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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!

 By Anna Von Reitz

Proof that Obama and his cronies literally conspired to steal the election for Joe Biden has come from Whistleblowers in the Italian Government.  CIA Operatives have been identified colluding with former members of the Italian Government and Italian Defense Contractor LORENZO to upload the software used to reverse the electronic votes of Americans ---and artificially spin a Biden win. 

We now have the who, what, where, when, how and why of what happened, and the answer to how a landslide Trump victory was turned upside down in favor of a man who is a self-admitted criminal.  

This is the "cherry on the cake" of all the crime that has emerged from the DC Swamp during the last five years, fully exposing the culture of crime that has been promoted and rewarded ever since the Kennedy Assassination.  

Before you assume that this was any simple rogue action by some Italian operatives involved in this crime, the Italian General responsible for coordination of the operation is a key player in the European Union's power structure and administration.  He did not act alone. 

It has been confirmed that Barack Obama was directly involved and that money delivered by his Administration to accounts in Iran was used to pull it off.  Please pay attention -- "confirmed" doesn't mean alleged, or supposed.  It means that the law enforcement professionals and forensic auditors responsible for the investigation have the proof in their hands. 

This is orders of magnitude bigger than Watergate.  This is the political crime of the century and any member of Congress, Republican or Democrat, who doesn't come out in strong support of President Trump will be forever marked as an accomplice to this crime and a traitor to the people of this country. 

The Italian Secret Service is fully cooperating and the Italian Government is taking strong and immediate action to intercept the perpetrators and provide the information to the Italian Press.  Photographs of the fugitives have been published in Italy and a major manhunt is taking place; some of the participants have already been arrested and others placed in protective custody. 

Sidney Powell's group,, is at the forefront of the effort to break this story in America and is acting in a private capacity to support the capture of the documentary and witness testimony in Italy. They are in desperate need of assistance.  

First and most importantly, this information has got to get to the President and to the members of every Congressional Delegation.  They have to have "cause to know" that a vote for Joe Biden is a public vote for both a crook and for crime syndicate Business as Usual in DC---and everyone in America will shortly know  that and will hold each and every single one of them personally liable.

Sidney Powell doesn't have deep pockets. She is working on this independently. Her Law Group is a small, highly dedicated and highly skilled operation, but lacking -- for example, access to a jet that can fly to Italy and back.  They have to have funding to support such costs, or donations of such services. 

Everyone who cares about this country, everyone who cares about its reputation in the rest of the world, and everyone who cares about its electoral process and the quality of the leadership that process yields, needs to take action now. 

As you all know, I don't vote in these elections or have any dog in the fight, but we, Americans, do have an interest in who we work with as Subcontractors and we do have an interest in the welfare of our employees and the well-being of this country as a whole.  

In the truest sense, then, this situation is a national emergency --- something that impacts everyone adversely, regardless of race, religion or partisanship.  

Go to and donate now.  And pray that this great travesty that hangs over our country will be corrected without crime giving rise to innocent blood in the streets. 


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  1. Thank you! I went and donated. I call her Sidney POWERFUL!
    Mag Hall

  2. Thx for this info, Anna. It is extremely important that this sort of info gets out, and now more than ever.

  3. The affidavit supporting the confession implicating U.S.embassy in Rome personnel is online. Government is awash in sewer rats and must be purged.

  4. How does the popular vote, stolen or not, affect the selection of a POTUS in any way? Asking for a friend. :)

    1. The state Electors are chosen on the basis of the popular vote in that State; and the number is based on the size of the population, as are the seats in the House of Reps.

    2. The instruction manual is the US constitution. Greater detail can be found in the Federalist Papers. You can find a copy of each at your local library.

      (The only stupid question is the one that gets asked before the one asking has done any research.)

  5. The Italian defense contractor is Leonardo SpA, according to the linked website in Anna's article.

    1. ... and that site is nothing but a one pager, run by JEWS: To book a media interview with Maria Strollo Zack, please contact:
      Marjorie Meyers, Nations In Action
      646-246-8606 or

      Is this done on purpose to deceive us into GIVING SHEKELS TO JEWS?
      What the hell is going on here?

