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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Big Breakthrough, Brothers and Sisters!

 By Anna Von Reitz

A "breakthrough '' commonly means that we have been butting our heads against something --- like a math problem --- and we finally had that "A-ha! Moment" and figured it out. Today's announcement also carries the meaning that we are breaking beyond ---- not just a single problem.
Millions of problems.
Imagine this ---- we have known for some time now that the rats had us "in the middle" and both sides of their purportedly ongoing Civil War conflict were conveniently impersonating us as belonging to the "other side" --- and using this pathetic excuse to latch upon our property and assets and incarcerate us and do all sorts of other pillaging, plundering, and harm to innocent Third Parties.
So....once you know that you are "IT" and in the middle of such a scheme, you realize that: (1) there are two sides battering away at you, not one; (2) that by the nature of their scheme, they can't both act at once---- you are getting hit first by one, and then the other; (3) overcoming both of the attackers requires two separate responses --- one in Municipal COURT and one in Territorial Court.
After stumbling around and finding --- by trial and error --- the right court(s) empowered to provide remedy in the Territorial Court System, we finally pushed all the right buttons and overcame their schtick, even though it takes time and patience to do it.
There remained the Municipal COURT System to overcome, and this being a purely commercial court enterprise proved to be pretty difficult and arcane, but.... now we have that one down, too.
We have the pathway before us and justice in view for hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions of people, who have been subjected to identity theft, impersonation, false arrest, kidnapping, illegal confiscation, and so much more.
As you know, The Living Law Firm has not been able to get involved in many individual cases --- only Test Cases that can yield results beyond themselves --- and we are right now engaged in such a series of Test Cases to bust the whole game wide open.
These are Test Cases involving real Americans --- people who have reclaimed their birthright political status, but who had pre-existing issues with The System, being harassed and incarcerated under known False Pretenses.
The issues involved in these Test Cases run the gamut of non-violent "crime" cases--- evictions, child seizures, forced medical procedures, all the backbone issues that should never intrude upon the safety and security of free people anywhere on Earth.
We are so happy to announce that we are at the beginning of the end of the crooked court system. It's such a pleasure to say that. And you know that Grandma plays close to the vest and doesn't get up and do a Happy Dance every day....!
Now, we know that there are many, many of you out there who need and want redress for terrible things that have happened to you or even things that are happening to you right now.
We understand, but we are not in position to be able to handle thousands of requests for help yet. This is "the" solution, but it's in its infancy. You will have to be patient and help us through these Test Cases and help us through the build up necessary to develop outreach programs to be able to address the tidal wave of cases we anticipate.
We believe that literally millions of Americans are in jail right now, who should never have been addressed, much less arrested and incarcerated. At least half of all those incarcerated, an estimated thirteen million people, are there because of non-violent and/or "victimless" crimes.
The Vermin are charging us an average of $6,000.00 per day to keep these innocent people locked up, and that's the only actual, factual reason they are in jail--- a vicious "Prisons for Profit" scheme, which allows the Perpetrators to grossly overcharge the rest of us for their "services" and also allows them to tap into the slave labor of the prisoners for more profit.
Meantime, the prisoner's friends and family are being arbitrarily and punitively restricted in being able to access their loved ones, and both the prisoners and their loved ones who are trying to help, are being forced to pay exorbitant "single source" costs for the basics of life for these same prisoners --- almost $9.00 for a tube of ordinary toothpaste, $13.00 for a small bottle of liquid soap, $6.75 for a 3 oz. hamburger patty.... you all get the picture.
So, if you have been involved in these Carpetbagger Court scenarios in the past and if you have suffered, if you or your loved ones have lost assets, spent time in prison even though you didn't harm anyone or harm their property, either, had your reputation ruined, lost farms, businesses, or currently have family members or assets at risk ---- please help us to help them?
We have a two-pronged solution in view that will: (1) release prisoners already incarcerated and stop new "non-violent crime" court cases dead in their tracks; and, (2) in a second process, provide redress and remuneration--- damage recoupment for False Arrest and other losses.
Put your prayers and whatever money you can send in support of these Test Cases and PUSH!!! It presently costs over $10,000.00 per person to get them through both court systems -- free and clear, with money for damages in their pockets.
We expect that cost to go down with economies of scale and specific State by State protocols, but right now, that's what it is.
Those who are emerging from jail via this process and getting their damage payments are being asked to repay the initial costs as part of their damage claims, so that then pays the processing costs of at least two more people --- like priming a pump.
When you donate and help someone who doesn't have the funds, and they are released and get their recoupment ($1,000 per day of False Arrest plus whatever other damages apply) they repay your investment and repay us by paying forward the costs of 1, 2, 3.... more prisoners, depending on how much they receive as damages.
This then allows us to set up Assembly Outreach Offices and begin the process of releasing those millions of Americans who have been incarcerated unjustly, and to rescue the millions more who are presently fighting illegal mortgages and asset confiscations, child kidnapping, and bogus taxation claims.
Let's go, Go, GO!!! Be part of the solution, and the solution will be there for you, too, if you are ever mis-addressed, harmed, or harassed!

Snail Mail:
Anna Maria Riezinger
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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  1. So are these American Nationals they have in jail or enemies of the state as they have labeled everyone that has not done paperwork?

    And as long as the birth registration process continues this will be a never ending battle


    Getting people released from jail when their is no means for them to make a living on top of the millions they have already made unemployed will not help the matter

    And just how are these people getting any restitution

    Again there is never any detail given to follow up and verify what is being conveyed here just trust us and send us your fiat money?

    I will not to any sight that does not reveal all the facts of what they are doing

    This tell us there are cases and no one knows if there is or isn't is bullshit

    Living Law Firm no proof they even friggin exist let alone working cases



      The first rule of first aid is to stop the bleeding before doing anything else.

      Well said Shelby.


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