a process of your own and let it stand up to scrutiny. There is nothing hidden in Anna's process, she provides full disclosure and a TROVE of available information and research material.

      Remedy is not being requested from any "higher" court or "authority". The existing remedy that is intentionally hidden is REQUIRED by those who seek out and evoke it. Ignorance, whether is is one's own fault or not is still ignorance. One must ask, seek and knock in order to find truth.

      The more people who awaken and come forward requiring remedy from the crimes committed by the bad actors, the better chance at achieving the goal of restoration.

      If you believe the process discussed here is not the correct path... GO AWAY and make you own.

    2. if all the people who want everyone to "go away" they need to stop claiming fake old test and fake new test as "public law"

      simple as that. don't create controversies if you don't want one. don't pretend to govern others who never gave you any consent whatsoever. don't pretend to have authority over people who didn't elect you.

      simple facts. don't claim authority over people or to speak for people who a) dont share your kabbalah state religion b) never elected you

      consent of the governed. actual old test. actual new test. try it sometime.

    3. actual american law:

      Happily for this country, these officers are not recognized by law. They derive all their authority from the churches over which they preside.

  8. antjfar----Thanks for that explanation of the family name. I had the idea, but you solidified it for me!

  9. Look at this
    For example, the strictly inter-State mechanism appeared manifestly inadequate in the handling of the case of the Application of the Convention of 1902 Governing the Guardianship of Infants (1958).25 There has also been sharp criticism of the Court’s handling of the East Timor case (1995), where the East Timorese people had no locus standi to request intervention in the proceedings, not even to present an amicus curiae, although the crucial point under consideration was that of sovereignty over their territory. Worse still, the interests of a third State (which had not even accepted the Court’s jurisdiction) were taken for granted for the purpose of protection, and promptly safeguarded by the Court, at no cost to itself, by means of the application of the so-called Monetary Gold “principle”.26 The aforementioned examples are far from being the only ones; they in fact abound in the history of the ICJ.

    In respect of situations concerning individuals or groups of individuals, reference can further be made, for example, to the Nottebohm case (1955) pertaining to double nationality; the Trial of Pakistani Prisoners of War case (1973), the Hostages (U.S. Diplomatic and Consular Staff) in Teheran case (1980); the Frontier Dispute between Burkina Faso and Mali case (1986); the Application of the Convention against Genocide case (1996 and 2007); and the triad of cases concerning consular assistance, namely, the Breard case (Paraguay versus United States of America, 1998), the LaGrand case (Germany versus United States of America, 2001), the Avena and Others case (Mexico versus United States of America, 2004).

    The crooks in charge of this entire set up starting with the League of Nations

    So when you set it all up and make all the 'laws' according to your world plan of domination and your banking hub is SWISSY LAND you have immunity from EVERYTHING

    And I found this of great interest about the Habsburg and Medici connection

    In the following link
    under the Monarch Profile: Emporer Leopold the II

    His people rather liked displays of pageantry, grandeur and had become used to the way things had been since the days of the Medici.

    And what are we looking at here today but a Habsburg and Medici Ventures connection

    The First Reich, the “Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation”, had a large and very old Jewish population.
    Continue reading in the link below

    So while we are being told that this is the Roman Empire Fourth Reich and the Catholic Church is slammed everyday for all that ails the world turns out the objective of the chosen ones is to destroy all of it
    In the link above interesting information about their expulsion from Syria and today they have destroyed that nation and its people and taken over their lands

  10. I am really tired of the Confusion... That is of the Devil...God has a New Way... A New Day Coming to Earth... That is Why ALL The Old has to Die to Bring In the New... Looking for the More Simple Basic Way In God's Kingdom on Earth... Peace & Love to ALL!!!

  11. Maybe the "MARK" of the beast was all of us. Who do all the thieving crooks look for. A mark

    1. perhaps you were just being "poetic" but since there is always someone shallow enough, no, the beast is blasphemy just as "revelation" says. and non-marked people dont deal with flesh. those are worldly marked people. marked people are only an outward worldly manifestation of the spirit of falsehood.

      thus far, it looks to be a quasi-judaism and also quasi-new test "the lord" entity and now "joshua". tries to usurp all religions and place them under itself. the gnostics called it the "blind god" -- nature, physical, worldly, has zero spiritual sight, zero morality, just blindly usurping and pretending to be "god"

      there is also the masonic handshake.