  6. We haven't seen nothing yet, wait until January 20, called my ex-wife to keep my son home on inauguration day and and she agreed!!! Get ready for ACT 2!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

  7. The quality of leadership? That’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one.😂🤣😂🤣 this country has gone to hell in a hand basket, a very long time ago.

    1. Every American, whether they choose to believe it or not, is responsible for where we are today!! If you still wear a mask, take it off, the intention of GOD, we were born FREE, not to be slaves to anyone for anything. Our biggest mistake was taking GOD out of schools, and many other places!!!

  8. This is exactly what happens when humanity as a whole has committed absolute divine treason against our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!! This is why I keep telling everyone on this forum about the divine deadline between 2025-2035 of total extermination of humanity!!! All these folks (all popes worldwide, all priests worldwide, all monarchs worldwide, all royals worldwide, all politicians worldwide, all attorneys worldwide, all military generals worldwide, all soldiers worldwide, all police chiefs worldwide, all police officers worldwide, all government employees worldwide, all rapist worldwide, all thieves worldwide, all liars worldwide, all murderers worldwide, all drug dealers worldwide, all weapons manufacturers and distributors worldwide, all bio weapons manufacturers worldwide, all money changers worldwide, all corporation executives and employees worldwide, all terrorist worldwide and all the rest of the sinners (criminals) worldwide which is pretty much everyone on Earth who have disrespected and destroyed his original divine creation) will be wiped off the face of the Earth very soon, as soon as January 1, 2025!!! It does not matter what Anna, The Assembly or what anyone else says on this forum or anywhere else on the internet, it is all 100% absolutely divinely irrelevant!!! Which part does anyone worldwide not understand and comprehend???!!! The ultimate and absolute divine truth has been spoken!!! "Those who (sinners) try to save their lives (by committing crimes against original divine creation to survive) lose it"- our Father (Yahweh)!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

  9. Make it Happen- what do you mean? Are you expecting something on inauguration day??.

  10. Kate Thomas Sidney's site is, not the link in the article.

    1. Unknown the is a domain for sale.
      And as for the isn't indicative to me that it has anything to do with Sidney Powell. Sure do see jew however.

  11. Did you hear and see what happened in Georgia yesterday and all day today ? Why was a security expert from the air force shot ? Why did capitol security allow these people in the building ? they were Antifa, Pelosi left her seat just before this chaos occurred one showed signs of any awareness outside the building..but antifa members were ID...what are they all doing Pence, Mc Connell, and others ? now I just head this one: China's President Xi tells troops to prepare for war...the republican Georgia rep said she would stop the electoral vote but after she lost she said she changed her mind........our they all in some mind control

    1. eyeontruth - see About Names -- The Real Estate, Franchise, and Title System - posted on shooting.

      Now... don't know, but the quick msm info on this Ashli Babbitt being Air Force 14 yrs Security & 4 tours... with husband's said quote rather sterile response... & a Trump supporter... behaving that way w all the 'security experience'...???
      She jumped up into the interior window... seems rather blatantly stupid for a said woman in military security.
      Was she really Antifa jew plant? Or some Israhelli jew agent?
      Yeah, something ain't right about it.
      Then she's wheeled off on a gurney EXPOSED for the camera to get perfect shot.
      Of course, is she really dead is first suspicion. But maybe she is dead, shot in the aorta, blew her throat interior to mush. Her spine didn't seem severed as her body moved.

      Reckon the actor thought she'd get away with it. She doesn't look to be 14 yrs military security... maybe jew Mossad Unit 8200.

      Weird how the armed security right behind her had his weapon up, then gave a 'fist OK' to the shooter inside the hall, as to indicate Capital Security. ???
      Well, she looked to be dying ...otherwise very good acting on her part.

      Oh and just in case Folks don't know, Congress is approached by jews upon initial arrival to sign an Israhelli 1st contract & a jew is assigned to ensure compliance, as exposed by Cynthia McKinney who refused to put the jew first.

