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Friday, February 5, 2021

Is Trump Still President? This man says yes.


  1. Carpenter - Its really something how jews have brainwashed so severely... OR these people can't make the cut to be Americans in the first place.
    And more are being shoveled in to destroys us. Annd Anna helps by giving a free pass to even illegal immigrants who hide for 7 yrs, take no benefits, have no federal charges & they get to pick the state they want to claim as theirs to be an American State National.
    Even in her last Zoom a federally convicted sex predator, who said served his time, now wants to be an American State National & Anna also gave thoughts on how to escape the fed required to register as a sex offender.

    And these people who follow Anna like she's some goddess, ARE ALL FOR IT.
    What then does it even mean to be an American State National? It doesn't mean anything, its jsut another status to switcharoo & play the same jew games.
    And Anna is apparently a bloodline heirship perched atop her dung pile, writing away, making claims, sending notices & letters YET Anna has NO CONTRACT that we've ever been shown, nor acknowledged.

    So is Anna the same bloodline jew as those she blasphemes enmasse, blaming everybody else for jews crimes? Just doing what the jews do, MAKE CLAIMS with no substantiation at all.

    Anna even made up her own immigration laws, out of thing air, just like the jews do.

    Here are some short vids to wake up the dark void massess who think they're Americans... cuz Anna said so:

    FedEx Shipping 100s of 1000s of Body-Bags (


    Here Flynn says we're dealing with the situation as it is. No military take over. No insurrection act. NOTHING.

    And here we are, being Bolsheviked, but its allllll about China. And Anna says China is free. HOW MUCH MORE BAALSH*T are her Anna Bananaists going to fall for?
    Apparently its limitless. thanks & stay sane

  2. Wink Wink, I agree with your findings, that Anna is quick to claim something w/o facts. Or based on her perceptions. Most airsigns doing the same thing as she does.

    Here is another blood boiling point, Admiralty codes had fueled police to committ scamming crimes very often:

    Port commissioner confronted -Capricorns. POLICE. WON'T TELL their scamming reasons 4 ticketting ppl..// A bad case of 'Do you know who I am?' Devils 😡 😈 energies here. Mayors work for thievery Banksters and Bar ×××××. I see their togetherness energies recently.


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