      see matthew 24 and loosing binding. keys are trinity. vatican II RCIA is "holy spirit" so for NT, stick with holy ghost.

      getting rid of trinity is "blasphemy" and "the beast" too.

      this is pretty well mapped out at the moment. we can wait and see if "joshua" gets yet another "nick" name.

      at the moment, it is pretty obvious what names and signs "the beast" goes under right now.

      and of course not "was", the beast unfortunately "is". yes, there are many "marked" people but solution is easy -- just dont believe any prophecy ezekiel or revelation, stick with actual old test or actual new test, or neither. easy.

      they are "marked" because they got tricked into some other entity, and think they will make "heaven on earth" and go around crucifying anyone who doesn't accept their guy.

      old test this is forbidden many times over.

      new test as well. that was "jesus of nun" moses' pick. christ says he is not like that guy.

      what truly makes them "marked" is their attempt to a) govern everyone else b) all they care about is a worldly kingdom c) all the people they mislead who don't know any better and think that it is actual old test or actual new test, all the people they drag to hell with them who get to be their slaves

      "those who say they are jews but are not, the synagogue of satan" as revelation puts it. galatians tells the story.*&Query=Galatians,+Epistle+to
      Contents of. The great question discussed is, Was the Jewish
      law binding on Christians? The epistle is designed to prove against the Jews that men are justified by faith without the works of the law of Moses.

      (2) shows the evil influence of the Judaizers in destroying the very essence of the gospel (3 and 4);
      its not actual judaism its kabbalah under disguise of "prophecy of ezekiel"/revelation -- "their lord and his christ"

      nothing to fear. just reject prophecy of ezekiel and revelation -- "secret books" are forbidden by "the lord", and for NT there is zero authorization to abandon christ in the first place and zero authorization to switch to "their lord and his christ" of revelation, there is no "worldly kingdom" except for antichrist.

  12. Folks, the toxxines are possibly causing 'shedding' in which those vaccinated are contagious
    Am waiting for more info, tho much has come from Dr. Tenpenny group, Mikovits, Cahill, several more predicted this

    Private Florida school won't employ vaccinated teachers
    Apr 27, 2021 · MIAMI (AP) — A private school founded by an anti-vaccination activist in South Florida has warned teachers and staff against taking the COVID-19 vaccine, saying it will not employ anyone who has received the shot. The Centner Academy in Miami sent a notice to parents on Monday informing them of a new policy for its two campuses for about 300 students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.

    Below this video is the following info that stores are saying VACCINATED TO KEEP OUT <<< Has anybody seen this yet?? LET US KNOW IF YOU DO!!
    Is this Fear Porn or Fear Warn??
    This video goes on with doctors speaking up, watch it all the way:

    Many stores and businesses are now posting signage for all those mRNA Vaccinated to STAY OUT. Knowledgeable, informed Doctors, Nurses, and Scientists around the world are warning people to stay away from those mRNA Vaccinated. mRNA Vaccinated people are now believed to be super spreaders who can shed through their skin, pores and breath to those not yet vaccinated resulting in those people being infected as well. The mRNA Vaccines are causing Brain and Neurological damage, heart attacks, lung disease, liver disease, kidney disease, male and female reproductive damage, blood clotting and Death. Many places of business are now posting signage that "Those Covid Vaccinated are not Permitted to Enter", and for good reason.

    All anyone can do is deliver the information. Its up to us to do the rest.
    Strongly suggest taking notes:
    Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P - Episode 44 - 1h19 -- Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P - Episode 44 with special guests Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Lee Merritt & Dr. Christiane Northrup

    [ Comment below video: psyman - Bentonite clay ]

    Stay Away (Warning)
    - 1:34 - discusses high incidence of those NOT vaccinated having very severe symptoms FROM THOSE WHO HAVE been vaccinated. This is called Shedding, as those infected by vaccines & it was FOREWARNED by several including Mikovits, Tenpenny, Cahill, & more.

    The results of vaccine may not take effect for 4-6 to 18 months, then a series of events over a few years. This is not a vaccine, it is a genetic altering implant, which causes the cells to constantly reproduce proteins, pathogens, without the ability to stop replication. t is a toxxine injectable poison >>> by jews to turn us all into their compliant Golum.