      So, its all a jew gov-thug controlled deep state swamp op. thanks & stay sane

    2. heres the video seems the best one so far of her. Again, either a perfect neck shot or one dang good actor :
      - thats from Know More News, a full-on jew exposure site, who just happened to get the news, vid out asap, not making any claims to know more at that time.

    3. at 8 mins on Antifa directives to look like Trump supporters

      Could it be Antifa 'Babbit'? She had a flag-cape, scarf, hat.

    4. now news says shot in chest. Looks like her upper left above heart, not the neck. Curious bleed, very little on the floor, so internal.
      So she's a veteran, would she be mercenary employed?
      ??? Enter jew paid ops. ???
      Make great shekels to destroy us. Leaders paid 150-175k/yr, full benefits, just 6 events/yr, why not?

      Then here:
      Babbit’s family commented on the incident.
      Speaking to the New York Post, Babbit’s mother-in-law Robin said that the family had not been informed of Babbit’s death. “I’m numb. I’m devastated. Nobody from DC notified my son and we found out on TV,” she said. “She is a Trump supporter.” Babbit’s brother-in-law Jason also shared, “It’s hard, because we haven’t been officially notified.” According to Fox 5’s Lindsay Watts, Robin Babbit could not understand why her daughter-in-law had decided to storm the US Capitol. “I really don’t know why she decided to do this,” she confessed.

      Poses good question, why did she decide to fly into DC & behave this way? Husband didn't go.

      Then here at the bottom:
      Around the Capitol, three suspicious devices with pipe components and wires were found, Fox News learned. It was unclear if the items were explosives.

      anyway, she's dead, gone. Does she have parents? Nothing from them yet. Did she meet someone in DC, or just so energetic all by herself, said patriot, decided to pull some military moves, storm her own Capitol, jump into a bashed out interior security window blocked by large furniture, equipment. Hey great idea! I'll go first...???
      USAF Security veteran... but no concept of limitations...???

    5. She was no actor. She was shot. She was already dead in the video. The movements she was making were the final movements of apneustic respiration: This was not some Jewish Conspiracy. This is ALL CCP and a network of global but American Traitors. Those that want to point to a Jewish state conspiracy are wasting their talent by ignoring the true enemy.

    6. Gaitlin - Nope its the jews. The CCP doesn't have each Congress sign a contract making CCP first & then a CCP is assigned to their every move to insure compliance.
      BUT the jews have the contract to make Israhell first, then assign a jew to insure compliance.

      Cynthia McKinney exposed it, she refused to sign. So the jews got rid of her.

      Cynthia McKinney US Lawmakers Forced to Sign Pledge to ...
      May 31, 2020 · May 31, 2020 by admin in Cynthia McKinney Former US lawmaker Cynthia McKinney says every candidate for Congress has to sign a pledge …

      IT IS THE JEWS. thanks & stay sane

    7. Ashli Babbit was not given a "STOP OR I WILL SHOOT" order before that criminal D.C. Capitol Police thug pull the trigger and killed her in cold blood!!! That self-condemned thug has committed a divine crime (sin; thou [you] shall [will] not kill) and will pay the price for his eternity in condemnation unless he admits and apologizes with sincerity to humanity for killing a child of our Father (Yahweh) and starts serving humanity and our divine Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!! That goes for rest of the murderers in this world!!! "It is better not to be born than to commit a crime against my creation"- our divine Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!! Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

