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Friday, February 5, 2021



  1. Any suggestions for a patriot that lives alone and has no where to go. And friends and family are not like minded. And think I'm crazy and a conspiracy theorist?

  2. No I guess not. People seem to have something to say unless of course it is a suggestion out of this mess. They will have text wars about their theory be right and pull apart someone elses. And of course its always how these bastards are going to succeed at what they are trying to do.
    How many people thought there was a plan? How many of you heard General Flynn say there is no plan.
    Do you get the feeling not only have we been manipulated and disenfranchised. But we are suppose to just except the corruption and fraud. Oh nothing we can do about it now. Lets just work together to make sure it doesn't happen again. Exscue me. We will go to other countries and help them fight their enimes. But here in our own country even our military just rolls over and allows this corporations untied states inc. And the ceo biden and the rest of the thugs (CONGRESS) tell us what we have to do and what we have to accept. What the hell is wrong with everyone.Has the whole dam country rolled over?

    1. Lifesmirage: the 99% loves this 2 items:

      - Fake Love-Govt-Loans-Regltn-PbRcrds., 100% clear and Hidden controls.

      - MEN made gods.

  3. Monkey Business Special w Garrett Ziegler 02.06.21

  4. Very interesting how Biden is still not flying on AF1 but they painted an old Military B752 to look like AF1
    Paul Furber@paulf
    "The LARP continues. Don't fall for it patriots.
    First picture is from a reporter captioned: Biden getting on AF1 today for his flight to Delaware.
    Except he didn't get on AF1. He's flying on a Military B752 painted to look like AF1. Also missing Presidential Seal."

    Looks like the shits about to hit the fan. Biden and Company trying to preemptively cover their
    Tony Heller@TonyHeller
    "This article from @time largely confirms the election conspiracy ("their words") which they blocked QAnon for explaining. It appears to be a pre-emptive attempt to change perceptions concerning a massive amount of criminal activity which is about to be exposed about big tech and the Biden campaign."

    "Fascinating article by @time explaining how a massive "conspiracy" (their words) to silence the voice of half the American people was "protecting democracy." One of the most Orwellian pieces of the year."

  5. Tony Heller@Tony__Heller
    "The Democrats game plan outlined decades ago. “We don't let them have ideas (1st Amendment). Why would we let them have guns (2nd Amendment)?” ― Joseph Stalin

    Tony Heller@Tony__Heller
    Join The only place where you can still hear the voice of the President Donald Trump. The rest of big tech are criminals under the control of communist China.


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