    >>> Back Flat Worms found in masks This is a warning i sent to large numbers to ask for help from Biologists for Truth, asking them to do the research too:
    ALERT! HELP! Microscopic BLACK FLAT WORMS ALIVE IN MASKS >>>> BIOLOGISTS NEEDED TO EXAMINE MASKS >>> Fresh packs of masks, several brands, examined by many, LIVE WORMS in every one examined. This doctor is asking for proper examination of BLACK WORMS IN MASKS

    Doctor is horrified by the black mask worms so she buys a powerful microscope to have a look (

    1. goodE2boots - Thanks for the chlorophyll reminder. Am making orders soon for a bunch of stuff. Yeah used to always have bottle of chlorophyll. Excellent stuff. Don't recall on blood clot regulation. Will keep it in mind as to how it balances for proper function. Good stuff.
      MMS by Jim Humble is the one who brought it forward. He doesn't sell the 28% Socium Chlorite Solution (MMS Miracle Mineral Solution) & 50% Citric Acid Solution - 2 different bottles needed - but has sources who do sell it.
      We use it multiple times every day. We keep 2 dropper bottles 100ml each, made with 10 drops each, so 20 drops strong in fridge, at least. So we make one batch & pour into 2 bottles. One bottle for our consumption, as mouthwash, bobo's, etc, one bottle for surfaces, pets (we give to dogs using needless syringe, cleans teeth, rids internal parasites, drops on bobo's, in water bowl, etc - NOT METAL, never metal)
      Just used some to clean cutting board, kitchen surfaces, sponges, toothbrush, even help wash veggies, fruit (after rinsing in water vinegar & use baking soda, let soak rinse, use paper towel saturated with MMS to wipe or make a bowl of water/MMS & let swish, small spray bottle).
      Vitamin C, caffeine, etc undoes MMS, so be aware of this when using. Just use an hour before meals, or after eating, or whatever. If using for healing, find the methods online, including most severe diseases.

      MMS can also be used to clean the body systems of toxins, foreign intruders, so having a few drops a day, or whenever (just be aware of calcium needs, as MMS may cause need for calcium supplement, like for ladies). Use drops in our filter water pitchers (thats what to say when crossing borders, its for Water Purifying, standard use world over) & keeps the filters clean too. Just soaked coffee maker filter in MMS, chunks of minerals fell off. Our pitchers have zero calcium etc residue. The rims, not susceptible to MMS will crust, then we clean it w MMS.
      Just used MMS on rust on faucet porcelain sink stains. It took it off, gone. Soaked two pieces of paper towel in MMS & saturated rust areas. Came back while later, used toothbrush & baking soda again, this time it all came off. Wash the metal off real good. Not even rust remover took it off, go figure.

    2. The other stuff we use, we make ourselves: GANS, gas in a nano state. CO2 for balance, CH3 energy, ZNO peace, CUO disinfectant gans water we use every day, separate marked bottles. We use all just about everywhere EXCEPT CH3 for energy, which we don’t use where we don’t want things energized. CO2 ZNO then CUO the most, including spray on our bodies after baths, in our mouths, face eyes, pets & stuff around the house, furniture, pots pans utensils, window wiping, clean laundry, cleaner spray bottles, fabric scent bottles etc.
      The CUO disinfectant & pest deterrent (doesn’t kill, just discourages), we will spray in our mouths & swish, bodies too, pets get a good spray when brushing, little shot in the mouth, bedding, collars saturated, CO2 ZNO too.
      CUO also spray in boots shoes clothes, especially sweaty things.
      To deter pests on rugs carpets, entire doorframes, baseboards, crevices windows, curtains, stored clothes, fabric things, coats, winter scarves sweaters, whole closets drawers CuO CO2 ZNO. We have spray bottles all around the house, every room.
      CH3 energy - should not be used on things that spread if energized, like flea areas don’t want to energize the eggs, nor if trying to cure herpes, cancer etc, stuff like that.
      Now we use CH3 spray & C02 ZNO CUO too, but CH3 on our bodies, clothes when we're doing labor intensive work. We'll take a break, drink some water, CH3 CO2 ZNO hit w a spray in the water too, spray us down again for refresher. Look, what this does to us is gives us a gentle energy, patience, peace, endurance, balance.. We’re a bunch of good, funny guys, enjoy working, so we’re interested in how GANS helps or not. Don't know what else to say. We haul, pull, drag, build, loading... all day long w/o exhaustion, so we know when we need a break & w GANS we keep mellowing thru each chore, breaks are not long at all. Sure we're used to it, but the resting breaks are greatly improved. Its what we experience. For sore muscles, pulls, whacks, busted knuckles, fingers, toes, shins, we hit it more CO2, ZNO, & skin breaks add CUO, rub it in.
      Now I'm using CH3 on 'things', like wiping down electrical extension cords, machines, tools, equipment, weed eaters, shovels, mowers, blades, saws… just whatever we’re wiping down, hit with CH3, even CUO CO2, ZNO. We’re trying now to see if over time electrical, items are improved w CH3. We let GANS Water dry in the sun after cleaning & spraying, just let it sit there a bit. Now, call it crazy, but stuff improves. ??Blades need less sharpening?? Like all the plastic, rubber on tool handles that turn to mush… pizzes me off this China cr*p turns to goo. So we spay w Gans Water to see if it helps prevent the goo, so far no goo… but who really knows if it was gonna goo??
      Now what GANS feels like as a result of drinking, spraying on the skin is a different texture, like softer, more resilient?? Need to ask the ladies for specifics, but we feel a skin difference. Dogs fur stays fluffier, cleaner. Weird. We spray them up in the heat, especially face neck belly, always spray their backs w a shot, for cooling. But they can’t talk, so we just observe. Why is it they seem less heat suffering? Really they’d stay in the shade, sleep, now they’re not doing it as much, less panting, stress. Dogs would look like they’re totally wiped out, heavy panting, but not with GANS. Horses too, give them a good wet down. Add CUO for horse flies. Are there just fewer flies or is it GANS?
      Amazing & so simple. Only cost after production is distilled water to refill GANS production containers. hope it helps.