  12. Barbara- Thanks for your response!!! Today was just a precursor of the ultimate emotional and mental meltdown of those (the masses) who finally caught on at the same time and became aware of the theft of their country thru elections, assets (savings, pensions, businesses, real estate etc. etc. etc.) and future which the globalists were attempting to keep a lid on to avoid this very kind of scenario but they let the cat out of the bag prematurely without check mating the masses first such as gun confiscation and permanent lock down (the world masses were getting restless and caught on to their house arrest and the globalists thought that by giving back a limited amount of freedom to appease the victims would avoid a worldwide popular uprising but we see that it grossly back fired on them, the globalist went for their ultimate finish line and they were stopped dead in their tracks, in other words they have a popular uprising that they never expected or planned for, it just shows that no one on Earth can predict the future of people's response no matter how much wealth you have, how much power you have, how much weapons you have and how well you plan the the future outcome)!!! So saying that, the globalists will ramp up terrorism to the nth degree in the USA because the masses fear level have gone down but their anger has exploded (the masses realized now that this was not an overnight event but many decades of being lied to and stolen from [the bible says a thief is worse than a murderer because they steal from you little by little thru confidence game (you can trust me I won't let you down scenario, con) and then all of a sudden you wake up to the theft but usually it is too late because everything is gone] {I personally knew this was happening when I was around 10 years old but no one would listen to me and thought I needed to be admitted to a mental institution}, in other words the masses realized they were set up for this very moment by being brainwashed and lied to for decades and now are desperate [dying a slow painful death] to undo the damage and salvage what is left of their assets and country which there is not much left over because the thieves have spent all their money to kill them off after the theft, no different than a thief who steals and then kills or vice versa)!!! We are going through the exact same scenario that we saw other nations (Venezuela, North Korea, Germany and the list goes on and on, when the elections are stolen the opposition without fail always get eliminated and that is what we are about to witness in our own backyard) go through before us and before their total downfall, a pattern!!! Inauguration Day of the currently indicted Joe Biden by Ukraine and bribed $1.5-$3.0 billion plus by CCP will be filled with unpredictable behavior from the masses and I don't want my son in school on that particular day until I know cooler heads will prevail!!!
    Continued in the following post (too many characters):


      LLinWood · @linwood
      7 hours ago ·

      Good afternoon!!! I am hearing rumors that Pence & leaders of coup are planning to arrest & execute President Trump & his followers.

      Typical move by Communist tyrants.

      They will never do it as 80M+ Patriots would react & it would not end well for the Commies.

      This proves my statement and point again!!!
      "when the elections are stolen the opposition without fail always get eliminated and that is what we are about to witness in our own backyard"- Make it Happen

  13. Ok folks, the site posted >>> its a one pager, no info than general jew baalsh*t.
    Nothing here says Sidney Powell.

    Is Anna directing her readers to donate to JEWS? Who what?? Have a one page site, no info. JUST HAND OVER YOUR SHEKELS TO JEWS.

    Here go the jews:
    To book a media interview with Maria Strollo Zack, please contact:

    Marjorie Meyers, Nations In Action

    646-246-8606 or

    >>>> Here is Sidney Powells site
    If Sidney Powell wants Trump to get a message, am sure she'd have a better chance of it than going to some jew shekel site, scamming Americans.


  14. IS ANNA BANANA DECEVING HER READERS ONCE AGAIN?? That site, is weird. Don't see any Sidney Powell.

    IF this is a Sidney Powell group, then is she some kinda jew too?? If thats the case, FORGET IT. No jew works for America. JEWS only work for JEWS.

    Here is a page General Affidavit, some scribble, Region of Lazio, Country of Italy, said 'Prof Alfio D'Urso...' blah blah blah.
    There is NO seal, no stamp, no indication its anything else but a paper.

    Is Anna up to some misrepresentation, deceiving her readership to give shekels to jews?
    Nothing says the document was presented nor received. Then an article is attached

    1. Oops to the above 'Here is a page...' link:

      Click HERE for related information.
      Click HERE to view the General Affidavit.

      To book a media interview with Maria Strollo Zack, please contact:
      Marjorie Meyers, Nations In Action
      646-246-8606 or

      And this is Urgent Urgent Urgent, according to Anna, to donate to jews?
      Anybody else got anything to say?? What do you see? Think?

    2. Get a grip, you are off your meds again!!

    3. Belle - somebody around here is awake.
      Go back to sleep, you're in the way.

    4. There is a special place in Hell for people who hate people, especially people who hate Jews. Knock it off. Go away. You make our enemies look good.

    5. You are spewing useless garbage. It's obvious you have a room temperature IQ. We are all delighted that you have displayed your unique brand of genius.

