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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Juan O. Savin: President Is Ready to Use the #1 Wood

 (Martial Law & Insurrection Act) Robert Steele


  1. Bullshit

    Juan O Savin my ass complete BULLSHIT

    Don't be fooled folks

    This Juan has been making his rounds and one of the main pushers of this fraud is RoseAnne, started with Field McCONnell folks

    Have a read at who Tom Arnold really is
    Randy Quaid played Belushi's (Jim and John) and then became Tom Arnold, Dennis Quaid is Pete Postlethwaite.

    So RoseAnne didn't marry Tom Arnold at all more BULLSHIT
    The boohoo story of her being kicked off the CONnors show is BULLSHIT they did it on purpose to take her show to the internet and bring in this bozo (the invisible man) the resurrected JFK Jr which that role is played by Clooney

    And all this shit they feeding you now is BULLSHIT

    And HOLLYWOOD is behind the mass genocide of you and your family and this vaccine folks they own the pharmacy companies and the food companies and all the rest

    They have been behind all of it

    1. I know that voice and I'm POSITIVE this is Tom Arnold's voice. Put them together and listen to both voices. This is Tom Arnold..also JFK JR is NOT ALIVE!! NO proof, no nothing!! Utter crap. Wow! Trump was right. He ran a Republican because he knew he would be able to win EASY by blowing smoke up their asses. Unbelievable but so true!!

  2. Robert David Steele works directly on the 17 UN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS through his so called Earth Intelligence Network (funny too it is EIN as in Employee Identification Number or maybe that is Exempt Identification Number)

    He is no friend or ally of the people period

    Sustainable development and the UN agenda is a real estate heist by the Hollywood ELite and their families and I would bet money Steele is a family member

  3. Reason to do so ? Well at least this:

    Some lowbr said the govt loans seemed sustainable! They must be real?

    NOP, in the last 84 years Great gold theft committed, how great? At least xxx X... 1933. combining with human retirements, savings, slavery insurance, 16 types of taxes, all in their controls, to make unlawul loans seem real.

    Of course they reap what they saw immediately for their circle. (to back their illegit $, banknotes. Bookentry = IOU$, wall street, etc.. to reap max.benefits they block people access to our transformed fatty HJR192, values increased by their secret g'theft).


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