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  17. WOW... this is freaking weird, ok. What the heck is going on? Beg your pardon! copy/paste/correction issues... WEIRD.
    Come on, Y'all it is very clear Anna has made grievous wrongs over & over & over ... & over again.
    Add Anna has NO CONTRACT to be Fiduciary. No contract, no law.
    Anna told Mnuchin to give America's wealth, assets to some Hein II, in some account. We asked where is the contract with Hein, whats his role, to whom is he obligated [contracted] & the details & is he a JEW?! (no jews! America is a Christian Law nation NOT talmudic Noahide law!) What account & where is the contract for it?

    Stunning wrongs by Anna to her global audience, ok. NO ANNA IS NOT FOR OUR AMERICA, Anna is for her America, the one in which she remains bloodline power perch.
    Add she has stated multiple times AMERICAS BORDERS ARE WIDE OPEN FOR ALL if they can get here & not get caught by the Feds she will make them American State Nationals. No criminal checks, no English required, no character reference... the list is too long YES WIDE OPEN BORDERS.
    Then when asked about her what law she basis this upon, she started making it up! Then gave her belief, blah blah mamby pamby baalsh*t --- BLIEFS ARE NOT LAW.

    No Anna is not for our America & she writes a sh*tload of falsities, fake history, stuff she seems to just make up, blames Catholics for April 15th Tax day on Peters Pence, when its "donations" are late June but IGNORES the trillions stolen by jews via Rabbinical Kosher Tax Extortion Racket on over 1400 grocery store products like toilet paper, cleaners... not just pickles, ok. IGNORES the hidden tax by JEWS so that if we want to merely buy everyday products WE HAVE TO PAY THE JEWS.

    1. ... Ohhh come one. Look if anyone here is looking for their "leader" then you are not an American. Leaders are talmudic.
      And all those who jump to Anna Banana's 'rescue' becuz YOU don't like critique of her mounds of mis/disinformation & claims... YOU are the one who needs sound correction.
      Such as she said Trump has a contract with America, when asked to see it, she said its the constitution. There is NO CONTRACT. Only an offer to contract. No autographs, no thumbprints, no witnesses ZERO its probably not even been seen by Trump.
      >>> Now look, if Anna does NOT know what it means to have a contract then what in hell is she doing as Fiduciary?? A responsible Fiduciary WOULD NEVER SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT so as to mislead the Facts about Trump contracted. She doesn’t know the elements of a contract???