    6. VAGJR - Let me know your thoughts on this below.

      Here jews & rabbi’s convene in a posh hotel to DEMAND REINSTATEMENT of JEW LAWS to kill Gentile Children & Families. Again, RE-instate jew laws which provide the JEW with any excuse to KILL US. If a jew deems a non-jew child will grow up to hate the jew, this gives the JEW its right to kill that child. And we KNOW the JEW is PSYCHOPATHICALLY INSANE.
      Were we to ever convene to address the jew, much less its evil, we’d be marked, charged, imprisoned if not killed, depending on which jew pursues it. If we think exposing the Holohoax Truth is bad, while jews escape prosecution for ALL THEIR EVILS including 911 ON OUR LAND, we ain’t seen nothing.

      Jews on Killing Goyim Children & Families 3:26 -

      Rabbi says kill non-Jews who refuse to follow Jewish laws 3:09 - / - jews refuse to recognize their own jew psychopaths.

      Gates Foundation Honoree: “Get Rid of All the Whites” to Increase Vaccination Rates - Dr. Carol Baker of Houston is caught on tape proposing that society “get rid of all the whites in the United States” to reduce the number of “vaccine refusers.”

      DISGUSTING FACE OF THE ZIONIST JIHAD! ~ jews kidnapped a young boy Palestinian & tortured him, cut his arms off before they killed him, for throwing stones. WAKE UP to what the jew really is.

      A little song to add some cheer: The Goyim Know song

      When a jew is involved, one must ask, from what is the jew deflecting attention? There's good reason jews forced removal of The Merchant of Venice from school reading lists. Too many here are awake to the jew & its unceasing evils, especially against White Christians, from which the jew parasites.

    7. ... Oh wait, Betts sister is Meagan, not Kathleen. my bad. Oh lookie, what a small, tight-knit community jews have! How is it possible Betts is tied in w Kushner... amazing how "intelligent" & "innocent" jews are!

      The so-called WHITE killer of Dayton Ohio, Conner Betts's mom, associated w Minethurn Technology, associated w DARPA & she works for Les Wexner, (owns Victorias Secret) as assistant store manager for his Bath & Bodyworks. Les Wexner was born in Dayton Ohio, 1937, to Russian JEW migrants, so a 1st born generation JEW achieves so very much is just amazing.
      A ‘Connor Betts’, is said died in 2014 & both the Conner’s look alike & a sister named Megan,.

      Kushner builds wall Elbit
      Trump Installs “Rabbis Decide Legal Matters” Jared Kushner To Build U.S. Border Wall, Being “Secured” By Israeli Company Elbit Systems
      Israeli Company Elbit Systems Awarded $26M Contract To “Secure” U.S. Border (read more) Jared Kushner: Jewish Rabbis Decide Legal Matters Not U.S. Law (11min 24sec) (video) Jared Kushner Hired ‘The Purge’ Film’s Publicist, Jewish Controlled Blumhouse Production Closely Resembles Ohio Mass Shooter Connor Betts’ Fantasy…
      •Israeli Company Elbit Systems Awarded $26M Contract To “Secure” U.S. Border (read more)
      •Jared Kushner: Jewish Rabbis Decide Legal Matters Not U.S. Law (11min 24sec) (video)
      •Jared Kushner Hired ‘The Purge’ Film’s Publicist, Jewish Controlled Blumhouse Production Closely Resembles Ohio Mass Shooter Connor Betts’ Fantasy of “Hunting Humans” (read more)
      •Google Invested $375 Million Into Jared Kushner’s Brother’s A.I. Healthcare Group, Now Eric Schmidt In Control of Gov’t AI Security (read more)
      •Jared Kushner Israel’s Antichrist? (video)
      •Jewish Kabbalah (Zohar 1,25b) “Exterminate All Non-Jews” (video)
      •Jewish Invented United Nations’ “Resolution 666” Plan To Starve 90% of America To Death (read more)

      Jared Kushner Considering Creating National Coronavirus Surveillance System - Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner is leading an effort to develop a national coronavirus surveillance system in order to track patient data almost in real time, Politico reported on Tuesday ...

      Oh, Jared & Ivanka are.... wait for it... Chabad jews.

