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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Lin Wood Fireside Chat 5 | Shining Light On the Corruption, the Dark World of Jeffrey Epstein

Lin Wood shares what is on Hunter Biden’s laptop & John Podesta’s laptop. If President Trump orders the military to seize documents, Chief Justice Roberts, Nancy Pelosi, & others will be immediately arrested. Documents must be seized before they are destroyed. Time is of the essence if this part of the Kraken is to be successful.


  1. He's not shining light on anything

    His first name is Lucia and his second name is LINCOLN

    Go check out his bio and the 'cases' he has been a part of

    Again the wikki is a tool of the rulers of this sick fucking game and I have no doubt that this guy is related to someone in hollywood

    All bullshit folks

    Read in this link below

    The birth bullshit and the 'rally' in washington to support this bullshit

  2. Meet the giggler, his RICO crime name - 38 minutes in

    This so called lawyer here 'represented' the Jon Bonet Ramsey CON artist folks

  3. As I have been telling you folks about this Hupp representative in Texas look at the comments under this video

    Hupp has now been identified - she is the neice of Warren Beatty

    Traci Lords has done quite well, in the multiple careers department, playing Suzanna Hupp, going from Lubby's Restaurant (fake terror scene) to writing a book about it... and then into the Texas Legislature, for some good old social security and retirement plurality fraud money at the "People's" expense... Yeah, let's waste those tax dollars, giving Warren Beatty's niece, an ex porn star, a little extra fraud spending money.

    Her bio is made up based on the hollywood events they produced and she is now in the Texas legislature


    1. Same exact think with this lawyer


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