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Friday, February 5, 2021

Election Fraud Expose' with Mike Lindell of My Pillow

 Mike Lindell exposes the election fraud for all to see with absolute proof Trump won in a landslide. 

It will be on One America News again this week but here it is right now.

See this program by Mike Lindell of MyPillow.
If you want a tool to show the fraud and how Trump won the election by a landslide watch it now, and send this link to your entire list.

Here is the entire video captured from Britghteon.


  1. Ty, guyz...!!!

    HOO-YAH & God Bless the Restoration of the Republic...!!!

  2. really LOVED the work that preceded on State Citizens. HOWEVER this element that keeps popping up is WRONG. DJT and his hard core supporters
    are GUILTY of sedition/treason. Just because it is not accepted DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE. Please review that when an individual DOES NOT confront falsehood and repudiate it (get behind me, Satan)
    THEY BECOME part, not apart of the BOGUS reality presented as actuality.

    ACTIONS speak LOUDER than words.

    1. @MinisterMark can you elaborate more on your post on February 5, 2021 regarding the My Pillow Guy and the election?

    2. Derp!
      (As the evidence is laid out before him.)

      Look, we understand that there is nothing those of your mindset can do about the Truth coming out aside from trying to feebly broad brush sweep it all aside by denying it...but the evidence is there.
      It's simply embarrassing to watch someone do it, however...just saying.

      If the courts had done their job and allowed everyone's "fair day in court" (you know...very American)...this whole travesty of Justice could have been avoided. But since the kangaroo courts even refused to allow the evidence to be we are.

      A reckoning is coming.

    3. What MinisterMark is saying in plain english is that if he is doing shit behind everyones back then he is DECEIVING YOU

      Supposed to be the best military in the world been strong arming all nations for decades and they are still doing shit in secret


      From March 1947 THEIR UN PLANNING MAP



      See what the is up in Canada folks article down the right side

    4. Trump Won this Election 80% Legal Votes and needs to be in Office - Watch March 4th

    5. Aye...Ingrid Dreyer...agreed. March 4th...and if nothing happens, then it really will be up to We the People's Patriots to set this all right.

  3. I believe the "My Pillow Guy!" He came thru this "White as Snow,"(scriptures) Clean!! Study, the word "Persons"; word originates from a "mask"; worn by a player on a stage, Latin for persona. Does anyone see now the Theatre Players in our Corporate Congress and how our first amendment rights have been stolen as well?

    1. All Americans, We need to Stop purchasing anything made in China! Complete Boycott so, dont run down to yur local and convenient Dollar STore for quick items, No Walmart, Target,...etc...Complete Ban! Treasonists! Go back to yur family farm days, n plant seed, cultivate,..prep and hunker down the next 5 to 10 yrs. Pray and Keep Gods Word close to your heart! Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord!


    1. Wait for it forever, or do something. 🥳 ah! 🥵😏 ⛔☢
      That's why you need to wake up the best timing is not to pass 2023 too far.

      Because most people do not see what's controlling America, Is her internal energy's. Currently they're negative energy controlling N.America.
      To get out of these toxic Energies. You must reset the done working machine. Unlike human body that cannot be reset without being reborn again physically.

      I saw Jesus Energies of the past. And I see my own now, for a comparison. Our energy's are similars. God sent helpers to this world frequently, I saw the tables of those past helpers, and this process will never end.

  5. Moors are about to kick all you immigrants out. We are not doing business with you all no more.


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