    8. VAGJR ~ Truth is not hate but to those who hate truth.

  15. Trumps a crisis actor and these are foreign for profit corporations calling them selves governments.
    Wrap your brain around that
    We see the Mossad /CIA the way top DEA Mexican narco undercover cop .
    Said “In the 1980’s 80% of cocain was trafficked by CIA.

  16. Sydney Powell's website is however, its Title says Defending the Republic - a bit confusing. Also, is also online but looks like it was hacked. Verify owner of site before donating. Could be a copy-cat to steal donations. Be careful.

  17. @makeithappen: what makes you such an authority that you KNOW what God is going to do and when? You should state plainly that it is your opinion. Not that I disagree with you, I feel something like what you describe is likely but its just a gut feeling. Why do you think everyone should just accept what you say? Priests have been "speaking" for God for a long time. Guess what? They DONT.

  18. William D.- Thanks for your response!!! "Priests have been "speaking" for God for a long time. Guess what? They DONT."- William D.- You are absolutely correct in that statement and I am impressed that you acknowledge that, who we call "priest" are nothing more than wolves in sheeps clothing warned by our Father (Yahweh)(misleading the children of our Father [Yahweh] to self-condemnation which is the objective of anti-creation and anti-humanity entities and we all know who they are, that is why we were warned to have discernment and not to fall into that trap [to be used and abused and discarded like trash which we are all currently going thru as humanity] to separate ourselves from our Father's [Yahweh] salvation and Kingdom of Paradise/Heaven on Earth)!!!

    I am with the Father (Yahweh) and the Father (Yahweh) is with me until end of mortal time (I seeked the Father (Yahweh, my divine mentor) and literately found him, you personally acknowledge the Father (Yahweh) yourself [not through a third party {middleman} such as a "priest"] the Father (Yahweh) himself will personally acknowledge you)!!! What I say is absolutely not my opinion unfortunately but absolutely from the mouth of our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven from many decades of research of divinity (I personally wish it was just my opinion because it is very disturbing revelation [I cried for a week straight when I became exposed to the near future of divine extermination of humanity itself] because it effects every Earthly mortal including yours truly and my son (he is aware of this issue when he was just six years old, he asked me when he was just five years old "who are we???, where did we come from??? and where are we going???, I was shocked that he ask me those questions [I asked him who told you this and he said no one but I believe it was our Father {Yahweh} and at that moment I did not have the answers but I told him that soon as I do he will be the first person to know which I was able to inform him a year later through research on who we are, where we came from and where we are suppose to be going to and unfortunately about ours and humanity's demise between 2025-2035, as soon as January 1, 2025 and as latest as January 1, 2035, it depends on humanity's correcting their mortal mistakes {sins, crimes}]), absolutely no one is exempt except those exempt directly by our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven personally himself)!!!

    I became self-aware at the age of three when I was sitting on some steps in the orphanage making mud balls by myself while the other orphans were playing on the playground!!! That is when I became self-aware at that moment and all of a sudden questions of "who are these people I am surrounded by???, where am I at???, why am I here???, who put me here??? and who is responsible for for mine and the other orphans suffering (starvation, diseases)??? popped into my mind and I also told my self-awareness that I will not die until I get all the answers first (I feel like I won the ultimate lotto being born in the first place when I became self-aware), I also had a gut feeling (intuition, divine six sense) that all life would be destroyed eventually because of my awareness of my own tragedy but I also told myself that humanity can do a lot better than this indifferent world that I was born into!!! And when I became self-aware in the orphanage dying from starvation and diseases (such as tuberculosis, osteomyelitis [a deadly bone infection] and heart murmur), I personally asked our Father (Yahweh) when I was about 4 years old to give me a chance at life to serve Him by serving his children and his original divine creation even though I did not know or spoke my own language and was not made aware of our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven by any mortal souls on Earth!!! Continue in the following post (too many characters):

    1. Continued from previous post:

      Then one day (soon after making such a request to our Father [Yahweh]) after all the orphans were asked by our caretakers to come back into the building after playing on the playground something told me to to go back onto the playground by myself and stand on a dirt mound and look up into the sky (I was surrounded by four 30 feet high walls) which I did and obeyed (no caretakers stopped me from leaving the building which was a divine intervention, normally if you leave the building without permission you will get punished severely with lashes across your hand by a switch, it hurts like you know what) and then I personally got a message (telepathic, mind you) that I would be half way around the world in the near future and sure enough I was adopted by missionaries from US about a year later and landed on US soil!!!