      She even said America is judaeo-Christian ??? Thats an oxymoron, like sovereign citizen. Christian Law is the polar opposite of talmudic law, the two are polar opposites. Its the JEWS who want us to think jew has anything whatsoever to do with Christianity. Whom is Anna placating? Blames Catholic Church for JEW CRIMES.
      Let me tell you something, Folks, you have been lied to by Anna many many many times, purposefully, so as to divert proper accountability away from jews.
      Recent video she went on one of her stupid tirades against the Church, then tried to cover her azz with a snide comment, as tho we ought to know what she really means. YES WE DO KNOW WHAT SHE REALLY MEANS & it is not at all becoming of a Fiduciary.
      NO CONTRACT, NO LAW. Anna has made herself Fiduciary based upon bloodline claims JUST LIKE THE JEWS DO. With no contract, Anna can do whatever she wants, becuz she decides whats good for America NOT AMERICANS.
      Anna cannot work on behalf of other nations while a Fiduciary, but she does it all the time. NO. She can only function in a capacity that benefits Americans. NO CONTRACT, NO LAW. Even involved in getting Green Cards for her gimmigrants she's trying to haul over here??? WTH!?
      Even told a Fed convicted sex offender, on video, how to be an ASN & dodge the Feds sex registry - PUT A SEX OFFENDER CONVICTED, IMPRISONED onto Americans, hide his crimes, becuz thats Anna's "law", becuz she says so <<< VERY TALMUDIC.
      Anna says gimmigrants can be ASN's & don't even have to speak English at all - Soooo they have no clue what they're becoming as an ASN nor do they have the ability to contract.... Why? Becuz they don't speak nor write nor read English.
      PEOPLE FOR CHRISTS SAKE - a gimmigant ASN commits a crime, hurts you, your family or child (sex predators will not be known in Anna's way) & you call the cops. Cops come over, take his ASN Credentials & sees "DO NOT DETAIN". Cuz of course, Anna's gimmigrants get to have ALL THAT AMERICANS HAVE... including America's assets, wealth... all becuz Anna says so by her divine right.
      No. Not letting Anna get away with her baalcr*p anymore. We ought to consider seriously, Catherine Austin Fitts for Fiduciary, & betcha Fitts knows what a contract is. Anna can be a consultant, IF she behaves.

    2. Good links Shelby
      This one has articles on gimmigrants & this page here on corp entities usurping us.
      Also, the same thing we find, gimmigrants brought here, given extensive resume's, awards, shuffled along without true knowledge nor capability, to then be place in some gov perch. Often, we find Gimmigrants have handlers, are put in place specifically to PREVENT true developments & advances. Are highly paid to DO NOTHING much at all, even stop research etc.

      John Agwunobi, MD, MBA, MPH :
      "Dr. Agwunobi has a passion for leadership and innovation and sees his role as Assistant Secretary for Health as an opportunity to enhance the Secretary’s efforts to further the mission of HHS and the health of the nation by building, strengthening, and leveraging relationships across the public health community and the US Public Health Service.

      That’s a pretty impressive background. So what’s wrong with it? It’s too much. It’s a pumped resume. He’s like the guy who lives in an average neighborhood that hasn’t worked in six months but shows up one day driving a brand new red Corvette. The neighbor asks, ‘what did you do – rob a bank’? What do you think? Also, he was appointed to be the Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services. Assistant and Deputy Secretaries don’t normally get the kind of appointment notices that Agwunobi got regardless of their credentials. Washington DC is about nothing if not protocol and pecking order..."

      We True Americans, especially White Christians, aren't allowed to advance in our own nation.
      Examples are these Gimmigrants, like Elon Musk-rat-fink jew gifting BILLIONS off Americans, scamming us endlessly, including ops to confiscate Pensions in the ga billions, as California Teachers, Firemen etc. as Tesla is the chosen investment w/o protections. Peter 'childs blood' Thiel & Musk-rat are partners in PayPal, & Thiel has Ambrosia which drains blood of young people to package it as youth serum $40k/mo to his jews (jews need non-jew childs blood, jews have a evil history of bleeding European Children). Thiel also owns Palantir, camera spies on our city streets).
      Another example is Hamdi Ulukaya, hook-nosed Turk (reckon a Donmeh jew) who came to America, so poor, so willing to work, that he is now a multi-millionaire in less than one generation. His product is contracted to America's school children, & we can buy it in our grocery. His special product? Chobani Yogurt.
      Now We Americans, despite multiple generations, are not allowed to have such a successful yogurt business, are we? But these JEW FAVORED GIMMIGRANTS are give OUR EVERYTHING so long as they tow the jew sewer line.
      Look on your local boards, find the Gimmi's, look up their resume's. See what awards & who gives it. We always find JEWS involved, either presenting or funding, or the jew handler recognized, etc.

      Ok, good site, good links. Thanks Shelby. Trying to keep up, here.

    3. forgot to post link