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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Trump supporters walked right into an Antifa trap, or was it some other deep state operators?


  1. Jeffrey Prather also termed it a false flag tonight

  2. I knew this was going to happen in some degree...infiltration of ANTIFA!

  3. Charlottesville police forced patriots into mob of ANTIFA and didn’t lift a finger told to stand down

  4. More BULLSHIT

    How the globalist throw the game of their false flags

    Telling you folks this is all absoulte BULLSHIT

    This guy claims he was there and they streamed live via dlive

    This salty cracker seems legit but the throwing up the 666 shit on the cracker?
    Star wars bullshit advertising all over the back behind his streams?

    Still unsure about his involvement

    Anyone see his dlive stuff?

  5. There a video showing 5 busses loaded with antifa being escorted by capital police.

  6. Just like in the 60s people were labeled hippies and dissidents and finally the "gang leaders" who tear gassed Hubert Humphry and false flags finally succeeded in many thinking the new peace movement was violent even to the point of making a big event out of shooting some college students who were As evil as Hitlers Brown Shirts according to politicians. Finally they pulled out of Vietnam and and many people were thrown off the path of peace, replacing it with ideas that people like woodstockers were violent and drug crazed as another event right before woodstock, Charlie Manson swept the media waves. Vietamese figured out how to use media and they showed each day the troops that died on TV as well as many photos so people knew more the truth of what was going on. Over and over people show up to protest peacefully and unseen instigators act like they are the people, dress and look like them then mislead and are good at inciting riots that are then blamed on the peaceful people. Uhh, that is in itself a violation or violentaction to judge another falsely and take actions to harm them using the lie.

  7. Trump instigated all of this. Does not matter who arrived. All this is on his head. What little head he has.


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