      It was not Paradise/Heaven as I was expecting when I became aware where I was (I feel like I went from one tragedy to another tragedy) and realized that I had my work cut out for me to spend rest of my life to turn Earth into Paradise/Heaven and make good on my promises to serve our Father's (Yahweh) children and return his Earth back into Paradise/Heaven for Him at any ethical and moral cost for saving my life (blind faith works wonders [I came, I saw, I changed what I saw])!!! I was hungry (starving spiritually) for the uncontaminated absolute mortal and divine truth and knowledge about myself (who am I really???, where did I come from??? and where am I suppose to be going to??? and the future of humanity and original divine creation and was committed and determine to get those questions answered no matter what it took in resources (10,000 plus books and still counting [a lot of psychological self-help books]), cost me (over one million dollars and still counting) and how long it would take (30 plus years and 25,000 plus hours and still counting)!!! After researching researchers on every subject I could get my hands on I was able to verify my predictions and was shocked that I hit it right on the bullseye about my intuition (divine six sense) in the orphanage of total elimination of humanity which was very frightening and devastating to me (I was very suicidal [suicide is a sin] many times because of this divine and self revelation and had to convince myself to hang in there no matter how disturbing or shocking it was about the divine revelations I ran into accidentally because lot of it was not expected, I shed a lot of tears to fill all the oceans in the world it seems like)!!! So now I have arrived here (found through prolific addicting research) with The Assembly and other powerful organizations that are pro-creation and pro-humanity to divinely guide them to Paradise/Heaven on Earth if they are willing!!! I am the only person on Earth with my unique experience and ability that aligns with the mortal and divine objectives/mission of Paradise/Heaven on Earth, in other words I found all the mortal and divine pieces of the puzzle and know how to put them all together because I see the ultimate big picture, the good and the bad, I offer my mortal and divine services to all of them, "Those greatest among you on Earth will be my servant"- our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!! Tears want to come out of my eyes writing this post, my severe emotional and mental mortal pain is the humanity's and the original divine creation's gain if they let it be!!! For me to divinely save myself I must divinely save humanity and original divine creation first, it works no other way and that goes for all Earthly mortals!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

    2. Now after saying what I said in the above previous posts (and all other previous posts) I want to sincerely and gracefully thank Anna, Paul and others involved for giving me and our divine Father (Yahweh) an opportunity on this platform to disseminate the ultimate and absolute divine truth (as much as it is disturbing, shocking, hard to believe and accept) on this forum and worldwide about humanity's indifference towards our divine Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven and His original divine creation and the divine consequences of it in the near future!!! We as humanity still have an opportunity and a chance (time is of the essence, all Earthly mortals are all running out of time [no matter who you are in original divine creation], the hour glass is almost empty) by the divine grace (divine warning first to give humanity a chance to save itself) of our divine Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven to make it divinely right for Him and be in His divine presence on Earth)!!! Our divine Father (Yahweh) loves us dearly as his divine Earthly mortal children (offsprings) and wants nothing but the best for all of us but can only help those who help them selves first and is willing to do only so much!!! Our divine Father's (Yahweh) ultimate and absolute wish is for his divine Earthly mortal children to divinely mature spiritually, emotionally and intellectually as one so that humanity may endure and enjoy his ultimate gift of life in His original divine creation for millenniums to come!!! So let us divinely make it happen, what ever it takes my divine brothers and sisters worldwide!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

  19. Is this being done and if not why not? "provides the mechanism for each state to recall their slate of electors immediately or face lawsuits and request all federal government agencies to lock down all internal communications, equipment and documentation from the Rome Embassy."


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